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 Post subject: Your Key to creating your own electricity.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:37 pm 

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Hello wingmakers community. It is my pleasure to bring to your awareness, the changes that you and I have been waiting for in 1 aspect of the consciousness that we all belong to. I'll tell you my interpretation of the principle of free energy as it relates to the force/source field/source intelligence/zero point field/whatever you like to express it as.

The principle is that everything is connected to this field.
As you are all aware, these fields have frequencies that intermingle with each other.
We interface with these fields within fields.
All of these fields are connected, and because of this connection, it is possible to draw energy from some of the fields that are outside of our general frequency domain, and transform it to become available to the individual. In the case of accessing these energetic fields, the experiments that Thomas Imlauer has done has proven that the source field exists, and the principle behind it is powering the components that he uses to access these fields through simple scientific principle.

He basically resonates tesla coils in a system to induce a connection to the other frequencies.
Once this is established, he is able to control these frequencies to his liking.

This is done by using a system that composes two tesla coils, and using the primary and secondary in 2 separate circuits, and combining them to create the resonance to a higher field(s), and is able to transfer energy from that. That's as far as my understanding goes at this point in time.

The reason I am so inspired by him is because he knows of the Wingmakers materials, and has used the music in some of his videos, and I was able to get a hold of his channel by reading about a comment one of the other Wingmaker students posted on his wall. She was/is inspired by his work as well.

You may/not know her. She goes by "Elizabeth D/sunmoonvirgo". Her use of the wingmakers materials in her work is very gifted.

This is her channel:

Two videos created by her that I resonate with.

He has a website here

He also has a lot of research on many scientists like Tesla, or Walter Russel (Tesla's friend)
The links to the wingmakers website, and other great resonant websites are available on his website. Among circuit diagrams, videos, and highly relevant information for humanity, he works with patented information, and has.

Thomas Imlauer also goes by "TheOldScientist" on youtube, so I advise you to subscribe to him. He has many videos on his experiments with free energy devices, and has a lot of background experience as an electrical engineer. I recommend you watch the interview of him after one of the other 3 videos that I'll be linking to. The interview gives you a great deal of information about his mission.

Without further ado~
This was the first video I watched, it's 17 mins long, and he talks about how the golden ratio, and its asymmetrical nature is applied to his capacitors, and other understandings that he has revealed.

A recent experiment of his (as of this post). ... ture=watch

Another experiment with the wingmakers music in it. ... 7qdoaGUu_N

43min audio interview.

Hope this gets out to all of you.
From my world to yours~


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