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 Post subject: Thanks Starduster
PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:55 am 

Joined: Thu Aug 11, 2005 12:17 am
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About 5 years ago you sent me some wingmakers CDs. I've listened to them countless times and they've brought me a lot of joy and serenity. I just wanted to say thank you.

If you're anything like me and didn't think to keep records of your posts, then you probably lost everything in the zeroforum crash. In case you did, here is some free nostalgia for you: (you wrote this at 2:08 PM on the 9th of December 2002 on the old zeroforum)

Astrology, may not be Philosophy...or maybe it is (?)

We acknowledge the influence that each "part" of our existance plays in our lives...plants, animals, insects, fowls, fishes, but we almost completely ignore the Universe...Astrology is an awareness of the Cosmos...WMMs describe themselves as a new cosmology...directing our attention outward...expanding our awareness of how the planets influence our everyday life.

The Kabbalist have been studying the "heavens" for millinium...their records are as old as time and they have descerned a pattern in our path around the sun...They have charted with maticulous detail the signature of the gravitational pull of each heavenly body as we cross paths.

Astrology is not "horoscopes" is not "fortune telling" nor is it "sorcery" is just a record of what always was...and always will be...
There are many advantages to being Aware of the influence each heavenly body plays in our lives...we can be prepared for the changes and act accordingly avoiding "suprises" or "pit falls"...

The Astrology I offer here as a guide for you is the "best I can find"...if you think you have another that resonates better, please feel free to add it to this topic...the more info we have the better choices we can make...and I am convinced that the results of the study will produce similar findings...

As I have said before, I am not posting to take away from the understanding we have gained by adopting the Mayan Calendar...and even though this Astrology is using the Gregorian accounting for the days...the influence of the cosmos is the same, no matter what you call the day...huh...

Be Aware...of all things...working as a part of our experience here...I will continue to post these as long as there is an intrest (as indicated by the number of views)...
Weekly Astrology
by Kabbalistic Astrologer Tamar Ricardo
December 8, 2002 ~ December 14, 2002

The sun is still in Sagittarius, as the moon spends the first quarter of Tevet in Capricorn. Many planets are in fire signs. The sun is conjunct to Pluto, which means a very powerful wave of change, inspiring the desire to grow, learn, understand and communicate. Enjoy an enhanced artistic and creative ability. International connections, either through business like import-export, or media and stage, are in full bloom now. This will be a very good week for lawyers, teachers and people in the marketing. The moon in Capricorn means new initiative and new projects. Be aware of the element of seriousness and maturity, opposing the Light and optimistic energy of Sagittarius.

The moon and Chiron are in Capricorn, enforcing the practical element this week, so there is little danger of falling to illusions, and not seeing things as they are. Pay attention to money matters. Check expenses and calculate your financial ability this week.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Scorpio lasts throughout the month of December. This offers us greater strength in our relationships, which means that this is the time to assess current relationships. Ask yourself the basis of the relationship, the sincerity of the love, and the level of expectations. Be sure not to compromise your own principles for the sake of the union, and don’t feel obligated to remain together for anything other than true desire and love.

Moon in Capricorn creates a 90 degree angle with Venus and Mars. With all obstacles in your life right now, you must either deal with it or move on. Moon in Capricorn demands responsibility, seriousness and maturity, so don’t expect softness, romance or tolerance. When Venus and Mars are in Scorpio, relationships go to extremes. If your relationships was already unstable, things will get even more challenging. Be willing to overcome and build a relationship and connection based on equality, friendship and ideology and go forward the lowest expectations possible.

Mars in Scorpio brings out unresolved anger. There is a lot of underlying aggression seeking a relief. This week it is especially important not to react. Busy yourself with spiritual work and elevating your consciousness. These are the only things that will help this week pass peacefully.

Sunday: Sun in Sagittarius, moon in Capricorn. A day for planning - work, traveling, and new studies. Be careful from harsh criticism in relationships, and be very careful of angry for no reason. Spending time in nature will help.

Monday-Tuesday: Sun in Sagittarius, moon in Aquarius. Social activities will elevate your spirit, and specifically volunteer work will bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness. The moon in Aquarius conjuncts to Neptune and then to Uranus, so you’ll be filled with many new and inventive ideas. These will be wonderful days for new social and spiritual consciousness.

Wednesday-Thursday: Sun in Sagittarius, moon in Pisces. No doubt these will be especially romantic days. Your psychic ability is waking up. Pay attention to dreams and special messages, because they will lead you to a deeper understanding of your own identity. Be careful not to gamble, not to smoke, and not to put yourself in any situation in which you can lose control.

Friday-Saturday: Sun in Sagittarius, moon in Aries. These will be days full of vigor, energy, and initiative. You want to save the world, and will feel tremendous amount of energy to do new things and to initiate new projects. You will feel that there are no limits to your ability. This is the time to commit to new spiritual ideas.

[Modified by starduster, 2:10 PM 12/9/2002]

Life is a series of infinite possibilities to display
Understanding and Unconditional Love


 Post subject: Re: Thanks Starduster
PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:39 am 
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you are welcome ... and it is nice to see you here again ... glad you enjoyed the music and got some use out of the CDs ... I hope you have added to your collection as the new ones came out.

I don't remember posting these "charts" very long ... must not have been much interest ... I try to be aware of what is going on in the Universe ... just recently the planets lined up in a huge cross ... and at some point in our immediate future, Earth will be aligned in a position that allows for the galactic energy of its Sun to flow directly to us ... while some may perceive this as "external" ... we are all inter related and integrated ... no matter how far apart we seem to be ... when compared to the vastness of the universe ... we're really pretty close :D

have you completed your studies and ready to immerse yourself in the WMMs ... or just passing through?

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Thanks Starduster
PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:37 pm 
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Joined: Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:54 pm
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I agree..,,,,have appreciated your resonance.....thanks SD,


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