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A Muse's Homage to LifE !!!
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Author:  Shayalana [ Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Muse's Homage to LifE !!!

It feels like lifetimes since I last posted a poem and so much water under the bridge since. What can I say but this....

As I discern the workings of within
and it's layers of machinery that distracts
and diverts from what ever so quietly
awaits underneath...
I realize this artificial layer is the receiver and transmitter
of the dross.

I don't engage as I watch it and see something else
Emotion bombards me to thoughtlessly connnect
with the dross.
But this emotion is of low frequency and doesn't feel
right even though it appears so fast as to try
taking me off guard.
What allows me to know it isn't resonant is not
with the dross.

The Heart is not a sophisticated computer program.
The mind and ego are.
And we are not the original programmers
but the unaware bearers of such
until our hearts make such an impression
on us as to allow us to feel otherwise.

When we do, the time of the programs of mind and ego
is limited
and even more limited than the limitations imposed
on us through our ignorance of the the limitations
of the mind and ego.
Heart Intelligence is simple when lived but
we can have so very many experiences otherwise
to know that and accept it.
Being the explorers we are of this humanness.

Still...the Sovereign Integral waits for the acknowledgement
of its existence .
We have always been the SI and always will be
Outside of time it just IS.

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