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 Post subject: The Heart's Etheric Fifth Chamber & the Geomtry of the Heart
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:19 pm 
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THE HEART FORM IS PRECISION IN BALANCE between inversion and reversals, suction and pressure, concave and convex, right and left, backwards and forwards, below and above, three and four, asymmetrical and symmetrical, acceleration and deceleration, clockwise and counter-clockwise, geometric and organic, and two different vortexes, all of which today can be demonstrated to be lawful. These polarities are found to be active in the human heart.

1.The heart is a brake, “The heart is not a pump; it is a sense organ, a damming up organ”(2) You can observe the chestahedron in a vortex generator balancing itself between accelerating and decelerating.

2. The apex of the heart is paper-thin. “The apex wall is so soft and weak that it can be pierced with the index finger”(3) The geometry of the mitral valve opening will not allow a moving vortex to reach the apex inside the chestahedron. If the heart is a pressure pump, the apex would balloon out. The new form shows why this ballooning does not occur.

3. The chestahedron’s geometry consists of two vortexes, one inside the other. “The musculature of the heart and arteries all the way down to the pre-capillaries is spirally oriented, and both the heart and arteries move spirally to augment the momenta of the blood.”(4)

4. After creating a vortex in a clear receptacle of water with the chestahedron on the end of an electric drill, there remains three spiraling vortexes. “Dr. Pettigrew found three columns of spiraling blood in the left ventricle.”(5)

5. By using the chestahedron geometry of 22.5 degrees of arc found in the center of the conical form, we now have an answer to myocardial layering design that has eluded Dr. Pettigrew, Lawrence Edwards and all present-day heart researchers. dynamic motion as a geometric organ of consciousnessA design that allows counter clockwise and clockwise forces to work together in a balanced way and at the same time promote blood vortex movement.

6. The chestahedron was developed from a tetrahedron turning inside a cube whose axis is centered at the squre root of 3, and the square root of 3 in the cube is 36 degrees of arc from the horizontal plane. This explains for the first time why the heart is located on the left side of the body. The human heart position in the body is 36 degrees, which is the perfect balance between above and below, right and left and forward and behind. Not knowing about geometry, many studies indicate the heart sets at 45 degrees.

7. When the tetrahedron reaches the midpoint of the cube the resulting form is an octahedron with one invariant point. Putting this form back into the original tetrahedron and spinning both at the same time in the cube again, you get the inside left ventricle geometry.

8. The inside left ventricle geometry turns 40 degrees during systole and sits in the cube at 15 degrees. Altogether you have a 55-degree spiral movement. Flow designs in the organ of the heartIf the ventricle twists another 5 degrees a fifth chamber develops complete with a tri cusped valve.

9. “In our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him to control life forces in a different way than is possible at the moment.”(6) “All that happens in the moral life, and all that happens physically in the world…the moral and the physical….are found in their real union when we learn to understand all the configurations of the human heart.”(7) ... ts&t=32207

Chestahedron from a transforming tetrahedron - New Sacred Geometry by Frank Chester


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