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 Post subject: Chamber 4: "Beliefs and Their Energy Systems"
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:56 pm 
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*note; due to the importance of the exact wording structure of the WingMakers material, it is best to cross-reference any study notes with the original source of the materials. Here is the direct link to the Chamber 4 Philosophy paper

Chamber 4 Philosophy paper “Beliefs and Their Energy Systems

Here are some highlighted points and a few notes from this particular chamber of studies;

۞ “All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing rooms for the manifestation of the belief.”

۞ “Belief systems resonate with, and are the byproduct of, the dominant energy system of a sympathetic group, culture, and even species.”

۞ “Energy systems are wide ranging in their context, but as they relate to beliefs, they can be defined as primordial thought forms crystallized within the human DNA.”

۞ “Within each entity is the genetic compound of its ancestry, moving across innumerable generations and species, and, in the vastness of galactic time, this genetic compound accumulates energy systems that pertain to how one survives in the three-dimensional universe. Thus, survival is the dominant energy system of the human entity, which
informs its genetic code and triggers its life experience and beliefs.”

۞ “Survival is the focal point of conformity. When an entity believes so deeply in survival, it is near impossible to break from the conformity that survival requires. And so, the human species, rooted in an energy system of survival, has become a conformist to the dictates of its genetic predispositions and instincts, and its experience reflects this, conditioning its belief system to follow.”

۞ “Within the boundaries of the survival-based energy system are transition zones that permit a re-casting of one's belief system in accordance to cosmological, multidimensional energy systems.”

* Transition zones are like portals that may gravitate individuals away from the prevailing energy system of survival and conformity of the mind-body into a new energy system that is of the mind-soul.

۞ The Tributary Zones (Planetary based ones) are inlaid within the “art movements that are grounded in spiritual principles, sacred mythology, and cosmic context. Art of this nature, whether it is music, painting, poetry, drama, or dance, can be constructed into a Tributary Zone that transitions entities to discover the Grand Portal.”

۞ “This Grand Portal will usher in a new awareness for humanity that will enable it to shift from a survival-based, mind-body energy system, to an exploratory-based, mind-soul energy system.”

۞ “The WingMakers created the initial Tributary Zones in accelerated, nonphysical dimensions as outposts of creative energy linked to the higher circuits of First Source, and these act as guideposts that gently steer humankind's finest representatives of the arts and culture to create Tributary Zones that are physically based, which in turn, guide humankind's finest representatives of the sciences to ultimately discover and prove the existence of the Wholeness Navigator. In so doing, humanity is forever changed from a survival-based energy system to an explorer-based energy system.”

۞ “When this discovery is made, religion will have no choice but to honor it and adopt the far-reaching implications. Religion will fear it will be displaced by science, and it will know only one course of action: integrate with the new science that combines technology, psychology, metaphysics, and cosmology.”

۞ “By the dawning of the 22nd century, the Grand Portal will be ubiquitous in human culture and acknowledged in all classrooms of learning. The discovery of the Grand Portal is a carefully orchestrated event string, consisting of innumerable components. The reason this event has been, and continues to be, so carefully orchestrated is that it will galvanize the Genetic Mind of the human species to explore the multiverse, and not simply terra-earth or its solar system.”

۞ “When a species in the three-dimensional universe discovers irrefutable scientific proof of the multiverse and the innermost topology of the Wholeness Navigator, it impacts on every aspect of the species. It is the most profound shift of consciousness that can be foretold...”

۞ “The most common way of accessing a non-physical Tributary Zone is through meditation or the dream state. While in these altered states of consciousness the entity can begin to shift and restructure their energy system by accessing these Tributary Zones.”

۞ “The purpose is to guide an entity to become less dependent of the survival energy system complex that invites conformity and a life experience therein.”

۞ “Exposure to these Tributary Zones, even though seldom remembered, enabled these entities to transfer a likeness of the non-physical Tributary Zone to the three-dimensional world of terra-earth. These initial physical creations dealt with spiritual values and were often the product of poetry, art, music, and drama. In the dawning of the 21st century, they will combine art, spiritual values, technology, and science.”

۞ “These physical Tributary Zones will catalyze the entities born of the 21st century in ways that the non-physical Tributary Zones cannot. Specifically, they will cause a resonance at a sub-molecular level through music and art that will reconfigure the four-dimensional protein patterns of the human brain and nervous system. In so doing, the nervous system will receive and transmit higher energy circuits that enable a very subtle mutation in the region of the brain where intuition or the sixth sense resides.”

۞ “As you gain awareness of the Tributary Zones, you will gain insight into the new energy systems and how to anchor these energy systems into your own. There are specialized techniques for weaving this energy system to your own and exchanging --over time-- your survival-based energy system for the exploratory energy system of the coming age.”

∞ Mind-Body Movement – “These techniques involve the expression of music in the form of body movement that focuses the mind on the body's rhythmic, improvisational flow.”
* This may help to strengthen a new level of intuitive intelligence, and to anchor it more firmly within.
* It may also help us to untether ourselves from the primal and coerced propensity towards survival-based beliefs.

∞ Mind-Soul Comprehension – “These techniques involve the knowledge of the new psychology destined to reach humanity in the 21st century.”
* This process may be assisted through utilising the WingMakers portal paintings as a catalyst towards being able to more deeply comprehend a new dimension of Time, Energy, Matter and Inner Space. This enables a kind of soul-comprehensibility without the invasion from the language of the mind. “To comprehend the incomprehensible.”

∞ Emotion-Soul Acquisition – This is a technique that utilises some of the WingMakers poems that have been specifically constructed as a catalyst for enabling an individual’s Soul to acquire specific emotional responses through the human instrument. Each poem purposefully strikes an emotional chord of subtle discord within the individual, thus providing an opportunity to bring the more deeply entrenched and subtle feelings of spiritual neglect, separation and abandonment to the surface to be recognised, understood and progressively dealt with through the light of Soul.

* The above techniques enable an individual to purposefully immerse within a tributary zone, assisting their process of moving away from the survival-based energy system (including the fear-based beliefs and experiences therein). And in doing so, each individual is contributing towards humanity collective shift into the new exploratory-based system.

۞ “The Grand Portal is a discovery by humanity. It is the culmination of science, art, and technology, operating in unison, focused on the exploratory province of cosmology and metaphysics.”

Other areas of discussion triggered through this particular immersion were;

∞ The ego protects itself with the use of the mind. This often comes in the form of the “fight or flight reflex”.

∞ We have to go beyond what we learn from the old paradigm belief systems and education institutions.

∞ Do not be controlled by fear... we must awaken from the illusion... and break free from “the box”.

∞ Religion will eventually synthesise with science, and embrace new technologies and cosmological awarenesses... including the “science of the soul” which encompasses the true multidimensional nature of our existence and purpose.

∞ At the end of the day there is no real problem concerning “the negative influence of darkness” because in truth “darkness” is just a slight lack of the light, and in the larger picture of reality it is all part of life’s purposeful design.

∞ The light transforms the darkness, as the darkness illuminates the light.

"Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters."


 Post subject: Re: Chamber 4: "Beliefs and Their Energy Systems"
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:02 am 
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IMO this is most appropriate at this time. If everyone would read these materials as if they BELIEVED that they were FACT - instead of approaching them to compare them with what they presently believe about our purpose here, wild horses couldn't keep them from activating their DNA that will allow them to comprehend the truth, found in them - like the parable in the Bible, they would sell everything they have to purchase the "pearl of great price" ...

I have nothing to share but my own personal experiences ... just because it took me almost a decade to finally comprehend what I was participating in - in this forum, doesn't mean that it will take someone else that long - apparently most don't have my difficulty and don't need to discuss the materials ... but that is the way I "learn" via repetition and practical application. I do believe that the materials have had an impact on the species awareness and that they are getting easier to comprehend, because look at how the Plan has unfolded since these materials were first introduced ... but no matter how long it takes - I do not think that there is any other "way" that can promise successful results ... for everyone who uses materials to realize their Self... the way they were intended to be used

The "tools" (Art, Music and Poetry) are just as valuable as the "words" in the Philosophies... they "work" hand in hand to activate you to take a closer look at yourself ... in the 4th Philo, we are introduced to how they work together to open you mind to new intelligence - by using them together. Most people are drawn to the Art, almost impossible not to be, with their primary colors so vigorously resonating - whether you "like" the "style" or not, it has an impact on you - it says something to your Soul - James says in the QandAs that just by scanning over the materials, a person's core is activated

The WingMakers’ Materials are designed to catalyze specific receptors within the individuated consciousness and create a resonance. Through this resonance, the individual will “click into” their own awakening – revelation – transformation, and through this process they can more effectively wean themselves from external instruction and dependence.
The WingMakers Materials produce vibrations (light and sound) that “mingle” at the subatomic levels and are capable of shifting predispositions held within the DNA clusters that govern spiritual will. In this case, the determination to sculpt time into spiritual experience – not simply physical or material experience.

The WMM is to be absorbed like one would absorb the sunshine when they are outside. No one requires measuring devices or lenses to absorb the sun’s rays; they simply need to be in the path of these rays. They need to position themselves to receive the sun. This is how it is with WMM.

The WingMakers' materials are designed in a different way from anything that has ever been manifested on earth. It is a collection of encoded sensory data streams destined for a consumer technology platform that is just beginning to be incubated within development labs. However, even when experienced without this technology platform, the individual is aware that there is a deep transformation occurring. Something is "reshuffling" their mental "deck". I would encourage anyone who is immersing his or her consciousness in these materials to go without comparison for a period of time as they absorb these materials. The Tributary Zones have more information encoded in them than the human mind can access and comprehend. If an individual is engaged in comparison, they may not be engaged in the deeper meaning of the Tributary Zone, at the level where the encoded information is revealed.

Incidentally, what I've just said is not to imply that the encoded information must be wrested from the Tributary Zone by conscious will and effort. It is a delicate thing to detect the encoded information. It requires a supple intelligence, open mind, contemplative perspective, and the curiosity of calculated observation. It is not a battle of wills or mind over matter. And it is seldom revealed in the clutter of comparison.

As to the connection of the WingMakers' material to the present-day belief systems of earth, there is little connection because these materials are not created by earth teachers, nor are they only the words of teachers. They are encoded sensory data stream from an extraterrestrial teaching order that have a very specific purpose. The present-day belief systems of earth serve a different and more general purpose of moral conditioning, community-building, and spiritual preparedness. Only in this last element is there any connection.

It is my understanding that DNA is what unites us all - and that in our present state of being, Humanity is only using 15% of the DNA it has available ... if these materials activate more DNA, just by casual association, it seem logical that when an individual takes the time to really focus on them, they can readily serve the purpose of their design IN the Human Instrument - The HMS isn't being enhanced by using the materials - it is just "allowing" the Entity access to them ... in many individuals, their Entity is asleep (see CH 24 painting) - no doubt bored because of the repetition of experiences in the life of the Human Instrument dependent upon a Collective System that discourages being Unique ... the sleeper must be awakened - the WingMaker's Materials do that by bi-passing the HMS and "showing" the Entity what it needs to do to proceed in the Plan of First Source.

The techniques suggested in the 4th Philo - will bring a new energy stream into your life - that can communicate with the Entity (via the HI) without being blocked by HMS

the 4th Philo gives the sincere truth-seeker the opportunity to convince their self of the validity of the WMMs .... to walk the talk, and start Living Truth.

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Chamber 4: "Beliefs and Their Energy Systems"
PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:47 pm 

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When a species in the three-dimensional universe discovers irrefutable scientific proof of the multiverse and the innermost topology of the Wholeness Navigator, it impacts on every aspect of the species. It is the most profound shift of consciousness that can be foretold, and it is this event that triggers the Return of the Masters to explicit influence and exoteric roles..

I vote for Ne Sara
Ben Adonoi.........Chateau de Beaujolais......Knights Templar WingMaker,,,,,,,,Mac Tov Zorb.......Scout for Nirih Ashtar,
Mawuvian Council of Divine Light..
Ma Nu Ra Ma ....
DNA is Light.....get some by looking carefully at the 2 Suns in the sky
Proof is there Nammu.


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