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 Post subject: My Dream when TWC2 was released
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:40 am 
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In 2014.5,after TWC2 was released
I dreamed of Terran was teaching me about Sovereign Integral,he took a chalk in his right hand ,just like the cover of The Weather Compose---The rise of the Mahdi,
I dreamed of something related to Sovereign Integral continuously in 3--4 days at the begining of 2014.5.
I also can say,these special dreams occured when The 5th Dr.Neruda interview was released.

Wingmakers said they interact with those who are open in their dreamtime(open means can accept new concepts without prejudice)
Wingmakers obviously release their information not only on internet,but also in dreamtime,I can feel they told me something important in those dreams.

Is dream the backdoor of our unconscious mind? then Vectors can be implanted easily in our dream.

If you are not in you breath,then you are in your mind.


 Post subject: Re: My Dream when TWC2 was released
PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:37 pm 
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I just came across this post today (??) and it is an interesting topic, that we discussed when Joel was still a member, and was keeping his "dream journal" in the forum - it is my understanding from our discussions, that "dream-time" is a state of consiousness when the constant chatter of the mind is subdued - either by the practice of meditation or sleep, when we are undisturbed by things going on in the 3rd Dimension of MEST. and for an instant, we are aware of what is going on ( or "conscious" of )- happening, in the (self-created worlds) of our "formless" components . The materials that you are refering to, from the Q and A, suggest that the Wholeness Navigator is the component of the Entity that is un-constrained and and when it is not pre-occupied with "observing" what the HI is experiencing (because it isn't experiencing anything "at rest" or during meditation) it can gather data from realms outside of the Earth 3rd dimension. James tells us that it can go to the LTO's "Training Center" located somewhere in the Galaxy - to gather this data (related to their fields of study)

The WingMakers do the majority of their communication during the dream state because the gates of the thalamocortical system are relatively closed, and there is complete focus on the inner communication at hand. If you have willingly immersed yourself in the WingMakers’ materials, you can safely assume that you are already in rapport with members of this teaching organization. You are very likely experiencing the Tributary Zones during your dream state, under the tutelage of one or more of these teachers. Open yourself to this possibility and dream it alive to your senses.

James also reveals, that certain members of the LTO who have incarnated here, are "visited" by other (incarnated) LTO members, or inspired by them (in their natural state of being - invisible to us) during "dream time" :
Representatives from Lyricus incarnate among humanity instead of physically traveling to life-bearing planets in spaceships or other types of vehicles. This is done for efficiencies, stealth, and deepening the understanding of how to integrate the Lyricus teachings into the indigenous culture. These personalities are mostly invisible among the human population. As they near their eleventh birthday they typically become activated by another Lyricus member who has come before them that triggers their consciousness. These catalysts from Lyricus may be physically present or spiritually connected at the dream subconscious levels. Whatever the case, this activation is what “downloads” the mission objectives and triggers the sense of inviolate duty that accompanies these embedded workers of Lyricus.

James discusses the possibility that our Wholeness Navigator "travels" to the Galatic TZ in his answer to another question ... that occurs during "dream-time" or while in a meditative state of consciousness, (below) which I believe is what you are referring to - that happens during "dream time" but is not IMO a "dream"

Lyricus is able to track and monitor SECUs (Sovereign Integral [sic.] of the Central Universe) [Sovereign Entity. Ed.] no matter what physical structures they inhabit. When we judge that a particular SECU is properly prepared, they (their Wholeness Navigator) are transported to one of our training centers, which is unlike any you can conceive of on earth. I use the words “Training Center” only because I can think of nothing else to describe them. Candidates are not necessarily spiritually minded, nor are they exemplars of humanity in terms of their personality, physical body, or temperament. They are, however, advanced SECUs operating in human form, typically unconscious of their mission and purpose.

These fortunate entities are escorted from their human instrument and guided to the Tributary Zone that is best suited for their purpose and mission. They are generally taught in the form of a dialogue—not unlike the Lyricus discourses depict. They are allowed to query masters, and the masters are allowed to elucidate on relevant topics.

he goes on to explain these TZ and the need for a "translator" in the answer to another question:

The seven galactic Tributary Zones exist near the centermost point of the Milky Way galaxy, making them inaccessible to humanity. This is the primary reason that a translator is required. The other reason is that the vibratory rate of the Tributary Zones is purposely accelerated in order to ensure that only those entities of a compatible vibration may enter. There are members of the humanoid species, throughout the galaxy, that attend these sites in their dream state or meditation sessions.

It is impossible to translate these sites from their original dimension to earth, or any other three-dimensional planet, without changing the content. This is because the vibratory rate of the original materials must be decelerated, and in this deceleration process, change occurs. Technically, the process is less akin to translation from one language to another, and more similar to transposing from a higher key, or vibratory rate, to a lower. You can think of these seven sites as knowledge repositories, in multiple mediums (sound, light, knowledge, language, mathematics, etc.) focused on each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines are expressed differently, but each contains multiple mediums that heighten and emphasize how integrated knowledge is a spectrum that includes art, metaphysics, and science, and that unified properly, this spectrum is the key to unveiling the Grand Portal.

this sounds much different that "a dream" to me - and different than what the Astral Plane has to offer the Entity who has "left their body" behind and dependent upon "guides" but I think that you will agree, that dreams are filled with Emotional triggers - that act upon our HI during our "dreams" or when we recall them ... remember that emotions are associated with the Human Instrument - not so much the "formless" component that we know as the Wholeness Navigator

James give an example of how Einstein's WN was "attended" by LTO members - and how implanted triggers were embedded in his mind - that inspired him to fulfill his (personal) mission

It will come as no surprise that Einstein was one such SECU that was attended by Lyricus masters. He was allowed to formulate “his” theories through a dialogue with a single master. When he returned to his human instrument the experience and knowledge was lodged in his higher mind and a trigger was then required to draw it into consciousness.

These triggers are carefully orchestrated event strings that the master in charge of the SECU coordinates through a process we call—again, I’m translating as best I can—lucid re-orientation. This process requires that the information gained while at the Tributary Zone filters into the consciousness in a re-collectible state. In order for this to occur, Dr. Einstein would experience an event or EDSS (Encoded Data Sensory Stream) that induces, or triggers a recollection of a seed memory. The seed memory is the most critical part of the lucid re-orientation process because it alone carries sufficient power to draw the new knowledge into the conscious state of the human mind.

I concluded from these "answers" that James has given us - related to "dream-time" when we (our WN) is "downloaded" with information vital to our personal "missions" --- are quite different from what we call "dreams" --- which is not to say that with (meditative) practice, we couldn't willfully bring ourselves into "alignment" with the frequencies they (new intelligences) are being projected in --- OR that some of us are not (physically incarnated) members of the LTO that need this type of "inspiration" to remind them of their purpose / mission. I just don't think these experiences are Dreams - or anything that the HI is capable of being aware of.

but this, of course, is only my personal understanding of the difference between "dreams" and authentic "inspiration"

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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