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Liberation of the Sovereign Integral
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Author:  mactzorb [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Liberation of the Sovereign Integral

Received from Planetworkpress Collected Works of the Wingmakers a few days ago Volume One ......have been sleeping with book last few work inside book very getting "smarter" and wiser just having it around.....Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral 590 the seed the core of IT that drives us all forward....Freedom to pursue our dreams not limited by 15 who has gone rogue and reneged on his prebirth contract to be a conduit for and not against as he has become.

Author:  starduster [ Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Liberation of the Sovereign Integral

you and you superstitions Mark ... When I was studying Kaballah with the Rabbi's, if someone dropped their Torah, they would pick it up and "kiss it up to G-d" ... they often slept with their scriptures under their pillow - it was recommended ... but it wasn't recommended that they read them - we were told that all we had to do was run our fingers over the printed letters, and that they would "vibrate" their message to our Soul (if we had one) ... we were told that we could never understand them even if we did read them (and we knew the "code") - and that the Rabbis were trained to understand them - so we should listen to them ... of course I just had to read all 22 volumes of the Zohar for myself (while I ran my finger across the "glyphs") ..... so I know where these ridiculous notions come from ... you should have been a Jew Mark ... you would have made a good one... I bet if you set your mind to it - you could have kept all 613 Mitzvas - its in your TOV bloodline :lol: and I do understand why you are not - but why do you keep the most silly of their traditions ?

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