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 Post subject: Re: Co-creating Our New Habitat
PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:05 am 

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starduster wrote:
yuxue wrote:

though DP had some picture is related to china. but I think it‘s main target is s all the reader in the world . I didn't see any content particular reflect china. Maybe James has other consideration.

excuse me for butting in, but the entire "flavor" of the visuals in the DP book strongly suggest China (even if the story doesn't) - even if you aren't familiar with "Chinese letters/glyphs/signature-seals" -you instinctively know that the language (on the walls and in the background of the book etc) is "stylized" or ancient Chinese writing - or at least that was my first impression when I saw the Art ( I lived in Japan as a child - so maybe it wasn't so obvious to others) ... and we discussed, at the time that it was released, (see DP section of this forum) as YHG shared his findings with us, the many identifiable Chinese "symbols" that were layered into the Art - creating the possibility that these Art works might be coming from the Asian planetary TZ (one on each continent) - because of the distinct change from the Aztec/ Inca influence that the Hamoki Project had.

I believe that James state in the Intro, that he purpose-fully made the location and time vage - so your mind would fill in the details - yes it could have been anywhere without the art - which I believe did identify the time and location. (after telephones- but before cell phone - tee hee) but in some remote areas that could be now - the issues the book addressed are "time-less" and possibly eternal and common to all members of this species

Yes, the Chinese factors of prophecy in the gallery is impressive, though I am familiar with Chinese culture and history, I had never seen see they are as perfect as in the gallery. the Chinese culture show in the gallery are all essence, in addition to the ancient Chinese characters and seal cutting, They don't like I saw at ordinary times ,and those maze, peony,Chinese ink painting, and the I ching, and so on. Are very classic. Especially after James's polishing processing, they are more impressive.
These art ,carving, in particular, some of them are created by ancient Chinese, some even could be search on the Internet.
There may be some from Asian planetary TZ, as for the location, I think it's in the south, but where is the specific I don't know.

Mark: One thing I’ve noticed, James, is that the latest books are not as involved with images and music and so on. Is this a trend in your creative process?

James: I don’t know if I would call it a trend, but it’s a reality of time. I can concentrate on the writing, because the story requires this. Some stories call out for other media to help tell the story, others don’t.


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