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 Post subject: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:31 am 
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on the cover of 《The Dohrman Prophecy》,we can see a fetus,do you know this is from the arts of Leonardo da Vinci? Da Vinci painted a image----《The fetus in the womb》,this fetus can be found in DP Gallery3 too.
《The Vitruvian Man 》----another Notable work from Da Vinci,we can see The Vitruvian Man appears on the back cover of 《The Rising Heart》and the homepage of

According to the story---《The Dohrman Prophecy》
Simon said “"There were scientists, spiritual teachers, artists, leaders, inventors, and many others who quite literally came from a different time, and, in a sense, you could say they were time travelers."
"Did they know they were WingMakers living in our spacetime?"
"Only a handful," Simon replied.”……
Da Vinci,such a perfect artist,must be a member of wingmakers!(well,we can also say Da Vinci is a scientist )

In the end of 《Quantusum》,james quoted some words from Da Vinci
"When once you have tasted flight,you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,for there you have been and there you will always long to return" ---- Leonardo da Vinci


If you are not in you breath,then you are in your mind.

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 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:34 pm 
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Very intertesting! Thank your presentation!

To live in service of truth, you must first identify the layers of deception that encompass you.
Nature is the "Queen" on the chessboard.


 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:15 am 
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Great demonstration! Part of my WM studies at the moment is in relation to the physical body and this DaVinci reference has helped bring my attention deeper into visually exploring the WM artwork that depicts the 24 primary systems of the human instrument. I have been using the “Sovereign Integral” artwork daily for some time now as it has helped me enormously to become more confident and able to grasp and evolve one of my weaker sensory components of our complex physical instrument - visualization - but with this highlight I am prompted in ways of how to continue to expand this further. Thanks.

Teacher: Learn all that you can about the human body, emotions, and mind. Make it the focus of your study for a period of time – perhaps a year or two, depending on the availability of your time.

As you do this, take notes about the features of the human instrument that either seem connected or anomalous. For example, the brain is dominated by the data received from the eyes. Why do the eyes not dominate consciousness?
As you produce your notes, organized around connections and anomalous phenomenon, begin to define the structure of the human instrument as one would if they were making a map of the interaction between the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Remember that the phantom core is the shadow of the soul and operates seamlessly between the folds of the human instrument. It is the first perceiver and transmitter of the experience that consumes the human instrument of a specific individuality. It is the continuity of the undivided process within the material realms, while the soul is the continuity of the undivided process within the non-physical realms.

Student: And what about the Wholeness Navigator?

Teacher: It is the bridge of continuity between these two worlds. The Wholeness Navigator is the interlock between the worlds of time and the worlds of non-time. It is the fusion of the soul and the phantom core, integrating this vast experiential storehouse of data, and making it coherent as a force of transformation.

Student: It will take me a long time to create this picture and understand the connections.

Teacher: It will take you a lifetime, if you are fortunate. However, if you set forth upon the path of First Source without first understanding the fundamental structures within which your soul operates, you will pursue a mirage. God will appear and disappear, and doubt will shake you every time a new occurrence crosses your path. It will seem that all is impermanent, even the face of God.

Student: You said a moment ago that the Wholeness Navigator uses the experiences of the soul carrier and soul as a force of transformation. Transformation of whom and for what purpose?

Teacher: The transformation is of the individual personality – the God-fragment that sojourns in both the worlds of time and non-time, and is devoted to the One Plan that embraces all forms, personalities, and opinions therein. This personality is the identity that endures the shape shifting of forms and the ceaseless churning of time to become a conscious extension of the One Plan.

The purpose of this transformation is to explore the Grand Multiverse as emissaries of First Source, creating new opportunities for the expansion and ongoing evolution of the One Plan.

Student: I suspect you purposely gave me an abstract answer as a way of reminding me of the task ahead.

Teacher: I gave you what is available to be given. Words themselves are an abstraction, are they not?

Student: If you don’t mind, I want to return to my task: studying the human instrument. Is there a model I can use so I can compare my approach with others?

Teacher: There may be some who would gladly share their research and findings. I would encourage you to collaborate with your fellow students. It is a very useful practice.

Student: You spoke of connections in the human instrument and anomalous phenomenon. Can you please elaborate on these?

Teacher: The connections of the human instrument are the threads that make up the fabric of the phantom core. These threads weave together the pathways between the physical body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Within each of these are sub-layers, just as the skin of the human body is different than the nervous system, which is different than the skeletal structure.

The body is therefore made up of many layers and sub-components that comprise the total structure. This is equally true for the emotions, mind, and genetic mind.

The connections between these layers or strata of the human instrument, which number 24 primary systems, each originate from the Wholeness Navigator. In other words, these threads have a common ground and spiral out touching each of the 24 primary systems, binding them together in a holistic system.

Student: What are the 24 systems? Do I know them?

Teacher: It is not important to recognize each of them individually. Some have not been discovered in the world of time and space. I only mention the number so that you can know the depth of the human instrument and its impeccable and miraculous structure.

Student: Why is this so important?

Teacher: The human instrument is regarded by most cultures as a body that is vulnerable and fragile. It is considered flawed and imperfect because it degenerates over time and is susceptible to disease. In some areas, it is considered nothing more than an animate object for the sensing of pleasure or pain. It is held in low regard, and even those who feel a spiritual imperative, regard it as the lesser or lower self.

Student: But it is the lower self isn’t it?

Teacher: It is the vessel of the transcendent soul. When you see a vessel of beauty, do you wonder what is inside it?

Student: I guess when I see a beautiful vessel – like a work of art – I assume the vessel is for appreciation, not utility.

Teacher: It doesn’t require a utilitarian function because its beauty is sufficient a purpose. Correct?

Student: Exactly.

Teacher: The human instrument is the same way. It is a beautifully conceived creation; so much so that most believe it is empty. Its purpose is in itself. They do not see the 24 strata, they perceive only the five dominant strata: skin, muscle, bones, emotions, and mind.

Student: Why? Why do we only see these five and not the whole 24?

Teacher: You are taught these perceptions by your educational indoctrination and society as a whole, and conversely, you are not taught to appreciate and understand the other 19 strata. In most cases, these strata require more vigilance and persistence to understand and appreciate.

Student: So how do I learn about the other dimensions of the human instrument?

Teacher: You study the human instrument. You study the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. You learn to understand this sacred vessel for what it truly is: the exploratory, albeit temporary, vehicle of your inmost, immortal consciousness in the worlds of time and space.

Student: But if you gave me information about the 24 strata, wouldn’t it help me in my studies?

Teacher: Perhaps, but it is not necessary to understand all of these levels with the human mind. And here again, you seek to know the staircase before you understand the first few steps. It is the function of time to make the staircase comprehensible in steps, not singular revelations.

Student: I understand.

Teacher: I have highlighted the universal path; now tell me what you have learned.
(Lyricus Discourse 3)

I also find “The Bones” chapter in Quantusum interesting in relation to DaVinci’s Vitruvian man; perhaps there may be some correlation with the two superimposed bodies.

“They can’t move, because I’ve activated a part of you - the soul part - so we could have a conversation. This soul part operates on a different frequency of time. It still has time, but it is not the same time as a human would experience.
“Look at yourself if you don’t believe me.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but I looked down at myself and saw I was actually two beings. One of me was animated; the other was frozen in time looking at Uncle with unblinking eyes. I was split, divided into two beings: one a phantom that was conscious, the other a stone sculpture.
“I told you, I activated a part of you that would enable us to speak. If I appeared to you in my real form your planet’s gravity would crush me. You wouldn’t understand my language, nor would I understand yours. Not a good way to converse, wouldn’t you admit?”


 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:11 am 
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Thought I would pop these Quantusum quotes in here as I believe they are cool descriptions of some of our other physical senses, e.g. “motion” - which I believe James is sharing via the novel formats;
(it has also helped me with picking my jaw up off the ground when I was able to “get a taste of” not just the unfathomable vastness of the Human Mind System multi-verse - Within this field of consciousness remote viewers can access the astral imprint of Earth or any other planet or system in which the HMS extends – which is the entire known physical universe. - but how incredibly small this is compared to what is outside the scope of the HMS - Energy exists in the HMS. It is real in the physical world. It is indisputably a part of the human instrument, and yet, the Sovereign Integral is constant, aware, awake, observant, alive, infinite, and, as odd as it may seem, it is not energy. It is not of energy. It does not require energy. It is not existent because of energy. Before there was energy there was the Sovereign Integral. Before there was a Human Mind System, there was the Sovereign Integral.” Project Camelot Interview

Suddenly I felt a powerful force like a gigantic mouth opening its jaws and breathing in. I felt like a particle of dust that was being drawn inside a giant’s body, and yet I couldn’t see any source to which I was being drawn. All I knew was that I was being ingested by something. Something or someone was absorbing me.

My mind went to the story of Jonah and the whale. I felt like Jonah. I was being eaten, and yet there was no pain or even fear. The thought to stop the vision never occurred to me, as I was too fascinated by what I was experiencing - in fact, I wanted to follow it. Then, I felt more motion, a sense of speed that I had never sensed before. I was traveling through space inside some kind of vehicle, but it didn’t feel like a spaceship or something external, I think I was the vehicle.

I don’t have a clear sense of how long I had been traveling at this incredible speed, but I sensed I was slowing down. I was beginning to see objects, whereas before, when I was speeding through the universe, I was effectively blind, dumb, deaf - every sense had been shut down or switched off except one: the sense of motion. I even wondered which of the five senses to attribute the sense of motion to, but my mind lost interest in the topic as my world began to materialize.
(Persistence Chapter:Quantusum)

. . . as my world began to materialize! This is an important reference also.

And then:

“Why am I here?” the voice asked.

I must have scrunched up my face as much as it was possible when I heard the question. “Why are you asking me?”

“Because you brought me here,” the voice said.

“I brought you here?”


“And how did I do that? I don’t know where I am, how I got here, why I’m here, who you are . . . I know nothing!”

As I finished my last word, I felt something fall off me. It was a sensation similar to having a spacesuit unbuckle and fall to the ground. It was sheared off me in a single moment, and then I felt it.
(Persistence Chapter:Quantusum)

Each individual is a portal unto themselves, and this portal is the access point to the interdimensional worlds of the Sovereign Integral, where the human instrument, like a space suit, is finally removed and the individual realizes their true, infinite nature.
(Project Camelot Interview)

And then there’s this:

“When I woke up, I not only had the pain of my backside, courtesy of my father, but my head was bleeding, and I was paralyzed. I lay on my back, staring up at the night sky - [Censored], it was the only thing I could do: watch the stars.

“But then I began to hear the faintest of music, and it was coming from the sky. I was sure of it. It wasn’t the kind of music I’d heard before, it was more like a vast rhythm that spilled out from the heavens, and somehow, I heard it, and it . . . entered me.
(Creature Chapter:Quantusum; bolding mine)

And much, much more. Perhaps the 24 primary systems of the physical body, that Lyricus points us toward, could well be mapped out, or referenced, in James’ novels; or at least those that can be crafted into a form of understanding within the HMS and those that provide hints or shadows towards others. It would be quite exciting, for me anyway, to find and map the pathways to these throughout the novels. This would take time, of course, but for me would provide another format/tool in my own pursuit and “persistence” in continuing with the dismantling process of the HMS. If anyone recognizes any correlations, at any time, please share.


 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:12 am 
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I have ponder the 24 as well, as it is mentioned in several places in the materials ... and the last time was just recently when I wondered if the colors were significant ... colors, tones, notes, frequencies, are all integrated in waves ... perhaps it is a clue ...

or just random, but I believe that it is more than we can comprehend at the moment, otherwise it would have been defined - I believe that being aware of them will come with our awareness of our Self ... I remember Joel made a list of what he believed they were - there are many that we can guess at, such as our DNA/genetic codes, the endocrine system, and nervous system, and digestive system, immune systems, glands, hormones, reproductive systems, secretion systems, hair/nails, skeletal systems, optical, hearing, smelling, touching , tasting "systems" ..... but most list fall short of 24 as does mine - even if I were to include a "membrane" systems that link us energetically to the form-less systems of the Human instrument but I just don't know enough about them (now) ... it is enough to know they exist in potential

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:27 pm 
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IMO Da Vinci could be James, or another Lyricus member, in a prior incarnation.

The single most important thing we can do is to practice the heart’s intelligence in our everyday, moment-to-moment expressions.


 Post subject: Re: Da Vinci's arts in Wingmakers arts
PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:13 pm 

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I agree Alex.......I wonder how much glyphs influenced his works.


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