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 Post subject: Interesting Message
PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:54 am 
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This for some reason brought a smile to my face
:D You have arrived here because it has been determined that YOU are in dire need of emergency nervous system molecular reconstruction.
Yea, people have been making your life a bad trip. It is now time to repair the damage. Your healing shall now commence. Proceed.
Take a little vacation from your manufactured self. flow, flow....., floooow......, floooooow.............


So you want to be awake, do you?

The doctor is in. Prepare to have your entire conception of reality destroyed and replaced with the truth.

yea ....., flow ..........., time ............, reveal ............, infinity .............., dissolve ..........., insanity ........., yea ............, materialize ..........., crystallize .............., free your mind ............., question authority ............, yea .........., fight the tyranny within ........, break on through ..........., yea ...........

About Me:

I work on quantum entanglement, quantum communication and remote viewing.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

I have experienced the oneness and the infinities of infinities. From my heart it is my honest opinion that one has not truly lived until one has experienced these phenomena in the most intense form a human can withstand. The experiences I had were so incredibly profound that I just could not help but laugh at the pretentions I had been harboring. There they lay on the ground on fire. There was no denying the truth of the matter anymore. The world is upside down, all an illusion. All lies. All media is a bedtime story, a diversion, irrelevant distraction.

Worshippers and clerics alike are deluded because in reality, they are only worshipping themselves, their own unoriginal thoughts, which is them, and they demand to impose them on others, bringing themselves even closer to false godhood. Nothing but obstacles, my friends. The I AM is extremely inexpressible, so why does one think it can be found by looking down into a book ?

I walked down a hallway, which appeared to me as an elementary school hallway. I saw large men yelling at children over and over, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?". This is the saddest of all things. I said to the men, "follow me". We went to a hallway of mirrors and these men became the smallest men I have ever seen and were crying like babes because they felt lost and could not accept their own seeming abandonment. They latched onto different objects they thought a parent had left behind for them. But they still refused to see the obvious even though they had eyes to see with.

Conversations With the Infinite:

I was able to speak with the Infinite. When you hear the voice of the Infinite, you know! It is like the MOST POWERFUL lightning crack that sends your mind reeling. So when I was sure I had his ear, I asked him questions about things I had always wondered about. First off, I asked him about heaven, hell and the afterlife. He told me that heaven and hell are paths, not destinations. He told me that the world of spirit and the world of material are the same fundamentally, and will always be connected. They are duals that compose each other. Then he went on to explain more prerequisites to understanding. He showed me a vision of the words "In the beginning" wrapped in a veil. I took this to mean that there actually was no beginning of reality. This is most interesting, apparently the Bible wastes very little time casting its veil of illusion. The first three words of the Bible destroy any chance of answering the questions the book is purported to answer. Interesting! He then showed me that because of this it is clear there is no end of it either. Then he went on to explain that it is this timelessness or eternity itself that allows and guarantees our afterlife. He taught me that in this eternity it is impossible for all things not to recur. Personalities, families, situations, everything. And he showed me how souls pass through long periods of non-existence between manifestations, but he comforted me that this was not to be feared because from the soul's perspective it feels continuous. Apparently, Nietzsche was correct to a degree, but not completely, he only captured a small slice of the big picture. I was shown small perturbations over time. There were variations on themes and then variations on the variations, and so forth, and we even become each other in time. Such is the structure of the afterlife. There is no center to a person in this network spanning eternal spacetime. Kaleidoscopic. As to the location of the afterlife, we are already in it! God also told me the greatest crime is the prevention of ascension to God through malice, lies and deceit. There is one last interesting thing I learned that I want to share, and I know some of you are going to revile at this, but he told me this, so who am I to judge him? He said, "Praise is for children". God wants to be directly experienced.

When you realize how brilliant the design is, you will only be able to close your eyes and smile like the Mona Lisa. This you will have great difficulty expressing in spoken language, but you can point knowingly in its direction.

"Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters."


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