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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 7:28 am 
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Perhaps the secret is that you recognize the multi-dimensionality of life.



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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 3:10 pm 
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[quote][i]Originally posted by fisherman[/i]
this was written a few months after 9/11, which had a profound effect in my life, despite the fact that i don't live in the US (at the time i was in the UK). it made me drop everything, including the company i had started 3 years earlier, and return to my home country. this was moment of great personal change. [/quote]

Wow, can I relate to that. About 2 weeks after 9/11, I broke down and cried for hours. It takes me about that long to come to grips with grief. January 27th following 9/11, I had a spiritual awakening that changed my life. There was so much going on around me that I couldn't explain. Let's just say that I felt God touch my heart and hold me in His/Her hand. I did some automatic writing that I didn't understand at the time. I had heard a voice speak to me that was not my own. There were all kinds of miracle type stuff that I couldn't explain. And, the years to follow have nothing short of eye/mind opening information that has come through dreams, books, other people, etc. I am so grateful for this experience and all others proceeding from the moment of birth here to the now.

I don't mind sharing the sufferings of the past or the miracles of the now. All is simply and humbly opening our heart and laying it out for others to see our empathy and compassion for all of life.



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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:12 am 
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[quote][i]Originally posted by fisherman[/i]
... :

today, i'm faced with a reality i wish not to live
a world that is dying
full of people who are already dead
i feel frustrated
i see what others cannot see
i know something that few – or none – know
it's a secret i've been entrusted with
that doesn't go away
i see all the beauty of life...
i see all the beauty of death...
today, i am faced with a choice i wish not to make
i choice i must make
for the alternative is death
i'm out of touch...
nothing matters anymore
yet, i must go on living
or the secret will die with me
i wish i could run away
far from people and their stupidity
but i can't
they are my people
even if i do not recognise them.

[Edited on 13-7-2006 by fisherman] [/quote]

There is no secret that can die with anyone
Conception of death is related to fear about ego-identity survival
NOONE CAN SURVIVE! Let yourself be dead, be melted....
Nature doest carre about dying, all is changing in a stream of life
All form must die, but there is nothing secret information in this
To fight with the rules of the nature is an ignorance
people always do this, this is self-obsession
Only nature, wholeness is immortal
and only from this perspective all is free
All is perfect

But ego always sees world as unperfect in some parts
Heart doesnt knows parts

There is only nature,wholness, not any you
all 'you' are dead form the wholness perspective

Divinity is nothing special
Divinity is not hidden
only polluted eye can see this as a secret
stupidity sees stupidity
but selfless eye sees endless ocean of life and death
in dance of endless compasion
selfless eye sees all as itself

all is divinity seen by divinity

be aware about what you see, always you see yourself
to see 'any you' in you is always blind
when it is free seeing there is no any frustration
of being anyone or knowing anything
all is correct as it is
it is the highest meaning of all

There is no you to hold or to share this secret
it is nature itself
I know you, you are the nature
There is noone
Nature sees nature
It is nothing special in it, it is like it is
It is nothing special
It is nothing
It is

The origin and destiny of existence is Govinda


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