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 Post subject: Evolution VS Transformation
PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:36 pm 
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I found this article very much in line with the way Dr Neruda introduced the Incunebula into our consciousness... and understand that the WMMs are a challenge to us - to choose between, what is taking place "evolutionary" speaking ... and to remind us that we all have the choice to step out of that spiral, by transforming .... I think this sums it up pretty well

This is Everything Explained. If You Cannot Follow Along, That is OK, Neither Could The DoDo Bird

I am only going to explain this once. There appears to be a growing number of people that believe things are not as they appear. They believe some dark, sinister group is secretly plotting to eliminate most of the earth’s population. Well here is a wake-up call… There is no “evil” force ruling the world. I know you may find this hard to believe, but it is true. The New World Order is not “evil”. The Illuminati are not “evil”. The governments of the western world are not “evil”. They are simply following a plan to insure the survival of the human species.

Galactic Winter
Let me share with you a brief story. Some years ago wise ones traveled to this place we call home. They taught us many things. Some of their knowledge was only to be trusted to a select few. This knowledge included information about something that should be obvious to anyone with an IQ of 160 or more. Just as earth has seasons, summer, fall, winter and spring, so too does the solar system, as it makes its way thought the expanse of the galaxy. The travelers told the trusted few to prepare for Galactic Winter, because with winter comes death. Are you following along?

The Trusted Few
The trusted few quietly made preparations to safeguard their survival. They would use their immense resources to build vast subterranean structures where they could dwell until the season of death had passed. All of this would have to be done in secret, so as not to alert the populous to the coming danger. Steps would be taken to mitigate the effects of the approach of Galactic Winter.

The Galactic Cycle Of Death and Rebirth
It is important to realize that Galactic Winter is not a traditional winter as you experience on earth. Galactic Winter consist of ever increasing levels of space radiation. Eventually, it reaches a level so high that it is lethal to any human being living on the surface of the planet. Galactic Winter sterilizes the planet. It is no coincidence that 225 million years ago almost all life on earth perished. This is because 225 million years is the length of time it takes for our solar system to orbit our galaxy. This period is called a Galactic year, or Cosmic year.

Research Dr. Dmitriev ... e-planets/

Ancient Mass Extinctions Caused by Cosmic Radiation, Scientists Say ... ons_2.html

NASA’s Van Allen Probes Reveal a New Radiation Belt Around Earth ... i94zsashcY

Getting Chilly Out
Guess what, it’s that time again people. Now of course if this is true there would be signs. All that radiation would heat up the earth’s core, and that would certainly cause some things to happen. Things like volcanic activity, more intense storms, weird weather, aurora in places where aurora generally do not occur. You could expect to see sinkholes opening up with increased frequency. The earth’s magnetic field would be affected, and the sun might exhibit unusual activity. You might expect to see ice melts… not just on earth but on other planets in our solar system. Rising sea levels. The powers that be would need to find a culprit that would not cause panic to explain these changes. They could blame the people, all they would need is a catchy name, like “Climate Change”. And last but not least Cancer rates would of course see an uptick.

Earth is losing its magnetic field, scientists say ... ntists-say

Climate Change May Increase Volcanic Eruptions ... y-increase

Sinkhole Claims Up ... -adjusters

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says ... rming.html

Breast cancer: worldwide and UK trends ... rldwide-uk

Remember I said step would be taken to mitigate the signs of the coming Galactic Winter? Well how would this manifest? Perhaps the world powers could spray chemicals into the sky that blocked radiation? Studies suggest Chemtrails contain Barium; and it is well documented that barium is excellent at shielding against the effect of radiation.

Barium Shielding

You will find that Fluoride is also used to prevent radiation related side effects

Aspartame is used in emergency dosimetry ... using.html

The “coincidences do not stop there.

BPA increases cell resistance to radiation ... racts/6073

And of course if all else fails just pull a Jedi mind trick and raise the safe level for radiation exposure. Feel safer now?

EPA to raise “safe” limits

Being angry with the powers that be for prepping for Galactic Winter is like being angry at your neighbor for owning a heater. It is sad that their survival plans do not include the vast majority of the planet. But all good things must come to an end. Anyway, I did say it’s just a story; so all of this is clearly just coincident. Move along now, nothing to see…

having read that - I have every reason to believe, based upon "scientific evidence" that I witnessed, and was later "edited" (so I can't show it to you) - that "Sun-Rot" has begun ... two days ago, the earth was "hit" with a blast of Radiation, seemingly coming from the constellation of Leo ... there were no CMEs or high Solar Winds - and no apparent reason for the spike, other than what we could actually see on the "animations" and charts ... but this morning, it became apparent that the earth was surrounded by a "field of radiation" that is most certainly getting to the surface through a weakened shield ... could this be the "influx of cosmic energy" that James spoke to John about in an email? is this what all the FEMA "preps" are about - are the Elite all heading underground - because it seems that the "psychics" are all pointing to the 3rd of October (or sooner) for a physical "shift" of the earth cause by the heating up of our core, by these "cosmic energies" - the web is vibrating with warnings for both the E and W coasts - caused by an anticipated (in dreams galore) tzunami cause by an Earthquake that will be followed by massive flows of magma, displacement of oceans and perhaps a magnetic, if not a geophysical shift of our Poles.

we have an option - that the Incunebula do not recognize ... and that is our potential to Transform our state of being - from mortal and victims of circumstance to the state of consciousness of a self-realized Sovereign Integral ... with a relationship with Earth that was designed to progress through this cyclic event that results in an evolutionary leap in Humanity's consciousness. I don't believe that we were given this knowledge and this choice, unless we had the potential to save ourselves by using it ... as quoted in a recent post I made in the Sun topic, these cosmic energies ARE altering our DNA ... perhaps activating the Source codes that will allow us to transform physically as well as spiritually - and DO what we incarnated here, now, to do... it began with FUshima, the fact that it was not "delt with" should have been our first clue, that TPTB did not care what happens to the surface of the Earth - or those who dwell upon it ... no doubt, they have information, that we do not have, and perhaps saw that exposing ourselves to a certain level of radiation, could be beneficial ... it would allow our bodies to "adapt" (beef-up our immunities) before the actual Surge.

we don't need to know everything ... or how it works... we just need to watch what THEY are doing, and follow their lead - if they all vanish from the public's eye, then so should we. ... as suggested by Dr N, in the AAP book, we should become Invisible.

need a second opinion? ... listen to this voice of reason:

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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