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 Post subject: the Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral (revisited)
PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:03 pm 
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Commentary on the Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of expansion, uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter.


... I encourage you to study them and formulate your own
understanding of their meanings and how they may apply to your everyday life.
After all, the downpouring of insights that we all experience from our exposure
to the teachings of Lyricus contribute to the collective understanding of these
materials for others, and thereby contribute to the Genetic Mind— the collective
consciousness of humankind.

If we are going to work toward establishing ourselves in the awareness and
behaviors of the Sovereign Integral, then we will be well served by reflecting on
their meanings. Guidance and facilitation have their place in psycho-spiritual study
and practice, but in the end, each individual is left with their own actions, feelings,
and ideas. The contents of consciousness, stored in the mind and accessed through
the brain, represent our experiences in the world around us. Consequently,
these emotional reactions and stored memories manifest and form our individual
personalities. This being so, the Human Instrument becomes the vehicle for a
persona largely constructed from our relationships with our parents, extended
families, friends, teachers, and co-workers. In most cases, until we
turn within to examine our egoic tendencies, beliefs, prejudices, and stances relative to the
world around us, we will have difficulty comprehending the nature of the Sovereign
Integral, not to mention the other five components, including the Spirit Intelligence
of First Source, the Remnant Imprint, the Wholeness Navigator, the Phantom
Core, and the Human Instrument.

As we turn within, reflecting on our subjective lives, we will likely encounter a
vivid contrast between the
inner world
of the Sovereign Integral and the
inner world
of the ego with its well-established thoughtforms, beliefs, and attitudes generated
from contact with the objective, outer world. Therefore, an examination of the
twenty-four points of the Manifesto offers another opportunity (in addition to the
other WingMakers/Lyricus resources) to expand our awareness to incorporate the
Sovereign Integral’s wider and deeper awareness into our everyday consciousness.
The outcome of our efforts ultimately shifts from taking on the qualities of the
Sovereign Integral to actually
the Sovereign Integral

I C&Ped this snipet from the new website, who's web address will most likely change - but for those of you who want to read the rest of it, you will find it here:

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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