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 Post subject: Understanding and Valor - a personal perspective.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:46 pm 
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Good morning fellow Spiritual Activists,

Currently I have several contemplative cauldrons of concepts perking and bubbling and I visit them when they call to me. Today the one that has the six virtues had something coming so I harvested it. Put to words, it appears below. May it be a fine stimulus for you to provoke greater insights of your own.

Now realize I've not yet read anyone's comments in this forum but have just dropped in to give expression of my own. So I may be a very late comer to these discoveries. But here goes the conclusions.

Understanding and valor have driven and guided me most of my inner / outer life, that part of my consciousness that seeks truth in the manifested world, when I knew no where else to look. They still serve me that way. That's the conclusion.

With or without a clearly defined question, whether it was a wonderment or a scream of why?, the quest was for understanding. From "why isn't dinner ready 'cause I'm hungry?" to "why must my parents only fight when they are together?"

I've discovered that Love's understanding virtue has associated with it yearning, dreaming, imagining, curiosity, exploration, adventures, and the like.

And the additional feature is the valor virtue. What is the truth I find here? *Is* it a truth? Is it *my* truth? Is this truth changing an older truth I have had? Is this truth an addition or a replacement/up-grade? How does a truth mature? When a truth is replaced or changed, was the older version a truth or a lie or just a step along the way?

And when those are satisfied, if ever they get satisfied, there was an increase of wisdom and often on to forgiveness, if appropriate, then to appreciation moving towards compassion

This was the nugget that I found this morning. But to further comment:

Humility was a long time in coming into its strength for me. I too often took a lessor role or often felt inadequate. Or oddly found myself in the superior position when least prepared. In more common terms it was a long time coming before I found those with whom I could have an adult to adult relationship without one of us slipping into a child or dumb student role. It is still a puzzlement for me especially now when I recognize its presents. Few can engage fully without slipping and sliding around.

The contemplation of the virtues is a very rewarding exercise for the harvesting of wisdom. I had heard that "wisdom is knowledge experienced" and since have examined past events asking the question "what is the knowledge here that I experienced?" Brings clarity more quickly.

Consciously adding the virtues to an examination of a past memory adds a far deeper reach and a very satisfying "closing of the book" on that one.

Thank you all for having a place to share these personal delights.

Loving you,


 Post subject: Re: Understanding and Valor - a personal perspective.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:50 am 
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Smoak, thanks for the way you described your personal perspective when working with the virtues, it is a great example of the description, in the When-Which-How Guide. You explained your "most attuned virtues" in a very positive way. I have found that working with the virtues daily has created a deeper interaction with intelligences of the virtues.

Note that although this system is concentrated on our own progress, it is also a gauge of our effectiveness in treating others. Ultimately, you and “the others” are linked because we are all swimming in the same pool of emotions. This is the basis of our individual human energetic fields (IHEF) contribution to the collective human energetic field (CHEF). The sliding scale of our individual practice, inevitably affects the sliding scale of our contribution to the collective.
Before taking a closer look at the six heart virtues, I want to give a simple example of how we can work with the virtues in relation to our own life situations. We can perform a simple exercise by asking ourselves two questions:
1.Which virtue do I feel most attuned to?
2.Which virtue do I feel least attuned to?
The answers to these two questions can be thought of as the establishment of a baseline in the initial stage of tracking. For example, if you feel most attuned to appreciation, how do you interpret this in relation to your life experience? The table on page 35 provides brief descriptions of the six virtues. Appreciation is described in two ways. The first description is at a global, collective level and the second is at a personal level.
Applying the first description suggests a deep sense of connection to all things and a decentralized sense of self. We can look at the world around us and experience a feeling of awe and wonder at the beautiful and intricate interaction of life at myriad levels, from microscopic atomic particles to galaxies spinning in the vastness of space. There is a feeling of joy in the very fact that all of this is happening at this very instant and that we are conscious, alive, and experiencing it.
At the personal level we feel a deep resonance with family and friends. There is a warm and loving feeling brought to the mind and heart of the multi-faceted personality traits we enjoy so much about the souls who share this time and space with us. There is a mystery about why we have been brought together, where we came from, and, if one believes in reincarnation, how we have known one another in the past. In all this lies an appreciation of a larger design of soul connection beyond our ability to comprehend, but wondrous in its own way.

I forgot to give the pages, When-Which-How Guide pp 29-30

"The Heart is the Temple of Wisdom." John Berges, The Weather Composer, ©2013, WingMakers, LLC


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