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 Post subject: The Q&A after the 5th Neruda interview
PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:32 am 
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TAKE A BREATH ! Ron Gilchrist asked james several question after the 5th interview, The Q&A is below:

I wanted to share my Neruda 5 question to James as a standalone post. I have shared this with others in private conversations and in comments in one of my posts here, but it deserves it's own post. Here is the question and James Mahu's answer in full. I think any heart/mind aligned sharing is fine.
Background: I read the 5th interview in 2014 as many of us did and had very burning questions that I couldn't sort out. I finally think I have a very very basic understanding of this answer after 3 years of breathing, getting messed with a LOT, and researching various other folks (there are a few I have found) out there who seem to know the neruda 5 materials from a different mythological reference frame, so I am comfortable posting it finally. I hope it helps anyone with similar questions...

Question: If all is illusion, then why is the emphasis on earth, it's gravity/core and how it interacts with us emphasized so strongly? What about life forms? They are real, right? What more specifically is the illusion? Is it the perception we use to engage the world? I haven't been able to find the answer for the past 2 weeks in all my pondering.

Answer: The term “real” is a misnomer. You could say that the life forms that occupy earth are real. They appear as physical structures and they are based on mathematical formula and geometry. We are, in a sense, code. This code interacts with the physical senses, which decodes the formula and we are transformed to flesh and blood “life forms.” But at a quantum level we are, as I said, code.

Underneath or beyond the quantum level—call it the pre-quantum level—we are infinite beings. We are Sovereign Integrals. What I am suggesting is that the term real, applies to the Sovereign Integral state of being and consciousness. The term is relative, however, because the Sovereign Integral consciousness is not considered real in the three-dimensional plane, and the human instrument is not real in the Domain of Unity.

It is the reality of the dominant environment that determines the reality of the subjects and objects of that environment. The environment of three and four dimensional planes like earth, establishes a consensual, subjective reality—propagated by our unconscious and genetic mind. The environment of the infinite establishes a reality that has no mediation or signal transformation. It is elemental and core. There is no sensory “middleman” or propagation of perception. It is one and all in action.

The individual is allowed to decide what is real and what is not. Illusion is a Russian doll; it has many layers, some of which transmit a sense of true awareness. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: Perception is reality. The subjective realm defines the seemingly objective. Illusion, the outermost doll, is the only one that is seen and therefore, known. However, if you open the outermost doll, you find another, albeit smaller one waits. This repeats seven times until you find the indivisible. We would call this core, innermost doll: the Sovereign Integral.

This is where you want your imaginative faculty trained and honed in. This is where you want your life to progress, not satisfied that perception is reality, or that the outermost “doll” is real and worthy of your devotion.

All of that said, it does not mean that the outer world—physical reality—is a waste of time or so mired in illusion that it isn’t worth developing. Quite the opposite. The outer world is your workshop, the place you can experiment, build things, create, try and fail, and so on. It is a place of severe challenges at time, but also of beauty and joy.

The illusion isn’t in the physical things of this world.

The illusion is in the self-perception of the individual life form.As long as the individual perceives themselves as a human instrument, maybe with a soul, maybe not, they will see all life as a place of separation and disunity. They will accept the illusion that life emits, which is one of separation. In this, they become lost, lost to themselves as infinite beings, and unable, as a result, to generate and sustain the vision into their true self.

I hope this partial answer, is helpful, Ron. You might find the blog entry I recently posted helpful, too, it’s entitled: TemetNosce!

From my world to yours,

If you are not in you breath,then you are in your mind.


 Post subject: Re: The Q&A after the 5th Neruda interview
PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:59 pm 

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your question was very well enjoyed along with the answer provided...

it points to the understanding of The One That is All and The All That is One as pertains to the Human Species...

for instance...can Ron Gilchrist the individual leave this 3D construct and continue to exist as Ron Gilchrist outside of this reality as an infinite being?

as a personality as a human individual...or what made up Ron Gilchrist as a human being personality which can participate in events in this reality...for instance as a being with a soul that survives into eternity as an infinite being developing or otherwise?

or maybe the question of..."Can I escape from this reality, leaving all others behind and proceed as an infinite being without all other humans beings..."

would an example of a proper answer be expressed partially as this?..."No...each representation of a human being is relegated along the time line as an outlet of expression of the being known as the Human Species which means that an individual is but a fragment of expression of a larger being and can't exist as such outside of the illusory time bound reality matrix as a unique individual aside from expression of the Human Species as a whole."

Does that answer align with the truth of what a human being is?...does a human being only exist along the time line per say and can't exist as such anywhere else as an individuated being?

Or maybe the understanding that a human being as expressed along the time line is but a part of the human consciousness and therefore does not actually exist as an individuated being which will continue to exist as such outside of the time bound reality other than as it relates to being but a fragment of the human species as a whole like a cell in a massive ocean of cells that represent the consciousness of the being known as the Human Species?

Which would equate to the understanding that an individual can't separate themselves from the whole and expect to continue to exist as a single identity apart from the whole identity when contemplating an individual as a human being outside of the time bound illusionary reality which appears to be similar to nothing more than a dream?

Does this mean that each one of us are but playing the parts on a stage to explore and experience to form the data bases of do's and don'ts that are applicable to us as an infinite natured being outside of this 3D construct which is bound by time?

In other words...we only exist as such as a human being when viewed in context as a fragment of the Human Species which is the data base of information collected by us as an infinite natured being?


lots of ways to view what is taking place here...words are limiting and so it might take many perspectives to tune into the exact bulls eye?


yes...i believe that is very close to accurate...

It is hard for each individual to accept that they are but an aspect of a larger being and so forth yet as per the understanding of "The All that is One and the One that is All" one would begin to understand this knowledge...

What is very interesting is the 5th interview concerning the Anunnaki and the statements of how the soul does not actually exist as referenced in our reality and the real history of our species...this planet...this the Anunnaki interact in this reality while they remain etheric beings outside of this reality and how we remain etheric beings outside of this reality but yet we are supposed to be hooked up to genetic templates called space suits or human bodies as we are being recylced over and over again into this reality and that we voluntarily do this because we are being deceived into doing it...and that the real pathway from the wingmaker's and lyricus and all the other works being performed are but projects which will assist us to break out of this prison in the 2080's by accomplishing The Seventh Sense...

The Seventh Sense occurs when the individual allows a process which occurs when three organs in the head area unify and develop a toroidal field because the DNA reacted from the interaction of the individual in their life developments which allowed upline communications by the DNA out of this prison and brought their self outside of this reality to create a toned down version of self which is sent for the individual to experience an identity shift with at which point this new form of identity seats itself within the toroidal field which formed in the head area...this equating to the Seventh Sense development of the individual...all this is what is now understood as the purpose of the wingmaker's materials along with the goals of interaction with the lyricus teaching and other outlets which James promotes...

In the fifth interview it was explained that it was withheld from publication because so many would have problems with the real purposes and reasons of the wingmaker's and lyricus projects work which is centered around the information which I just posted concerning the Seventh Sense...

also the history of the planet, humanity, atlantians, others, and the Anunnaki...not to mention recent developments of all these issues and more...

Back when there was the original blog everyone used to post at on the wingmaker's site it was expressed that everyone should look at the Anunnaki information long before james ever discussed it with all of was posted was explained that everyone should review the Zecharia Sitchin information by the poster known as Mark L. as related to some validity of issues of what is transpiring here...again it is being pointed at right now in this post to look at the real purposes of what is transpiring here...a book has been published called The Seventh Sense in which specific tools are given and specific knowledge has been released as a trail for all to follow to find the answers which remain hidden behind all the framework...the entrance to the building has been provided to those who allow the inner teacher...the true point to as there is no other teacher worthy of our time...

Live in the Light...


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