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 Post subject: Studying the Project Introduction on
PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:26 am 
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Study group session (5th of August 2012)

Area of focus: The Project Introduction from

* Some of the highlighted aspects of James’ project introduction interview with Sarah (April 23rd 2007) included:

∞ Due to us incarnating into a dimension filled with stuff – physical matter, “most of us become accustomed to an illusion that deludes us, namely that what is physical or material is indeed our only reality, or at least the only one that matters.”

∞ “Everything that exists in the physical realm is actually a metaphor for its energetic equivalent.”

* This statement is a good reminder that “an energetic and far deeper reality shapes us, supports us, and connects us, and that we – by choice – can access this deeper reality and make it come alive in our lives.”

∞ “The purpose of the Event Temples is to demonstrate that we are able to connect on an energetic level as a coherent community.”

* It was noted that the initial intent was to create an interconnected platform that reinforced and supported our collective ability to provide energetic support to the events, people and places of our world. As we synchronise our efforts in this regard together in coherent alignment “we send the collective qualities of our heart’s virtues.”

* The Global Coherence Initiative is also an excellent application of this amazing ability and continues to work in complimentary alignment with the intention of Event Temples

* The “Living From The Heart” e-paper is something that can greatly assist people to understand how by injecting the energetic intelligences of the six heart virtues into the various situations, events, people and places of the world it can provide a very tangible, potent and helpful factor of stabilisation and harmonisation.

∞ James also mentioned in this Event Temples project introduction that “A new psychology is emerging on the planet, referred to as positive psychology, which focuses on the study of human resilience and emotional strength.” e.g. the realisation that “it is more important to understand how some people have naturally overcome depression, than it is to study the psychopathology of depression itself.”

∞ “Reservoirs of resilience and emotional strength are by-products of emotional self-mastery, the ability to express the six heart virtues and live within a virtuous instead of a vicious cycle.”

* This is tantamount to “Empowerment”

∞ James’ vision for “is for it to help individuals achieve a new level of empowerment, and from this base, enable them to collectively and individually support people across the globe through energetic transfers from an expanding set of quantum communities.”

* Event Temples provides a way for people to learn emotional self-mastery, practice the six heart virtues and to contribute their energetic heart qualities to specific events and people therein.

* For those who are seeking a community that encourages emotional maturity and self-mastery, not as a teaching, rather as a Practice, the (including the available e-books) provides an opportunity for us to learn and integrate this awareness so that we can directly contribute the essence and the heart of who we are in a very meaningful and productive way.

∞ James suggests that through our studies and application of the Living from The Heart paper it will help us learn how to shift our emotional state on-demand, and to embody the deepest connections of our hearts.

** Please review the full details of the Project Introduction directly from its source at

"Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters."


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