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 Post subject: Exciting news for All of Us
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:04 pm 
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Planetwork Press is pleased to announce that you can now pre-order James Mahu's novel , The Dohrman Prophecy
in paper book at their website

The first known James Mahu project in the modern era was the WingMakers’ website, launched in 1998 and updated with new content in 2001 and again in 2003. Currently there is an abundance of material including music, paintings, poetry, philosophy, and the novel, Ancient Arrow Project. The Ancient Arrow Project is based on the culture and teachings of the WingMakers.

In 2003 James launched Lyricus, a website which provides information on the background of the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO) and its advanced teaching methods.

In 2008 the Event Temples website came online. It’s still growing today, bringing together people from around the globe who want to become Spiritual Activists. A Spiritual Activist is someone who is learning to live from their heart by using the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor.

The 2011 project was an inventive web-reader at Spirit State. This advanced technology has added an entirely new level to the reading experience. In real-time you can read the same book and be on the same page as someone on the other side of the globe. Access the Reader MapTM and see other people around the world who are reading the same book at the same time. The first books on the Spirit State site were The Dohrman Prophecy, The Ancient Arrow Project and the Spirit State User Guide. Spirit State will keep expanding as new books are made available through that medium.

And for 2012 the project is to convert the Internet materials into print editions. Planetwork Press is publishing the print editions of James Mahu’s novels as well as The Collected Works of the Wingmakers, a two volume edition edited by the late John Berges and containing all the Internet materials written by James Mahu since 1998.

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 Post subject: Re: Exciting news for All of Us
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:55 pm 
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thank you for sharing this link Mark, I understand Darlene is having some difficulty getting into the forum ... the link provided did not work for me, so I put in www -- and it took me to the (pre-order) page ... I really appreciate having the opportunity to buy these books, already printed out ... but the website doesn't really tell us what we are getting ... are we getting all the art in the galleries when we order the DP book or Quantusum (does it have art?) is it up on the SS website yet? and how about the CWW ... could you tell us which "collected works" ... is it every thing on all three websites ? (Wms, Lyricus, SS) if so why would someone buy the books separate (cost?) Anyway it would be nice if the adverts included a table of contents ... so we know what we are getting

thanks for all your good work ...

PS, turns out that the difficulty we are having with our ID, stems from a virus going around the web, that bypasses normal internet security system - that I picked up from my daughter, when she sent me an e mail ... seems it hacks into one's e-mail "contact's list" and send them spam ... when I reported it to "hotmail/live" they blocked my account - and since they did not have a current e-mail address, they are sending "the code" that unlocks my account to a dead e-mail address - so I can't get it ... until I get this issue resolved I am using another e-mail address and would be happy to share it with anyone who wants to contact me, in PM... but right now, I can't even tell anyone (other than the members here) because I don't have a copy of my "contact list" and have lost all those addresses now that my account is blocked. Apparently this is a new "annoyance" type virus, it doesn't seem to do anything but steal your contact list - but apparently it is very "contagious" ... may be a good thing that I can't receive or send any mail - until I get it resolved .

as for those of you who have been blocked from the forum - I really don't know what to say, other than Solaris is aware of the problem ... and I feel for you, knowing how frustrating it was for me, the several times I have been unable to log in due to similar issues caused by hackers (wanting to be recognized but not arrested) ... please keep in mind that "hotmail"/gmail/yahoo/ ect ect ect are FREE services and that they don't have "customer support" ... once you are blocked out, your only option is to get another (new) e-mail address, until the issue is resolved ... hopefully I learned to keep a "contact" list of my own - to avoid this happening again in the future ... maybe it was time I got a new address ... and a new service provider - I am sooooooo DONE with msn and anything they are associated with - they are the worst "providers on the web" - to say the least.

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Exciting news for All of Us
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:54 pm 
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Collected Works of the Wingmakers (CWW) is the definitive collection of all the writings over a twelve year span (1998 to 2010) by James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers. This beautiful and comprehensive volume contains insightful introductions and commentary by John Berges that provide context for the diverse body of material that James has made available. Considered by many within the enlightenment community to be one of the most esoteric collections of spiritual information on the planet, CWW is made easier to understand by Mr. Berges’ expert explanations. CWW includes the popular “Ancient Arrow Project” novel, paintings, poetry, e-books, glossary and techniques for working with the materials. It is what many WingMakers' students have wanted for many years—one book you can study, mark-up, and research. It truly belongs on the bookshelves of any serious student of the spiritual works.

Author: James Mahu with introduction and commentary by John Berges.
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9641549-6-4
Publication Date: Late Summer or Fall 2012
Publisher: Planetwork Press
Pages: 1350
Language: English

The Story Behind the Book

In October 2009, I had an intuitive feeling to create a list of all the WingMakers writings and the number of pages of each. I sat down at my computer with my many notebooks and began to catalogue everything related to WingMakers that had appeared on the Internet since 1998. Every spare minute I worked hard on this project. John asked me, "Why are you doing this?" My response was, "Oh, just for fun to see how large a book it would make." My original page count came to around 1,300 pages of WingMakers materials. I also made a separate list of all the techniques presented during the same period of time.

The very next month James asked John to edit the WingMakers and Lyricus Internet materials. When John accepted the project I lovingly handed him a copy of the list I had compiled. My list became the framework that John used to create Collected Works of the Wingmakers.


In 1998, the WingMakers website launched as the first collection of Internet writings by James Mahu. What made this collection of spiritual materials unique was the integral way in which James wrote a story (The Ancient Arrow Project) integrated with original paintings, poetry, music, diagrams, video, and philosophy.

James then created the Lyricus website, and in doing so announced the presence of a spiritual teaching order that interacts with the human race to help its discovery of what Lyricus refers to as The Grand Portal—the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul.

After the release of Lyricus, the Event Temples website was launched, which signaled a grounded, practical side to his writings. Event Temples was the web’s first synchronous meditation platform and included a set of writings that focused on what James referred to as the Six Heart Virtues. The Event Temples website was focused on spiritual activism.

The most recent release is the innovative web-book platform called SpiritState, which provides a reading network platform for his next set of published works—the first of which is The Dohrman Prophecy.

Copyright © 2012 Planetwork Press


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