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 Post subject: Chamber 3: "The Blueprint of Exploration"
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:30 am 
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*note; due to the importance of the exact wording structure of the WingMakers material, it is best to cross-reference any study notes with the original source of the materials. Here is the direct link to the Chamber 3 Philosophy paper

Chamber 3 Philosophy paper “The Blueprint of Exploration

Here are some highlighted points and a few notes from this particular chamber of studies;

۞ First Source created a Blueprint of Exploration in order to;
• Beget purpose to the multiverse and all existence therein
• Explore the worlds of creation and evolve the ability of the individuated consciousness to acquire and express wisdom.
• Organise the individuated consciousness fragments and to eventually re-adjoin them in their proper place to restore wholeness... reconfigured so as to achieve the creation, inhabitation, and transformation of yet another universe.

۞ “We are born from the very womb of the cosmos, and it is here that all will return in time.” ... “...The distance of this womb from your earth is near infinite, and yet, so close that it would make your heart quiver if you knew the reach of your imagination.”

۞ “In the very beginning of your existence, as a formless consciousness, you chose to experience individual expression and separate from your Source. And when you chose the three dimensional world as your platform of experience, you embarked into the world of time in which you would encounter every conceivable obstacle and challenge to your restoration of oneness with your Creator.”

۞ This blueprint of exploration is the underlying foundation of the cosmos and it consists of five basic stages of experience as it relates to the individual consciousness;

1. The Creation of the Entity Consciousness.
“As particles of light leavened by Source Intelligence to arise and secure individual consciousness, you are born an immortal entity that shares the essence of First Source in non-time and non-space. This is the Entity consciousness that is imbued with the Wholeness Navigator that permits the Entity to separate from First Source into individuality, but remain guided by Source Intelligence.”
“In reality, if you are within a human instrument, you are immortal light consciousness gathered from the same substance as First Source. You were born of this substance, and you will never die from it. It is not possible to discard or revoke this most pure of vibrations that is your core identity. Deep inside of you there is no doubt of this truth. There is only the question of why you were individuated.”

2. The Individual of Time and Genetic Density.
“The entity is driven by its very nature to explore creation. This is the core identity of First Source, and it was bestowed upon all of its creations like a genetic trait is passed from a parent to its child. This primal instinct instructs the entity to submerge into the realms of creation for the purposes of exploration, without the attendant anticipation of achievement or conquest.”
”... it is to discover new emotional states of perception that enhances the collective wisdom of First Source.” “Exploration begets wisdom.”

3. The Acquisition of Experience through Separation.
“When the entity becomes unique, it can acquire experience and insight that is unique. And this is the precious cargo that the entity was designed to transmit to First Source. Individuality and independence were the gifts bestowed to the entity, and unique insight was the gift returned.”
“Remember that the entity is first and foremost within a light body, and that this light body is without structure, as you know it. It is both a point fixed in time and space, and a consciousness that is omnipresent. The human instrument was designed to have an aperture that focuses this omnipresent consciousness into multiple channels of perception, but at the same time limit the perception of the human instrument to one dominant reality.”

4. The Ascending Spiral to the True Wisdom.
“The entity's sojourns within the physical realms of the multiverse are vast as measured by time and space. They comprise, in most cases, an aggregate of tens of thousands of years, and each of these years produce an effect on the entity. These messages of time shape them into new forms. And these forms emerge as exemplars of what is to be in the distant future.”
“Even First Source cannot bring a species to its true wisdom. The leaders of the species must achieve it through organic, self-inventive methods. First Source, through its original blueprint of exploration, enabled the humanoid species the ability and means to acquire this knowledge itself. If the true wisdom were brought to the species from outside itself, it would be inherently mistrusted and it would not be sufficiently compelling to unite the species.”

Through the process of Sovereign Integral emergence; “The human species of your planet will become the teachers who channel the shadowy outline of the true wisdom to a new species that is, even now, unconsciously awaiting your arrival. The process is carried out over and over, always with variations and anomalies that spark deeper insights and pathways into the Central Universe from which First Source has its being. It is the most powerful of all gravity fields, and ultimately leads a species and its individuated entities to its periphery from which we, the WingMakers, reside as your future selves.”

5. The Onward Journey of Developing Creation.
“The entity is viewed in the universe of time and space as an evolving particle of exploration commissioned by First Source to explore, populate, develop, and transform the outposts of creations into enclaves of Source Intelligence.” “ ... The species -- evolves in time as the elder race that guides a developing race in the formation of its metaphysical and scientific foundations. They become the culture-builders of a new species.”
“The evolution of a species stretches from its origins in the Central Universe as a unified genetic model fit to explore the multiverse, to a fragmentation of the species into biologic diversity, to its re-unification through culture and technology, to its ascension as a non-physical unified Genetic Mind, to its application of this Genetic Mind as a means to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos and help guide a developing species, and to the merging of this Genetic Mind with the Genetic Mind of its ancestral race.”
“Your scientists have defined the evolution of the species on a scale that is only the equivalent of a tiny splinter of wood in a vast forest of time and space. The evolution of the human specie through the "forest" of time and space is an exceedingly dense process, consisting of innumerable levels of progress that ultimately enables the Genetic Mind of the species to blend harmoniously with First Source.
What fuels this process is the genetically endowed drive of the entity to explore the worlds of creation, and to ultimately acquire the necessary wisdom and compassion to lead a younger species to its true wisdom.”

۞ “The gateway into your future is through the completion of this blueprint, and this blueprint is encoded deep within your species. At your root, you are not an immortal psychic impression, or mental echo, but rather, you are the faultless triune of First Source, Source Intelligence and the sovereign entity, colliding in a dance of energy that is evermore. Your mind must grasp the fullness of your true nature and depth of your being, or you will fall prey to the psychic impression and mental echo of your lesser self.”

۞ “If you believe, as you are taught, in the lesser self, you will reach for the food that nourishes the shadow and not the substance.”

۞ “The tools of the mind suppress the true nature of your species. Only when you observe with the frequency of equality foremost in your heart and mind, can you bypass this suppression and feel the linkages that organize your specie into a master organism. It is this organism that is in perfect alignment with First Source like two circles that overlap so perfectly that only one is seen. It is the very nature of First Source to create innumerable fragments of itself and lead each to cohesion as a master organism, while allowing each fragment to retain its sovereignty. This is the perfect bestowal of love.”

۞ “While First Source cannot be found through searching, if you will submit to the leading impulse of the sovereign entity within you, you will unerringly be guided, step by step, life after life, through universe upon universe, and age by age, until you finally peer into the eyes of your Creator and realize you are one. And in this realization you will see that the specie from which you emerge is one also. The fragments of the one congeal through the blueprint of exploration whose end is not foreseen, and whose beginning is not measured by time.”

Other areas of discussion triggered through this particular study immersion were;

... The Wholeness Navigator: Do we pay attention to it , or not ? ...

... Sovereign Integral ... Tone of Equality ... Individuals learning through Free Will ...

... Planet Earth and its inhabitants are moving into a progressively higher vibration of existence ...

... Living from the Heart and emotional self-mastery helps to stabilise the CHEF (Collective Human Energetic Field) during and throughout the processes of change and transformation.

... Heart-inspired work positively affects the brain throughout the process of personal change ...

... Imagine it ... Feel it ... Practice it ... Turn one’s attention to it ...

... We have to train ourselves to move away from our enculturation of duality and polarity ...

... Neutrality and non-judgement is a key feature of freedom and sovereignty ...

"Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters."


 Post subject: Re: Chamber 3: "The Blueprint of Exploration"
PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:06 pm 
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Wow Michael I can't believe that I have not seen this topic before now.

Here is an Excerpt from the MP3 music samples from the old wingmakers site. I feel that it can relate to your topic of study here with the blueprint of exploration.

"Your consciousness is faceted to express light into multiple systems of existence. There are many many expressions that comprise your total self hood, and each expression is linked to the hub of consciousness that is you core identity. It is here that your ancient voice and eyes can multidimensionally observe express and experience. This is your food source for expansion and beautification. Place your attention upon your core identity and never release it. With every piece of information that passes your way discern how it enables you to attune to this voice and perception. This is the only discipline you require, it is the remedy of limitation..... Decoded from chamber seven. "

I would like to discuss this topic in detail starting with your points above. We need to re trace our blue prints backwards a bit and remember how it was that we arrived here.


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