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 Post subject: Mark and James Audio Sessions
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:25 pm 
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Well I have completed my project regarding the audio sessions recorded in 2005 between Mark and James.

Enjoy the accessibility.


    Interview 1

(1.0) Introduction 2:57

♥Background on the nature of the interview
Email from people wanting to do an interview with James

♥ “I would like to suggest that the listener imagine that they’re sitting at the same table with us, as this will help them feel the information better with their heart.”
~ James

(1.1)The WingMakers Mythology 3:23

♥The WingMakers mythology is an encoded work

♥Mythologies and stories are actually the preferred communication of Lyricus

♥Feel the frequencies.

♥Do you feel more connected to your higher purpose?

♥The real import of the WingMakers materials is to, in effect, dislodge the person from the historical mind and move them into a sense of connection to their higher Self and the Spirit that supports it.

(1.2) The Living Truth 3:15

♥The Living Truth is always relevant, because you access it via the universal field that derives from First Source or the Creator.

♥Now, these new behaviors may not be noticeable in a short period of time, but they are nonetheless reshaping the life path of the individual.
In short, the six heart virtues create the vibrational climate in your local environment that brings forward your higher Self as an agent of Spirit.

(1.3) Dark Forces 3:24

♥The structure that Lyricus built

♥Everyone enters through the ground floors.

♥Now the matter of feeling fear or frustration is a common side effect once people better understand the dark forces and learn how they try to manipulate the systems of culture and government in their favor.

♥But this is also part of the activation, because the individual must again choose to be led by these forces or disengage from them and discern their subtle influence.

♥Instead we see them as part of our family that have lost their connection to the higher frequencies of love and we send our compassion to them.

♥higher levels of the Lyricus structure.

(1.4) Higher Levels 3:31

♥The highest level is the Grand Portal itself,

♥These three levels—WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples—are aligned and coherent expressions of the one goal of our human family uniting in the behaviors of love and collectively knocking on the door of the fifth dimension, and meshing these energetics of the fifth dimension with the human domain.

♥That is the Grand Portal.

(1.5) Twenty Twelve 5:46

♥The 2012 date is more of a culmination than it is an event unto itself. The process has been underway since the earliest coalescence of atoms into molecules, into stars, into angelic hosts, and into human creation.

♥It will not be a singular event like a solar eclipse that can be seen in most parts of the world, but quite frankly, no one really knows what it will be like with any precision, as it has no exact likeness and its final chapter has not yet been written.

(1.6) Why Are We Here? 3:07

♥Everyone who is incarnate at this time has a higher Self, and this higher Self is aware of the specialness of this time, but the ego-personality within the human instrument is not easily accessible to the higher Self, and unless it has been properly conditioned and prepared, the ego-personality will become like an agoraphobic who is afraid of wild expansive places and simply wants to remain enclosed in its own reality.

(1.7) Why Anonymous? 3:40

♥Now to your first question. I would say that the main reason representatives of the LTO do not choose to be visible is that they prefer, as part of their mission, to shine the focus onto the material itself, not their personalities.

♥This mission can be done anonymously and, indeed, is easier to do so because it reminds people that the effort is their own, the connection to God is their own, the will to summon their higher Self is their own, and the knowledge they truly need is minimal because they only require activation and the will to sustain and involve this activation.

(1.8 ) Activation (1) 3:57

♥It is a very important topic and one that is particularly close to my heart.

♥So this is a very important subject, as we have billions of people who are incarnated upon this planet, but are operating at a diminished spiritual capacity.

♥When our hearts are relaxed, loving and understanding, appreciative, trusting, the etheric antenna becomes... becomes receptive like a flower opening its petals to the sun. If our heart is anxious, troubled, angry, or tumultuous, the same antenna, similar to the way a sensitive plant closes its petals at sunset, passes into disorder and its fine-grain connection to the higher frequency radiations of First Source are cut off or diminished.

(1.9) Activation (2) 4:51

♥Now, when people express anger or hatred, especially over time, their antenna can be damaged, or, more precisely, its sensitivity is diminished, causing a vicious cycle because at some level they realize that they are not receiving the ultra-fine perceptions which is their birthright.

♥Now, this luminous field that surrounds you is not an island anymore. As I said before, the islands are rising up as a continent of consciousness, and this continent is the collective entity I spoke of earlier.

(1.10) Finest Grain Realities 2:46

♥I think it has to do with the inner guidance. Because without this inner guidance you will have a hard time finding the finest grain realities, as they are very often unnoticed in the everyday experience of a typical person.

♥“The routines and blinders of the intellect are often the playground and windows of the soul.”

♥The eternal being that lives in your heart will provide the guidance you need.

(1.11) The Right Path 3:37

♥It's important to understand that all are equal in the eyes of God, whether you have ascended to the lofty planes of purity or you are just starting your climb from the desert floor, you are valued no more or less.

♥As you go through life it's indispensable to feel the presence of experience the terrestrial world together as one.

(1.12) Co Creation 3:27

♥Co-creation is not a plurality so much as it is the exploration of the terrestrial world as one. God and you are one, and as you go through your life experience, God sees and hears through your human instrument, nudging you this way or that because you have invited Its presence into your heart.

♥Now, the ego has been locked away in fear and lack of trust.

♥“The Master of Matter will become the slave of eternity.”

(1.13) Making Sense Of It 1:54

♥Don't worry so much about making sense of it. This is as much a psychological process as it is a comprehension.

♥Only in the currents of love do you realize that you are not the form you animate, but rather the energetic frequencies of the animation itself.

♥Stay in the moment, because this is where the frequencies of animation occur. This is where your power lies.

(1.14) Spirits Nudge 2:29

♥ The 'Mateo Effect" :)

    Interview 2

(2.1) Religions 5:49

♥Any time you speak about world religions, I’m not sure how to respond because I don’t want to insult anyone nor do I wish to make comparisons that are subjectively unfair, which leaves little room for statements of any kind.

♥More of religions compete more than they seek to harmonize and, as I’ve said before, the key is activation of the connection between ego-personality, the higher Self, and the animating Spirit that flows between them. Once this activation occurs, what religion you are is quite academic, much the same way it doesn’t matter what your citizenship is when you visit outer space.

(2.2) Confusion 3:21

♥The best place to start in trying to begin again is to simplify. This is a literate world where words rule the mind. The Spirit behind the words is key it is more important than the words.

♥So to simplify your own truth you need to have a framework from which your beliefs arise. The framework of Lyricus is to live a love-centered life by expressing the six heart virtues to all within your local univers

(2.3) The Seeker 2:51

♥The seeker in today’s world has been overwhelmed by many, many stressors—the economy, their job, their family, their relationships, even their roles as mother, father, daughter, son, husband, or wife.

♥Seekers are often in search of the escalating complexity because the esoteric is seductive.

(2.4) Seeker Conviction 2:51

♥So, the seeker is attempting to re-link into their higher Self which has been put in the shade of their ego-personality whose voice is sporadically heard and even less so acted upon.
WingMakers James Mark Audio Interview

♥It’s the sense of empowered co-creativity with one’s higher Self and its unalterable connection to the fields of Spirit that make possible its eternal connection to individuality and oneness.

♥In an alternating…like a sine wave, like a wave of existence, this is the power you hold within you. And every authentic seeker is called to this—this very special and very personal mission.

(2.5) Mission Alignment 1:28

♥It is in every sense of the word a responsibility of the individual to seek out their higher Self and come into alignment with the higher fields of their Source. And I use this term “responsibility” not as a thing imposed upon the seeker from an outside source, but rather a recollection of their purpose for incarnating as a human on this planet at this time.

(2.6) Grand Awakening 2:44

♥It’s really both. Every individual seeker as they awaken to their inmost Spirit and feel the currents of a love-centered life is pulled into very specific situations in which their energetics can be utilized by Spirit in the Grand Awakening of humanity.

♥At the collective scale, there are different phases of awakening and there are those who are just awakening who are seeking their purpose in trying to integrate the two worlds into a sensible composition.

♥The mission is not one of a “join the enlightened crowd and be happy,” nor is it “you poor people who live in ignorance, for the glory of God I will help you awaken.” This is not about preaching the good news to the sinners of the world. Those who slumber are not sinners. They are not bad people nor are they lower in standing than you or me.

(2.7) Perception Purpose 3:55

♥Well, this is a very common problem for people because they feel the expanding grids and the larger purpose of their life and yet they confront traffic snarls, or sick children, or making the next mortgage payment, or the ripples of a relationship gone bad. All of these things impinge on their perception of their purpose because, in part, they feel the mundane and the Divine clashing in their lives.

♥The darkness isn’t necessarily a huge event or evil person as it’s often depicted in film and stories, it can be the accumulation of hundreds of small things. But however it arises, it creates the conditions whereby you can use the six heart virtues and shed your light into the darkness of the times and into your local universe.

♥When the darkness enters your world, remember this is the time to use the heart virtues, to exercise them above all other times, as they will stand out, they will reveal your grace and that of the One you truly represent.

(2.8 ) Local Universe 3:44

♥One’s local universe is the dimensional field that the individual is in moment to moment.

♥So your local universe is wherever you are in the moment and wherever that is, from a physical or geographic point of view, you are also present in other dimensions, and in these higher dimensions you may shift your perception or awareness to a different local universe. The term “local” in this case only means it’s your present focus of attention and energy. And this is important because it means we’re not tethered to our physical geography.

♥“Let your universe be the altar upon which the consciousness of Spirit can descend.”

(2.9) Instinctual 1:18

♥ It’s wise to be instinctual and follow the sudden impulses when they arrive from your heart.

♥ When you operate in the currents of love you can have confidence that you know just the right gesture, or word to say, or thought to hold, or virtue to express in the moment.

♥ There is no referential source you need to get approval from. Trust this.

(2.10) Potential Problems 6:26

♥ If children grow in fear they tend to define themselves in terms of mortality, or vulnerability and isolation. These qualities strangle the expansiveness and scope of Spirit that courses through their nervous system, their hearts and minds. Just one moment.

♥ So this is a metaphor for how many children feel as they mature. The power of their minds and egos becomes an instrument of division because they are taught to perceive the outside world as separate from themselves, while the Spirit that lives within them beats a different message. It says, “Everything is one Being. We are all connected in this universe. Our Creator is benevolent and all-wise. The universe is our body.”

♥ Now, more to your point, the future is bright because the intelligence of the human race is being intensified in the coming years like never before. This awakening or access to the higher order intuitive knowledge is precisely what many of the children of today are here to reveal.

(2.11) Prophesy 4:36

♥ There will continue to be calamities of various kinds. That’s all part of the rhythm of nature and man, but it’s not the events of the past that define our species, or the direction in which we advance, so much as it’s the purpose and intention we carry within our hearts and minds.

♥ It’s like the lifting of a fog that separates one identity from another, and despite all the evidence to the contrary, the future of humankind is as bright as a star and even more enduring

♥ I’m well aware that prophecy is a bit gloomy relative to humanity and earth, but as I said, within the hearts and minds of ordinary people is the vision of what is to be, even if we can’t articulate it or grasp it with our minds, we nonetheless emit this vision and purpose, and it goes out as a powerful imprint forming the future of humanity like a great Sculptor who wields galaxies like a hammer and chisel.

(2.12) Understanding 0:43

♥ Don’t concern yourself with understanding everything you hear. Sometimes it’s more valuable to not understand, but just feel the energy of what is said. This energy is more important as it’s often more activating than words or thoughts.

(2.13) Heart Mind 5:28

♥ The heart and mind are like two sides of the same coin, and, by the way, when I say “heart” I really mean the human emotional and intuitive system. And when I say “mind” I really mean the consciousness of the sovereign individual which includes the physical brain, nervous system, and associative mind consciousness.

♥ The idea is to have both the heart and mind operating in harmony as both receptors and transmitters to ensure a good balance between the incoming streams of energy and information and the outgoing transmissions.
In the WingMakers terminology, this is akin to the Wholeness Navigator, that part that looks upon one’s local universe and genuinely perceives it as a three-dimensional web connecting all life in wholeness.

(2.14) Time Travel 1:53

♥You see, timespace is an invention of the mind to allow us to navigate in the three-dimensional reality. Something that is invented by the mind can always be influenced by the higher consciousness of the Spirit, as it is encompassing of the mind. So, as Spirit Beings, we time travel all the time.

♥There are many projects that have experiment with time travel, and I merely disclosed one such project in the Ancient Arrow book. But it’s a very, very complex subject when you begin to institutionalize time travel.

(2.15) Community 3:48

♥We are all members of a single organism much like individual photons compose a beam of light or trillions of electrons compose an electrical current that sweeps across a galaxy.

♥ It's the foundation of Event Temples to help organize these quantum communities, so that we can collectively stand as examples of love-based communities living amidst fear-based individuals.

♥ So, it is our responsibility to own this time as makers of peace from war, creators of love from turmoil, changers of darkness to light, and transformers of despair to hope. If any of you question your mission or purpose—remember, it is this!

(2.16) Doing Being 2:24

♥ I am not predicting there will be chaos, though it’s a possibility. Much of the catastrophic events that were possible components of the birth pains of earth have been mitigated already.

♥Whenever you feel your ability to radiate the love-centered life is in jeopardy or diminishment, you need only to call on your higher Self to replenish it, to tap into the reservoir of love and compassion that surrounds you at all times.

(2.17) Awakening 2:40

♥ This is the time when Spirit is victorious over the forces of materialization and it will emerge with the calm supremacy that’s the signature of its Source.

♥ Those who are truly awake, they’ll see these tumultuous times as demonstrations of this light and it will not evoke survival instincts, or run-and- hide tactics of despair. They will feel a new power that comes to them unbidden, in the sense that they don’t call for it consciously, but it will flow over them nonetheless, like a new current of energy and they will anchor it, share it, and experience it like never before.

    Interview 3

(3.1) James – Who Are You 1:31

♥ I grew up in Spain, in the outskirts of Barcelona. I had a normal childhood—at least for those in my town. I suppose I had some advantages, as my father was a scientist… so I had access, at an early age to books and lectures on the various sciences.

(3.2) First Memories 2:22

♥ My first memory is actually from my mother who told me about a dream
I’d described to her when I was only about five years old. To be honest, I don’t remember the dream so much myself, but I do remember my mother describing the dream to me many times over the years so I feel I remember it quite well through her re-telling of the dream to me.

(3.3) Formative Years 2:00

♥ Mothers are often the ones that nurture this aspect of the child. The sensitive mothers often have a closer bond to the child’s heart and sense their blossoming—the unsheathing of that etheric antenna-transmitter I spoke of earlier. And they tend to share more developmental time with the child as well.

♥ Suffice to say it made a singular impression on me because I knew, even at that age, that I was part of another group, if you will, or tribe on the other side. I knew I was operating in two or more worlds simultaneously and my education was being directed as much from within, as it was in the schools of our world.

(3.4) Lyricus Seed Vision (1) 3:11

♥ Well… since I was a young child I knew I was an interpreter. I realized this because I saw in my friends that they lacked this language. And it seemed very odd to me that they instead wanted to think and talk in the language of adults when the language I heard within myself was so much more engaging, nuanced, clean, and clear.

♥ I began to construct elaborate mental theorems and ways to prove—to anyone who would listen—that God did not exist.

♥ I needed to feel the point of view of an atheist. I needed to understand their sense of separation and appreciate their intellectual modalities of logic and persuasion.

(3.5) Lyricus Seed Vision (2) 1:27

♥ Inner Tribe

♥ There is always a seed vision for this type of work. The seed was given to me through the dream state and it was my intuitive awakening to this seed that began to bring it forward into my life.

(3.6) WingMakers6 (1) 2:21

♥ The real impetus for my work came from experimentation. And by this I mean honing the crafts of poetry, music composition, painting, writing and looking at each of these expressions as extensions of my self—my Higher Self. I knew that this would come forward only if it was aligned with the mission I came to serve.

♥ Understand that the concept of the WingMakers as…as a future representation of humankind is difficult to believe for many people, but the word “WingMakers” is an encoded word that symbolizes this reality… that a future composite of humanity can indeed interact with its past existence.

♥ It’s through the Grand Portal that we, in a sense, re-unite with our future selves.

(3.7) WingMakers7 (2) 2:45

♥They simply brought me into their Presence… as an invited guest to experience—to the best of my ability—their vibrational world and the culture therein.

♥ The future of humanity extends much further on the spacetime continuum than its origins arise from history.

♥ This is a complex subject, Mark unto itself, because many of the so-called interactions with the Creator, angelic beings, or Spirit are really interactions with our future selves, as a collective consciousness.

(3.8 ) WingMakers8 (3) 5:49

♥The WingMakers live in mythology because that’s where the story lives. Information, you see, lives and dies in very short life cycles like a Mayfly whose adult life span is measured in minutes. But mythological stories, they live for thousands of years, are translated into hundreds of languages and cultures, and their pulse is just as strong today as it was a thousand years ago, if you study them.

♥ Just as you can think of DNA as personal to an individual or a family’s genetic line, you can also think of DNA as a collective—at a species level—and contained within it is the fuel to reach the Central Sun of a galaxy. I realize this seems metaphorical, and in part it is, but the essence of what I say is quite literal.

♥When I first made contact with this collective consciousness it was obvious that it had an intelligence that dwarfed mine and yet it was so intimate with my world that it could only be a part of it—either as an observer or as an experiencer. As it turned out, it was both.

(3.9) WingMakers9 (4) 5:11

♥ The WingMakers have a different frequency of existence, which is to say they operate without the density of our human instruments at this stage of their existence, but this is different than being discarnate or entities that have left their bodies through death. They still operate in a human instrument, it’s just a finer frequency of light or quantum structure, but it’s still a sheath or instrument of individuality.

♥ In the state of Oneness, the WingMakers—as a state of collective consciousness—have access to the shared holographic records that have been compiled over the species’ evolutionary rise from a simple biped to an enlightened, Coherent Collective, aligned to the frequencies of Source Intelligence.

♥ Everything in today’s culture tends to gravitate around explaining what this information means in terms of usefulness, but in the case of the WingMakers they are more interested in activating people who are prepared to become sovereign entities, and then to apply this empowerment to their local universe and transform it.

♥ The human self possesses a local multiverse whose chief architect and governing intelligence is your Quantum Presence. And this Presence is composed of the fabric of Source Intelligence, and just as Source or Creator operates in the non-local multiverse, your Presence operates in your local multiverse

(3.10) Multiverse 2:36

♥ The local multiverse is the sphere that contains you—not only your present self, but the collective energetic frequencies of your incarnations are included in this local multiverse, your emotional and mental frequencies flow into and surround this multidimensional field.

♥ You noticed that even in the time we’ve been talking I’ve shifted from local universe to local multiverse, from Higher Self to Quantum Presence. This is the way of our current world. We need to operate in flex and ease in order to allow what is to transpire… to transpire.

(3.11) Quantum Presence 2:25

♥ Allowing Spirit to steer is the better course

♥ The heart anchors the higher frequencies of the Quantum Presence within the sphere of your local multiverse.

♥ So you see the Quantum Presence – in a sense – created you and it is the true intelligence within your local multiverse. It is the holder of omniscience and omnipotence – relative to your local multiverse.

♥As I said earlier, the Higher Mind is the switchboard that connects the Presence with your heart, so it enables this two-way communication and the behaviors of virtue to be expressed through your human self into the human world.

(3.12) Activating Quantum Presence (1) 3:07

♥ The multiverse is in perfection and every sphere of the human self is part of this perfection despite how it may appear in the human domain.

♥ It’s wise to let go of those things you don’t instantly resonate with or make sense to you. Sometimes releasing this intellectual need to understand things is precisely what brings in the understanding.

(3.13) Activating Quantum Presence (2) 3:15

♥ The Practice of the Presence is an important facet of Lyricus. And it’s a practice that requires both discipline and patience. The basic framework deals with understanding the relationships of the Quantum domain with the mental and emotional domains of the human self. We call this: The Wholeness Paradigm.

♥ First, the discord within the emotional body requires transformation, which is to say, the feelings of anger, frustration, greed, judgment… envy, and disappointment… all of these negative emotions are energetic densities that accumulate in your local multiverse and their energies need to be cleared…

♥ It is through the practice of the six heart virtues that the Presence is invoked, in part. This invocation or Practicing the Presence…it’s not an exact formula. It never is. Some of the Ascended Masters use specific techniques or decrees, but those within Lyricus, we prefer to only offer the paradigm and let the individual co-create with their own Presence the optimal way to invoke its governing intelligence into their life.

(3.14) Wholeness Paradigm 7:47

♥ These are the activating elements of the paradigm. With this understanding of your Presence, and its local multiverse, you can navigate to wholeness, you really don’t require any other teaching or teacher, provided, of course, you’re resourceful, and patient, and persistent, and act upon the guidance of your heart and your Presence.

♥ The human heart reaches out to the Quantum Presence and in each effort of calling, invoking, appreciating, summoning, believing, praying, loving—its energy is strengthened, its bond with the Presence becomes clearer, its vision is more encompassing.

♥ Feel this bond between your human self and your Quantum Presence as a partnership ordained by First Source, and enabled by your most powerful aspirations as an immortal being—the aspirations that you are afraid to even imagine for they seem too unlike you—too extraordinary for any human to believe.

(3.15) Action 5:46

♥ The language of the heart is feelings. But the language of our Presence is behaviors or activity. If you stay in the intelligence of your
Presence, by giving it your attention, then the things that come within your local
multiverse that have a lower density, they will have minimal effect, as you can—from the empowerment of your Quantum Presence—transform them with ease.

♥ To worry about the negative is to fret about words and feelings that are not part of the activity of your Presence. They’re unaligned.

♥ Notwithstanding that larger reality, what we can control, are our behaviors and which intelligence we consciously align to: the intelligence of our Quantum Presence, or the intellect of our human self? Are our behaviors motivated by the transient desires of our human nature, or do they arise from our Quantum Presence as an outgrowth of our love for our Creator and one another?

(3.16) Parting Comments 8:21

♥ We’ve talked about the Quantum Presence and its role as the hub of the Wholeness Paradigm. I’ve mentioned that the Presence is the governing intelligence of your local
multiverse. I’ve spoken of the importance in seeking to activate the communication between our human self and Quantum Presence.

♥ When you summon your Quantum Presence to direct your local multiverse, you are activating its power into your human life, and this power is very potent. Its potency requires that you bring balance to your life; that you operate in harmony. If you do not, the power of your Quantum Presence can intensify your imbalance or disharmony. I say this not as a warning so much as a point of clarity.

♥ The darkness that embraces our planet is the accumulation of human discord.
Densities upon densities upon densities have settled upon the human domain like sediment on the ocean floor. When it is stirred up, the light is obscured. The layers of greed, war, jealousy, anger, misunderstanding, racism, fear, and hatred they have all interleaved and created this darkness.

♥ Surround yourself with music, and art, and culture, and loving relationships. Bring these into your local multiverse and let them inspire your imaginative powers.

I trust that these will be a useful device of accessibility and helpful to your continued awakening.

Once again, thanks to J & D Berges for their efforts in making the transcripts of these interviews available.

From My Heart To Yours


All The Vows of Faithfulness, all the Ceremonies of love, and all the feelings of hope should be centered and given over to the Sovereign Entity that we each are.
Godless attitudes don't belong in this forum


 Post subject: Re: Mark and James Audio Sessions
PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:55 am 
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I appreciate the effort you put into this William. Hearing any one of these excerpts on YouTube could trigger someone to dive deeper into the materials. It's also a convenient way to refresh one's memory of particular information. The potency of James' voice carries a great deal of information, above and beyond the words.

Thank you.

In all that I do, may the Heart of the One hold sway over the minds of the many.


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Ananake wrote:
I appreciate the effort you put into this William. Hearing any one of these excerpts on YouTube could trigger someone to dive deeper into the materials. It's also a convenient way to refresh one's memory of particular information. The potency of James' voice carries a great deal of information, above and beyond the words.

Thank you.

Agree.... thank you William.


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You are more than welcome! We are Family. Feel free to link others to this wonderful resource!

All The Vows of Faithfulness, all the Ceremonies of love, and all the feelings of hope should be centered and given over to the Sovereign Entity that we each are.
Godless attitudes don't belong in this forum


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The SI IS.

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What my favourute bit is marks cat which sounds really quite cool!


with the loan of 1.44 kilos of 24carat gold divided into 144 10g wafers, a hydrogen jewellers torch and bench and a room on the top floor of a city building for 72 hour i could..YES? NO? YOU SURE? ....s.


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