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What is unity?
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Author:  Ulli [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:27 pm ]
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We welcome y'all too, Mssrs. Myth. That is we, the Ullis.
We travel as a pack.
We see you all as a breath of fresh air, Mssrs. Myth.
We aren't really in a position to welcome y'all though, as we haven't been around that much.
But when newcomers show up with a signature as clever as y'all's we could be tempted to hang out a bit.

Gotta watch those Russells out there, though; they're on the ball.

We, the Ullis.

Author:  Shayalana [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:29 pm ]
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starduster I am not judging the greys.You can see that if you crefully read what I wrote. Remember that given the infinite number of timelines for all possibilities that what the greys are expereincing now is very possible, anything is possible, we have hardly begun to realize this consciously. I am open to all possibilities, it makes me less prone to judge and more prone to exercising discernment and discovering how much more I don't know. As to proof; the old empircal hard headed system for acknowledgement of things not generally accepted because they scare the bejesus out of those who think they know it all and they don't want the apple cart upset, bores me to tears. Good thing I'm patient now and will bother to explain as best i can. It is a combination of experience, reading and listening and especially feeling, that has me say what i said. Similar to you for what you feel about some things too. I don't have a Tv and haven't for some time and didn't watch it even when I did have one or access to one. It has been years since i really sat down and watched TV so that certianly hasn't been my criteria. I am very much in solitude when not working and spend a lot of time on my computer. Whatever research i know from how i feel in terms of low or high frequencies what is true for me according to where i am at. Overall, I am becoming that much more optimistic about things the more i focus and tune into my heart despite what is happening in the world and my personal life. The heart is truly a magical and much underutilized goldmine for the wealth of knowledge it contains and for the acceleration in transmuting these bodies it facilitates. Not to speak of how much lighter and joyous and unreactive one becomes in activating the the potentials of the heart. For that is where we are all connected, that is the root of unity for it meets for everyone within First Source. Thanks sister!:D

Author:  starduster [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:32 pm ]
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MM...I am not here to you appear to be...I am here to learn...and I have learned something new, everyday, not just from the WMMs but especially from the members...I wouldn't be the person I am today without their input. I learned to look for the Light in all my relationships with others, and I found myself enhanced by everyone and it has, to my delight and surprise, expanded my understanding of my SELF, as well as my species.

I triggered the "transformation" five years ago...and experience the unity of body and soul...which allows for a connection to FSI .Once all the intelligence systems learn to work together... I understood that becoming a Sovereign Integral is just the first step in the journey to Wholeness.

one does not experience the WMMs by reading the website, for KNOWledge, one must live them. Source Codes are not activated all at once because an individual triggers the is not like turning on a light...the body must adjust to the frequency of FSI...that starts at a molecular level...and takes years to materialize. The mind must undergo a physical change to comprehend FSI...and if it doesn't get stimulated by the tone of equality, on a daily basis, it will quit growing and revert to it's original state.

Just because a person has a soul...doesn't mean that they automatically have a connection to FSI...they have the grasp Christ Consciousness...but like the "junk DNA" it lies dormant until both enities trust each other...which also involves trusing everyone, because we are not ever going to be Whole, without each other.

The interface zone must be opened...belief systems aligned...the Primal Blueprint understood, and the Principals need to be a way of one "evolves" overnight...for some people it is a life long process. Considering the fact that we only have two Transitional Zones available now, even the most evolved individuals are less than thirty percent "transformed"....and that is why we need to share our KNOWledge with each other...and that is what being part of a team means...not that we have "hive" mentality...but that we appreciate whatever experience we haven't had the opportunity to "prove", through trusting our fellow man's "personal wisdom" and trusting our "feelings"... everyone willing, can progress.

the very fact that we are multiversing and some still don't comprehend FSI, proves this...we can not possibly learn ALL that one lifetime...unless we share our experiences and knowledge with each other.

I know you have something to share...that there is "light" within you, and accepting that, is half way to understanding your purpose . You are not here by accident or have something to contribute...that is unique...if you quit preaching...and start sharing you will find that each of us has something to share with you...(if you are not so full of yourself, that you have no room...chuckle.)

not that I think you need to hear this...but perhaps some others listening to this discussion need some validation...from a "higher intelligence" ;)

There are forces on the planet that are not consciously aware of this shift, but are nonetheless playing their part in creating the conditions that will facilitate it.
This re-gridding or transformation of the key systems of the planet must occur before the major discoveries of humanity can manifest. These major discoveries include the repositioning of intelligence as something supernatural, interconnected and heart-centered. This is the precursor to the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul and its interconnection with the broader multiverse,
The changes that will be occurring in the next seven years are substantial hurdles for humanity to leap over, without falling. It requires all of us to express an inner calm and confidence—to adopt the frequencies of our innermost heart and share them with the public...

...In our time, it is a co-mingling of cosmic, extraterrestrial
and human forces because the stakes are too important, the
macroenvironment too complicated, and the histories too muddled for any one person to step forward and help humanity leap over the hurdles that lie ahead. This time it will be done as a unified team. This team will steer the course of the planetary consciousness and the dimensional shift that awaits it. It will operate in accord to the principles of the heart, independent of the minds of the appointed elite. [/quote]

(above quote, snippets from the energetic heart paper)

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Author:  starduster [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:50 pm ]
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Thanks Shay, I respect your feelings and research...perhaps what I am expressing is my "hope"... or what I "want" to "disclosure" gets closer and closer...I want to be prepared to accept the greys as part of the "family"... I can alway change my mind ;)

I just don't feel the least bit threatened by them...I feel nothing but compassion for them...

Author:  Shayalana [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:55 pm ]
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Mysta. Myth I like your signature and clever disguise...;)

Author:  Shayalana [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:00 pm ]
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starduster I feel compassion for them too, in their desperation to find a solution before it is too late for their race. They are more than mentally capable of finding a solution it is in the application that difficulty arises. The heart is central not the mind.

Author:  Mysta.Myth [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:38 pm ]
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Hello Ulli, hello Shayalana, and hello again starduster! :)

I would like to clarify that my intention, my purpose for posting here, is/was never to convince anyone to exchange their views for a different set of views. Insight, understanding, comprehension etc these are largely arbitrary things, and those who would reject me are free to do so by the nature of their unique psychological dispositions, for i am not contributing to those who cannot see anything in the manner in which i point my finger!

What i write here is for those who are predisposed to reacting to the truth of my myths in a way which allows for them to trigger their own unity with fs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Starduster, we are all teachers and we are all students simultaneously. This is a paradox worth contemplating, for in it, you will realize something special.

So you see, i dont claim to know all the answers for anyone else...I am simply a part of a catalytic process, like one day, gone the next. ;)

Author:  Ebyam [ Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:44 pm ]
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why do "we" keep referring to "them" as "them" and not FACING our own SPECIES (potentiality) REALITY AND OUR FUTURE LINKS with what "we" DO RIGHT NOW?
have compassion for?
DON'T PITY/ACHE FOR...CHANGE our OWN SELVES...NOW>>>>WILL<<<<either create or break the repeats of a lost and LONELY deadnest!
hueman...RAISE the unashamed!

Author:  seed [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:03 pm ]
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[color=olive] [i]Yes, we're all in this together, all ~us~ free to over-identify with our Human Instrument and its to fear and loath 'the others' and what their 'real' agenda might to be influenced or not to be shifted into a role beyond that of the container:) to be run by the ego-mind playing its separation games.....:mad:

Earth.....the planet of free choice........and I'm guessing a great fishbowl of entertainment for many.:P

The best 'reality' show in the multiverse.....

Hello joker


[/color] [/i]

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Author:  Nataraja [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:54 pm ]
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Hello Starduster, it has been a while, eh? Your voice is still booming here in WM ethers.

I was reading this thread and one question came up.

Beyond the eloquent words of truth and the channel of this forum to express it and play with others of similar interest, how does truth manifest in your daily life? How is your choice to align with the First Source transforming your mundane life?

We no longer have a shortage of people who can talk and write about the truth and the universality of our true essence. But still from what little I have experienced even amongst the "highly spiritual" people is the fact that not many can walk the talk.

Author:  Shayalana [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:26 pm ]
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Nataraja good to hear from you again! Long time, no hear. Einstein once said he wanted to know the mind of God. I say I want to know its heart and so I focus on my heart and tell my mind to listen. I feel my heart and send love through it for the conduit of First source I am to whoever crosses my path . It feels absolutely wonderful, like being a child again in a benevolent world with so much to see, explore and discover for the giving in particular. In doing this with my heart it has helped me to get beyond the self centeredness of a mind run amok so limited in what it knows because it isn't in balance with the most powerful intelligence in the Universe, the Energetic Heart. Every day I watch and note where my attention and energy is best used and not so best used. Eventually, the deficits will be minimal. It sure is fun working toward that goal for the different ways I can play with this and employing my own techniques that are most appropriate for the lifestyle I live. :)

Author:  Shayalana [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:02 pm ]
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Also, Nataraja, on the remote viewing thread there are a few of us developing and honing certain skills so as to be more astute inside and out and seeing how connected we really are. What I especially found interesting about sharing the thread with others is the high interest in viewing us doing what we were doing but very very few asked to participate and some who had expressed interest in such declined when asked. So talking and walking it can sometimes have a big chasm inbetween. It's only philosophy until you actually do something and then, you can share it but truly there is nothing quite like the experience of doing. Ain't that what we're here for?:P

Author:  Mysta.Myth [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:40 pm ]
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Hello Ebyam, seed, Nataraja, and Shayalana :) hello everyone.

I see that words are a means of the hierarchy to point to its own intrinsic unity. I also see that all of you here, to one degree or another, demonstrate some great pointing skills! :)

Now. In some of my own interactions and meditations, i have also seen an over-emphasis being placed on waiting for unity to occur in time through a physical event or by an accumulation of sense data in the hope that this event or accumulation will somehow render self-realization as the end product.

Indeed, this approach (saviourship model) is not without merit, and does assist in triggering various realizations which help expand the ego toward its confluence with fs. But too much of one thing can be a bad thing, even if it's a good thing! In other words, too much focus on outward reality (in the hope of triggering unity) can mislead the ego into believing that it requires a profound shift or "trigger" via a physical or intellectual event in order to confirm what it desires to know, but has not yet realized.

My understanding is that when there is an imbalance such as this (i.e. an over-emphasis on outward reality to provide the trigger), the correct approach is to regulate the activities by frequently cutting out the senses and engaging oneself in contemplation, meditation, inward focus etc.

Of course, merits are found both outwardly and inwardly, but too much of one means a lack of the other. As you are no doubt already aware, the overall theme is intergration / balance.

Author:  Ulli [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 11:23 pm ]
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Only clearly defined goals that various people agree on will help to establish unity.
But if a society is not threatened by war, or catastrophe, or poverty, or some other external threat then the absence of fear will have everyone disperse on their infinitely varied quests.
I was musing about this vision of a paradisical world, where all is free- no illness, no struggle- just the luxury of total freedom to alternate contemplation mode with exploration mode.
And came across this thought-provoking quote by R.D.Laing:

"I see you, and you see me. I experience you, and you experience me. I see your behavior. You see my behavior. But I do not and never have and never will see your experience of me... Experience is man’s invisibility to man. At the same time it is more evident than anything. Only experience is evident. Experience is the only evidence... Our behavior is a function of our experience. We act according to the way we see things... Natural science knows nothing of the relation between behavior and experience. The nature of this relation is mysterious."

I thought this might shed some light on the sbject of unity.


Author:  starduster [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 11:36 am ]
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Great quote Ulli...and I for one have missed your insightful input to our discussions...but gratefully accept whatever you contribute, whenever

I am sorry, MM, that I did not make more of a point to welcome you to the WMF, but was so impressed by the "meat" of your posts, that I just dove right in to dine

I have over the course of years, repeatedly emphasised that "balance" requires equal amounts of what we catagoize; good and evil... but as we grow closer with shared experiences, we also are changing what we percieve as good and evil, and now the the WMMs help, their insight seems to have gently reprogramed many, towards an understanding that nothing is really good or evil, it is just how our life experiences influence us to believe one issue was "good or bad" for us personally.

Also because most of us have left "religion" behind, we were somewhat forced by a lack of alternatives, to research Spiritually from a New Age perspective, which I found encourages a person to ignore or even deny, anything deemed "negative"... not seeing all as energy...that we have the opportunity to "transmute" and redirect. Our only other alternative schools of thought were Satanism...snicker OR (god forbid) trusting our SELF...which the hierarchy has programed us to believe is a "weakness"... and subjective, therefore should not be relied upon for "correct" reactions to what they see as unintelectual or impossible to "homo-genize"

[b]Teacher: If you can access your intuitive intelligence, in a sense, increase the bandwidth of your connection to the light energy grid that supports you, a single word can catapult you into understanding, when before a hundred books left you in ignorance.

Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters. For this knowledge changes everything in the dimensions of the past, present and future[/b]

As far as I know, the WMMs is the first "philosophy" that encourages us to develope our "intuitive intelligence"...and trust our feelings as a "higher" form of intelligence ...suggesting that it is not only faster (instantanous) but also more accurate...Yeah for our "sensitive" team...but that requires that we investigate our emotions, and find out what, how and why we react to certain "triggers"... and reprogram our inappropriate reactions to a more acceptable (to all) responce. It further points out in the "natural" man:

[b]The heart perceives this state and, without knowledge of the proper techniques, responds in kind, fueling the mental dysfunction and physiological inefficiency with its energy[/b]

The sixth Lyricus Discussion gives us a personally adaptable "technique" for reprograming not only the word associations our mind automatacially makes following the paths established by the GM and learned behavior...but it also, suggest that we learn how to reroute all engery through the Heart first...because our emotions are pretty much uncontrolable once they trigger chemical reactions in the body...we become subject to those ingrained paths even when we know they are often, over reacting, overwhelming, and inappropriate...and most likely close down the "interface zone" when our mind's established path is followed aggressuvely

Of course the hierarchy knows how emotional we are and uses it to their advantage to trigger the reactions they desire us to have on a global scale with media/religous/cultural's programing the GM to justify "war"/ competition on all levels in our relationships with others.

The advantages of getting rid of emotional debree, and using our hearts to direct our minds are well worth the effort needed to apply this "self-help"- often long termed process ...and changing one reaction often involves changing a series of associated knee-jerk reactions until we get back to our core/center...or personal knowledge. Contrary to learned behavior, we MUST learn to Trust..

[b]Teacher: It is simple, and yet difficult at the same time. To release is to trust. To trust is to believe in the intelligence of both your innermost self, as well as the origin from which it arises. This is the simple part. The difficult part is to understand that the judgment of the ego-personality is impaired, and in some measure antithetical to the intuitive intelligence.
. [/b]

By applying this insight to my thought process...I have found, that being "Centered" is more desirable than being "balanced" because it allows me to "field" all the incoming energy...without matter what direction it comes from...or how powerfully it is intended to influence(push our buttons) Or force an emotional responce...we can "transmute" this energy to a place that remains calm (centered)...yet co(m)passionate.

[b]Teacher: Just as the physical heart has an energetic or quantum counterpart, so does the brain. These two organs and their peripheral systems—at both the physical and quantum levels—are completely integrated, in a manner which science is only now beginning to understand.

It is not that the heart transmits an order to the brain, and the brain, detecting the potency of the directive elects to act on it or not. The heart and brain are a unified system that cycles and recycles energy, information, and intelligence within the human instrument. This system operates with greater effectiveness, in terms of expressing its innate intelligence in three-dimensional environments, when it is entrained to the core heart energy of compassion and understanding. [/b]

and no matter how complete I think my new system of processing energy is, I find that when the interface zone is wide open, many of my predetermined emotional responces are challenged by other's perceptions and I must continue to adjust my often inappropriate reactions...please bear with me. :)

I use the quotes to show that this is not an attempt to liimit anyone's imagination but only my understanding of the WMMs...and how I came to this to discussion and not presented to intimidate or "convert" but to help me/us progress, expanded with many global perspectives.

Author:  Ulli [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

I use the quotes to show that this is not an attempt to liimit anyone's imagination but only my understanding of the WMMs...and how I came to this to discussion and not presented to intimidate or "convert" but to help me/us progress, expanded with many global perspectives. [/quote]

maybe some here needed that clarification.
I for one was amazed and thankful for the timing, as I had been on the verge of searching for these exact quotes, to do with another matter.
Most conveenient!
Thank you for unknowingly fulfilling the desire of my quantum heart.

Author:  Shayalana [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks starduster.:);)

Author:  Shayalana [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

HeartMath has for the last 15 years in particular been doing an enormous amount of research on the heart and it's role in our lives , besides just the physical. They also teach of intuitive intelligence and the Energetic heart, even calling it such.They also have many techniques that aid one in using this intelligence, much like what James talked about in one of the discourses about coming up with techniques that work for one to stay focused in the heart. HeartMath people have been diligently doing this and sharing it. There are many similarities between HeartMath and the the Wingmakers but don't just take my word for it , check it out.These people walk their talk and are giving to a world in dire need of what they have discovered that applies to everyone , no borders there.:)

Author:  Shayalana [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:24 pm ]
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I like the R.D.Lang quote because it is especially informative of the role of the explorer. Why are there so many of us and not only here on earth? Doesn't it make sense that the more of us in explorer mode the more expansive the mind or heart or both of God or the universe or the Source becomes? The Void once contemplated itself and light were born, the light contemplated themselves and others were born on another level of understanding and they contemplated themselves and on it goes. As above so below, As within so without. We were/are born to be explorers.

Author:  Shayalana [ Sat Aug 26, 2006 12:12 am ]
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Soooo, we are incarnated in human bodies to experience what separation from our Source feels like. How many times do we have to do this before knowing it? or is it that we are enarmoured with the experience and the heady sense of power in particular that we feel relative to that of our Creator? Are we stuck there? Does anyone read this and understand and have an intelligent response to offer? Or at least witty?

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Author:  Caelum [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 12:03 pm ]
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Q: What isUnity?

A: Unity is a Hip, Unity is Buttocks.
Does First Source- a Popo, a beautiful Hip, beautiful buttocks- has a Central Purpose? Of course it has a “central” purpose. ;-)

Why are buttocks, popos, a hip, whatever you call them, are so beautiful and/or attractive? The First Source and each of you is a Hip. A Hip is the only password that can explain what multi-unity of First Source what does not have a beginning, is. ;-) A Hip is the only thing that can explain what multi-unity is. A hip, buttocks is/are a single-plurality. Po means yes and no. Popo means First Source- E’had.
Do not force to understand the next. Just read. Marine. Sea. Mariners. Hip, Buttocks of the Mary seen. Solomon’s Table.
Glassess. Screen.
White Marine Suit.
Blue Stripes over White.
Blue lights on the screen.
Selves becoming central flowers.
Flowers turning to screens.
Moin Bo.
Mongo Clicks.
Mongorola 3.
Timeless satisfaction.

Author:  Caelum [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  WHAT IS UNITY?

Who/what is E’had (First Source)? Let’s unlock this question.

W, the source of all things in this time/space spiral, is not E’had. W is the Hu, the breath of E’had. E’had is always ahead of everything and everyone. E’had is the alive e-dad always beyond ourSelves.

The First Source and you is a Hip.
Nothing can describe the First Source, and Trinity, better and faster than a Hip.


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Author:  Shayalana [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:28 pm ]
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Thank you caelum( some remote star or section of the universe). What you visually display here is quite comical if not fun and I do appreciate it!:P:D

Author:  starduster [ Thu Sep 28, 2006 7:58 pm ]
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Unity... grateful acceptance of Individulated Consciousness

Author:  Shayalana [ Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:22 pm ]
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It's ALL chioce my dear starduster and the sooner people assume responsibility for the chioces they have made or do make the sooner we all can enjoy a very very different world then what we have created on this timeline which consists of very many timelines, yours, mine, and theirs.;)

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