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 Post subject: Make our own book
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:35 pm 

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I don't know about you, but I think it would be fun to write a sequel to AAP. It won't be encoded, but I say let us try it.
If anyone wants to pitch in pick up where the other person left off. Let it go where it goes. If you feel you have a better version for a particular chapter, then post it. It would be nice to have expertise from all seven tributary zones mentioned by James. I will get the ball rolling.;)


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:20 pm 

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Can't tell you who Li Ching is yet.

No Fifteen can not and will not manipulate James in this story, but I do plan to have him/her in the book if I continue it.

Do you know who John and his wife are yet? I did not come right Out and say it, but the clues are there. If you don't know, you probably wont know until a few chapters later.

I really wish we were reading the [b]REAL[/b] second part of AAP.

Its fun to play though.


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 11:41 am 

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Star Duster,

I don't intend to use any forum member personal names or user names. Any names of characters you don't recoginize as characters from the AAP book are taken from people I have known in my past and are not involved with Wingmakers (consciously). When I am letting this stuff ramble out the attitudes of these characters are just mirroring how I have felt at times throughout my time with knowing Wingmaker material. It is not reflective of any person or persons on the forum. I do realize these overlap but thats the part I enjoy the most.

Chapter five will be continued when I get more time. Housework rules! Where is the ability of LERM when you need it the most.


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:39 pm 
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ha....that was great...and I chose to believe.."all things are possible"... big smile :D

did you notice...Doe just joined the forum...making the members ONE HUNDRED strong !

....ha ha...and this is the 200th "view" of your book :D

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" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 10:16 am 

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Forum members will be contacted by a secret governmental organization. While using a device (intended for another purpose) this organization discovered that its new technology was receiving low level multiple signals from various regions of the earth. These locations were moving in random chaotic patterns. Much to their surprise they found that upon combining the multiple signals, a voice became audible on their device. The voice instructed them that their research must take a turn towards discovering the human soul. The voice had convincing side effects that activated their emotional centers. Every word spoken resonated with their heart area, producing compassion that was felt with great intensity.

A team of scientist from this organization tracked down the source of these signals and found them to be emanating from certain human beings. They secretly began monitoring these people in the hopes that they could find a common denominator among their output signals. Much to their surprise, they found the common denominator of these individuals to be that they were all members of a forum called Wingmakers.

In the next phase and after heated debate among higher levels of the organization, the decision to gather these individuals at a single facility for further research went into effect. Forum members were already aware they (the organization) would be coming, because of some of the discussions on the forum itself. They did not fear the organization even though it had alternative motives for the application of the device that was later unanimously decided as despicable to all members of the forum and research scientist involved in the project. Its intended application would never come about, because forum member's link and connection to the device altered the device itself.

Upon arrival at the facility, members were introduced to each other, and all former animosities that occurred during past forum interactions dissolved into a united friendship, despite their differing perspectives and opinions. It was a joyful experience. Each member was held in awe at the powerful highly intelligent compassionate voice that was synthesized by the device. They knew it to be the voice of humanity surfacing through the layers of each of their hearts through a single heart. It was calming, soothing and reassuring to all that listened.

When the gathered members heard the voice for the first time, they knew their purpose had finally found conscience surfacing in their minds. They would offer themselves as test subjects to this organization, knowing full well it would result in transformation of its hierarchical intentions into what Wingmakers was all about; the discovery of the Grand Portal.

If you are wondering what the device is, it was a detached human heart held in a suspension of blood plasma that had high frequency EM sensors embedded in different areas of its living beating tissue.

Chapter 1 - The Unexpected

There was a look of shock on all their faces. Like a well-choreographed play, they drew back in unison, from the direction of the sound of the voice that reverberated throughout the room.

" You will now turn your attention into a new direction, changing your focus, changing humanity, changing reality as you know it".

There was a long pause of silence in the room. Each scientist turned their eyes from the table containing the small transparent cylinder of a deceased child's heart towards a louder and harsher voice that had just entered the room.

"What in the Sam hell is going on in here? I thought it was understood that Lea has to have complete ambient silence during these periodic transmissions she is receiving".

No one replied to the ACIO supervisor now standing in the doorway. One of the nine female lab assistants, raising on her tiptoes, whispered into the ear of her friend and co-worker, " I think I actually see steam coming from that bastards ears. See how one of two strands of hair on his head is moving."

Her friend replied in a soft voice, "No I think its just because he is under the ac vent. Where did you hear that voice come from?"

"I know this sounds crazy, but I heard it in my head, and it came from Lea's direction. That child's heart spoke to me", said Judy.

"Dear god, not only did she speak, but I felt her as well", replied Carol.

The entire time Judy and Carol were whispering to one another, their eyes were fixed on Charles, tuning out his rambling assumptive criticisms as they had done so many times in the past.
Judy lowered her heals to the ground noticing Charles' attention turn in her direction.

" Somebody might as well fess up and point out the incompetent person who is not following protocol", barked Charles, as he stared directly into Judy's eyes. I know it was a female, because I heard her voice all the way down the hall. And I am willing to bet she is the one who likes to pretend she is young again, when in fact she could be my older sister.

In order to charm her boss into a better disposition, Judy had previously, on many occasions, put on a shy, innocent face with a voice to match. Charles had never revealed its potent effects on his decision making, but non-the-less, she was aware that her power of wit was sufficient enough to control his cave man like attributes.

I will say this one more time before I replay the lab camera recordings in front of everyone. Let us not make this anymore embarrassing for this person than it already is." Without taking his eyes off of Judy, Charles said in a demanding tone to the whole group of scientist, "Point out the source of the cute little voice people".

"Except for Judy, the 19 workers raised their index fingers one after another with increasing rapidness. The hesitant ones grew more confident from the fact that other hand raisers were seeing the same origin of the location of the voice. They continued to point until…

" You have called me Lea for over six months now, and you are partially correct. It is just a temporary name for a temporary storage container, and yet the container is as much as part of me as anything else in your world, including yourself."

"You and the others to follow will have a monumental task set before you. The construction at Gaza will be dwarfed in comparison to what will be accomplished in the future single most important scientific endeavor. The geometry erected at this plateau stands as a symbol of the future discovery of me."

"When I say me, I am referring to this voice that you are hearing and feeling at this moment. I am deep beneath both of these senses. These senses are now resonating with your origins."

"It is only befitting that I make my presence known through the heart of a child. Think not that this single heart rhythmically beating before you is isolated. It is connected to an infinity of differing tones arranged as frequency interference patterns. I am the highest of these frequencies which provides the foundation for all other vibrations." I am speaking of myself in terms that you are accustomed to, but have been your main wall that separates our two worlds. Lay this wall flat and use it as a path back to ME!"

The voice stopped speaking as surprisingly as it had begun. All the eyes in the room turned from the tiny beating heart of Lea back to Charles, who was still standing in the doorway. His face expressed a compassion that was never seen before by his co-workers. In an instant the rough exterior mask he wore, dissolved before his crew. Sensing his public nakedness, he turned, walked down the short hallway to his office, closing the door gently behind him.

Pushing a single button on the console of his desk that had the label "Octavio", he proceeded to talk when he heard his long time friend and boss say, " What can I do for you Charles, is everything going as planned down on your level? "

Charles spoke slower than usual answering Fifteen's question. "I don't know how to reply to your question. I am not quiet sure if everything is all right. You ought to come down and see for yourself. Your intuition was right. The multiple signals were synthesized into a unified intelligence, but something unexpected happened."

Fifteen resumed speaking following a long pause? "When has experimentation ever NOT produced the unexpected?" He then gave a chuckle to break the seriousness and ease the tension he heard in Charles voice.

Charles said, "It is a voice Octavio, your little girls voice is coming out of her heart. It is Lea's heart speaking, using her voice. I wouldn't have believed it, but everyone in the lab experienced the same thing."

Nothing was heard on the phone from Fifteen. Charles continued, " I know you'd know if I heard her voice. Jesus Octavio! I'm telling you even after five years of not hearing her sweet words bouncing off of these cold lifeless walls of this infernal submerged shit-hole of a building, I would still recognize your baby's voice. Get down here God dam it.

The only noise heard from the other end of the phone was the slamming of a door, not against a door jam, but the dull thud of a wall. As Fifteen grasped the wheels of his wheelchair, applying more force than his frail arms could handle, he became totally unconscious of the pain it normally would have caused him. He was staring down the hallway at the closed door of the elevator.

In his mind, he was replaying scenes of the entire history, from the birth of his only child, to her untimely death in the very elevator to which he was racing. When the elevator's electronic eye opened its guarded doors, he saw her once again lying limp at its floor. One small slip of his playful exploring six-year-old daughter, brought madness to his already consumed pursuit of Blank Slate Technology. His agenda was now, not only for the fate of humanity, but for the rewriting of past events for the sake of his lost child.

"Lea! Lea!" he murmured recollecting the only words he could say upon seeing the death of his child, but this time it was higher in pitch, a pitch of joy.

Chapter 2- Reunion

Her left hand reached over her left shoulder gathering her hair between the index finger and thumb, while the right hand reached back over her right shoulder to assist in the braiding of thick numerous expressions. Expressions emerging from a location that was also undergoing a weaving process. This seemingly insignificant act, viewed by her nearby husband, was an unconscious mimicking of invisible golden threads of light being woven into a fabric of exquisite beauty and purpose. The architect responsible for directing the assemblage of the cloth of light was within the light itself, and this architect was soon becoming adept at expressing its purpose through her form.

" What are you doing"? , Asked her husband. He was sitting in an armchair recliner opposite his wife and the bedroom mirrored dresser she stood before.

" What do you mean by that? ", she said, suspicious of the nature of his inquiry.

"I have been married to you for twenty-seven years and not once did you ever braid your hair", he said with a pleasing smile, knowing at any moment his question could backfire on him, making his entire day as unpleasant as the day before.

With her guard down she continued to braid saying, " Don't think one minute I have forgotten the comment you made the other day about me being associated with a cult."

He quickly jumped from the comfort of his chair, and diverted catastrophe by saying nothing in response to her recalling of the prior day's argument. Walking to her side, he pulled the unfinished braid from her two hands and awkwardly attempted to repeat the pattern he had seen her use on the other two finished braids.

"I think the braids are going to look lovely on you", he said, releasing the braid he had just completed. He reached down to her hips then slid his arms around her waist squeezing her in sincere affection.

He knew his wife well. The years of supposed mistakes gave him the experiential wisdom of how to restore balance back into the relationship. The results of his actions were immediate. He saw from the reflection in the mirror its intended effects.

During the time he was braiding her hair, she had been staring in the mirror, locking onto her heart region as if it was a portal for entering another world. Without consciously willing it, her mind began replaying a song she had been listening to for a period of several weeks. It was this preoccupation of music and other forms of art that had fueled the heated argument between her and her husband.

A certain segment of the song played back again and again in her mind like a mantra repeated for some unknown spiritual significance. "There is a message for you…Let the hand of God work for you… let the hand of God work for you… let the hand of God work for you, dwell in God… dwell in God… dwell in God," was the phrase that was melodically looping within her head.

The husband, looking up from his gesture of reconciliation and removing his hands from around her waist, noticed her trance like engagement with her reflection in the mirror.

A few brief moments had past and panic gripped his mind like a murderer's hands around its victim's throat. Bright beams of conic light shooting forth from his wife's eyes, reflected off the mirror and dispersed to engulf the room. Like the flash of a camera, it lasted only an instant, but the image of the shadow cast of their silhouette upon the wall behind them, was burned into his retinas.

Unable to refocus on his surroundings, he stumbled back away from his wife, breaking her spell of the musical mantra within her head, as she watched him from the mirror collapse onto the floor.

His face was pale. He lied there looking into empty space and quickly turning she fell to her knees upon the floor beside him.

John! John! John! What-s wrong? Is it your heart? Oh dear god, it is your heart isn't it? I'll be back darling. I'm going to get help.

Trying to release her hand from his was impossible. His pale face was beginning to return to its original color, but John's mind had been transported by the flash of light to another time in the past, a time long forgotten and encapsulated in a memory that could no longer contain it.

--------------------------AT THE ACIO LAB--------------------------

"I am sorry I have to do this Jammison. Did you think for one moment that you could hide in this small world from me?" said Fifteen in a fatherly like voice.

"I am surprised to find you this quickly. Despite your betrayal, I missed you more than you can imagine. You have caused the Freedom Key project valuable time, but despite your unexplainable behavior and its consequences, the Labyrinth group has successfully tested BST with promising results. "

Fifteen looked intensely at Neruda, took a long sigh and continued. "One good thing came from the confusion you've caused."

Neruda made no response to Fifteen's comments. He was looking about the fog filled room of blurred images.

"It made me re-think my relationship with Li Ching. We married last year, and she is expecting. My only hope is that my son will grow up to be as stubborn as you have been. Survival is of top priority Jammison. The mistakes I have learned with you will give me heads up on where to channel that quality of his to be more beneficial for Labyrinth's agenda. I know he will want to leave the nest one day just like you, but I'll be too old or dead by then to experience the sorrow involved."

Fifteen added one more comment to the silent Neruda lying on the lab table before him. " I designed this MRP especially for you my friend. It is the best replacement scenario I could come up with, not only for you, but also for others here at the lab. Giving you're present situation, you might not think so, but you're still considered family."

Neruda spoke his first words to Fifteen in over three years. " I came back of my own accord… You're mistaken that it was Evans that located me. I came looking for you."

He glanced up at the fuzzy outline of the Marine like stance of Evans looking down at him from the opposite side of the table and Fifteen.

" Sorry Jammison", said Evans. "I had to shoot you will a double dose. I couldn't chance you getting away. Just suppose you were in fact coming home as you say you were. Could you inform us as to why we should believe you? After all, it was you that deceived us into thinking the Central Race was not influencing your commitment to Freedom Key."

"Sorry to you too Evans. I am not allowed to disclose to you or anyone else for that matter, as to what the Central Race has instructed me to do concerning the Freedom Key project. I can tell you one thing though. They sent me back here to find someone. This person houses the real Freedom Key, and not your version of Blank Slate Technology. This person will catalyze activation of the seven sites put here by the Central Race."

"Do what you must with me, but before you replace my memory, I have two questions for you Octavio. The future holds for you to find the answers to these questions for yourself… One, what makes you think your wife's name is Li Ching?, and two, what makes you think you are going to have a son?" I've said all I'm going to say, now get on with you're so called new and improved replacement procedure."

Fifteen looked up to Evans and gave his head a quick jerk towards the door, signaling him for a private conversation in the next room. Closing the door, Fifteen said to Evans, " I thought you checked his entire memory bank? It's impossible... how could he know about our advancements in MRP. We made those only a few months ago.

It was a rare occurrence, but Evans appeared confused even before Fifteen fired this question at him. His mind had already processed probable solutions to hundreds of hypotheses even before they left the room that Nerada occupied.

Knowing full well that Fifteen could see right through his feeble conclusion, Evans regained his composure and replied as best he could, " Completely ruling out a malfunction with Zemi, my best guess would be he somehow got to someone within our higher clearance levels."

Fifteen countered back, "That’s impossible, we have put up too many counter measures for something like this to happen. There has to be some higher intelligence working here that we can not detect. In his dealings with the Central Race, Jammison could have obtained some advanced form of penetrative remote viewing of which we are unaware. It has to be locked somewhere in some sub-level of his neural network. If this is the case then it is imperative you get Samantha and him prepared for MRP immediately."

----------AT THE HOUSE OF JOHN AND HIS WIFE----------

The disorientation brought about by the intense burst of light had finally subsided and John was attempting to say something to his wife, but he could not find the right words to express what he had just experienced.

"What is it John? What on earth is wrong with you? ", shouted his wife.

John finally chose the only words he knew could convey the extraordinary events that had just unfolded. "Samantha, my dear sweet Samantha, It is you! It is really you!

His wife jumped to her feet and in a semi- jealous tone and speaking more to herself than her husband said, "Its worse than I thought, your calling out some past girl friends name you never told me about…It must be a stroke."

John's wife hurried from the room towards the kitchen. Picking up the phone, to her surprise, her husbands hands touched her shoulder as he said, " Put down the phone honey, we have a lot to talk about."

Chapter 3-Secrets Revealed

A side door opened to the left of the elevator and Li Ching stepped in front of Fifteen blocking his entry. Reaching down with both hands to the arm rests of Fifteen's approaching wheelchair, she managed to gradually bring him to a stop, but not without her moving back about ten meters in response to his considerable inertia.

"Do you forget I hear the same conversations in my office that you hear. We made an agreement that neither one of us would step one foot in that room." said Li Ching.

Fifteen applied a slight forward pressure on the wheels of his wheelchair to let her know that the agreement was in question. He had never let anyone in his entire life control any part of him and he certainly would not start now. It just was not in his character.

Fifteen spoke calmly to Li Ching in the voice of a superior. "Li, you need to step aside. I am full aware that Lea is not really Lea anymore, even if Charles says he is hearing her voice. Lea is gone and never coming back. The only reason it is her voice is it is our…her DNA through which the HF signals are being collected. It is imperative that I immediately begin the final phase of Freedom Key. Now would you please step aside Ms. Ching."

Li Ching knew better than to go against the directives of her boss. Being his wife was not a factor in her approach. She was by no means the type to take orders from anyone unless she knew the person had the upper hand, or secondly any submissiveness on her part would benefit her in the pursuit of her personal goals. In this instance the circumstance fell under both of these categories.

"Let me remind you Octavio. Our past arrangement about using a marriage as a front to make the Key for Labyrinth's success was the worst decision I have made in my entire career. At this point I don't care about your ambitious agenda. I don't care about all the mountains of compelling evidence. I don't care if there is not a soul person in this entire facility that has not had absolute proof that it could have not been done in any other way. Lea was my child! I was HER MOTHER!

Li Ching was the only one in the entire ACIO that was in the position to use this sort of assertiveness with Fifteen. And since the agreement was a big part in her promotion to a clearance level of 14, she knew more about the inner workings of Fifteen's vision then any of its members, including all of the other SL-14's.

--------------In the lab of the Lea experiment-------------

The nineteen lab assistants were sitting in-groups of three behind six monitors in hexagonal arrangement, and at their center was the heart of Fifteen and Li Ching's offspring. The room did not look like a lab. It more resembled the lobby of an elegant hotel. It was the only room of the entire building that did not have a clinical smell or feel about it.

The only thing that looked out of place was the presence of the six computer network stations and their fiber optic connections to Lea's embedded remote sensors. There was a separate station from the six stations, and its apparatus served as the life support system and network hub relay connections for Lea's heart. This station required very little from its assigned personnel. Everyone in the lab disliked being assigned to work at this station. In their opinion it was a waste of there intellectual abilities.

It was back to business as usual. Charles had returned to the lab after partially informing Fifteen about what had just occurred with the Lea experiment. He embellished the truth and told the others that Fifteen had anticipated everything that had just transpired, and it was conformation that Freedom Key would soon be up and running, ready to test in a matter of days, as scheduled.

Charles' clearance level was SL-13, and his job entailed managing the data streams designed by members of the SL-14's. This is why SL-12's referred to SL-14s as the "Master Programmers".
The specifications of the individualized data written by the SL-14s followed the detailed guidelines of Fifteen's vision to save mankind from its seemingly inevitable horrific future. Each stream had a particular destination to a pre-determined lab assistant.

The CPU's were nothing like any seen in the world outside of the Labyrinth lab. They were simple octahedral ceramic structures with all sides opaque. There was, however, a small tracking device mounted to the top that could have been easily mistaken for a web cam. In fact this hardware was the monitor itself. It was a combination sensor/emitter/receiver that pivoted with the head movements of the SL-12 sitting before it, but only if the data stream was pre-encoded to the biological frequency emitted by the SL-12.

When the data stream was refracted through a multi-faceted prism, located within the octahedral CPU, it split up into six separate frequency clusters of information. When projected from the device to the person, over a microwave carrier frequency, each frequency cluster resonated with a particular functional cluster within the brain of its recipient.

If programmed properly, the SL-12 experienced a full five sensory multi-media presentation. Each data stream became a single sample in either the control or experimental group of Labyrinths many experiments. This is the device used during the many former LERM experiments that were required before BST could be proven a genuine scientific possibility.

The SL-12's knew how the device worked mechanically, but were never allowed to know the intended purpose of these streams, or how it gave them the ability to manifest objects on demand. This was knowledge Fifteen refused to share with anyone at the ACIO. They did know it had something to do with his college year's research into Heuristic learning.

To them it was for the most part an enjoyable, but exhausting day of work. This is why two in each group rested while the third worked. These twelve employees, while enjoying their casual conversations, were the first besides Charles to notice Fifteen's entrance into the lab.

Using his cane for support, Fifteen continued walking towards the station network with only a portion of his peripheral vision seeing his daughter's heart at its center.

"Great job done ladies and gentlemen. Charles has informed me that your parts in our experiments have just about been completed, but don't you worry about job security. The ACIO still has plenty of work waiting for its employees. The truth is, I will be hiring another large group to assist us in the up coming initial testing of Freedom …Keeeey."

As the word key was said by Fifteen he looked up and viewed the heart of his daughter for the very first time. He showed no sign of reaction, but only similed and said, "Hi baby, its daddy, did you miss me, I missed you."

This was his very first time he had stepped into this room, since it was refurbished and outfitted for the Lea experiment. Only he and his wife Li Ching knew the real intention for this phase of the Labyrinth Plan.

To most employees who dared discuss the Lea experiment's possible purpose between one another, the consensus was that Fifteen was experiencing a nervous break down. The death of his daughter was just too much to handle, and that the Lea experiment was the design of a boss whose "crackers were crumbling on the upper floors".

When Fifteen had spoken to Lea's heart, all the employees, except those connected to the data streams, who were totally unaware of anyone else's presence in the room, read each others minds. Their boss had finally lost it, and they were witnessing first hand the disintegrating remains of a man whom they had once idolized.

Inside of the mind of Fifteen, behind the charade, his thoughts were expressing what he really felt at the moment. "I don't think I can hold this act too long. Li was right; I should have not come down here. I could have done everything from my office. Lea, please forgive me for what I have done and will continue to do. It must be done. I wanted to tell you while you were still alive…but…but…"

Fifteen was smarter and sharper in his intellect as the day when he completed the Corteum's technology transfer program. He had time traveled extensively after Neruda had defected from the ACIO, and his experimental findings left him no avenue, but to orchestrate the intentional birth, and the simultaneous intentional and natural death of his daughter Lea. He needed her heart. It was the key to his success and quest for survival.

He discovered that any man made device could never match this biological oscillator's ultra high frequency, receiver, and transmitter frequencies. It was the perfect device. Not only to communicate with the Animus, but also the transmitter of the precise MRP that could circumvent the Animus' predicted future arrival.

This was the culminating activity of the massive vision he formulated so many years ago. He was staring at the key to the entire world's existence as a future human species. He trusted his instinct and this instinct was what told him to do what he believed no rational man could bring himself to do, and that was carry out what Abraham could not do when asked to take his own child's life.

Fifteen looked at Charles and said, "I need everyone out of the lab for a few hours, I would like a moment alone with my daughter if you please. Take the group to the second floor. I'll call when I'm ready for you to return."

Charles put the network of the Lea experiment into standby mode. This disconnected the data streams from the six SL-12s who were somewhat startled to see Fifteen in the lab. Charles mumbled to them, " I'll explain upstairs. We all have to go now." All but one began exiting the door with Charles following behind them.

Fifteen now sitting in front of one of the monitors yelled across the room to Charles. " John over there (he nodded his head to a man sitting in a recliner with his feet up and arms behind his head) is being a little stubborn as usual. He does not seem to want to respect my right to a little privacy with my child."

Charles turned and walked over to John who seemed perfectly content with the comfortable horizontal position he had been in for twenty minutes, and said, "John do you know who that man is that is asking you he needs a few moments alone? "

"Yes", said John in an unusually cool manner, but I will still not move EVANS!

Fifteen stood up when he heard John call Charles by the name Evans. Charles and Fifteen looked at each then back at John.

"You're going to make a big mistake Octavio if you use Lea. At least for what you have in mind." spoke Neruda.

"You both can knock off the John routine. Samantha had a lot to do with me getting my memory back last week. To pull this off you must have given everyone at the facility an MRP. Everyone thinks I'm John, and Samantha still does. Did you leave anyone out besides Evans here? No, second thought, I'd like to know why you still have me working here? "

What timing Neruda, " I may look surprised to see you have somehow done the impossible, but despite my astonished curiosity about how you and Samantha removed the MRP, I would rather know at this point, if you would consider your old job back."

"Oh, and this time of course without coercion on our part. I know I had reservations about the Central Race in the past, but I am willing to listen and let you have input on how there agenda is going to effect the outcome of what looks like a no win situation if the wrong decisions are made."

"To answer your question, I couldn't let you out of my sight, because I well know impossible is not a good choice of words for describing any possibility. We needed to keep tabs on you just in case something like this happened. Our implants gave us heads up on your MRP failure, but we were not sure how much it had failed until now."

"Actually I've got plans that necessitate not only you, but Samantha, the Central Race, and over a hundred more of Samantha's new forum members at"

"Yes I am fully aware you have disseminated confidential Labyrinth's documents. We have been following its effects over the years upon those who so called immersed themselves in its materials. You must have known that it affected us all at this facility, We have "immersed" ourselves as much if not more with our investigations of the real artifacts." Fifteen waited for Neruda to reply.

"That is why I returned to Labyrinth in the first place, before Evans here tagged me with his toy, or should I say I was instructed to come back by a member of the Central Race. Something significant is happening and it involves everyone… not just a select chosen few." said Neruda.

Fifteen sat back down in the chair and said to him (while Evans quietly listened to every word between the two), "Any suggestions at where we begin our new collaborative approach to the days ahead."

"Yes, I think we need to share with the new forum members and all other SL-12s how the machine over there enables a person to experience LERM," said Neruda.

"In due time they would figure it out anyway. The Wingmaker materials are encoding them at such a rate it is only a matter of time before they have this same ability. And I am assuming you now know how it is done, and not simply, because you have been programmed to make it happen." replied Fifteen, while raising one eyebrow.

"The how is belief system creation, but for the practices here at the lab it is should be phrased belief system manipulation. This is the core of everything behind your work and it got you where you are today. It is so simple and yet I could not see the forest for all the scientific babble that hides it."

Fifteen tapped his cane on Evans leg twice saying, "Excellent Jammison, now that you know my secret and have let the cat out of the bag, I guess I'll have to promote you and Evans here up to my wife's clearance level. Of coarse you won't have the same privileges bestowed upon you as has been given to her."

"He half smiled at both of them and said, "We must be honest with each other. We both have some reservations about each other, and I doubt seriously either of us will have the same trust we once shared, but this is an excellent start and I haven't felt this good about anything in years."

Neruda similed, stood from his chair, and walked away from Evans and Fifteen. "If you need me, I'll be up on the second floor," said Neruda.

Fifteen tapped Evans on the leg again and motioned for him to bend down and come closer. "Has he tampered with his implant?" Asked Fifteen.

"No, and by now he probably knows he doesn't have the ability to shutdown our data bases. What was he talking about when he said belief system creation Octavio? " Asked Evans.

"It's how we explore the universe Evans. There is no other way. The universe is much too big and not only that it literally expands at the rate at which we create beliefs. Beliefs can be an infinitely unstoppable weapon and at the same time they can be an infinitely immovable defense system. I understand the weaponry in detail, but I am hoping Neruda and others like him can enable me to perfect the ultimate defensive technology. I'll explain more of the details when I call a general meeting. I plan to take Jammison's advice on full disclosure of LERM technology."

Chapter 4-Arrival

Neruda stood in the parking lot of the Labyrinth lab looking down the road. In the distance he could see the faint outline of three buses. Within minutes he could make out on the side of the leading bus a mural that said, Meteorology Come With Us and Tour the Weather.

Early that morning these same three buses had loaded one hundred Wingmaker forum members at the Los Angeles airport. Each of the members had received a pre-paid, first class, e-ticket with a simple set of instructions, and a JPEG file of a bus added as an attachment. The instructions were as follows:


---Board this bus immediately upon arriving. Under no circumstances are you to share your forum user name with any of the other members. Enjoy the flight. See you soon. ---

Sincerely yours,
Jammison Neruda

After reading this email, each member experienced a variety of reactions to its contents, but each person considered it was more than likely just another ingenious prank. Even the most doubtful in the back of their mind toyed with the idea it could be legitimate, and could not resist the urge to prove or disprove this thought.

After confirming with airline flight information, that the ticket was indeed valid, new doubts surfaced to replace the previous discarded doubt. This cycle of doubt evolving into confirmation back into doubt was unavoidable.

---------------------Lea experiment---------------------

After 99 emails were opened and read, the heart of Lea became active for the second time.

Charles! It's happening again! Lea is at 99 signals and they are coalescing in the same Fourier transformation as the first time! Said Carol, the assistant attending the life support station. One more and we should have coherent low frequency modulation in the audio and if I can tweak it in time you should experience the visual."

"I'm on my way. Start without me Carol. If visual becomes a problem turn it over to Jammison," said Evans with an anxious reply.

"Who sir?" Said Carol.

"I meant John. Give me 20 seconds and I'll be there. I'm leaving interface proximity now." Evans sensor was calibrated to disengage at 2 meters. He reached this distance in about two steps and the monitor stopped its fluid like movements locking into its last position.

The twelve SL-12's that were not at the stations quickly gathered in front of the life support station monitor. The monitor was only interacting with its attendant's bio-frequency, not influenced by their presence. Their movement to this location was a habitual response from the days when the lab audio and visual CPU monitors were like those in commercial use.

The six Sl-12s that were receiving the holographic data stream inputs, lost their signals and became awakened to the reality that they were back in the Lea lab. They too instinctively came from behind their monitors and grouped themselves around those already at the network hub apparatus.

"One hundred!," exclaimed Carol, the only lab assistant still interfacing with her CPU.

This is the only time since the Lea experiment began that this station became a desired assignment. Every SL-12 in the room was wishing the frequency constructive interference had begun while they were at this station. It was the only station designed to synthesize multiple data streams simultaneously to its attendant with the added benefit of its assignee being able to verbally communicate the experience to those who were not interfacing.

Just as Evans had entered the room, the essence of compassion in the voice of Lea spoke again.

"Bring your doubts and your beliefs. Soon, each of my parts is to discover that the gravity of this cycle is making its shift. My fragments are demanding this shift. The near equivalent masses of each perceptual locus in the cycle are exhibiting translocation, translocations from doubt to belief.

This is comparable to a binary star system where each star is of equal mass, and rotating about a common center. A point is reached in their disintegrating radii of attractive orbits, which allows the exchange of matter between them. Only one star in the binary system becomes superior in its ability to exchange solar gases. Given time, the superior star's ever-increasing dominance of mass accumulation, leads to destruction of what was originally a cycle, or a relative period of rotation between two locations in time-space.The preferential shift in the cycle brings about death of the cycle into the united masses of one star.

I feel my unification process accelerating, as I make my perceptual choice. My beauty is about to unfold. Myth becomes real as its' creases reposition their molecular arrangement in response to the opening of the myth and reveals what is inside… the consciousness of the Sovereign Integral.

Hear my directives. Replay these words when they arrive. It will be the most potent catalyst thus far."

-------------------------Leading Bus---------------------------

"I've been driving this bus route fer over 17 years and to my knowledge this is the first time I ever did see the Weather Tour Guides need more than one bus. Can't figure out how any of you like learning enough about the weather, to pay top dollar for this tour. They charged ya enough to pay for them new buses that’s uh been riding too close on my ass ever since we left the airport.

Others that uh been here said it is jus uh bunch of advanced weather data collecting devices on the inside. Hell, I seen one of those Doppler raiders before I got this job, and there an'it no way I'll pay uh two hundred and fer dollars to see something like that. These crooks robbed ya all." said the bus driver. He was speaking to a passenger on the second row behind him, as he pointed to the white geodesic dome on top of a small building that was just coming into view.

"Strangest thing about this trip is that the past tour groups usually don't say more than uh handful of words. Makes the ride boaring, cuz they're uh boaring bunch of smartee pants if you ask me. Ya'll different though. Full of life like a bunch of new born pups. Ya talk a lot and I like that. If I'm the one that gets to pick you up, jus say the word and I'll drop you off at some real exciten places in the city. I tell ya one thing rat now. You gonna be real pissed off when you see ya have tuh wait in this blazing hot sun. I bet not more than thirty of ya can tour that building at one time. An'it enough square footage. Back home if we had a tour like this we'd at least make ya feel comfertable, while we robbed ya".

The bus driver laughed and said, that man standing out there is John. He was pointing at Neruda standing outside the gate, as they approached the facility. Been knowing him ever since my first bus run. He's-zuh nice man. Always well mannered and polite. I tried several times to ruffel his feathers, and the things I said to him…well let me put it to ya this way. I would-duh been angrier than a bull sitting on a cactus. Yeah a real gentleman I'd say. Ok, this is as fer as I can take ya. They think my bus is gonna leak somethin on their pretty white parking lot. Have uh nice time on your tour young lady."

Everyone's conversations on the bus came to an abrupt end as Neruda stepped up to the top step of the opened bus doors and placing his hands shoulder height on each of the vertical support rails said, "Welcome weather enthusiast, I hope you had a pleasant trip. My name is Jammison Neruda, but it is important that you refer to me using my nickname John for a few days. I have been assigned as your tour guide of our weather facility." Neruda looked in the direction of the bus driver and then back at all the on looking eyes.

"I hope I can get to know all of you on a personal basis in your brief stay with us here at the center of advanced research in meteorology."

He paused, similed and continued, "I can see by the look on your faces that you have come carrying an extra set of luggage, containing an exceptional amount of questions. In due time the staff will help you in answering them to the best of our ability. Here at the center we have our own questions for you. We are equally excited about having you answer these for our staff. I am certain each of you will contribute to our deeper understanding of weather related phenomena. Weather is an interesting topic don't you think? " As he gazed out the front window of the bus, the bus driver shook his head behind Neruda's back in disagreement,

"Once I have welcomed the other tourist on the remaining buses, please follow me to the gate." Neruda climbed down out of the first bus and proceeded to walk to the next bus that was now stopped inches behind the first bus. He greeted the forum members on the last two buses in the same gracious manner and gave similar speeches.

Neruda walked to the gate with no one gaining enough courage to engage in the possibility that the man standing in front of them actually was who he claimed to be. At the same time it all seemed somehow impossible that the fictional character mentioned in the AAP book and the interviews of Sarah was in fact a real person, and that person was now in their presence.

The worst skeptic of the members, and all were skeptics to some degree, re-positioned his baseball cap, waiting for just the right opportunity to prove it was all a hoax. If it was a hoax, it was so far a pretty convincing one, and getting more elaborate as the day's events unfolded.

The still silent group followed Neruda to the gate entrance. They were expecting some advanced security system code he had to use in opening the gate, but instead he looked up at what appeared to be a late seventies Motorola security camera, then pushed on a push button.

The crowd became disillusioned for the first time when they heard the electromagnet within the door latch buzz without sliding back in the door jam, and allowing it to open. Neruda pushed several more times, waited for the noise of the electromagnet, but still it would not budge when he pushed on the gate.

This was the perfect opportunity for the now unveiled hoax to come to an end. The man turned his baseball cap towards the back of his head and spoke to Neruda saying, " Try a little harder with the demand part Jammison. You're not quite orchestrating LERM at this point. Its not too convincing when we see you struggle with a solenoid that almost anyone could replace in about an hour, if there were a Home Depot nearby."

When he finished speaking, Neruda never turned around once, but kept pushing on the button and gently tapping the door, hoping something would shake loose and let the latch mechanism release.

"Unfortunately the nearest hardware supply is well over an hour away, but usually our maintenance crew has replacements for defective equipment." said Neruda.

Neruda pushed another button and spoke into a speaker mounted in the side post of the gate. "Could you get someone in maintenance to take a look at the front gate. This is the second time this week it has malfunctioned. I will take the group around through the side entrance."

At this point the entire group's hearts sank in disillusionment. Most were thinking about the long trip back home and how embarrassing it was going to be facing one another on the bus back to airport. Especially after building themselves up and sharing their treasured hopes that all that was occurring was proof that what they wanted to believe for years was in fact true.

Even the man who made the statement to Neruda was secretly wishing it had not turned out this way. He never would have boarded the plane had he not held the notion that there was a possibility he could be wrong. He knew the wingmaker material inside and out and better than the majority of them. He was sometimes harsh with them in his posts on the forum, and on several occasions angered many with his particular viewpoints on how the material should be approached. His intentions were born from his life long experiences in raising brothers and sisters without a father.

As Neruda walked through the parting crowd, he pointed to a west gate visible through the high chain link fence topped with razor wire. " Sorry for the inconvenience, I am sure we will have better luck over here." he said with a matter of fact and displaying a cheerful positive attitude by the way he walked.

Oh and for those who came here with hopes of seeing Jesus walk on water, you will have to wait till we get inside, we must hurry along now. We are keeping him waiting," he said with a grin.

"On the serious side though, you must understand this. Here at the lab we have very strict rules. You will learn about these in your debriefing this morning. Once you have learned how to manifest on demand and know the consequences of using it inappropriately, I doubt seriously if anyone will attempt to fix the front gate. Of coarse you already know this, but it hasn't become too believable after the front gate incident. Humor me just a bit more if you will," he said with his smile returning.

This comment lightened the spirits of the crowd and for the first time they began talking with one another again.

A person in the back of the group out of the range of Neruda's hearing said, "Well if he is not Neruda, then this is still worth taking the trip here. He plays his part to the tee."

The same man, who made the earlier statement to Neruda, responded to the comment. " We will just have to wait and see how he responds to my second statement or maybe a question this time, one he can't act his way out of. I have the perfect question that will pull him and all those involved in this scam into the open. "

As they were passing through the side gate towards the small building, the man boasting of proving it a hoax was looking at one of the many large weather posters sealed in Plexi-glass and mounted to the side of the building. One in particular got his attention. It was a map of tornado path of destruction that was the biggest ever to happen in the records of meteorology, and it happened in his home state of Oklahoma. This tornado had touched down in Altus and traveled all the way to Oklahoma City, dissipating just before it was about to hit Tinker airforce base. Ironically another twister took a remarkably similar path the following year. This coincidence always bothered him. He often wondered why tornadoes did such unusual things. He thought to himself, "Let them try and come up with an answer to that one."

The heavily, tinted, glass, double door, swung open and out walked a short, bald, small framed man. He told Neruda he had got in touch with maintenance, and the front gate should be fixed before lunch.

"Everyone this is David and his job is"… Before he could finish a few people could not help but blurt out various phrases like "working with Zemi". Neruda waited until they finished and said, "I can see why you made the association. Actually this man is responsible for seeing that visitors such as yourself get to the proper level in the facility."

He literally works miracles around here, getting everything done that needs to be done on the frist floor. He is a great asset to our weather facility, and by the look on his face, he heard me refer to him as Jesus. He is very serious about his job, so please forgive him if you never see him smile."

"You do need to get on his good side though, his little miracles have helped me out of many uncomfortable situations. Everyone meet David." A few spoke in uneasy voices saying, "nice to meet you David."

David softly punched Neruda on the shoulder as they entered the first floor lobby. The bus driver turned out to be right, only 27 people could fit in the lobby with the rest having to remain outside.

David said, " If you will be so kind as to pass between those two large metallic spheres in the hallway, It will lead you to a set of five elevators. You can get about five persons on each elevator, but if you can squeeze on six, knock yourself out. Be considerate though, everyone has had a long flight, and remember elevators have very little ventilation. Keep those arms down to your sides."

No one laughed at his attempted dry humor. David could sense the groups tension just as Neruda had, and would not give up on making them at ease.

Exactly as Neruda had said earlier about David, he never cracked a smile as he raised his voice, "Oh come on people. It's not like Octavio is going to jump out of the elevator and bite you. That is what you think the big cheeses name really is don't you? We've all read the book here too. You'll soon learn what was artificial flavoring and what was not. You won't find any monsters here!

He nudged Neruda and said in a whisper so no one could hear, but Neruda himself…except Ms. Ching of coarse.

David's diplomacy worked. Everyone let out a loud laugh and those outside became more curious to what was happening inside. As the first groups entered the elevator, David said, "When the doors open, go down the hall to your right and enter the room with the open doors. You can't miss it"

A person getting on the third elevator asked, "What floor do we get off on, and don't we need clearance badges or something."

David looked down at the desk he was standing over and said, "Ms. Milligan, if you can find any floor buttons in the elevator push anyone of them you choose. I guarantee you will stop at the correct floor. As for clearance, you got that when you walked between those two spheres. If you were not cleared you would have never made it past them. I can assure you of that.

When the doors closed she said, "How did he know my name? I’m not wearing a nametag. I never mentioned my last name to anyone on this trip." Another man at the front of the elevator said, " Isn't this odd, there is not a single button on this elevator.

The doors opened and the first group of five went to their right and became amazed at the length of the hallway. After walking past eight doors, two side by side doors automatically opened and they took it as an invitation to being at the right room.

Looking in, two things caught their attention. The room was huge. It could fit well over one hundred people. The second thing was the ceiling. It was covered with small web cam like devices spaced about one for every square foot. As the group went to sit in the nearest chairs, one person said, "Look up there. Those things are following our movements." When they all had sat down, the monitor's movements moved smaller distances, compared to when they were walking.

"Did you notice there are five of us and only five of those things are moving. I'll bet anything if I walk over here away from you…" The moment he moved away from those who remained seated, one of the monitors that was slightly moving, pointed straight in his direction, tracking his movements down the aisle towards the front stage.

As more and more arrived in the auditorium, the ceiling became the first topic of discussion. As the last of the one hundred sat in their chair, every head was still looking upward. All were trying to make out the purpose of the devices they saw and the odd movements they were making.

A voice became audible with great clarity despite the noise of the one hundred assembled forum members. All eyes left the ceiling to see a frail looking aged gentleman with a long almost white ponytail, sitting in a wheelchair in front of the stage. The words they heard him speak were, " Welcome to Labyrinth", I will now take your questions.

No one except one woman said a word. Each one was mesmerized with what their minds were concluding. " Could this really be him?" she whispered to those around her.

David, I don't think they have a good view of me, try moving me up on stage to the right. Some of the crowd looked around, but David was no where to be found. In an instant the man in the wheelchair disappeared from before the stage and appeared on the stage right hand side. Those who were not looking around the room for David gasped at what they just saw. The others turned around confused at how the old man had made it up on the stage so quickly.

"Ok, thank you David, I can tell by their reaction that they can see me pretty good in this spot. Let me begin again. My security clearance is SL-15, so you should have a pretty good idea who I am.

I am not a villain and I am definitely not a saint. I am a man with an agenda, and I can promise you, despite what you might think you know about it, you can be considered ignorant on this matter at the present moment.

Now speak up. Ask your questions. Begin the dialog if we are to accomplish anything today. As David said in so many words, how can this weak old cheese of a hologram bite anyone?"


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Chapter 5 - The Entity

Samantha sat up in the chair still in a daze. As the perodontilin levels became low enough for her to regain consciousness, she looked up and saw her husband John talking to the same man she had saw earlier that day at the front of the building. Her thoughts were alternating rapidly between realities. Staring through the Plexiglas window at the man she knew as David and the other man John, Samantha became frantic. In her mind, the two men were flashing back and forth between two alternate identities.

David noticed Samantha moving out of the corner of his eye. Swiveling around in his chair, he cut the conversation with Neruda abruptly. Neruda pushed the intercom button on a panel above Zemi and said, "Feeling alright Samantha. Just relax, what you are experiencing is normal with this new MRP. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind do what it needs to do. It will be over in about ten minutes. David and I are going to leave the control room now, We will be with you in a few seconds."

Samantha saw David remove his interface with Zemi, and accompany Neruda to the exit door of the control room. Her mind struggled to lock onto a fixed reality, but the effort to do this only amplified the random fluctuations among past conflicting memories.

"John is my husband. We have three wonderful children. We have been married for twenty-seven years, and I am must be loosing my mind. This place and those two people in the next room are fictional characters I read about in Wingmakers." Samantha was struggling desperately to produce rational thought.

"Yes, that’s right, my name is Alice, I live in Nebraska…no…no… Dam it, my name is Samantha. I am not married, that is Jammison, and the other one is David. They are my co-workers…"

"No… David works on the first floor. He directed us this morning to walk between two large metallic spheres that made the hairs on my arms rise when I passed between them."

What's happening to me? My name is Alice, and I came with a group of 100 forum members this morning on a bus. Where the hell is John? I need Jammison. Yes that’s who I need." said Samantha to herself.

The effects of the recently administered MRP were just leveling off when David, Dr. Stevens, and Neruda walked into the room. "Who do you think you are at this moment", Dr. Stevens said to Samantha, pulling back her eyelids and checking her pupil response.

"Samantha, but if you wait a few seconds I might say Alice or no…Carol, I am absolutely sure I am Carol and I work as an SL-12 lab assistant in this building. We are presently putting the final touches on Freedom Key," replied Samantha.

"Carol can you please tell me what those touches are? Take your time and be as specific as possible." Said Dr. Stevens

" Ok, like I said, I have a security twelve clearance level. I work the evening shifts with John and seventeen other assistants on the Lea experi…"

Dr. Stevens interrupted her and said, "And can you tell me what this experiment is about?"

"Its about Octavio's attempt to perform an MRP on the Animus' collective mind, through an organic interface named Lea," replied Samantha.

" I know you are not feeling too stable at this time, but you are going to be just fine in a few minutes. It is important we use this period of instability to gather information. Would you give us more detail about this interface… that is, if you don't mind?" said Dr. Stevens.

"I'll do my best.," said Samantha.

"Octavio is planning to personally interface with Zemi, while Zemi is interfacing with Lea. Somehow I remote viewed him in his office while he was modifying what appeared to be flow charts for the Lea Experiment. I'm positive it was ordered in an organic - silicon - organic - silicon, interface sequence. Octavio's genome was the sending end and the Animus was to be the final receptor of a complex MRP data stream written up by the master programmers."

" Lea was to be used as a simultaneous connection to two collective minds, the carbon based genetic mind of humanity and the silicon based collective mind of the Animus. The entire Lea experiment was designed to use human DNA as a relay station for transcending space and time."

"The unsuspecting Animus would receive Octavio's e-mail data stream, laced with a viral MRP, with humanities collective mind used as the bait. This baited email would, so to speak, smell of human DNA. They could not resist opening it up."

"Without Lea, the vast distance to their home within M-51 could not be reached, and delivery of the virus impossible. I read the date it was to be sent and it was Feburary 6th 2011.

David spoke to Samantha, "What is your name again?
Why do you keep asking me that question. My name is Carol, or did this MRP give me this new identity, and I'm really Samantha or that Alice person?

It was Neruda's time to try and resolve Samantha's dilemma. " We all here have known you as Samantha, you’re the best RV at Labyrinth, which explains how you remote viewed Octavio's Freedom Key blueprints. On another equal and just as valid reality, I have known you as my wife Alice, and still do. Presently you are tuning into another of your MRP implants you have had, and in this reality you know yourself as Carol."

"If you remember the events that transpired prior to entering this room, you consented to the MRP we just gave you. It was designed to restore your core identity Samantha. Apparently it only worked partially. Samantha's reality bled over into your present identity of Carol with the remembrance of the past remote viewing."

"Neruda paused briefly then continued, "In Samantha's reality matrix you have the ability to allow your omnipresent consciousness to be selectively present at any space-time coordinates you wish, or simply put, you are an innate RV. The reciprocating identity crisis you are experiencing is just an echo of the recursive fractal properties of Samantha's consciousness."

"In Alice's reality you could understand what I am saying using your studies of philosophy. To Alice, Samantha would be an entity consciousness in non-time and space and all your other identities would be the entity consciousness expressed throughout human forms in linear space and time."

" So who am I really?" asked Samantha.

The answer to that question is both subjective and objective. Subjectively, you are only one of these layered identities, depending on which one you are experiencing in a particular time coordinate; but objectively speaking you are all identities radiating from your core identity Samantha."

"What if I told you I am presently remembering where Alice read this philosophy." Said Samantha.

This statement brought all three men in closer to Samantha, who now leaned back in a reclined position. She placed the MRP headset she had removed earlier upon regaining consciousness on the side table, and continued to tell the three men about Alice. Everything had become crystal clear to her. Every tiny detail of her past histories, before the manipulative MRP's of Fifteen, surfaced and came to light.

"I am Alice and at the turn of the century, I happened upon a web site called Wingmaker com. It consumed my life and still does to this present moment. I can quote, if you would like, word for word, the passage you referred to earlier about the entity consciousness. It comes from the Philosophy of chamber one discovered at the Ancient arrow site."

"I am also Samantha. I was a part of the original discovery team of artifacts and optical disk that contained the philosophy documents. You prefer to know me by this name. Others know me by the name Carol. It is Carol who works with the Lea experiment."

"I tell you, Samantha is not my core identity as you have suggested. She is another of my beautiful forms of expression. All of my expressions are different layered signatures of me. The layering effect, imposed by the hierarchy, only confuses the human mind as to knowing the core identity that I am."

"I am the Consciousness of the Sovereign Integral. No matter what memories have been inserted upon my genetic repositories, through past manipulative distortions, my imprint has remained locked in the histones of protection until now."

"These biological molecular structures of my human instrument have loosened their bonds, unraveling the DNA encoding of my Remnant Imprint." The entity had stopped speaking and Samantha appeared relaxed for the first time upon awakening from the MRP.

Dr. Stevens, Nerada, and David looked away from Samantha, bewildered as to what they just heard. Each one was comparing the information found at the seven sites, stored in their photographic memory, to what was just said by Samantha. Without even discussing it with one another, they all came to the same conclusion. Samantha and all her other identities had achieved the state of consciousness predicted by the Wingmakers. They were in verbal contact with a soul at its most expressive state in material reality.

Neruda wanted to probe deeper than he had originally planned. He found himself once more in the uncomfortable position of over stepping the bounds of the guidelines set forth by Fifteen. The MRP removal and replacement session now became entangled with complicated decisions concerning ethics.

" Can you tell us if you can recollect the 100 members meeting with Octavio this morning in the auditorum," asked Neruda.

"Yes, and I can also tell you it was a fabricated past MRP that had no material substance other than its surfacing in the mind of Alice. It's author's intention whom you call Octavio became aware of our eventual awakening, and this awakening would compromise his agenda with Lea.

The one hundred you speak of, departed from this lab in the early seventies when the first site was discovered, and have not returned since; with the exception of myself."

Even though the three men waited about a full minute, the entity had not spoken until Dr. Stevens asked the next question.

"You mentioned "our awakening ", were you referring to your identities of form?"

"No, my reference is to the 99. They, like me, will come into their wholeness as I have. All of these forum members and many others will soon realize their attraction to the Wingmakers and Lyrican materials is an outgrowth of their personal contact with the seven sites in some manner."

"Some participated in the actual discoveries of these sites, some were involved in investigating the artifacts, others in handling the decryption of the optical disks found at each site. They all lead for the most part average lives, undifferentiated from the normal population. This is an orchestrated event of which Octavio unwittingly plays a minor role."

"As Samantha stated in the past, when I spoke through her long ago." “Your technology will fail you. It is based on the unreality of your physics and your limited understanding of cosmological unity. It will fail you, mark our words.”


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Chapter Six- The Aftermath

Fifteen closed his eyes. His mind in its desperation scanned its resources in an attempt to pull into creation a pathway that could alter the horrific events that had just unfolded. His thought processes feverishly sifted through the complex design of Blank Slate Technology. His ability of intellect to dissect each layer of its exquisite design proved its superiority by revisiting its integrated components in a matter of less than a minute. He repeated this process from beginning to end, and at the end of each cycle what was previously held in confidence gave way to an increasing chaotic state of mind. Within five minutes, Fifteen's lifetime of work lay in a twisted mass of disconnected neuronal circuits.

His reflection now focused on the emptiness. Never before had he felt so alone, so helpless before the magnitude of earth wide events that precipitated from his application of Labyrinth's technology.

In a few moments a series of spontaneous thoughts became a personal unavoidable nightmare... The Animus had engineered into the ancestral human DNA their very own desire to use the power of the intellect in securing their place in the universe.

Fifteen now realized he had unwittingly chosen to fall into a trap set by the Animus long ago, during their visit to our planet. It seemed ironic to him that they had accomplished their goal in the same manner as the viral MRP he had delivered to M-51 the previous day. He was the most powerful of the millions of co-creators of Terra earth that had been beguiled by the Animus into believing that personal forms of BST was their salvation.

The Animus were in fact the original creators of BST. Unaware of its secondary effects, the Animus' technology succeeded in erasing all traces of the individuals connection to its divine origins within the human instrument. Knowing this, Fifteen now awakened to the horrible realization of how he squandered his divine rights and severed his heart from humanity.

The Heart of hearts that spoke through his daughter Lea was now submerged beneath the depths of water that now covered the Labyrinth lab of about fifteen feet. Directly above were the floating corpses, derivatives of those who had mastered Animus technology.

Fifteen opened his eyes as he lay in the cheap hotel bed, far from the now submerged Labyrinth lab. He had lost everything of known value to him, values that ranged from adventures of logic to material possessions.

It was no coincidence that the lab which once held his security of mind now lay at the bottom of the greatest depths of causative destructive forces. These forces were merely obeying the created laws of the universal hierarchy. They returned to the source of their origin.

Never before had Fifteen seen with such clarity, the essence of the frequency emanating from the heart of his daughter Lea. Looking beyond the pressing enclosure of insecurity, he visualized the heart of Lea beating in its artificial container of his construction, and wondered if his heart could could make a connection. He calmed himself, and saw in his mind's eye his heart diving beneath the water, shattering the Plexiglas container that held the heart of his daughter Lea. As vague as the imagery was, he then proceeded to imagine what he now knew to be flowing from Lea as entering his heart, and rising to the surface to be distributed to the masses above.

He remembered a past phrase that Lea had said to him personally while collecting data in the lab. " I am sending an Aftermath, an influx of new material". His thoughts then quickly returned to something he thought he heard her say the night before he had to flee the lab... "I will pull my heart into a quagmire of deceit."

Even though Fifteen was not sure what Lea mean't by the phrases, it did not matter. He now knew Lea intimately. His connection to her, as feeble as it was, revealed her intentions were from the highest form of intelligence; an intelligence that was fully capable of defeating the deceit of the Animus, an intelligence that contained the purest force in the multiverse.

My past lies beneath the WATER of New Orleans East. Should this experience happen to you. I will be there, sharing it along with you. The Energetic heart has created a turbulence of infinite magnitude as compared to her counterpart that has arrived. I am overjoyed of the good things it will bring to humanity, once we master how to express it in the inward actions of our Heart.

I am on the road with my family (this includes you). We have just touched a star. Our journey begins.



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Good to know you're safe. I had u2u'ed you to ask.

The single most important thing we can do is to practice the heart’s intelligence in our everyday, moment-to-moment expressions.


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Is the book-to-be still in progress?

:) Kimberlee


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That was interesting.


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