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Author:  enigma [ Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Perspective

Please not the bolded words. They will pertain to future revelations that will be made.

"Letter to Justin" copyright © 2001 WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included.

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your interest in these materials.

I'll be brief in response to your questions, but not to be evasive or incomplete, I'm just extremely short on time. I hope you understand. Now, on to your questions.

Question 1 ? Why did you decide to publish your work through Mark Hempel at the South Bay Group, as you have not met him personally?

Answer 1 ? My associate, Sarah, knew of Mark through a mutual contact. He was recommended as someone who was discrete and trustworthy, and possessed the technical skills necessary to launch and maintain the website, as well as the other technical projects that will be introduced in the future. I also wanted to publish through an individual like Mark, instead of a company, in order to ensure total control over the project.

Question 2 ? How can you entrust such a large piece of work to a total stranger - someone who's integrity is unknown to you?

Answer 2 ? I think I mostly answered this question in my previous response, but I'll add that I have trust in people who perform consistently over time. I watched how Mark handled everything from the very start, and it wasn't until 6 months into the relationship that I began to entrust him with significant responsibility. He earned my trust, it wasn't instantly granted.

Question 3 ? What is the purpose of introducing Sarah de Rosnay as a 'middle man' between yourself and Mark?

Answer 3 ? Sarah enables me to concentrate on content creation and teaching. She also answers much of the mail I receive and supports Mark in his work on the "frontlines".

Question 4 ? Why does the website and poster contain a bogus photo of the entrance to Ancient Arrow, in reality it is Slot Canyon?

Answer 4 ? Since the Ancient Arrow site is a fictional setting, it required a sense of place. This photo of Slot Canyon seemed the best available at depicting the ambience of the place. I'm sure you understand that if I had wanted to create an authentic sense of place, it wouldn't have been difficult to do so with digital photography. There were elements of the story that were purposely under-developed in order to keep the story in the realm of a mythology, and not a real-life series of events. These would include the place photographs, artifacts, and some of the storyline itself. I was well aware that these elements would be discovered for what they are[a myth]. And I am aware that there are some who feel a disappointment in this reality, but it is only because the real light of the WingMakers has not fallen on the ground and illumined it. It still hangs in the air, traveling to a destination that is yet unseen.

Question 5 ? For what reason is the material a mixture of truth and dis-information? What purpose does it serve to do this?

Answer 5 ? Remember that I am creating a mythological story that contains a philosophical system that is being externalized at this time for the next three generations of humanity. This mythology is a Tributary Zone (which you are well aware of), and it must be encapsulated in multiple media in order to attract the new generations [children of this generation will not read very well]who will require it [beause of digital technology]. Because it has multiple media, and the original content from whence it comes is not of this earth, it requires augmentation. This augmentation is a storyline that threads together the real Transition Zone [disciplines in which is contained informationfor higner knowledge and thinking] characteristics (e.g., philosophy, metaphysics, glyph language, poetry, music, and art), with the mythological elements of the ACIO and Ancient Arrow mystery. It was considered eons ago that a philosophical, text-based treatise was not the appropriate catalyst for the generations of the 21st century [see above re digital].

Question 6 ? Is the story factually correct, apart from places, names and dates?

Answer 6 ? The story I assume you're referring to is the ACIO and Ancient Arrow site. This part of the story is based on fact. I won't divulge how I know these things, but it certainly isn't difficult to ascertain if you've studied the story in any detail. There are techniques that can be applied to secure the information.

Question 7 ? Why is the material to be released over the next 11 years, and not immediately?

Answer 7 ? The Tributary Zones exist in a dimension of space / time that is largely inaccessible to our human senses [these being the thoughts of extraterrestial beings? or simply James Mind?]. They require translation. This translation requires time. I am one man. I do not have a staff of helpers on earth that assist me in this translation. This is one reason. The other reason is that this information is designed for a technology platform that isn't yet available. It will be released and enjoy a sizable market penetration in about ten years [xBox 360 elite and above]. However, the most important reason is that it could unbalance certain people of this time if they were to immerse in the complete information set. This is one of the most vexing issues of bringing these Tributary Zones to a material conclusion: how to bring them into materialization without unbalancing the population they were not intended for. This is one reason why there is no marketing or promotion behind the WingMakers' website. It is completely organic, and it will remain this way until its gestation is complete ? in about 11 years.

Question 8 ? All we get from govt.'s is half-truths about ufo's, aliens, coverup's etc. Isn't this just more of the same?

Answer 8 ? The WingMakers' information set isn't intended to be a revelation about the government suppression of UFOs and extraterrestrials. There's ample information about this already, and there are more focused and competent organizations researching this arena than I. The WingMakers' material is concerned with the human discovery of the human soul in irrefutable, scientific terms. This is its exclusive focal point[Thank you Watcher and any who care to discuss this on the Forum]. All the other elements ? be they of the story or art or mathematics ? are designed to be catalytic to those who will come in the future to make this discovery manifest and enduring. It is to these this material is dedicated, and it will draw them as assuredly as a magnificent tree draws the eagle to nest. [This makes sense because Myths do not become Legend and therefore iconastic until many hundreds of years after the fact]

I hope these answers assist you in some measure.

From my world to yours,


Author:  starduster [ Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

If you want to know the answer ... go to the Source

from The Creator section of the webpage...

Session 1
Question 8: If the WingMakers story is both truth and fiction, how are we to discern which is which? If the identity of the WingMakers is quite authentic (i.e. true), how can it also be myth (i.e. fiction)?

Answer: Buddha stated: "All reality is a myth. Myth becomes ever nearer to reality." The quality of one's discernment is proportional to their ability to accelerate their movement to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness. A system of philosophy like the WingMakers requires a high-level of discernment, and it is therefore teaching on multiple levels simultaneously by intermixing truth and fiction.

This material is not meant for the weak of mind or lazy of heart. It is extremely challenging on many different levels, discernment being one of them. There is a significant amount of information encoded into the art and music that bypasses the conscious mind. In this way, discernment is not required. However, the Ancient Arrow Project story is indeed fiction based on acquired insight of factual scenarios

Session 2
Question 1 -- Am I correct in believing that the events and technologies as depicted in the Ancient Arrow story are correct, whilst the names, places, organizations, photo's and artifacts are fictitious/mythological? I assume that the factual aspects of the story were obtained by yourself through a form of RV?

Answer: You are correct on both accounts.

Question 2 -- In answer to a previous question, you said that the Ancient Arrow story was factual because there were 'techniques that could be applied to secure the information'. Do you mean remote viewing, and its associated Re-Play technology?

Answer: The information is based on factual data secured through a form of remote viewing, referred to by my teaching organization as sensory bi-location. SBL is different from classic RV because it is associated with the higher mind rather than the psychic channels of astral vision. Because of this distinction, SBL permits one to analyze motive and intent, in addition to the sensory/action environment that RV technology acknowledges. SBL is also more focused on active sensory channel selection, rather than reactive selection as in the case of RV.

Question 15 -- Why the secrecy regarding your whereabouts and identity? I know that you want the material to take precedence over a possible 'messiah' figure. Are you concerned about the CIA, FBI, NSA, MJ12, MI6, Illuminati, Bilderberg's, whoever etc tracking you down?

There are several groups who are presently aware of my existence on earth. For the most part, my work will only appear to them as adding to the misinformation programs that they've already erected. To most secret organizations, the more that is written about them that is divergent from previously held notions, the better. It is this very divergence that creates and perpetuates the uncertainty and stirs the murkiness in which they remain suitably concealed from the public's eye.

This was purposeful on my part because it would be relatively easy for certain groups to find me, and if they chose, compromise my mission. Thus, I have shared many truths about these organizations, knowing that these very truths are divergent from the established speculation and, ironically as it may seem, by this divergence, I am protected because WingMakers is perceived as a mythology and does not disclose hard evidence.

Because of my alliances, it is unlikely that anyone would choose to knowingly hinder this mission because these groups have a high regard for my lineage, which in some respects, is the only thing that restrains them. There is very little known about Lyricus. It is truly the most enigmatic teaching organization within the broader universe. Its capabilities are unknown, but it is rightly assumed to be respectful of this organization.

As for my personal anonymity, this is a choice I made in order to curtail my teaching mode to individuals of this time in favor of directing my life's work to a select population of incarnating SECUs. This requires me to focus on transposing the sensory data streams of the Tributary Zones to a digital media platform for future generations.

Question 24 -- How are the WingMakers materials connected to the present-day belief systems on earth? Did they come first, last, or are they somehow inspirational to the other religions of humanity?

One of the most common features of the human mind is to compare one experience to another. It is reasoned -- and rightly so by the mind -- that by comparison of an object, experience, event, or person, one can better understand it. However, in the case of the seven Tributary Zones this reasoning does not hold up.

The seven Tributary Zones, which we will call collectively, the WingMakers' material, are not philosophical texts. There will be the temptation by some to compare these writings to the Bible, Koran, The Urantia Book, Ascended Master instructions, and on and on. There will be others who will compare the information contained in the interviews and book to the nonfiction works of investigative journalists. Comparison of the WingMakers' materials will not necessarily result in understanding, but more likely, confusion.

The WingMakers' materials are designed in a different way from anything that has ever been manifested on earth. It is a collection of encoded sensory data streams destined for a consumer technology platform that is just beginning to be incubated within development labs. However, even when experienced without this technology platform, the individual is aware that there is a deep transformation occurring. Something is "reshuffling" their mental "deck". I would encourage anyone who is immersing his or her consciousness in these materials to go without comparison for a period of time as they absorb these materials. The Tributary Zones have more information encoded in them than the human mind can access and comprehend. If an individual is engaged in comparison, they may not be engaged in the deeper meaning of the Tributary Zone, at the level where the encoded information is revealed.

Incidentally, what I've just said is not to imply that the encoded information must be wrested from the Tributary Zone by conscious will and effort. It is a delicate thing to detect the encoded information. It requires a supple intelligence, open mind, contemplative perspective, and the curiosity of calculated observation. It is not a battle of wills or mind over matter. And it is seldom revealed in the clutter of comparison.

As to the connection of the WingMakers' material to the present-day belief systems of earth, there is little connection because these materials are not created by earth teachers, nor are they only the words of teachers. They are encoded sensory data stream from an extraterrestrial teaching order that have a very specific purpose. The present-day belief systems of earth serve a different and more general purpose of moral conditioning, community-building, and spiritual preparedness. Only in this last element is there any connection.

Author:  Shayalana [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

That extraterrestrial teaching order is our kin. :)

Author:  starduster [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

Both the animating force and the bodies within which this force expresses are not of this earth. What you call humans, we call Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe (SECU -- pronounced SeeQue). SECUs are the alpha and omega. They are not time-bound nor restrained by the adornments of bodies. They are the primal form finished and honed to the perfection of their creator, and in this, we are all the same.

...When the Grand Portal is unveiled by human hands you will invoke the attention of the Galactic Federation, and humanity will be invited to interact in the affairs of the galactic family. It is then that the diversity of the humanoid species will be appreciated, and it is precisely for this reason that humanity must come to understand itself as a SECU first, and human second.

8) :wink:

Author:  enigma [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

"Remember that I am creating a mythological story" . . .James

"James is such an excellent story teller" . . . Chris Lock

Have fun with it. Enjoy it. Study it. It's not a religion, it's not real. If it helps process give meaning to the journey fine. Just don't infect it's beauty with the cancer of rabid devotion.. .. .. .. .. .. Enigma :mrgreen:

Those infected with rabies will not understand my post. i said, "good day!"

Author:  starduster [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

While it is not the first time I have spoken to your planet's people, it is the first time I have spoken through my inmost creation and left an indelible, multi-dimensional record. On the surface of this record is a mythology of the Central Race, but if you find my voice within this mythology, you will see another facet to this record, of a personal inflection, that speaks directly to you, my child. It is this intimacy that I have encoded into this record that is symbolic of my hand reaching for yours, and it is this intimacy that will persist within your mind and heart when all else fails you. - First Source (transmissions)

Author:  enigma [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

If that's what you need/see have at it Great fun :roll:

"If all else fails"

Perhaps the key here is "if all else fails one". I have the impressession that besides the bravado of some. All else has failed. I see in the world of humanity so many of those who cling to religion or the baggage of their lost religions clinging to an illusion cuz if that illusion is let go All has failed.

Author:  starduster [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

"Truly, this is my central revelation. I am here, beneath this mythology, to awaken your animal self to our relationship so you may slay your vanity. This is the distortion between us. It is not space or time that separates us and diminishes our conscious relationship. It is your desire to excel within the cave of your existence and derive gratification from this and this alone." FIRST SOURCE TRANSMISSION

Author:  enigma [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

enigma wrote:
"If all else fails"


Author:  starduster [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 9:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

some voo doo? that you think worked on the other thread...which obviously does not have any power or meaning to anyone but you ignore the message and attack the messenger ... so transparent and such an old and self defeating tactic. Your MO has never changed, nor has your intent to distract from the materials...and belittle others.

some things never change...but I understand that in order for there to be balance on this planet that there has to be to more light from the Central sun and I am inspired to strive harder to bring it in and to share it with everyone equally.

Author:  enigma [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

enigma wrote:
enigma wrote:
"If all else fails"


Author:  Ebyam [ Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Perspective

*Thank o-u Being*...*Love* :D

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