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"if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "
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Author:  starduster [ Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

this concept was first introduced to us in the Project Camelot interview ... and got me wondering, about breath - and what it really is ... but before I get ahead of myself, I want to include the the link and context of the quote that is the inspiration of this topic

...and how are the Sovereigns present? In every breath that brings life to the human instrument. It is the breath in which the Sovereign’s presence dwells. There is a saying within Lyricus that If you’re not in your breath, you’re in your mind. It’s well understood that this is an abstract concept to the Human Mind System, but the Sovereigns live in the intersection of life and Nature, which is the breath. A-25

please note that James is not talking about Sovereign Integrals, but Sovereign Entities of the Central Race ... when he reveals, that the Sovereign dwells IN breath (the intersection of life and nature), and that it is (that) breath "that brings life to THE HUMAN INSTRUMENT" --- so it is not just the element of Air, that brings life to the HI, but something different (?) - so what is "breath"
James goes to great lengths explaining breath in the second Answer

... the universal support system for each of us is our breath. It is the breath that connects us to our point of origin, and when I use that term I don’t mean birth in the physical – this life or any other. ...

Breath is the way in which the human instrument connects to this origin point anywhere in spacetime. Breath is the portal between the physical dimension and the quantum or interdimensional domains, but it is not the normal, autonomic breathing, rather it is a very specific breathing pattern that we call Quantum Pause.

so it is my understanding that our point of origin, is not so much the Central Universe - but Consciousness because First Source is Consciousness ... First Source defines ITself as Consciousness and "our Creator" -in the Central Message of First Source (Transmissions):

"I created you from my desire to understand my universe. " ... "I am the ancestral father of all creation." ... and "You are my blessed offspring ..."

and then add that to how the Glossary defines First Source, as a Consciousness :

First Source is the primal source from which all existence is ultimately linked. ... It represents the overarching
consciousness of all things unified.

all expressions and conditions are integrated and purposeful in the context of First (This includes pain, joy, suffering, light, love, darkness,
fear; ) IT encompasses all things and unifies them in an all-inclusive consciousness that
evolves and grows in a similar manner to how each individuated spirit evolves and grow

First Source is not a manifestation, but rather a consciousness that inhabits all time,
space, energy, matter, form, intent; as well as all non-time, non-space, non-matter,
non-energy, non-form, and non-intent. It is the only consciousness that unifies all
states of being into one Being. And this Being is First Source. It is a growing, expanding,
and inexplicable consciousness that organizes the collective experience of all states of
being into a coherent plan of creation; expansion and colonization into the realms of
creation; and the inclusion of creation into Source Reality—the home of First Source

and then it all makes perfect sense - when we came here, we separated ourselves from the Central Universe - "fragmented Consciousness" to better appreciate Wholeness and in the Plan of First Source, the last step in the "developmental process" (after the Grand Portal "event") is when we transform our state of being and "self-realize, a Sovereign Integral state of consciousness " (by "activating our Source Codes)

we will have gone full circle ... as revealed by what James said in the PCI ... when he was explaining Breath and he said ... "It is the breath that connects us to our point of origin, and when I use that term I don’t mean birth in the physical – this life or any other. I am referring to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness that is our pure state of being. PCI A-6

from this, It is my understanding that First Source is the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness

to be continued - if you are interested in contributing your perspectives on this topic

Author:  markzorb [ Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Rajah Yoga.
Breath lives beyond the physical realm which is becoming more ethereal .
Wingmaker will live either place.
Am having breakfast Wednesday
Smithville ,,,,southern a place called Shea's .....made me think of forum.....just wanted to say hello......Chambers look.....good news is Anu not everywhere.....there are places he does not see.

Author:  starduster [ Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

:mrgreen: yes, all you have to do is step out of his realm of influence ... there is a whole world out here, that he ignores :mrgreen:

“First Source is all of us. It is the Collective Us. It is not a God living in some distant pocket of the universe.”
Project Camelot Interview with James

or in other words ... I am, we are .

Author:  Tolsap [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Thanks so much for raising this topic, it is one that I have also been deeply enmeshed in for some time now and eager to be a part of discussions about it and to share my escalating perception, awareness and experience in relation to "breath". Unfortunately my time is limited at the moment though due to the tediousness of preparing a Supreme Court Appeal, (as an autodidactic layperson), on the grounds of inconclusive and misleading evidence provided by machines over humans resulting in mistakes of fact which are being exploited to cause gross miscarriages of justice; as I'm afraid I personally cannot avoid resisting the overt nature of this suppression which is based purely on ignorance and manipulation of information, and this experience has arrived in my local universe and become one of my fundamental event strings at the moment ... ah... the joys :P

I would however like to quickly contribute that my understanding and appreciation of breath has only come about through diligent practice and immersion into these materials and I am now seeing breath for its critical inception point of nowness which entrains the human instrument to Stop and Recognize the Wall, instead of running around and around inside it searching for information, solutions, etc. The Neruda Interviews cover artwork is overwhelming clear to me, now, with the wall depiction, (the HMS), being illustrated as the blocks of computer coding which, when we are in our minds and not our breath, we are simply travelling endlessly within. The SI Consciousness hacking vectors are evident within the walls labyrinth and the "Sovereign Integral Cell" is obviously the portal that leads in and out of the HMS domain. This cell, to me, is in every cell of breath in my Human Instrument which naturally comprises my Quantum Presence structure as well, so I now experience these "SI Consciousness Cells" not merely through the breath of knowable air cells coming in and out of my nose/mouth but rhythmically pulsing and penetrating through the infinite number of cells making up the larger cell of my Quantum Presence of which my physical body, and HMS focus, is contained within.

Whilst I am experiencing my physical, emotional, mental stuff I have the wall in front of me but can now - (only with persistent dedication to bringing myself back into alignment by severing HMS distractions - not an easy task I might add as we are all too familiar) - tangibly and instantly feel the seamlessness, the rhythmic merger of "SI Consciousness Breath Cells", whenever I choose to consciously shift my attention/focus onto my breath - a breath that is breathing in and out not just from my "three cubic foot human self" - nose/mouth/lungs/neural network/muscle/bone/etc - but from "the 4200 cubic foot Presence that lives within the Infinite". It's like being aware of living/being inside an egg :| for want of a better description, that is nourishing me with its breath!

I guess what I am trying to share from my experiences with dedicated immersion into these materials is that our Quantum Presence "breathes"! It is our infinite, all encompassing breath ... but I just couldn't get that ... until I began to tangibly experience it. It always perplexed me how the QP breath technique could be claimed to be so powerful. I understood that the technique to breaking down the HMS walls had to be simple, this was logical to me for how else would every single human on the planet be able to achieve this no matter where their location, but it took a very long time of consistent practice before my experiences emerged and grew to be more consistent. When I find myself experiencing painful manifestations and/or confrontations within the HMS of say frustration, anger, depression, confusion, sadness, judgement, etc, I quickly remind myself, (actually yell at myself sometimes :roll: ) ... to BREATHE! When I then consciously shift into the breath of my QP my mind instantly goes blank, which is a good thing, and I find I am in a space where everything is understood and coherent, but I cannot always translate this back into my mind for it to understand or communicate, so I just allow the intelligence of my breathing QP cells to dominate the given situation as I have now grown to trust and accept its profound "invisible" interaction and resulting effects.

So as I repeatedly practiced this over the years it eventually became easier and my imagination is blossoming because of it, providing me clarity and coherent understandings of the complexity of stuff that no study from the mind/mental arena has ever been able to, and I know now will never compare to the intelligence in the SI/QP cell - which is something only "I" could provide to "me". I apologize as this is such a hasty dump of words and probably quite confusing but I will endeavour to piece together more coherent contributions when my time permits and look forward to yours and others contributions and experiences.

Before I race off though I really want to share how much I appreciate and "get", (when I am consciously shifted into the breath of the SI Cells), the artwork on the Neruda Interviews and Fifth Interview artwork which is entitled "the grand portal" that depicts the omission of the HMS walls which are shown in the Neruda Interviews artwork. It is profound for me personally to be able to look at this artwork and "know" what it means and it helps me to see how important it is to stop running around and searching for meanings and answers in the "blocks of endless information within the HMS". When I stop I am able to see how my insertive Heart Virtues Grid disables the HMS encoding and how my SI breathing allows "me and my QP - one Entity" to strengthen and widen our connection. More confusing language - sorry - but when I take this further and look at the artwork on the Behavioural Wisdom Blog I "get" how important it is to "be in our breath and not our mind" as the depiction shows the human body and QP body intimately connected and anchored strongly enough to hold open a permanent crack in the wall - which is why I understand how we can only achieve this individually first until there are enough permanent cracks in the wall to eventually cause its complete dismantling.

(Apologies for not including the diagrams I am referring to but I am not computer literate enough to quickly work out how to insert them.)


Those who have a different resonance, whose Wholeness Navigator has been awakened and they are led by it, they are all about deepening their perceptions of the prison walls. They are sensing the walls in their every waking moment. In doing this, they do not fear the walls, they do not fear the guards, and they do not fear those whom the guards serve. Their process of realization is sensing the prison walls in every breath so they can dismantle them brick by brick.
As an encompassing element of the human body it is as near as your breath, circulating within your human instrument, yet it remains in its own quantum existence in emptiness and stillness.
(PC Interview)

39:04 James: Then play with the Wholeness Paradigm. Play with this paradigm and breathe it into your life. Take the thousand steps of loving and appreciating your Quantum Presence. There are no shortcuts because preparations must be made for the merging of your human self with your Quantum Presence. They exist in different frequencies and to mesh these frequencies is not something you want to do too quickly, so be kind to yourself and others, and have grace and patience. Each morning as you arise to enter the schoolroom of your human self, invite your Presence to accompany you in all of the geometries of your life… even the mundane and ordinary passages.

(Incidently I couldn't get to know/experience, let alone appreciate, my Quantum Presence through my mind even though this was how I couldn't avoid initially and repeatedly trying to approach/recognize it; it is only through the Heart Virtues Grid and QP breath which consistently took me to stillness and emptiness, [which my lower mind thinks is a complete waste of time and effort for there is nothing in the stillness and emptiness that it can identify with], before that stillness and emptiness eventually began to reveal what is within its stillness and emptiness and it is nothing that is contained within the HMS and yet so incredibly vast that the HMS when viewed from this space becomes a grain of sand.)


45:49 It is not so much about dissolving discord or eliminating it, it is more about transforming the lower densities through the activity of the Presence, and you may or may not be conscious, at the human level, what your Presence does to transform these lower densities, but when you summon your Quantum Presence to transform densities, you are activating its governing intelligence, as though you were switching on a light. Then… then you step out of the way and you allow your Presence to bring you the technique, the thought form, the action, the new behavior to transform the lower density.

46:33 Mark: Yeah, but again, we’re talking about faith or belief. The Presence doesn’t manifest for our eyes to see… like a column of light and transform the negativity in our life… we have to have faith that it will, and this is the problem most of us have, James. Everything is invisible. Everything that’s spiritual is invisible, and unfortunately, everything that is negative is right in our face, solid, visceral, potent, and… and quite magnetic, I might say, in its influence.

47:13 James: I understand your perspective, but to worry about the negative is to fret about words and feelings that are NOTpart of the activity of your Presence. They’re unaligned. So I would ask you: Do you want to be influenced by your three cubic foot human self or the 4200 cubic foot Presence that lives within the Infinite?

47:34 I’m aware of the doomsday prophecies and to some extent, yes, they’re accurate. There’s a looming global financial crisis and natural disasters that will impinge on a good part of our human population. But we have to remind ourselves that our human self is on a living planet that is part of a living solar system that is part of a living galaxy, and all of these elements are moving together through time and space. And as we do so, we encounter new frequencies and dimensions—we are not on a treadmill. This is part of our journey and we can’t control it no matter how hard we may try, because we’re part of a destiny much larger than ourselves as individuals.

48:25 Notwithstanding that larger reality, what we can control, are our behaviors and which intelligence we consciously align to: the intelligence of our Quantum Presence, or the intellect of our human self? Are our behaviors motivated by the transient desires of our human nature, or do they arise from our Quantum Presence as an outgrowth of our love for our Creator and one another? Each time a person aligns to their Presence, they signal an alignment to love, an alignment to First Source, and an alignment to all creaturehood.

49:07 While this may not manifest in the physical spectrum of phenomena—a density for the benefit of your eye-brain, I might add; it manifests in your sense of coherence, your sense of out-flowing love, your sense of multidimensional relationships, your sense of guidance, your sense of resilience in the face of discord, your sense of connection to others. So tell me, Mark, are these states of being less or more compelling than those negative, visceral manifestations you mentioned?
(Interview with Mark Hempel)

Social intelligence dominates our world. Emotional intelligence is expanding. Behavioral wisdom, a mere infant in its reach upon earth, is quietly orchestrating the new human consciousness.
(Behavioral Wisdom Blog)

Author:  starduster [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  "

ahh, do not appologize ! your response was (again) far more than I had expected to receive ... I was just as dissatisfied with the way my words seem to ramble ... even though I knew there was so much more to "Breath" - I kept removing quotes to make my thoughts more coherent - my opening post was just skimming the surface ..."chuming" for an open mind...

I really appreciate your perspective and the fact that you recognized the importance of this work, and immersed yourself in it too, ... well worth the time and effort IMO ...thank you for sharing your experience and yes ... I do agree that the longer one spends doing it ... the more that is revealed - very much like a journey, where one step leads to another view ... and the more comfortable one feels about discussing it .

Actually it was YHG's use of the topic title, as his "signature" that let me know, that we were ready to discuss this Lyricus saying ... that we have gotten beyond the limits of the HMS ... I am slowly training myself to be aware of when I (with-) hold my breath ... and why, and have been working on that for a few years now ... it's very revealing and easier (for me) to do than to focus on my breathing ...but yes, I do find me yelling "Breathe!" . I just wish I had the presence of mind to be aware of it when I stop breathing happens, instead of "recalling" it ... more practice :roll:

Yes, I find myself scolding myself for slipping into old habit (as if it was expected of me) it embarasses me that I don't have more mastery yet ... and now I often laugh (out loud) at how I second second-guess my - intuitive intelligence - but I am very pleased with how I am able to insert these concepts into mundane conversations now - without getting on a soapbox ... all my practice in here, choosing the "right" (non-trigger) words - really helps people to listen... and they seem more interested than ever now.

I have no difficulty following your line of thinking, rushed or not and really appreciated what you quoted, because I was familiar with similar results of the techniques we are using ... it has a "kindling effect" of its own, with others that are just as focused on their First Point - a very warm and welcome feeling. There are plenty more references to "breath" through-out the WMMs. The QP has got to be, the most amazing "secret" in all of the materials ... I reasoned that doing my meditations last, just before I went to bed, would leave me in a frequency dimension (outside the mind), that was conductive to "lessons" in Dreamland but I do understand why James suggests that we do them first thing in the AM ... almost makes me wish I had a work commute - to insert them into ... like I did in the early days of my study, listening to the music to and from work.... made my day.

and I know about distraction (all summer) I have grandkids (and friends) living with me (temporarily) - and the critters are far more active - not to forget the Garden - good luck with the Justice System's wall - I've run into it several times .. you sound more prepared

Author:  Onyks [ Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Great topic! I forget to breathe all the time. . . I don't know what else I have to contribute right now to this topic other than when I breathe I feel stronger. And one of my favorite things in life is when nature gives me a breeze of fresh air, that's when I really take deep breaths. I breathe a couple of seconds a day, then I forget it sometimes for days. I should tattoo something on my hands to remind me of the "gold light", but I guess that would be kinda like walking around with knee pads all the time. I want to give this topic another try later.

Author:  Tolsap [ Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Dr. Neruda: “It takes great alertness to live and express in the now. Human beings have the tendency to live in our past memories or future concerns. This was what I was doing and it took me from the now. And the now is where our life essence expresses. It isn’t in the past or future, only the consciousness framework pivots between past and future, so if you find yourself in there, you know you are not in your essence.

“When I realized this, I read from the WingMakers philosophy that breath was the magnet of nowness. It was the element that brought the human being into nowness by being aware of their breathing. I also learned that there were different kinds of breathing that enabled this sense of nowness to penetrate more vividly into the Hologram of Deception.

The point is that simply being aware of my breath helped, as the WingMakers put it, to center me in stillness. This, by the way, doesn’t mean that you’re in a quiet room. You can be in a meeting at work, and center yourself in stillness through your breath. But by being in this internal centeredness I was in a better position to feel my own sense of expression, and that’s what was missing in my initial efforts to integrate this process. I didn’t have a good starting point for my practice of the heart virtues, and I was directing them outward—to other people or events, and not myself first. "

I understand this now as it was what I was doing for a long time and was why I always felt that intuitively I wasn't practicing it optimally, but it took a while before I figured it out and experienced it; and there really is a big difference in projecting the Heart Virtues through the consciousness framework compared to our recognizable individual essence; this is why it was essential for me to work on transforming myself into an authentic Prism of Heart Virtues first and I hope I can sort of explain this further on.

Once I made that adjustment, it helped me to identify my essence and distinguish it from my mind system. Life essence is authentic in oneness and equality and exclusively moves in nowness. The consciousness framework pivots between the past, present and future and operates in separation. If you express the heart virtues from the consciousness framework, especially outwardly, they won’t have the same potency or effect.”

This aptly describes what I had to practice, learn and adjust to with the breath technique and really helped me to identify the difference between my "authentic self" and my "HMS self" and is how I was able to develop the ability to "see" with the lens/brain of my heart area as well as my mind - this is a vital distinction! Getting a handle on what a hologram is, and how it works, also helps me to understand and engage consciously with holographic plates and prisms, once again using the imagination tools from the "heart brain", not the mind brain. The following from James' Interviews I found to be a good starting point and connects nicely to the "Body Lens of the Heart Virtues" as described at the end of the Neruda 5 Interview:

Answer 38 – Informed entities are non-aligned for a good reason. They desire to be facile and fluent in their evolution of thought and in their absorption of new energies. This is noble. It is not something to be restless of, or disrespectful to. Rather, it is a sign that you honor the mobility of your consciousness more than its indoctrination.

Your “true place” is not a place, position, port, or location at all, but rather a projection of the attitude or outlook of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. Let me explain it this way. Imagine the following scenario: a light beam, a prism, and seven individual rays from out of this spectrum cast upon a wall. Imagine yourself looking down on this scenario.

Image Image

There are four recognizable components, are there not?

1. The beam of light
2. The prism
3. The spectrum of seven rays
4. The wall

Now, let’s examine the scenario more in-depth. The wall is constructed of materials, thus the wall can be reduced to its component parts (stone, concrete, mortar, bricks, etc.). The spectrum, as we all know, represents millions of colors, though there are only seven that our eye-brain may immediately recognize. The beam of light has an origin, a wavelength and a destination. Thus, everything has a multiplicity, but the prism.

The prism remains singular and sovereign. It is the catalytic force, in part, because of this singularity. Informed entities in this time, are transforming into catalysts or “prisms”, and the Tributary Zones can be likened to the beam of light. You may begin to see yourself as this prism that projects the beam of light from a Tributary Zone against the wall of your choosing. As a prism, you are no longer concerned about what ray you are affiliated with, nor the location of where that ray lands upon the wall.

This is really important! In other words it doesn't matter one iota who we are, where we are, or what we are doing as we can be permanently transforming/composing simply by mastering our choice of prism; James refers to this also in his latest interview about dancers and alchemists. The prism is the stabilizing force needed at this point of time and is why we cannot practice it enough. I have found it is pointless trying to imagine what life will be like without the HMS by using imagination within the mind for it only selects repetitive experiences or finds a "new" experience that we haven't had but which is still part of the HMS. And this is really hard to avoid as our mind wants answers, visuals, etc. Having said that, the visuals can be found . . . they are in the imagination of our heart visuals and although we may only have echoes of them at the moment they do emerge. The only way that I have found to be able to "literally" see visuals in my heart area was with these materials - actually I didn't even know visuals existed in our heart area until I immersed myself into these materials and they began to emerge.

Let’s move to a new point of inquiry in this scenario. What is a prism? A prism is a transparent optic that is shaped to bend (transform) light. Since the refractive index of a material varies with wavelength, prisms are useful for dispersing different wavelengths of light. When light enters a solid material from air, the speed at which the light travels decreases. The light is decelerated or stepped-down. If the light enters at an off-normal angle, the direction of the light changes. The light is refracted to a new path and can illumine therein.

Consider this scenario as it applies to your “place”. Note the italicized words and how they transfer to your own definitions of mission and purpose. Note also that prisms can be fashioned into a wide variety of geometric shapes, and that there can be anti-prisms as well. A triangular, equilateral (60° angle) prism disperses and decelerates light differently than a hexahedral prism.

If informed entities can be likened to prisms, then the only questions left remaining are the following:

• What light beam do I disperse and decelerate (make intelligible)?
• Upon what wall do I disperse the spectrum?
• Where do I position myself to optimally process the light beam?
• What kind and shape of prism do I choose to be?

Do you see how your question has been shifted or restructured? In effect, I have been a prism for your question. Now that your question has been dispersed to a new wall, it can be seen in a new light. In this new light, it is no longer about affiliations or alignment or ports of call. It is about four answers that are akin to choice.
I have been purposely vague in order to furnish you with broad interpretative latitude, but then, what are catalysts for, if not to be incomplete?

There is one additional suggestion I would like to share with you. We are entering a time when the ability to destroy the old and create the new is a skill set of unparalleled value. It takes great insight to detect the weakness of one’s own work and destroy it, while creating a new work in its place. Light, as it passes through prisms, becomes degraded over time and matter. In other words, informed entities will disperse a brighter, bolder, more visible spectrum of light if the light source is of their time, space, and matter.

I am of the opinion that the power is self-contained in the new. There is only the effect of dilution by constructing bridges and hybrid models. This work is about the destruction of the old as much as it is about the construction of the new. This is yet another trait of the non-aligned – the willingness, even eagerness, to flush the mind of the old in order to attract into oneself the new.

Using the above information I use the Heart Virtues Grid below as the imaginative Prism that I place/program in my breath framework exercise, (and I appreciate how James has used tones and textures to give it an indestructible yet smooth composition in his artwork). I have compressed it - (zip file formatted it :P ) - so that I can achieve the 3 second application as described at the end of the Neruda 5 interview and essentially it is my toolbox of interactive consciousness that I activate - as many times as possible throughout the day - everywhere - driving, standing at a checkout, washing dishes, patting the cat, cutting parsley, etc. I practice it to the best of my abilities by centering into the now and applying it simultaneously to as many moments as possible whether alone or not; for example being part of a group of parents at sport training when I am pulled into conversations "about the weather" I am carefully conscious of the words I choose but also know they are simply reflexive responses that my HMS lower mind selects from its program in order to align with and communicate with the group, but while I am doing this I am anchoring/visualizing the Heart Virtues Prism in my heart area lens and using the breath technique to disperse it - and that's it - I don't look for any results with my lower mind as I have learnt to trust the information and intelligence contained in the Heart Virtues Prism knowing that it contains all the necessary ingredients for dismantling and redesigning the hologram that we have bonded to.

And even though it pains me to have to communicate "superficially about the weather, etc" at this stage of our transition I know that I am now able to bypass . . or insert on top of . . this superficiality because I have been able to master genuine and authentic communication using another "language" even though this is not "seen" with the limitations of our five senses. (Although I have discovered that when I am at optimum now-ness and have Heart Virtue Prism precision if I look directly into the eyes of someone there is a tangible "felt" connection and in that moment it is like seeing other prism plates shatter, or dissolve, and the only thing between me and the other person in that silent stillness is the Heart Virtues Prism - that is we are both intimately connected via our Hearts Portals without "the baggage, the veils between us" - but I do not see this with my eye-brain lens it is with my heart's lens and I recognize this as density deposits being cleared; allegorically it is like high pressured water dissolving mud between us - it's pretty cool :P and oddly enough there are sometimes when I do see physical "glitches" where body animations momentarily "freeze", for want of a better description, so I will leave it there.)

It is by staying with these materials through all the trials and tribulations of being immersed in them, re-reading them thousands of times, and using them as direction finders for all my confusions and questions - even during the times that I hated them :x - that I am able to see how to connect some of the dots within them and this has profoundly enabled me. The WM Materials are not a pill to take away the "pain" of living in this hologram of deception - quite the opposite as they bring it into sharp focus - but they have provided me clarity of purpose as to why I am here and the power of my daily choices while I am acutely aware of this deception. I believe Alex summed up nicely in another thread the difference with the WM Materials being that they provide practical advice and tool guidelines for what to do Now!

And even though it painfully seems that too much time and effort is required, as there is no "quick fix", the materials from my experience do bring clarity, awareness and proof of the potency and power of using the Heart Virtues Grid and breath techniques in the incredibly complex and sophisticated labyrinth of the Human Mind System. There have been many times when I have wished for "the bliss of ignorance" as the WM experience does not provide a bed of rose petals. Countless times I have experienced and endured the allegorical reference from James in his interviews about having the mummy wrapping ripped off your flesh and being exposed to sunlight and each time I found that I could not go back to blissful ignorance, even if I could be granted the lobotomy that some days I begged for as it would not make any difference ... I had reached the point of no return, (as I wobble on the rickety bridge), from my HMS self to the individuated me in my Energetic Heart.


Hi Starduster, thanks . . . is certainly an intense event string for me but the propulsion and downloading of information and how to navigate through this event which is coming from the partnership I have developed with my quantum presence is keeping me afloat and confident to continue and not "surrender" to the "seduction of surrender" to a lie painted by the State onto all civilians. Hope you are enjoying your visitors time, I recently experienced similar and enjoyed the warmth of these gatherings with the HV Grid as the dominant overlay; brings a welcome reprieve from more challenging situations that arrive from time to time - although I'm sure we are all very familiar with the complex challenges that families bring :P . Oh and thanks for your post to Sirryah re images - came in handy for me again. Cheers.

Author:  sirryah [ Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Getting a handle on what a hologram is, and how it works, also helps me to understand and engage consciously with holographic plates and prisms, once again using the imagination tools from the "heart brain", not the mind brain:

Hello Tolsap,

I hope you are having a good day today.

I have read a number of your posts – and find you always offer such interesting insights. It appears you have a natural way with science.

I’m intrigued by what you have written above but not quite sure if I’ve followed exactly what you mean – when you say “engage consciously with holographic plates and prisms” – but I think you are explaining that they are interactive if we consciously engage with it…? When I think about it, it must be part of the wall though.

The other thing in terms of this whole matrix thing, is that I can’t understand how what comes through the heart (love) can be bound in a hologram.


Author:  markzorb [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Heart versus mind invites Mind in the breath which is eternal beyond death IT lives.
One day at a time making the best of each moment .
Unconditional love from our Creator our fuel,
Wingmaker will or wont
Doesn't matter.
First Source likes the experience of both.

Author:  sirryah [ Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:51 pm ]
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What does Hakomi mean?

Is it an ancient place or some state of being we gravitate towards?

It has a shamanic sound to it. I've often wondered about that.

Author:  Alex [ Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:09 am ]
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sirryah wrote:
What does Hakomi mean?

Is it an ancient place or some state of being we gravitate towards?

It has a shamanic sound to it. I've often wondered about that.

There's a similar world in greek... Hakomi without the H... it would be heard akomi... it's "yet", or "still"... like "the meal isn't ready, yet" (akomi).

Could be related or not. I'd guess not.

Author:  sirryah [ Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Actually I think Hakomi has something to do with the Heart and Brain - how they are linked together.
I was looking at the Hakomi paintings and see the energetic Heart, perception, and activism, which appears to be supported by the new digital art which has an emphasis on the brain.

Your analogy of 'yet' and 'still' has relevance though because the significance of these two things are still very much in its early days of understanding within humanity.

The Ancient Arrow chambers concerned genetics.

Thanks Alex. Cheers.

Author:  doeoflight [ Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:45 pm ]
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Hi Sirryah:

The old inside cover of the First Hakomi disc used to have these words in the artwork: "Where do you stand in relation to the other realms..." If you google Hakomi, the Hopi word also has the same meaning.

With regard to your comment about linking the heart and brain together, James writes this in Evolutionary Consciousness, which was released with one of the Hakomi CD's (sorry I don't have a link to the paper on the new site):

"Within the esoteric fields of study, it has long been known that sound is the most effective way to move beyond separation and rekindle the sense of integration between the heart-mind-body-soul system. Music, properly tuned and orchestrated, is like a needle and thread that stitches these component parts of the human entity together not in permanent union, but in manageable alignment and coherence. It is this alignment and coherence that enables your spiritual work to surface and bloom, and sound is the bridge that connects the “archipelago” of the heart-mind-body-soul system, uniting them as a singular “geography” or system in service to the native, original purpose of the individuated consciousness."

When I look at the Hakomi 1 inside cover image now, the feeling is about receiving and transmitting the higher frequencies, together with experiential knowledge of our true Origins - our Soul - whilst in human form. The CD art is also activational and seem to depict inner experiences one may have after immersing into the WMM - almost like maps or signposts. Quite amazing really.

Hakomi-1-inside.jpg [ 35.89 KiB | Viewed 4444 times ]

Author:  dberges [ Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:23 pm ]
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In the Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume I, page 554-555 editor John Berges, states that the word "Hakomi" is from the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest.

"The Hakomi Project is geared toward psychology and the study of our thoughts, feelings and actions. These three factors are the mechanisms of our Human Instrument and reflect the state and level or our consciousness."

"According to the Hakomi Institute website, this system was founded by Ron Kurtz and a core group of trainer in 1981." ©2013 WingMakers, LLC

Author:  sirryah [ Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:08 am ]
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Hello Doeoflight,

There’s something beautiful in your words... and what you shared with me.

"Where do you stand in relation to the other realms..."

It is a question to let be integrated in me – and while I have no answer for it, I feel it opens a pathway through my whole earthly existence – a pathway that is connected through sound and colour.

The last sentence in the quote is particularly significant:
“sound is the bridge that connects the “archipelago” of the heart-mind-body-soul system, uniting them as a singular “geography” or system in service to the native, original purpose of the individuated consciousness."
Because there is something drawing me to that – not through my mind for egoistical purposes, but something connecting inside that barely touches the edges of definition.

I know that sounds extraordinary when life is so ordinary… but perhaps it inspires the living imagination.

The artwork of that CD is worth focusing on. The satellite dish is stirring. The image is on the Pinterest site also, but it is a little different there, it has C1 and C2 on it - I've not a clue what that means. Maybe a parallel universe or something.

Author:  sirryah [ Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

Thank you Mrs Berges,

Yes I thought it had a Shamanic sound to it, and could imagine it was a sound they used in a particular way in olden times.

I’ve since googled the term and see it is now used to describe a certain kind of psychology and inner exploration. It is interesting to read all that info and The Hakomi Institute, and yet James says very little about it – instead what is the vital element is all conveyed in music and art. I like that.

I really like the Hakomi music. The past few nights I’ve been listening to Chamber 19 and the Heart Transfer, which I find helps to blend the angularities of experience into a coherent rhythm. I sometimes experience the back middle of my head tingling when I play it.


Author:  dberges [ Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "if you are not in your breath, you are in your mind "

I am glad I was of help to you in understanding a bit about Hakomi.
The music is such a gift to us all. Just to have it fill our lives with
the entity that is house within it is an awesome thought.

Author:  sirryah [ Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:05 am ]
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How beautifully things fits together with patience…

Yes, it is quite amazing Doeoflight - the Hakomi CD image you provided does indeed contain activating elements.

Suddenly, after reading a quote from James this evening (given in another thread), the full significance of it jolted me. Now it triggers something huge. I’m standing in the doorway. It fits so perfectly I’d like to share it here also:

The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality—the reality of everyday life. These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity.

I can feel the dance move across my comprehension as the inner understanding slowly rises.

Author:  starduster [ Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:28 pm ]
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Teacher: Trust the parts and the whole. Trust the connection of these to First Source. Trust the God-Fragment that orchestrates all of this complexity into coherent experience and knowledge that assures the recollection of your divinity. Trust the evolutionary process defined by First Source. Trust each of these above the external voices that meet you, no matter how infallible they may appear to be. Trust your self-knowing and its ability to guide you in the ascending spiral of your journey. LD 2 "Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator"

the HI ( with its accompanying HMS) ... is one one of six components/parts that composes the Sovereign Entity -but it is the only part that Breathes

Now is the time when we can transform the Human Instrument into the Instrument of the Sovereign Integral ... right here, right now (while IN the body)

to continue the theme (above) of using the HMS to access the Wholeness Navigator Portal within the Human Instrument, James says this - in the Camelot Interview:

The Quantum Moment, as its First Point, perceives that the individual is sovereign and infinite and exists here. Right here. ... it is not separate from your human instrument; and it does not avoid the human condition. It is, and always will be, right here. As previously said, the quantum moment is a passage of time that feels like a portal is stepped through and you enter a portal of experience different than the previous passage. Ans to Q#6

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