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EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide
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Author:  StrengthAndFreedom [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide

James encourages us to study a PDF located in the EVT session 2 waiting room at the Event Temples website
It is a downloadable and printable PDF titled “Brightening the Path: An Interpretive Guide”. * It was written by John Berges and edited by James.

As with any of the study group notes that I place on the WingMakers discussion board please feel free to contribute your own personal analysis and intuitive insights. If we are open, receptive and generative in our sharing this can potentially be of great benefit to one another, and also to any future waves of individuals who may be guided to these discussion topics during their own personal journey of interaction and discovery.

* The following writing is a combination of the EVT 2 meditation script that James wrote in conjunction with John's interpretive guide as well as some notes and personal perpsectives from a WM study session I recently experienced with Darlene Berges specifically focused on this subject.

Introduction: This interpretive guide for the EVT Session 2 meditation is designed to “add to your understanding of the purpose and process of synchronized, community meditation. We are forming a quantum community that expresses a collective compassion directed through divine intelligence (Spirit). It is the underlying purpose of Brightening the Path.”

Event Temple Session 2 Meditation:

“There are words to speak. Thoughts to think. Actions to take…
But now, in this Event Temple, we put away thoughts and words.”

۞ This expresses the importance of putting aside our thoughts and words so that we are more available and receptive to the flow of heart intelligence. It is a perfect way to open the meditation so that the potency of our efforts are less likely to be obscured by the negating tendencies of the ego-personality mind.

“Actions are our tools. Actions of a divine, intelligent energy,
Imagined from our highest nature... Brought to awareness from our deepest heart.”

۞ Through activating our heartfelt imaginations we come into contact with a divine, intelligent energy. “...the energetic heart is the center of our spiritual life, and the gateway through which our highest nature reveals itself. Our highest nature is a fusion and alignment of our heart, mind, and spirit, working cooperatively to empower our imagination to see or envision what is beyond our experience and even our beliefs.”

“It is all we bring into this temple of our creation.”

۞ “We enter this Temple, therefore, by setting aside our egos, and fixing our intention instead on the inner, energetic heart and the imaginative faculty that works through it.”

“Our bodies relax. Our thoughts still. Our mouths fall silent.
The divine intelligence within us rises... From the powerful currents of our soul,
Fully aware of its purpose in this Event Temple.”

۞ “As we compose the ego-personality, the voice of the soul can sound through the heart.”
A hand-written note connected to this area is, “Even if we as individuals have seemingly forgotten who we truly are, this does not supersede the fact that the Higher Self and immortal Soul is forever present as the unwavering truth of our existence.”

“We are scattered across the Earth
Our purpose the same: To brighten the path.”

۞ “This stanza introduces one of the most important ingredients of effective community meditation – collective purpose.” “That purpose is to brighten the path so that all humanity can expand and share the light.”

“We are synchronized... By our souls’ intention.
We bring our gift... Our divine intelligence,
To the altar of Spirit... And we set it down in love.”

۞ This section is generative to a co-creative space of collective humility and soulful intention.

As one being we repeat the words:
Flow in compassion... Release what is divine... Like cells awakening...
We spark the others who walk beside us... We brighten the path.

۞ This is the moment in the meditation when we are called to flow in compassion, which is symbolic of a free-flowing directive to release and share the essence of our highest nature. And as John beautifully describes it “... by releasing what is divine, we are like cells suddenly coming alive with light and love.” This is an act of co-creation with Spirit and also simultaneously with one another.

“Flow in compassion... In doing this we are one being
Calling the rays of light... To descend on all... We brighten the path.”

۞ This is an act of united spiritual will and synergy with the One Entity of our collective Being.

“Flow in compassion... Bring the healing of your deepest self... Giving what is endless,
To those who believe their end is in sight... We brighten the path... We brighten the path.”

۞ At this stage of the EVT meditation we are asked to bring the healing power of the soul forward and give it to those in need, in this case to members of the human family who see their physical body and mind as their sole identity.

“And now, our cooperative light... Begins to assemble itself... To focus... To intensify... It fuses and becomes one.
And the winds of Spirit guide this new light... That we co-created... To its purpose and destination:
A Child... Brother... Sister... Mother... Father... Grandmother... Grandfather...
The Human Family... The Earth... The Universes... Our Creator... All of Us.”

۞ This is a Spirit-led process of energetic fusion, intensification and distribution into our world of form.

“What we have created... Circulates within all of us... Forever...
Brightening the path... For all to see a little clearer... The next step of their soul’s yearning.”

۞ This is a profound truth that also relates to the statement also shared within the EVT session 3... “Love given is never lost.”

“It may seem a dream or wishful thought... But what we give... Endures,
Echoing in the hearts of all... Like a hologram that passes... From the least to the greatest,
And returns again, to begin another cycle…”

۞ This segment describes how the spiritual energy that we have shared with others also continues to circulate within them. And further, this act of spiritual generosity and sharing does not end there because it continues to reverberate as a perpetual ingredient with an ascending cycle that is building up and becoming part of our/the human family’s unified field of collective consciousness.

"As we complete this Event Temple, Give your co-participants,
Your friends-in-spirit, a blessing, Send them your love... Brightening the path."

* Important Points and Suggestions for Your Consideration:

1. Continuity of Practice. “A sustained effort by a committed community of individuals can overcome the tremendous negative emotional currents of hopelessness and suffering afflicting large portions of our human family.”

2. Memorization of 3 Key Stanzas.

• To spark the others who walk beside us.

“Flow in compassion... Release what is divine... Like cells awakening
We spark the others who walk beside us... We brighten the path.”

• To acknowledge our assembly as one being as we call the rays of light to descend on all.

“Flow in compassion... In doing this we are one being,
Calling the rays of light... To descend on all... We brighten the path.”

• To bring healing to those who believe their end is in sight.

“Flow in compassion... Bring the healing of your deepest self,
Giving what is endless... To those who believe their end is in sight.
We brighten the path... We brighten the path.”

John points out here that “Collectively, these three stanzas are ultimately calling us to brighten the path by inspiring one another, invoking light for all, and bringing healing to those in need.”

3. The EVT 3 session can also be downloaded and utilised in video and/or audio form. This allows more versatility and opens up possibilities of being personally activated by it and also sharing it with others.
Another idea would be to sit quietly and read the “Brightening the Path” meditation as an effective way of making your inner connection.

** The entire e-paper (including the written script in its entirety) can be accessed from within the EVT 2 session waiting room at

Author:  Ananake [ Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide

Thank you for posting this. It's a reminder to me of something I had temporarily forgotten...that even if I don't always remember who I am or why I am here, my higher self and soul are always present. When I turn my inner eye toward them, the path is brighter.

I downloaded the EVT2 audio a couple of years ago and burned it onto a CD that I keep in my car. It has burned its way into my consciousness, and it's a wonderful resource for reconnecting to Source intelligence, the heart's wisdom, and the "compassion grid."

Author:  starduster [ Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide

what a great topic, and great reminder of why we are here now, Thank you AF for brightening our path - with everything you contribute here.

I also have made a cd copy of the third session and like to do all three sessions at once, because I believe they build upon each other... and otherwise they are too short - I like being in that frequency for as long as I can :wink:

Author:  ziearmo [ Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide

Thanks AF for this. For some reason I seem to have done a lot more EVT3's over the last two years than 1 or 2's but this is a great reminder of its capacity and capability to touch my true self :)

Author:  StrengthAndFreedom [ Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EVT 2 'Brightening The Path' : An Interpretive Guide

I am very happy that this was felt to be of benefit here. As I was putting it together and re-reading it I began to feel a deeper clarity of awareness regarding the potency of intention, purpose and value of all of the EVT sessions. Thank you ziearmo, starduster and Ananake for your personal responses.

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