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How Simon Manipulates
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Author:  starduster [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Simon Manipulates

well, if they had not revealed it their self ... and made us aware of its continuing influence on them ... and how it distorts their perspectives... maybe we wouldn't be able to remind them, that they are the ones who told us they were "unbalanced" to begin with - because when some one tells you that about themselves it is because THEY want you to know ... and when they post it in a www public forum, it is hard to ignore

personally I believe that they tell us, so they can use it later to excuse them selves from from this work ... or justify their behavior - like someone who cusses you out, and then says, well you should have expected it, because I told you I have been diagnosed with Turrets ...

Drs, today give names to Dis - ease, that yesterday we understood as demon possession ... even twenty years ago, channeling was understood as "demon possession" ... I know when I was reading the Seth books in the early 80's my friends were terrified that by reading them I would become "possessed" ... and these were open minded people - not just my Church acquaintances ... to me this is an example where "myth" is more accurate than Science ... and the individual who comes here, looking for "self-help" to release these "demons" but instead ignores the materials and tries to promote what the demons are revealing to them (exclusively) as something MORE important than what the LTO has revealed ... gives me second thoughts about their agenda here in this forum

it Wm case he makes no attempt to hide the fact that he "hears voices" and communicates with interdimensional entities, and that he all but lives in the AP ... to remind him, that he is the one who told us that he was subject to episodes where he experiences "multiple personalities" is making him aware that not everything he "believes" is necessarily true ... and that he is the one who invited these entities into his life ... and the only one communicating with them ... which could very well be to a chemical imbalance he is experiencing - that he has, as we have witnessed, experienced before ... to IGNORE that fact and to not make others aware of it would allow others to believe that he may, in fact be able to contact ETs... and that is what concerns me, because what he is doing ammounts to encouraging others to invite "others" into their lives and into their minds ... even when we know, now, that they do not have our best interest in mind .

and maybe I am extra sensitive to issues like this, because I married a man, who had inherited a mental illness from his father - who decided not to tell me ... because he was in denial - he ignored it, and demanded that his family not tell me either - even though his brother was already suffereing from this disease he wanted to have children - knowing that it was passed from father to son without fail ... Luckily, my falopean tubes were blocked by an aectopic pregnacy cause by the Dacon Shiled - and I couldn't have children, or I would still be dealing with his "secret" .... about eight years into the the marriage, I found out that I am married to a schizophrenic who thought he was watching a movie when he tried to rape my daughter ... if he had told me, I could have expected it and taken some precautions ... but when he finally did tell me, while calmly sitting in a chair holding a shotgun between his legs, under his chin ... it was a rude awakening for me ... it destroyed our marriage even though I was willing to deal with it (for better or worse) - he wasn't ... and to say that it changed our lives (me and the girls) dramatically and permanently is a gross understatement. Even though I talked him out of suicide, the fact is, I could not trust him ever again ... knowing that a person has a mental illness - doesn't make it better ... but it may avoid letting innocent people get drug into their black hole

I mean, what do we expect, when someone tells us they are mentally ill, and have been diagnosed with a disease that causes them to "hear voices" and split their personalities ... that they are telling us the truth ? when they relay messages from unknown and unidentified sources ... or that they are having an episode of delusion caused by a chemical imbalance, and that their hallucinations aren't real.

this is not the first time that Watcher, and Urahara and ElectricOx have share their hallucinations with us on the forum ... and they are believable because they believe, so completely, that they are real ... in the mean time, when their delusions don't "pan out" or reveal anything we didn't already know ... you can't blame us, for ignoring them when they cry wolf ... again and again ... no doubt the Entities are well aware of their state of being, and find these individuals the easiest to manipulate ... and as in the case of Watcher use them to lure others into their service.

and you might also note, that all of these individuals frequent the AP and is what they have in common ... :wink:
(which is not to say that all people who hang out in the AP are certified loons, but knowing what we know, now about the AP - it certainly raises red flags for me)

Author:  Ananake [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Simon Manipulates

Thank you starduster, I appreciate your willingness to share your perspectives and experiences.

Author:  starduster [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Simon Manipulates

what a pleasant surprize Annanaki, I was expecting a different response, because of the emotion I discerned in the post that was responding to ... I ass-zoomed that you would be "reactive" ... and I do understand your concerns ... having worked in the medical field, I am well aware of "patient/dr" confidenciality and how someone revealing things like this effects thier lives ... but it is different when someone you don't even know, tells you that they have been diagnosed with a mental disease ... either they are giving you "warning" not to trust them, or they see themselves "gifted" with special insight ... and the their condition is the price they have to pay for their Special Status ...

and here's the thing Anna, I would have probably married Jamie, even if I knew about his "inheritance" ... my love was unconditional ... and I may have even agreed to have his kids, because he was so keen on raising a family (it wasn't passed down to girls) ... the fact is, that his first episode happen the very week, I was approved to undergo invetro fertilization ... and I understood why he didn't tell me ... but I will never understand why, when he was freaking freely his family BLAMED me (for stressing him out or not keeping him on a vegetarian diet) even though his brother was always having episodes and there were no other male members in their family - besides them (the all committed suicide) and one of his sisters married a Shrink (who gave him a full bottle of thorazine which he immediately used to try to comitt suicide again with but luckily ended him up in Bethesda Hospital (best in the world) who taught him how to deal with his problems .... unfortunately skitzo don't take their meds ... and often turn to street drugs, (booze and downers) that they self prescribe in large doses ... that an the threat he represented to my girls, made me call it quits ... but believe me, it was not the end of it ... even though I hear from mutual aquaintances that he has adjusted and is doing just quite well for himself ... he was my favorite husband ... so spontaneous and unpredictable, so loving and brillant in every way ... who would have imagined a genetic mutation could be so influencial in soooo many lives. I still love him ... love is eternal

Author:  The Watcher [ Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Simon Manipulates


Author:  dberges [ Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Simon Manipulates

William I am sending you understanding and compassion.

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