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 Post subject: Living Moment by Moment in the Now
PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:54 am 
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Science is beginning to catch up to what the WMM/Lyricus materials have been telling us.

Robert Lanza, M.D.
Scientist, Theoretician
Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn't Set in Stone

Recent discoveries require us to rethink our understanding of history. "The histories of the universe," said renowned physicist Stephen Hawking "depend on what is being measured, contrary to the usual idea that the universe has an objective observer-independent history."

Is it possible we live and die in a world of illusions? Physics tells us that objects exist in a suspended state until observed, when they collapse in to just one outcome. Paradoxically, whether events happened in the past may not be determined until sometime in your future -- and may even depend on actions that you haven't taken yet.
In 2002, scientists carried out an amazing experiment, which showed that particles of light "photons" knew -- in advance −- what their distant twins would do in the future. They tested the communication between pairs of photons -- whether to be either a wave or a particle. Researchers stretched the distance one of the photons had to take to reach its detector, so that the other photon would hit its own detector first. The photons taking this path already finished their journeys -− they either collapse into a particle or don't before their twin encounters a scrambling device. Somehow, the particles acted on this information before it happened, and across distances instantaneously as if there was no space or time between them. They decided not to become particles before their twin ever encounterd the scrambler. It doesn't matter how we set up the experiment. Our mind and its knowledge is the only thing that determines how they behave. Experiments consistently confirm these observer-dependent effects.

More recently (Science 315, 966, 2007), scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus, and showed that what they did could retroactively change something that had already happened. As the photons passed a fork in the apparatus, they had to decide whether to behave like particles or waves when they hit a beam splitter. Later on - well after the photons passed the fork - the experimenter could randomly switch a second beam splitter on and off. It turns out that what the observer decided at that point, determined what the particle actually did at the fork in the past. At that moment, the experimenter chose his history.

Of course, we live in the same world. Particles have a range of possible states, and it's not until observed that they take on properties. So until the present is determined, how can there be a past? According to visionary physicist John Wheeler (who coined the word "black hole"), "The quantum principle shows that there is a sense in which what an observer will do in the future defines what happens in the past." Part of the past is locked in when you observe things and the "probability waves collapse." But there's still uncertainty, for instance, as to what's underneath your feet. If you dig a hole, there's a probability you'll find a boulder. Say you hit a boulder, the glacial movements of the past that account for the rock being in exactly that spot will change as described in the Science experiment.

But what about dinosaur fossils? Fossils are really no different than anything else in nature. For instance, the carbon atoms in your body are "fossils" created in the heart of exploding supernova stars. Bottom line: reality begins and ends with the observer. "We are participators," Wheeler said "in bringing about something of the universe in the distant past." Before his death, he stated that when observing light from a quasar, we set up a quantum observation on an enormously large scale. It means, he said, the measurements made on the light now, determines the path it took billions of years ago.

Like the light from Wheeler's quasar, historical events such as who killed JFK, might also depend on events that haven't occurred yet. There's enough uncertainty that it could be one person in one set of circumstances, or another person in another. Although JFK was assassinated, you only possess fragments of information about the event. But as you investigate, you collapse more and more reality. According to biocentrism, space and time are relative to the individual observer - we each carry them around like turtles with shells.

History is a biological phenomenon − it's the logic of what you, the animal observer experiences. You have multiple possible futures, each with a different history like in the Science experiment. Consider the JFK example: say two gunmen shot at JFK, and there was an equal chance one or the other killed him. This would be a situation much like the famous Schrödinger's cat experiment, in which the cat is both alive and dead − both possibilities exist until you open the box and investigate.

"We must re-think all that we have ever learned about the past, human evolution and the nature of reality, if we are ever to find our true place in the cosmos," says Constance Hilliard, a historian of science at UNT. Choices you haven't made yet might determine which of your childhood friends are still alive, or whether your dog got hit by a car yesterday. In fact, you might even collapse realities that determine whether Noah's Ark sank. "The universe," said John Haldane, "is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."
Biocentrism (BenBella Books) lays out Lanza's theory of everything.

"The Heart is the Temple of Wisdom." John Berges, The Weather Composer, ©2013, WingMakers, LLC


 Post subject: Re: Living Moment by Moment in the Now
PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:11 am 
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To expedite matters......try visualizing that your Multidimensional SELF is in the 5th Dimension ...or beyond......with your 3rd dimensional expression touching the physical learn and grow.....allowing the fluidity to change...ebb and flow in Compassion .. the future NOW as WE want it....Masters of our Universe.....and not victims....conscious or not of the remnants of the Animus who have been using serve them.....feeding off of our electromagnetic energy......until we seemingly die......the biggest illusion of them all........ Truth is our Heart lives moment by moment forever in the NOW.....appreciate Darlene the common ground.....that is found beyond both the Viral positive and negative.....Unconditional Love from First Source .encompasses both.


 Post subject: Re: Living Moment by Moment in the Now
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:22 am 
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Interesting topic Darlene ... as we become more and more attentive to what is happening in our now, we understand how our mind reverts into the past to project what it "knows" is happening ... so it can process issues as they arrise with a proper associated reaction or response . When the mind comes across something that it hasn't "programed" with a response... it tends to panic ... either throwing the body into "shock" or some other "survival" mode when it is face with something that it is unaware of ... some issue it has never encountered , that is when we are truly "living the moment"

Take for instance, the little girl vacationing with her parents in Sumatra ... while others watched in amazement, as the ocean receded, she had, stored in her "past", a memory of either reading about a tsunami or seeing a film of one ... and reacted by warning everyone to flee. Others observed the animal's behaviors or acted upon their own "instincts" ... some may have been alerted by their heart's "intuitive intelligence" ... but most, because they had no "history" to revert to, nor did they trust their intuition, stood in awe or dismissed it as something that did not concern them ... their minds did not have any "learned behavior" to associate with this event ... The opportunist in the crowd, rushed out to gather sea shell or fish left exposed by the receded waters because they didn't KNOW (from previous experience) what was about to happen next.

It appears that everything we do in the now, is associated with something in our past ... and that is why we find, history keeps repeating itself ... we repeat what KNOW "worked" in the past ... we have come to believe that "there is nothing new under heaven" ... and that there is a "cause" (somewhere in the past) that resulted in the effects we are experiencing now .

The WMMs are telling us that we are in a NEW Age ... does this mean, that we can no longer depend on the past to maintain our "comfort zone"?

The plan of FS is called expansion and exploration ... why do we expect, when we push into new territory, that it will be just like the old? Can you even imagine, a world of Transparency ... where nothing can be hidden, or explained by past events? We are all just barely waking up, in the dawn of this New Age ... to as James describes it, a virtual reality, within a virtual reality ... if we don't have dependable "tools" that will allow us to "get our bearings" ... you can imagine how lost some people will get ... especially when they discover that there is no way to go back, and they can't stay in their comfort zone ... because their "history" is being erased and they are IN completely NEW territory where they have nothing to relate to ... no programed responses ... no politically correct guideline to follow because what we will be experiencing in the "new" now ... is unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced ...

The WMMs tell us we can "change the past" ... by changing our perspective of it, and with forgiveness and the compassion that offers us "new intelligence" not based up our past, but dependent on discernment skills, and intuition ... the only way we are going to be able to remain calm, in the face of the unknown, is to let go of the past and trust our SELF that lives in timelessness ... because we are all in this together - we are all experiencing this new age NOW where the past and the future have no influence on immediate awareness

the WMMs also tell us that we have no control over these Causal events ... but to trust that they are orchestrated (seeded and activated) for the greater good of the species... trust that it is all part of the plan of FS - our destiny.

Dr Neruda: ...Within our genetic substrate is the inborn structure that will ultimately deliver our species to the central universe as a perfected species.The WingMakers have encoded this within our DNA, and set forth the natural and artificial trigger points that cause our genetic structures to alter and adapt. In this process, it activates parts of our nervous system that feed the brain with a much richer stream of data from our five senses and two additional senses that we have yet to consciously activate." First Interview of Dr Neruda

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Living Moment by Moment in the Now
PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:56 pm 
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Thanks Darlene! :D

The SI IS.

"Oneness, Truthfulness and Equality"

Cathedral - CS&N


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