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 Post subject: News that doesn't make the mainstream.
PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 12:47 pm 
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The Voice of the White House - April 27, 2005:

Much terror here in the Fag Palace. It seems that Democratic Reps. Louise Slaughter of New York and John Conyers of Michigan filed a freedom of information request and were given Secret Service records of Gannon/ Guckert´s visits to the White House. We now know that the dangerously indiscreet and very unhappy Gannon kept what has been called a "very frank and revealing" personal journal. Conyers and Slaughter have previously indicated that Guckert´s journal might contain information of value to the Valerie Plame investigation if, in fact, Guckert had been given some sort of access to documents related to the Plame leaks.

"A person in the White House briefing room who had access to a memo revealing the operative´s name also kept a journal of his days covering the White House," the letter to investigator Fitzgerald stated. "We bring this to your attention because we believe your office may need to subpoena the journal to further the work of the grand jury."

"It now appears that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House," the letter added, noting Guckert´s comments that he might turn the journal into a book. From a very recent Russian press release, it seems that Guckert is making plans with a Russian firm based in South East Asia to reprint all of his journals. "It would be unfortunate if Mr. Guckert published information that would be useful to your investigation, such as the identity of the person who gave him the memo, without your office having the benefit of its contents," the letter continued.

My God, such fun! Seems that our professional male prostitute, phony "news" reporter and keeper of a Forbidden Journal, using a Secret Service day pass, visited the White House 196 times in two years, and spent the night 12 times! That´s right, spent the night 12 times.

Who did he spend the night with?

The usual mindless gossip ´bloggers´ are accusing Fat Karl the Eunuch of hosting him but we here know this is not true. Not that Fat Karl doesn´t like a bit of tying up and manly spanking on his immense flabby bottom from time to time but Karl does not live in the White House and is hardly going to sneak back in and turn tricks with "Captain Bulldog" in a White House broom closet. Sweet Ken M., Bush´s fond choice for the head of the GOP is another cinch choice for some high level fudge packing but he is out too. Sweet Ken is Otherwise Occupied.

The Secret Service has people working in it who do not like Bush or his nocturnal activities and they released the logs although they refused to do so during the investigations into Clinton´s activities in the White House. I have seen copies of these and have been checking them, (actually my computer-savvy secretary has been doing this) against what was going on inside the White House when Gannon appeared and, especially, when he was overnighting. Guess what? There were many times when he visited here when there were no press conferences or news briefings. These were for the daytime visits. For the nighttime visits, I checked his dates against rosters of staff who are assigned here for night duty such as Secret Service, White House police, computer operators and switchboard people types. The question arises, children, as to whether Gannon would spend the night here with some flunky. This is not a hotel. There is a very good chance that someone getting a head job in a closet or other vacant area would be nailed by the security staff. Did he sleep in the head? On the floor? On the piano? No? Not believable? The President has a small, private bedroom for resting that is directly connected to the Oval office. Perhaps Gannon was allowed to bunk in there, safe from bothersome Secret Service or security people.

Here is the question for your readers: Whom did Gannon service on his sleepovers? Since 9/11, the White House security checks are meticulous - it is almost impossible for the average Joe Public to get into the White House even once during the day, much less 196 times, and even more so OVERNIGHT! And Guckert was no Joe Public - he was a person of bad character - a known male hooker, fraudulently claiming to be a reporter, and using a false name. Only direct orders from the absolute highest levels of the Fag Palace would have given such a person this kind of access. Need I say more? And please note that Captain Bulldog was one of the very few members of the press to be allowed inside the White House to cover the January 26, 2005 special Presidential press conference. If there were no events for a newsman, no matter how phony, to cover, why did he come here?

A check of the staff rosters indicate that only one person was in the White House on all the dates that Gannon slept over. The same person was always here when Gannon visited on days when there was no press action to cover. My, my, who could that be? Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? If Gannon had something going with a staffer, they would go to a motel or someone´s apartment in the area…unless the other person could not leave the White House without drawing attention to their absence.

Consider this, too, children. Gannon is a well-known, heavily advertised (on the gay internet) male prostitute operating in Washington, D.C. Gannon is not now and never was from Texas. It is interesting to contemplate a small, fanatical very right wing Texas-based website whose owner, Robert "Bobby" Eberle* (See below for Eberle CV. Ed), is a close personal friend of the President, hiring a Washington, D.C. male [Censored] with no journalistic experience at all to go to the White House as their "representative." This is the "TalonNews Service" run by Eberle who is listed as their "Editor in Chief." Actually, "TalonNews" was set up as a conduit for official White House news releases and nothing else. When the Gannon scandal erupted, "TalonNews" faded quickly into the fetid Texas political swamps from whence it had come and even more quickly.

Eberle is also listed as President and CEO of GOPUSA, a "conservative news, information, and design company dedicated to promoting conservative ideals." In the wake of the Gannon scandal, Eberle has tried to claim that GOPUSA and TalonNews are not connected but I know that both of these entities are registered to the same Texas address, which is Eberle´s personal residence.

The domain name registration lists Eberle´s email address as Articles on consist of brief introductory paragraphs, followed by a link to "Read more"; clicking on that link takes you to a page that announces, "This story can be found on our #1 client — GOPUSA!" Readers are then redirected to the site. GOPUSA, which claims, in error, to have "millions of daily viewers" is a typical proto-fascist weird Texas product designed to delight and entertain the denizens of trailer parks and other Bush supporters. It is interesting to note that Eberle´s propaganda machine is strongly pro-family and anti-gay. Why, one wonders, did the pure and noble Eberle hit upon the well-known male Internet [Censored] to act as his representative to the White House? It certainly wasn´t Gannon´s known lack of experience in journalism. Perhaps it was his self-avowed eight inch penis that gained him unlimited entrée. To many things.

After Gannon abruptly resigned his position at GOPUSA/TalonNews, he claimed he was not paid very much but only got "a kind of stipend" from Eberle. He said he earned that stringer arrangement with GOPUSA, with no journalism experience, after "a breakfast meeting" in Washington with owner Bobby Eberle.

Although Eberle was not a member of Washington´s powerful inner circle, a member of his Board of Directors, Peter Hannaford* (See below for Hannaford CV. Ed) certainly is. A longtime San Franciscan, Republic publicist and an active member of Ronald Reagan´s administration as Governor of California, Hannaford is certainly well-connected in various Washington circles and insiders have indicated that Hannaford might well have introduced Gannon to Eberle at the so-called "breakfast meeting."

It appears very clearly to all of us here in the Fag Palace and inside the Beltway cocktail circuits that some high level pimping was in motion, nothing else. No wonder the Rove propaganda machine has been cranking out reams of irrelevant, silly nonsense about Gannon ("Is he really Johnny Gosch, Abducted Paper Boy?") to keep the jabbering blogging idiots and the stupid public thrilled with useless and inaccurate stories. The real story is much more important and entertaining. By the way, it has gotten all over the Beltway that Gannon is HIV+ and has been for some time. That bit of news ought to keep certain very highly placed people unhappy as hell! Another State Funeral a la Reagan in the offing? Facial lesions finally clarified?

Also, in the same area, there is growing panic over the information, strictly embargoed and classified, that a surveillance tape from the in-house security system has gone Dixie! No one knows what might be on it but it has really disappeared from a very, very secure area. Many of us suspect what is on it and if we are right and it gets onto the Internet (the tame media would never, never dare to even hint at it) then the fecal matter will strike the fan with force.

Of course I could be very, very specific about who, what, why, where, when and how (as my old journalism 212 teacher would have insisted) but anyone who has to take more then twenty seconds to figure this one out is brain dead.

I see lots of fun coming, children.

There are those of us here who do not worship at the shrine of God´s drooling Second Son and we are all exchanging knowing winks and nods.

I was conversing with a Marine Corps guard last week and he referred, with a wide smirk, to ´ol´ Bush, broke open like my Granddaddy´s 12 gauge shotgun….." And when one of the Ice Virgins, as I call some of the very religious, and crazy, old aunties in the typing pools, says that the President was on his knees in the Oval office, it very well might not have been to pray to his Real Father.

Yes, this is going to be fun because our gutless, hand-puppet press is so busy looking the other way.

I suppose Certain People ought to be tested for HIV+ but that is just an idle thought.

Yes, we are all waiting for the second shoe to drop, especially if, as is strongly rumored, Gannon publishes his sizzling journals. If this ever happened, and Gannon would have a terrible traffic accident (a bus would fall off of a tall building when Gannon was underneath it) long before anything saw print, there would be a mass exodus from Washington. The Beltway´s loss would certainly be San Francisco´s Castro District´s gain in that case. Why not join us in waiting?"

The Voice of the White House - May 2, 2005:

Please notice that I was not the first to identify the White House occupant who was present every time Gannon made a mysterious daytime and even more mysterious all night appearance. Now, the Democratic Underground site (see attached) has made the leap and more power to them. Although jealous Republican bloggers keep insisting that I do not exist or do not work in the White House, I hate to question the nut fringe but I am here and unless I get caught, here I shall remain. If they ever catch me, they will do to me what they are certainly going to do to Gannon: get rid of me.

Gannon is an arrogant, stupid and egocentric idiot who somehow thinks he is very important in the scheme of things. Anyone who looks at his website will be struck with his outspoken determination to return to the White House as a right wing power. He was let go on "vacation," as he calls it, because he was ´too brilliant and devastating for the evil liberals´.

He was hired for two reasons; to act as a front for the rightwing Texas fascist nut fringe and to practice his homosexual skills inside the White House. If you expect me to believe that either his eager and well-connected sponsors or the vigilant Secret Service were totally unaware of Gannon´s ragingly gay websites, you ought to take a long walk on a very short pier.

He writes like a fifteen year old with hormone problems, looks like a chubby Mussolini and spends his time, and yours, informing what is left of his shattered world that he is still a force to reckon with and will soon make a triumphant return. This man is on opium. If he ever showed up at the door here, he would be arrested at best and shot dead at worst. No one even distantly connected with the Bush administration would dare have any public connection with him and if Gannon ever releases his red-hot self-proclaimed "inside journals," he would be dead within the day.

I can see the ´Post´ headlines now: "Controversial former White House Reporter Kills Self in Hotel Bathroom." Or, (more to the CIA´s style): "Freak Boating Accident Claims the life of Ex-White House Press Aide." You think I am being dramatic? Overreacting? If Gannon began to squeal on his former friends, they would be swept out of a very lucrative and powerful office in a wave of feminine frenzy from the Christian Right. If these pestilential nuisances ever got it into their tiny brains that Bush and his top people were gay, there would be such an uproar, the business over Clinton and the cigars would pale into insignificance. Mail to the Fag Palace from these nuts is beginning to sound ugly. Forlorn but desperate-to-believe writers are saying, "Oh, say it isn´t so!" while more pragmatic staffers are getting their pictures in the blatts hugging their wives and kids.

I want all of my readers to note that this subject, rampant and aggressive faggotry in the White House, will never see the light of day in any portion of the American media, print or television, unless, and until, Gannon or someone intimately involved, rats everyone else out.

The bosses pray to their little tin God that it will all go away, and it might, but if it doesn´t and gets legs, I will join Bill Frist in setting up a steam-operated Cat Torture Palace and become a Democrat.

You ask: Is this true? Yes, Virginia, it is true. Do you want dripping evidence pictured on the web? Hidden spy cam digital pictures mailed out to everyone on the Hill? Or the foreign media? This all reminds me of the time that Jimmy Carter´s son, Chip, was photographed and filmed wearing a dress at the annual Castro District Gay Pride Parade and the ensuing rush to hide it."

Lest your readers think I am homophobic, I am not. I know and am friendly with many gays and have no problem with any of them. As a Republican, however, I do have a serious problem with the homosexual activity inside the White House and the very serious security breaches it represents.

And, do not forget, that the Bush White House might turn tricks with a flabby Captain Bulldog but when the sun comes up, they rush around to suck the butts of the Christian Right by loudly condemning what they were pantingly practicing only a few hours before. This sort of hypocrisy will do terrible damage to the reputation of the Republican party and a large segment of the American population..

Unfortunately, the mainline American media is totally under control and would only print a brief article about any of this if Gannon "committed suicide" by shooting himself ten times in the head like the CIA-offed Salvadore Allende of Chile."

The Voice of the White House: Fudgepacking, Pillow Talk and High Treason - May 4, 2005:

Now that Gannon is back in the news and being laughed at by various media members, perhaps some concrete background information on Mr. Guckert might be in order. There is quite a file on him here in the Fag Palace that was here long before he had to quit when his male prostitution web site was exposed. It is interesting to note that the Secret Service knew all about Gannon yet allowed him free access to the White House on over 200 occasions, at least twelve of which were spent sleeping there. With whom is becoming very evident, and after we study his background, I have some most interesting material for your education and that of the media. However, the readership is not hopeless but the media certainly is.

In the following study, I will not publish Gannon/Guckert´s Social Security number, his bank accounts, his drivers´ license or passport numbers or his various addresses for the last five years. I personally consider this to be an invasion of privacy although the bombastic Gannon thrives on attention. After I have covered Guckert´s actual background, I will then discuss the matter of the greatest breach of U.S. national security since Jonathan Pollard´s escapades in giving a boxcar full of vital secrets to Israel.

James Dale Guckert was born in 1957. He is, as of this writing, 48 years old. He lived in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, went to high school there, graduated in 1975 and moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania where he attended West Chester College. James Guckert graduated in 1980 with a social sciences degree and a Pennsylvania teaching certificate. While in college, Guckert was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. For the next 20 years, Guckert held down a number of small time jobs as a landscaper and a brief stint as a temporary high school teacher. He operated mostly in the Wilmington, Delaware area and managed several liquor distributing companies. In late 1997 he came to work for Viva Vino, an Eddytown, Pa. wine importer, telling his new boss Levino Razzi that he had sold off a small distributing business of his own. He already had a substantial tax judgment against him, issued in Delaware the previous year, for over $20,000 and in 1999 he would be named in a lawsuit (with a company called Diamond State Distributors) over a two-year old automobile accident. When he left Viva Vino in 1998, Guckert went to work for Karmack, a West Chester truck body repair company.

From 1998 to 2001, Guckert was employed as an office manager at Karmack. When he resigned his position, he advised his co-workers that he was going to work in the Washington, D.C. area at an unspecified job. While in Pennsylvania, Guckert had also been involved as a team player on a gay Philadelphia softball team.

Although Gannon has often asserted that he had been a member of the U.S. Marines, a thorough check of the Personnel Management Support Branch of the Marine Corps located at Quantico, Virginia, disclosed that neither James Dale Guckert, or his alias, Jeff Gannon, had ever served in the United States Marine Corps. A further check with BUPERS of the United States Navy confirmed that neither Guckert nor Gannon had ever served in the U.S. Navy. Rather than ask if Guckert was in the Marine Corps, given his sexual proclivities, might it not be better to ask if the Marine Corps were ever in Guckert?

During his college years, Guckert developed a great interest in building Internet sites, assisting his fraternity brothers in constructing a site for them. Later, after Guckert had moved to Washington, he obtained professional assistance is setting up a male pornography site. This was operative in October of 1999 and was called ´´ which was designed to promote his entirely false background as ´U.S. Marine Corps/Part Time.´ As noted above, Guckert was never in the Marine Corps but proclaimed his membership repeatedly to his viewers. Using the pen name ´Bulldog´ (the bulldog is the mascot of the Marine Corps) this was billed as a ´hot male escort site owned by Bulldog.´ Because Guckert was not particularly conversant with computer techniques and had a very limited income, he was forced to link his pages to another, far more profitable site called This connection brought him more viewers but the initial had little more to offer than 30+ underexposed pictures of Guckers/Bulldog or his genitals. Guckert had been a body builder for some time but was not either overly endowed or well-defined so his business was marginal at best. Guckert later linked his personal [Censored] site to:,, and and added photo information on many other, and younger, models. While Guckert initially was homebased in Philadelphia, he later moved his operations to Washington, D.C. In his comments, posted on his personal site, Guckert now speaks of all of the sophisticated and powerful men who are his clients and who are, he says often enough, impressed with his insight and intelligence. The nice thing about praising yourself is that you can lay it on so thick and in just the right places.

Once he got settled inside the Beltway, Guckert changed his name to Jeff Gannon and became involved in the DC gay scene. Washington is filled with gays, many of them important political leaders, lobbyists, congressmen and their aides, members of the media and high-level bureaucrats.

Guckert then began his move into the conservative, Republican gay circles and on January 25, 2002, he set up the domain "" Guckert registered his new persona under the name of a non-existent ´J. Daniels´ and gave the address of a mail drop in Delaware only a few blocks from his former duplex.

Dressing up in the clothing of an arch conservative, the new Jim Gannon paraded his views, and his body, in front of the Washington gay crowd to some effect. His list of clients in his early hustling days is well known and will be the subject of a later study but suffice it to say, he became their protégé and was pushed forward with avidity. Gannon then was groomed at the so-called ´Leadership Institute´s School of Broadcast Journalism.´ The Leadership Institute, whose publicly stated mission is "to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative public policy leaders," was started in 1979 by longtime Republican Party faithful, Morton C. Blackwell. The institute currently claims to have trained more than 40,000 students in its quarter-century history, putting it at the center of a large network of right-wing activists, politicians, journalists and intellectuals. The Broadcast School, so-called, is merely a weekend seminar with a $50 registration fee: but the Institute sponsors training programs, and provides a variety of fellowships and paid, residential internships to its aspiring arch-conservative leaders.

It was through this organization that Gannon was brought to the attention of Eberle´s GOPUSA through the good services of a certain "Free Republic" group which ran a very conservative radio group called "Free Radio Network." This was initially funded by Robert Johnson, controller of the Domino´s Pizza Company. In August of 2002, the Leadership Institute, in conjunction with the Free Republic held a conference in Las Vegas and a number of Eberle´s "TalonNews" acolytes were in attendance. Subsequently, Gannon was allowed to host a "Radio Free Republic" webcast with one Chuck Muth who was listed as a Republican Party political consultant and a very prominent member of the Leadership Institute´s directorship. On November 12 of 2002, Gannon made his debut on the lower rungs of the Republican propaganda machine with a series of internet based op-ed pieces under the "Conservative Guy" (not Gay) byline.

Eberle had put on Gannon as a staffer, flown to DC for a breakfast meeting with Gannon and his supporters and Gannon was then put forward, and eagerly accepted by the White House Press Secretary, as the TalonNews representative to the White House press corps. The buff, "ex-Marine right wing intellectual writer" asked his first question at a White House press conference on February 28, 2002 and two years later, after many interesting adventures in the Fag Palace, was sacked, forever, because his seamy alter ego, The Bulldog, was exposed on the Internet.

Gannon, whom one can see from his current website, is certainly not an accomplished writer, was in constant attendance at the White House, easily given a Secret Service clearance and a very large number of Day Passes. He was known to the President and to many of his top aides and a disillusioned Secret Service man commented bitterly to me about the motivations clearly evident in the quick acceptance of the very shady Gannon into the inner circles of the White House. One of this agent´s comments, quoting a fictive Gannon personal remark to Bush, has a delightful implication and will be repeated: "Look, Mr. President, we need to get something straight between us."

Having covered the legitimate, if somewhat pathetic, background of James Guckert, aka ´Jim Gannon´, let us proceed to the much more serious matter of stolen top secret information.

Every day, in the late morning, the President receives what is known as the President´s Daily Briefing. (PDB) Until recently, this was given to him personally, at least while he was in Washington, by the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence.) This is a top secret paper that was initiated by the CIA in 1964 although it had produced private briefings for the President since Harry Truman set up the CIA in 1948 to keep him supplied with the intelligence input he felt he was systematically being denied to him by the Army.

The PDB ostensibly is to provide the President with current international intelligence data considered to be of specific interest that requires his attention and possible action. The PDB is put together by CIA specialists and very senior analysts every evening. They utilize data from the CIA´s Directorate of Intelligence staff. The initial preparation is completed late in the evening and then the next morning, prior to its delivery to the President, this preliminary report is supplemented by new operational material, often electronic intercepts, imagery or reports from human agents that come in each day. The draft is then taken to the Branch Chief, who then suggests possible "stories" that could or should be written. The Branch Chief in turn carries the proposal up the line where the potential stories are discussed and prioritized. Once the article is written, edited and approved by at least three other levels of managers, the piece is taken (or sent electronically) to the PDB staff. By 9:30am, no later, the analyst who is preparing the final document incorporates all of the agreed upon material and prepares his final draft prior to its submission to the President by the DCI.

It ought to be noted that the PDB is an information brief, the CIA´s equivalent of Headline News, not deliberative or pre-decisional or legal advice. Most of the time, Presidents really do not have much more or better substantive information than the rest of us about national security, and when they think they do, they´re often wrong. CIA´s Presidential Daily Briefings were "selling intelligence in order to keep its customers, or at least the First Customer, interested." Richard A. Clarke, the very effective security specialist at the White House (and later forced out because of his honesty and competence) has delivered a scathing assessment of Bush administration policy and personnel in his book, "Against All Enemies: Inside America´s War on Terror." Clarke portrays the president and his top aides as arrogant, insular and uninformed. A more accurate, or cogent, assessment could not have been made, especially to those who have to put up with the blind stupidity and fanaticism of the top levels of the current Bush administration.

The DCI has always viewed the PDB as of major importance in controlling the President´s views of intelligence matters and the CIA´s views upon it. However, when it became obvious to more than the Beltway trolls that Bush and his friends had deliberately lied about the WMD issue, like more moral bankrupts, they turned on the CIA for not supplying them with accurate information. This is, of course, typical political fecal matter because the CIA had indeed given Bush accurate information. Unfortunately for Geoge Tenet, the DCI, this information ran counter to Bush´s schemes and so not only was Tenet removed and replaced with a dimbulb hack, Porter Goss, many of the top CIA personnel were subsequently sacked for having dared to express opinions counter to the Imperial Will. The PDB preparation and presentation was abruptly taken away from the CIA and turned over to the more obedient and trustworthy John Negroponte. It seems that the PDB was not subject to any other agency including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the State Bureau of Intelligence and Research, or the National Security Agency.

Now, having filled you in on the PDB and Brother Gannon the Fudgepacker, lets look at what comes next on the menu. It seems that foreign informants told the CIA early in March of 2005, that very sensitive information had been, and was being, passed, by an American, to certain countries who were not friendly to the United States. Among these countries were North Korea and Pakistan. Although the President of Pakistan is ostensibly friendly to us, his intelligence agencies are not. They are far more sympathetic to the Muslim fundamentalists that infest their northern provinces than to the self-centered desires of Washington. Musharraf is living on borrowed time and if he falls from power, Pakistan, neighbor of Afghanistan and enemy of India, will most certainly go fundamentalist. Any chance the US might have of interdicting and destroying al Queda will go down the drain and there is a very strong probability that Pakistan will launch a nuclear war against their bitter rival India, probably over control of Kashmir.

At any rate, our CIA discovered, given its incompetence probably quite by accident, that not only these two unpleasant and potentially very dangerous entities have been getting top level inside US intelligence material, others have as well. The PDB was quickly identified as the source of the information because some of the contrived, or tarted up, news contained in it was included in the intercepts. Since the circulation of the PDB is very limited, it was relatively easy to ascertain the dates from which the stolen information was lifted. The investigation was basically twofold. The person, or persons, who were supplying our enemies with very sensitive material had to be located and then the source of this information had to be pinpointed.

It did not take a great deal of serious effort to discover that the man passing top secret American intelligence analysis to hostile countries was a man named Edward Joseph von Kloberg, III, 63, a political lobbyist from Washington, D.C. Von Kloberg, of Baltic German extraction, added the ´von´ to impress his clients some of whom included Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, the Burmese junta, Liberia´s Samuel Doe, and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. He also later represented the latter´s successor in the renamed Democratic Republic of Congo, Laurent Kabila, and Idi Amin. Further, and more important, von Kloberg had connections with the leadership of Pakistan and later, he was in close contact Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader, to whom he wrote in 2001, praising North Korea´s efforts to "reunite with the South" and "recognizing North Korea´s rightful seat among the community of nations."

Von Kloberg´s public relations "consultancy" thus served a client list which included most of the world´s mass murderers and worst dictatory, including many bitter enemies of the United States. He was intensly hated by the U.S. intelligence community.

Edward Joseph Kloberg III was born in New York on Jan. 9, 1942. He attended Princeton University and graduated from Rider College in 1965. He had a master´s degree in history from American University, which later hired him to be a fund-raiser and then an administrator until 1982, when he entered public relations. His firm became the public relations outfit of choice for many leaders who were on their way to becoming outlaws.

Mr. von Kloberg ran an organization called Washington World Group and earned huge fees from the assorted potentates and pariahs he repres

[Edited on 8-5-2005 by starduster]

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 12:52 pm 
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Brit Memo Shows Bush
Manipulated Intel
To Attack Iraq
By Warren P. Strobel and John Walcott
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - A highly classified British memo, leaked in the midst of Britain´s just-concluded election campaign, indicates that President Bush decided to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by summer 2002 and was determined to ensure that US intelligence data supported his policy.

The document, which summarizes a July 23, 2002, meeting of British Prime Minister Tony Blair with his top security advisers, reports on a visit to Washington by the head of Britain´s MI-6 intelligence service. The visit took place while the Bush administration was still declaring to the American public that no decision had been made to go to war.

"There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable," the MI-6 chief said at the meeting, according to the memo. "Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD," weapons of mass destruction.

The memo said "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." NO weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq since the U.S. invasion in March 2003. The White House has repeatedly denied accusations made by several top foreign officials that it manipulated intelligence estimates to justify an invasion of Iraq.

It has instead pointed to the conclusions of two studies, one by the Senate Intelligence Committee and one by a presidentially appointed panel, that cite serious failures by the CIA and other agencies in judging Saddam´s weapons programs. The principal U.S. intelligence analysis, called a National Intelligence Estimate, wasn´t completed until October 2002, well after the United States and United Kingdom had apparently decided military force should be used to overthrow Saddam´s regime.

The newly disclosed memo, which was first reported by the Sunday Times of London, hasn´t been disavowed by the British government. A spokesman for the British Embassy in Washington referred queries to another official, who didn´t return calls for comment on Thursday.

A former senior U.S. official called it "an absolutely accurate description of what transpired" during the senior British intelligence officer´s visit to Washington. He spoke on condition of anonymity. A White House official said the administration wouldn´t comment on leaked British documents.

In July 2002, and well afterward, top Bush administration foreign policy advisers were insisting that "there are no plans to attack Iraq on the president´s desk."

But the memo quotes British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, a close colleague of then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, as saying that "Bush had made up his mind to take military action."

Straw is quoted as having his doubts about the Iraqi threat.

"But the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbors, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran," the memo reported he said.

Straw reportedly proposed that Saddam be given an ultimatum to readmit United Nations weapons inspectors, which could help justify the eventual use of force. Powell in August 2002 persuaded Bush to make the case against Saddam at the United Nations and to push for renewed weapons inspections.

But there were deep divisions within the White House over that course of action. The British document says that the National Security Council, then led by Condoleezza Rice, "had no patience with the U.N. route."

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, is circulating a letter among fellow Democrats asking Bush for an explanation of the document´s charges, an aide said.

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" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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[b]Astrologer to sue NASA over comet plans[/b]

A Russian court has ruled that an astrologer can proceed with a lawsuit against the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for its plans to bombard a comet.

The astrologer claims the destruction of the comet would "disrupt the natural balance of the universe."

Marina Bai's case was thrown out of a lower court because Russia has no jurisdiction over NASA, but the ruling was overturned when her lawyer, Alexandra Molokhova, was able to show that the agency's office in the US Embassy in Moscow does fall under Russian jurisdiction.

Ms Bai seeks a ruling that will restrict NASA in its plans to annihilate a section of the Tempel 1 comet, in a project that has been dubbed Deep Impact, as well as punitive damages of $US300 million.

"My client believes that the NASA project infringes upon her spiritual and life values as well as the natural life of the cosmos and would disrupt the natural balance of forces in the universe," her lawyer said.

The lawyer says Tempel 1 has sentimental value to Ms Bai because her grandparents met when her grandfather pointed the comet out to his future wife.

In a $US279 million project, NASA in January launched the Deep Impact spacecraft.

It will travel to the comet and release an impactor - a 370-kilogram self-guided mass - on July 4, which is expected to create a crater that could be as large as a football stadium.

Scientists believe that the exposed material from the resulting crater will yield clues to the formation of the solar system and provide important information on altering the course of comets or asteroids on a collision course with earth.

Effects of the collision will be visible from earth with an amateur telescope

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA´s Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials.

About $20 million has been tentatively budgeted to relocate employees of the CIA´s National Resources Division, officials said. A U.S. intelligence official said the planned move, confirmed by three other government officials, was being undertaken "for operational reasons."

A CIA spokesman declined to comment. Other current and former intelligence officials said the Denver relocation reflects the desire of CIA Director Porter J. Goss to develop new ways to operate under cover, including setting up more front corporations and working closer with established international firms.

Associates of Goss said yesterday that the move was also in keeping with his desire to stop the growth of CIA headquarters and headquarters-based group-think, something he criticized frequently when he was chairman of the House intelligence committee.

Other CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver´s relative distance from major corporate centers. "Why would you go so far away?" one asked. "They will get disconnected."

The main function of the domestic division, which has stations in many major U.S. cities, is to conduct voluntary debriefings of U.S. citizens who travel overseas for work or to visit relatives, and to recruit foreign students, diplomats and businesspeople to become CIA assets when they return to their countries. It was unclear how many CIA employees would relocate to Denver under the plan.

Although collecting information on U.S. citizens under suspicion for terrorist links is primarily an FBI function, the CIA may also collect information on citizens under limited circumstances, according to a 1981 executive order. The exact guidelines for those operations are spelled out in a classified document signed by the CIA director and approved by the attorney general.

The Denver move, which is tentatively scheduled for next year but has not been finalized, coincides with several other developments related to the CIA´s domestic intelligence work.

Last week, the CIA and FBI agreed to a new "memorandum of understanding" on domestic and foreign operations, the first change in decades. The negotiations surrounding the memo were highly contentious, with the FBI saying that it should control and approve the CIA´s domestic activities, including its pool of U.S.-based assets that have been invaluable in the past to understanding the intentions of foreign nations and groups.

But the FBI is having significant problems developing its own domestic intelligence branch and the CIA is generally viewed across the intelligence community as more experienced and skilled at handling foreign informants who eventually return abroad, where the CIA has the lead in intelligence gathering and operations.

Both the CIA and FBI are trying to deepen their outreach to U.S. research and academic institutions and to private subcontractors working on major government contracts abroad.

Originally, the FBI also pressed to have the bureau disseminate all intelligence reports from sources -- foreigners or U.S. citizens -- living in the United States. It was undercut, however, by the fact that the bureau routinely falls behind in issuing counterterrorism reports and, at the time of the most heated negotiations, in December, the FBI had a backlog of more than 100 reports it had not distributed.

In response to questions this week about the new agreement, the FBI and CIA issued a joint statement to The Washington Post. "The FBI and CIA are committed to effective, joint operations to safeguard our nation," it says. "To that end, we are completing work on a memorandum of understanding that will codify our joint operating principals. We are pleased with both the process and the outcome and we recognize that our joint efforts will enhance national security."

Under the agreement, the CIA must coordinate its operations with the FBI. The CIA´s domestic division has agreed to provide the FBI with more information about its operations and debriefings. One goal of updating the memo was to ensure that the two agencies were not working at cross purposes and were aware if one or the other had already recruited or debriefed someone.

It is unclear how a move to Denver would increase the effectiveness of the domestic division´s operations, said several former intelligence officials.

Colorado has become a major intelligence hub since Sept. 11, 2001.

The Denver suburb of Aurora is home to the little-known Aerospace Data Facility. Located inside Buckley Air Force Base, it has become the major U.S.-based technical downlink for intelligence satellites operated by the military, the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, according to military and government documents obtained by William Arkin, author of "Code Names," a book about secret military plans and programs.

About 70 miles away, the U.S. Northern Command, based at Peterson Air Force Base, in Colorado Springs, is tasked with homeland defense and has been increasing its domestic intelligence work.

It could not be learned whether the CIA´s Denver plans are linked to the presence of either facility.

background story here:

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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Hi Carollyn,
I finally got my password to work
How ya doin ? Are you feeling better...?
Been busy here in training for a new job...gotta come out of retirement as
I hadn't planned on economic takeover of nation...
been following "Voice of the Whitehouse" for sometime...makes me laugh!!


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yes, well it makes my staunch Republican dad, furious...and me as well when he dismisses "documentation" and insists that he is getting both sides of the story on fox

It is great to see you here...and I appreciate your, not better just more optomistic...thanks to all the new materials...that seem to soothe my little well as my complete BEing...I find I have learned to accept my part of the program I designed...and trust that some good will come of it...I definately see a LIGHT at the end of this tunnel.

sorry about your short retirement...where did you find a job...ha ha? You were too young to withdraw from the working force... they NEED stear them in the right direction...and inspire them to make a difference.

"no rest for the wicked...";)

welcome HOME!

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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Here is a list of the stories you will never see on TV...from last year. If you click on the link, you can read the entire story...the sleeper awakens.
Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

#1: Wealth Inequality in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy

#2: Ashcroft vs. the Human Rights Law that Holds Corporations Accountable

#3: Bush Administration Censors Science

#4: High Levels of Uranium Found in Troops and Civilians

#5: The Wholesale Giveaway of Our Natural Resources

#6: The Sale of Electoral Politics

#7: Conservative Organization Drives Judicial Appointments

#8: Cheney's Energy Task Force and The Energy Policy

#9: Widow Brings RICO Case Against U.S. government for 9/11

#10: New Nuke Plants: Taxpayers Support, Industry Profits

#11: The Media Can Legally Lie

#12: The Destabilization of Haiti

#13: Schwarzenegger Met with Enron's Ken Lay Years Before the California Recall

#14: New Bill Threatens Intellectual Freedom in Area Studies

#15: U.S. Develops Lethal New Viruses

#16: Law Enforcement Agencies Spy on Innocent Citizens

#17: U.S. Government Represses Labor Unions in Iraq in Quest for Business Privatization

#18: Media and Government Ignore Dwindling Oil Supplies

#19: Global Food Cartel Fast Becoming the World's Supermarket

#20: Extreme Weather Prompts New Warning from UN

#21: Forcing a World Market for GMOs

#22: Censoring Iraq

#23: Brazil Holds Back in FTAA Talks, But Provides Little Comfort for the Poor of South America

#24: Reinstating the Draft

#25: Wal-Mart Brings Inequality and Low Prices to the World ... index.html

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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May 10, 2005

United States Institutes New Laws to Control Citizens Movements as Massive Movements to Underground Facilities Begin Ahead of Drastic Global Changes

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Disturbing news has reached us today that confirm the Axis Power United States intentions to put their entire society under total subjugation, and as we can read from this report by one of their own resistance lawmakers Dr. Ron Paul titled "National ID Cards Won´t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration" and which says;

"Within two years every American will need a conforming national ID card to participate in ordinary activities. This REAL ID Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated database of highly personal information about American citizens: at a minimum their name, date of birth, place of residence, Social Security number, and physical characteristics. The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information, or radio frequency technology.

Think this sounds farfetched? Read the REAL ID Act, HR 418, for yourself. Its text is available on the Library of Congress website. Proponents of the REAL ID Act continue to make the preposterous claim that the bill does not establish a national ID card. This is dangerous and insulting nonsense. Let’s get the facts straight: The REAL ID Act transforms state motor vehicle departments into agents of the federal government. Nationalizing standards for driver´s licenses and birth certificates in a federal bill creates a national ID system, pure and simple. Having the name of your particular state on the ID is meaningless window dressing."

Coinciding with these new laws of suppression are reports from Russian Intelligence Analysts stating that the United States Military Authorities are continuing their efforts to construct the worlds largest system of concentration camps, and as we can read as reported by the Online News Service in their article titled "Rumsfeld´s mystery contingency operations" and which says, "According to the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) database, the Department of Defense´s US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded just over 29,000 contracts since at least October of 2003. A review of 2,000 of those contracts shows that awards go to the usual suspects like SAIC, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Some go to unusual suspects like Columbia TriStar pictures and Time Warner for movie and video distribution services.

Within that batch of 2,000 contracts are approximately 50 mentions of a "classified domestic contractor" and a "classified foreign contractor" operating at 18th & F Street, NW, Washington, DC. Tallying up the numbers, it turns out that these two contractors have received approximately $100 million for contingency operations in amounts ranging from $17,000 to $25 million (USD). The bulk of the money has been let to the classified domestic contractor (the foreign contractor is based in the United Kingdom). At least 296 actions (awards, transfer of funds) have taken place on the contract and there have been at least 17 modifications. The contract is consistently extended and will run to at least September 2006."

"According to FPDS, the effort operates under the guidelines established in 10 USC 101(a)(13). That section of the US Code states the following: (13) The term "contingency operation" means a military operation that—(A) is designated by the Secretary of Defense as an operation in which members of the armed forces are or may become involved in military actions, operations, or hostilities against an enemy of the United States or against an opposing military force; or (B) results in the call or order to, or retention on, active duty of members of the uniformed services under Section 688, 12301 (a), 12302, 12304, 12305, or 12406 of this title, chapter 15 of this title, or any other provision of law during a war or during a national emergency declared by the President or Congress. The Defense Systems Information Agency, National Capitol Area (DISA-NCA) has also funded the effort under the ominous heading "other justice, public order, safety act."

To these new United States laws from this article of “other justice, public order, safety act”, and to where these hundreds of millions of dollars have gone, it is no secret that the Axis Powers have been in the process of creating for use against their American citizens the largest private army ever known in history, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their report titled “Security Firms Form World´s Largest Private ´Army´", and which says, "The demand for a private security force in Iraq has increased since the war ended, said officials with the CPA, the U.S.-led authority that is running the occupation of Iraq. There are about 20,000 private security contractors in Iraq now, including Americans, Iraqis and other foreigners. That number is expected to grow to 30,000 in the near future when the U.S. troop presence is drawn down after the June 30 handover to Iraqi authorities. The presence of so many armed security contractors in a hot combat zone is unprecedented in U.S. history, according to government officials and industry experts."

The necessity for these controls being put upon the American peoples is the likelihood of their revolting when the true facts of their Military Leaders plans to protect only themselves from the coming cataclysms of violent earth changes and global war are unleashed upon the world, and from their own research that has shown that the majority of their own military forces would not fire upon their fellow citizens. As more of the ordinary soldiers of the Axis Power are removed from the United States and put overseas, more and more of these ‘private’ soldiers are being placed around the United States.

In our February 3ed report titled "Russian Military Movements towards Protected Areas Beginning" we had also stated, "Catastrophic worldwide weather chaos coupled with Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov’s sudden visit to our Siberian military district are serving today as a warning for the start of immediate preparations for more severe chaotic events to come shortly it now appears. Military activity has increased to a level not seen in decades and many high level military officials have been leaving our region by aircraft bound for the great underground city beneath Yamantau Gora Mountain it is also being reported. Much frantic activity is also being seen with many thousands of animals migrating towards the interior spaces between our mountains and leaving costal areas with much speed."

Today we have received word that the Americans are now likewise preparing for their long planned underground evacuation, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver" and which says, "The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA´s Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials."

But not for the purpose to ‘promote innovation’ are these highly trained CIA Domestic Forces, but rather for the controlling of selected peoples into the vast underground city located under the Denver International Airport are they truly for. Very few of the American peoples are even aware that the true purpose of this Denver Airport is for the protection of their Military Leaders and their countries elite, and as many American Resistance organizations have tried to warn their fellow citizens about, and as we can read as reported by one of the many websites reporting on these events;

"Well, the gentleman that I was dealing with, Phil Schneider, said that during the last year of construction they were connecting the underground airport system to the deep underground base. He told me that there was at least an eight- level deep underground base there, and that there was a 4.5 square mile underground city and an 88.5 square-mile base underneath the airport. It is very unusual that they would allot a 50 square-mile area on the surface at which to locate an airport in the middle of nowhere unless they really planned to use it for something very unusual later.

There is a 10-mile, 4-line highway out to this airport, and there is nothing out there in between the airport and Denver. Not even a service station, at least in September 1995. The people in Denver are really upset with the fact that this airport went in the way it did. There was this fellow who wrote a book in which he made the statement that they had a copy of an audio tape on which a Denver city official was talking with people from the CIA, and that he was paid 1.5 million dollars to allow the "airport" to be built, no matter what it took. It appears that there was a lot more interest in getting the airport built from just officials in the Denver area. They plan on using this facility for something else other than just landing planes."

So drastic have the conditions on earth become that even the much controlled Western Media are not even to keep from their peoples anymore the severity of the cataclysms we are facing, and as we can read from many of their news sources from just these past few days alone:

"Scientists from Cambridge University have confirmed that the Gulf Stream is weakening, and this is likely to bring much colder temperatures to Europe within a few years. The weakening is significant: the Gulf Stream is flowing at a quarter of the strength that was present five years ago."

"More sunlight is reaching the Earth´s surface than it was 15 years ago, scientists reveal today. American researchers say there has been a four per cent rise in the amount of solar radiation reaching the planet´s surface since 1990."

"A global wave of death and disease may be gathering in Asia, and America’s only defense is 2.3 million doses of anti-influenza medication."

"The Yellowstone caldera has been classified a high threat for volcanic eruption, according to a report from the U.S. Geological Survey. Yellowstone ranks 21st most dangerous of the 169 volcano centers in the United States, according to the Geological Survey´s first-ever comprehensive review of the nation´s volcanoes."

"The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has appeared early this year, leading some scientists to predict more marine life in more areas will die this summer."

What is even more astounding then these rapidly occurring events are the reactions towards them by these Western peoples, which is to continue to do nothing to protect themselves, disbelieve all who are trying to warn them, allow their Military and Elite Leaders to protect themselves and continue their lives as if by their ignoring these things that they will all go away.

Like children they behave, like children they are led by their cruel and barbaric masters. But like sheep to the slaughter houses are they soon to know the feelings of it is sad to say.

© May 10, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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Feds´ weather information could go dark
By Robert P. King
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, April 21, 2005

Do you want a seven-day weather forecast for your ZIP code? Or hour-by-hour predictions of the temperature, wind speed, humidity and chance of rain? Or weather data beamed to your cellphone?
That information is available for free from the National Weather Service.
But under a bill pending in the U.S. Senate, it might all disappear.
The bill, introduced last week by Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., would prohibit federal meteorologists from competing with companies such as AccuWeather and The Weather Channel, which offer their own forecasts through paid services and free ad-supported Web sites.
Supporters say the bill wouldn´t hamper the weather service or the National Hurricane Center from alerting the public to hazards — in fact, it exempts forecasts meant to protect "life and property."
But critics say the bill´s wording is so vague they can´t tell exactly what it would ban.
"I believe I´ve paid for that data once. ... I don´t want to have to pay for it again," said Scott Bradner, a technical consultant at Harvard University.
He says that as he reads the bill, a vast amount of federal weather data would be forced offline.
"The National Weather Service Web site would have to go away," Bradner said. "What would be permitted under this bill is not clear — it doesn´t say. Even including hurricanes."
Nelson questions intention
The decision of what information to remove would be up to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez — possibly followed, in the event of legal challenges, by a federal judge.
A spokesman for Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., said the bill threatens to push the weather service back to a "pre-Internet era" — a questionable move in light of the four hurricanes that struck the state last year. Nelson serves on the Senate Commerce Committee, which has been assigned to consider the bill.
"The weather service proved so instrumental and popular and helpful in the wake of the hurricanes. How can you make an argument that we should pull it off the Net now?" said Nelson´s spokesman, Dan McLaughlin. "What are you going to do, charge hurricane victims to go online, or give them a pop-up ad?"
But Barry Myers, AccuWeather´s executive vice president, said the bill would improve public safety by making the weather service devote its efforts to hurricanes, tsunamis and other dangers, rather than duplicating products already available from the private sector.
"The National Weather Service has not focused on what its core mission should be, which is protecting other people´s lives and property," said Myers, whose company is based in State College, Pa. Instead, he said, "It spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year, every day, producing forecasts of ´warm and sunny.´"
Santorum made similar arguments April 14 when introducing his bill. He also said expanded federal services threaten the livelihoods of private weather companies.
"It is not an easy prospect for a business to attract advertisers, subscribers or investors when the government is providing similar products and services for free," Santorum said.
AccuWeather has been an especially vocal critic of the weather service and its parent agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
The company has accused the federal agencies of withholding data on hurricanes and other hazards, and failing to ensure that employees don´t feed upcoming forecasts to favored investors in farming and energy markets.
Weather service expands data
The rivalry intensified last year, when NOAA shelved a 1991 policy that had barred the weather agency from offering services that private industry could provide.
Also last year, the weather service began offering much of its raw data on the Internet in an easily digestible format, allowing entrepreneurs and hobbyists to write simple programs to retrieve the information. At the same time, the weather service´s own Web pages have become increasingly sophisticated.
Combined, the trends threaten AccuWeather´s business of providing detailed weather reports based on an array of government and private data. AccuWeather´s 15,000 customers include The Palm Beach Post, which uses the company´s hurricane forecast maps on its Web site,
NOAA has taken no position on the bill. But Ed Johnson, the weather service´s director of strategic planning and policy, said his agency is expanding its online offerings to serve the public.
"If someone claims that our core mission is just warning the public of hazardous conditions, that´s really impossible unless we forecast the weather all the time," Johnson said. "You don´t just plug in your clock when you want to know what time it is."
Myers argued that nearly all consumers get their weather information for free through commercial providers, including the news media, so there´s little reason for the federal agency to duplicate their efforts.
"Do you really need that from the NOAA Web site?" he asked.
But some weather fans, such as Bradner, say they prefer the federal site´s ad-free format.
Another supporter of the weather service´s efforts, Tallahassee database analyst John Simpson, said the plethora of free data becoming available could eventually fuel a new industry of small and emerging companies that would repackage the information for public consumption. He said a similar explosion occurred in the 1990s, when corporations´ federal securities filings became freely available on the Web.
Shutting off the information flow would stifle that innovation and solidify the major weather companies´ hold on the market, Simpson said.
Santorum´s bill also would require the weather service to provide "simultaneous and equal access" to its information.
That would prevent weather service employees from favoring some news outlets over others, which Santorum and Myers said has happened in some markets. But it also could end the common practice of giving one-on-one interviews to individual reporters who have questions about storms, droughts or other weather patterns.
"What we want is to make sure that whatever information is provided to one source is provided to all," Myers said.
But Johnson said it´s importanst to answer reporters´ questions so the public receives accurate information — especially when lives are at stake.
"We are not interested in turning off our telephones," Johnson said. "I would be concerned that that would actually be dangerous."

Find this article at: ... _0421.html

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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The 4 Derivative U.S. Dictators: Secrets of The Plunge Protection Team

May 5, 2005
World Vision Portal Forum

There are just four people who control all of the U.S. markets through their use of dangerous and explosive DERIVATIVES. They are risking the assets and retirement funds of all Americans. Because of their manipulations, especially since 2001, U.S. financial markets are now based on the gambling whims of a special fraternity of Federal Government DERIVATIVE dealers.

This group is known among Wall Street as the Plunge Protection Team (PPT). Their "official" role was to prevent another 1987 "Black Monday". They have the entire U.S. Treasury at their disposal to manipulate the markets through DERIVATIVES (futures options). In other words, they are using the assets behind the U.S. Treasury to rig the prices of commodites (gold, currencies, etc.) and stocks.

This fraternity comprises of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the heads of the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Association. It works closely with all the U.S. exchanges and Wall Street banks, including the largest DERIVATIVE risk holders Citibank and JP Morgan Chase.

Few people are aware of Executive Order 12631 signed by Ronald Reagan on March 18, 1988. In a nut shell, this is the "authority" behind the four dictators and the [sic] "laws" and "regulations" that have backed their casino-style DERIVATIVE gambling spree since 2001. Here are some highlights of this Executive Order to ponder:

Executive Order 12631 - Working Group on Financial Markets - Mar. 18, 1988; 53 FR 9421, 3 CFR, 1988 Comp., p. 559.

"By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, and in order to establish a Working Group on Financial Markets, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment. (a) There is hereby established a Working Group on Financial Markets (Working Group). The Working Group shall be composed of:

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury, or his designee;
(2) the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, or his designee;
(3) the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, or his designee; and
(4) the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or her designee.

Section 2. Purposes and Functions. (a) Recognizing the goals of enhancing the integrity, efficiency, orderliness, and competitiveness of our Nation´s financial markets and maintaining investor confidence, the Working Group shall identify and consider:

(2) the actions, including governmental actions under existing laws and regulations (such as policy coordination and contingency planning), that are appropriate to carry out these recommendations.

(b) The Working Group shall consult, as appropriate, with representatives of the various exchanges, clearinghouses, self-regulatory bodies, and with major market participants to determine private sector solutions wherever possible.

Section 3. Administration. (c) To the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of funds therefore, the Department of the Treasury shall provide the Working Group with such administrative and support services as may be necessary for the performance of its functions."

Get out of the markets before the inflated DERIVATIVE bubble bursts

The pre-911 U.S. markets showed an astounding - yet confounding and puzzling - rise for the 4 months proceeding 911. The U.S. media dubbed it a "patriotic rally". The European Press called it a "PPT [Plunge Protection Team] rally". Obviously, the U.S. markets were manipulated and rigged to an inflated value in advance of the 911 disaster. Was this a coordinated measure in anticipation of what was to come? Only The Powers That Be can answer that question directly.

Since 911, there have been at least three major long-term stock market rallies. In all 3 instances, when the markets opened all the indexes began to quickly plunge. In each incidence, by early afternoon the markets were brought back from the brink of collapse to the surprise of everyone, including historical analysts.

An event that should have sent markets spiraling downward was the Enron, et al, unprecedented corporate accounting scandals. Yet despite this, an unprecedented accross-the-board markets rally began on July 24, 2002. Once again, the European Press called it a "PPT rally".

Outside the U.S., it´s no secret who is behind these secretive "no-name" purchases of high risk DERIVATIVE gambling wagers:

On September 16th, 2001, The Guardian reported "that a secretive committee... dubbed ´the plunge protection team´... is ready to coordinate intervention by the Federal Reserve on an unprecedented scale. The Fed, supported by the banks, will buy equities from mutual funds and other institutional sellers... "

On Feb 21, 2002, the Financial Times featured an article about Japan´s Stock Buying Body. The article stated that "...government backed equity markets, as Japan has recently become aware, do not work... Plunge protecting the world´s markets may be a hazardous pursuit."

In each of these occurances, a large "no-name" buyer in the futures market secretly plunged in and bought up massive quantities of DERIVATIVES through banking groups such as JP Morgan. These were completely reckless gambling bets that the futures index [S&P] would rise even though it was obvious that it was going to fall. Because such a large amount of money was wagered on the S&P´s rise, in each instance, it reversed the market´s free-fall.

At the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Jan 29-30, 2002, the Federal Reserve System (Greenspan) openly discussed the use of "unconventional methods" to stimulate the economy. Recently, the Financial Times of London quoted an anonymous U.S. Fed official who stated that one of the extraordinary measures "considered" in January 2004 was "buying U.S. equities".

These gambling interventions by the "Four Financial Dictators" have successfully brought the markets back each time... despite the inflated financial realities that existed. The purchase of these gambling DERIVATIVES at a great loss have transformed each market crisis into a rally. By manipulating the markets in this way, they have further inflated the highly overvalued market indexes.

Perhaps Americans can now understand why the major U.S. banks, such as JP Morgan, are holding TRILLIONS of gambling derivatives on their books as the PPT group of four use them to rig the markets. Sooner or later, these market "fixes" will no longer hold the bubble from bursting.

Thus, we have witnessed the creation and growth of the financial bubble that is on the brink of explosion... and we know who rigs and controls the markets to create this inflated bubble of gambling debt.

Paper Stocks Rise as Metals Loose - PTT Rigging is Obvious

In the same motus opperandi, the PPT group of 4 are currently buying metals futures (DERIVATIVES) in great amounts on the New York and Chicago exchanges. For the past two weeks, they have created a loss in silver and gold indexes by purchasing (at U.S. taxpayer´s expense) large gambling bets (derivatives) against the true value of intrinsic metals.

The result is that they have rigged the value of metals to discourage investors from purchasing gold and silver instead of U.S. Federal Reserve Notes. This is a measure by the PPT to plug a large hole in the bursting dam of the financial bubble, but even Hans Brinker cannot stop this leak.

The bottom line? Stick with history and prepare for the financial explosion. When the bubble deflates and pops, economic deflation will control our daily lives. The PPT cannot continue to spend what it doesn´t have. The retirement funds they are "borrowing" from are already exhausted. Get yourself some gold and silver... it will buy your bread to survive in the coming future... while paper Federal Reserve Notes will burn in your furnace to heat your homes.

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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"Today, we have hit an amazing milestone — somewhere in the northern hemisphere, a farmer has planted the one billionth acre of seed containing biotech traits," Tom West, vice president of biotechnology affairs for Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., said in a statement Monday.

West said biotech crops are one of the greatest technological advances in the history of agriculture.

Such crops have been at the center of heated debate between environmentalists, who worry they're not safe for the land or human consumption, and industry organizations, that say biotech crops reduce the use of pesticides and other farm chemicals.

Rich Leopold, executive director of the Iowa Environmental Council, said biotech crops need public oversight and monitoring, including more study of their effect on the environment.

Stephen Howell, director of the Plant Sciences Institute at Iowa State University, said many biotech crops already have withstood safety tests.

"Certainly, the ones that have been out there and have been planted and grown for long periods of time, they have stood the test of time in that they have been widely consumed," he said.

Howell said about 85 percent of soybeans and 45 percent of corn planted in the United States in 2004 were biotech crops, with Monday's achievement further illustrating the rate of the adoption has been "much faster than anyone anticipated."

Gordon Wassenaar, 69, of Prairie City, farms about 750 acres of soybeans and about 500 acres of corn.

All of his soybeans are biotech crops, and his corn is grown from about three-fourths biotech seed. He said he's used the biotech crops for years now and they've saved on cost, cutting down the use of farm chemicals, and saved some on the work because less spraying is required.

"We're pleased," he said. "No complaints at all."

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas winter wheat crop is holding its own despite spotty late-spring freezes, drought and disease all taking a bite out of its bounty, the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service said.

In its weekly crop weather report, the service downgraded the overall condition of the crop compared with a week ago. But the wheat is still faring far better than it did at this time during the last drought-plagued growing season.

The service rated 13 percent of the crop excellent, while 51 was pegged as good. Another 28 percent was in fair condition. Only 8 percent of the crop was rated poor or very poor. A year ago at this time, 36 percent of the crop was rated poor or very poor.

The latest report, released Monday, indicated that 60 percent of the wheat crop escaped freeze damage. About 30 percent had only light freeze damage, another 9 percent showed moderate freeze damage and 1 percent showed severe damage.

Crops in north-central and northeast Kansas were more likely to be hurt by the late freezes than other parts of the state, said Jim Shroyer, Kansas State Extension wheat specialist. ... rm_scene_3

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Washington hit by security alert
The White House and the Congress building were briefly evacuated when a light aircraft entered the no-fly zone over Washington DC.
Staff were seen running out of the Capitol, after the alert was given just before noon (1600GMT) on Wednesday.

Staff in the Treasury and the Supreme Court were also moved to safety. They were allowed to return shortly after.

The plane was within three miles (5km) of the White House when it was forced to turned back.

President George W Bush was not in the White House at the time.

Warning flares

The aircraft, a two-seater Cessna 150 with a top speed of about 100mph (160km/h) appeared on radar at 1128 local time (1528 GMT).

Air traffic control tried to contact the pilot when the plane was 25 miles (40km) west of Capitol Hill.

At 1155 US Customs launched at least one Black Hawk helicopter to intercept the aircraft, which is registered to an air club in Pennsylvania.

Five minutes later, two military F-16s jets fired four warning flares when the Cessna's pilot did not respond to radio calls.

The light aircraft was within three miles of the White House when it started to move away, escorted by fighter jets.

By 1237 the aircraft had landed in neighbouring Maryland.

A pilot and a student pilot aboard the Cessna - identified as Jim Sheaffer and Troy Martin - were later questioned by the FBI and the Secret Service.

The two men were later released without charges, reports said.

Their intrusion appeared to have been accidental, as they were flying to an air show.

The colour-coded terror alert was raised from orange to red and then lowered when the plane was diverted, the White House said.

'I ran'

As the alarm was raised, armed security officers raced through the Capitol shouting for people to leave.

"This is not a drill," guards shouted as they moved people away from the building.

Senator Richard Shelby was on the Senate floor when police told him to evacuate the building.

"They said get out of here, so I ran," he told the AP news agency. "There's no joking about this kind of stuff."

President Bush was away from the White House at the time, exercising on his bicycle.

But Vice-President **** Cheney - who was present - was taken to a safer location.

Airspace over Washington DC is restricted in a radius of more than 30 miles (48km) from the US Capitol building.

A new laser system is in place to warn pilots if they enter the airspace without the appropriate identification.

Story from BBC NEWS: ... 538019.stm

Published: 2005/05/12 01:35:59 GMT

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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Here is one item I heard on the radio a few days ago, on wWisconsin Public Radio. I have tried to find the show it was on, but couldn't. (They archive all their shows in audio.)

A guest (for the life of me, I cannot remember if it was a man or woman) was talking about how the violent crime rate dropped in the 1990s - by about half - and how there had been all kinds of efforts to explain the phenomenon, but to no avail. But then someone had thrown out a seemingly unrelated fact that had the guest thinking that there might be something to it.

What was the fact? [b]Roe v Wade[/b]

The guest ran off the possible expanation thus:

1. Roe v Wade legalized abortions in the early 1970s.

2. The women most likely to get abortions, and those who got the most, were also the ones most likely to raise prison inmates.

3. The time period when those not-born offspring would have reached the age to start their lives of crime was, you guessed it - the 1990s.

Now, some of you may think that that is pretty loose logic. It may be.

However, I grew up in a lower-class blue-collar town. I grew up in a neighborhood where kids were totally accidents. This was when women who didn't keep their knees together kept popping out Papal donations to the world population. I will tell you that mosat of the kids I knew were accidents - and they KNEW it. Their parents didn't give a hoot about how they were raised. They were basically left to fend for themselves from a very tender age. (To this day, I still think I raised myself from the age of 12, after having been raised by my older sisters, who never got to enjoy their teen years, for all the babysitting they were forced to do for free). While the kids rambled around, looking for adventure, the parents sat around drinking coffee during the daytime, and beer in the evenings (real booze was pretty rare, and wine was only for bums and rich people), all the while smoking cigarettes like there was no tomorrow.

My take on it even THEN was that these women (and men) were unfit parents, and they never should have EVER had children. If possible, I would have supported them not being ALLOWED to have children. Their children were growing up crippled, and it was because of the parenting they were (not) doing. I know, I hung around with those kids. How I ever managed to get out of that, I don't really know; it would have been easy to end up like them.

When Roe v Wade occured, I was overjoyed, because NOW, I thought, those socially and behaviourly and emotionally crippled humans would stop being born. I thought that the overall quality of people in the world would improve. (I never figured on how the Christians were messing up THEIR kids even MORE.) By then I had adopted reincarnation as my religious thought of choice, so I thought (as I do now) that stopping a birth does no damage to anyone: the souls could simply incarnate later in other bodies - and hopefully to better parents!

But, maybe I was right about those kids that never were born. The decline in violent crime came from SOMETHING.

As a reporter from the field of battle on this one, I think that this is as good an explanation as any.

. . . . TD

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Rudyard Kipling


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I think that logic is skewed. The majority of women having abortions are not thos careless people you describe. They have money and a lifestyle that a child would change, or they are young daughters of middle class or upper class who want their daughters to have a better life or are afraid of what the neighbors will think. Unless they could find a free clinic most of the people you describe would not have an abortion. I also don't beleive that crime went down everywhere in the 90's [maybe just in samll towns?]. Where I have lived that is when police departments started buying swat teams and crime has gone up exponentially to how much more money and equipment a police department has aquired.

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[quote][i]Originally posted by Resonance[/i]
I think that logic is skewed. The majority of women having abortions are not thos careless people you describe. They have money and a lifestyle that a child would change, or they are young daughters of middle class or upper class who want their daughters to have a better life or are afraid of what the neighbors will think. Unless they could find a free clinic most of the people you describe would not have an abortion. I also don't beleive that crime went down everywhere in the 90's [maybe just in samll towns?]. Where I have lived that is when police departments started buying swat teams and crime has gone up exponentially to how much more money and equipment a police department has aquired. [/quote]

I will check on both your points, but I am inclined to agree with the radio guest on the first one especially, because I remember several mentions through the mid- to late-1990s that violent crime was declining considerably in several major cities, as well as around the country. As to abortions, I am sure there are some numbers out there somewhere. I agree that many well-to-do women had abortions. As to comparative numbers, I thought the radio guest had their facts researched, but I will see what I can drag up from the archive of the internet . . .

. . . . TD

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Rudyard Kipling


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Mammography Enters The
Deadly Depths Of Deceit
By Barry Lynes

The great deceit began in the early 1970s. It was concocted by insiders at the American Cancer Society (ACS) and their "friends" at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The number of women who were put "at risk" or who died as a result of this nefarious scheme is not known but estimated to be huge.

The Director of the NCI at the time of this massive abuse of the public trust later left government service and took a high paying position at ACS (sort of a payoff).

The American Cancer Society's self serving program (financial scheme) continues to the present day (1999) and probably into the 21st century until enough women realize the stakes and force an end to the lie and the terrible dangers.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) particularly wanted to push mammography because it could be tied in with the Society's own financial objectives (keep in mind the ACS slogan "a check and a checkup"). And the radiologists, of course, loved the ACS program. There were few, if any, powerful voices individual or institutional which cried out, "No!" or "God No! Don't do this. NO. NO. NO."

The collusive attack on healthy American women happened because "the fix was in."

Powerful politicians and the media were silent.

Silent as sleeping sentinels while a determined, aggressive, self serving gang of sophisticated operatives manipulated the nation's entire cancer program to suit its own interests. And to hell with the millions of American women who would pay the price for the next thirty years or more, well into the 21st century.

In 1978, Irwin J. D. Bross., Director of Biostatistics at Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research commented about the cancer screening program: "The women should have been given the information about the hazards of radiation at the same time they were given the sales talk for mammography... Doctors were gung ho to use it on a large scale. They went right ahead and X rayed not just a few women but a quarter of a million women... A jump to the exposure of a quarter of a million persons to something which could do more harm than good was criminal and it was supported by money from the federal government and the American Cancer Society." (P1)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was warned in 1974 by professor Malcolm C. Pike at the University of Southern California School of Medicine that a number of specialists had concluded that "giving a women under age 50 a mammogram on a routine basis is close to unethical." (P2)

Repeat... The experts in the government were told not to do this to healthy women in the YEAR 1974! The warning was ignored because Mary Lasker (whose husband was the dark advertising devil behind the Lucky Strike cigarette advertising campaigns) and her advertising / promotional / corporate power types at the American Cancer Society (ACS) wanted mammography. Everyone else could go to hell. What Mary and her powerful political allies wanted in the cancer world, they got. Everyone else, including the public, was ignored.

By the early 1980s, NCI and ACS were at it again. They jointly put forth new guidelines promoting (again!) ... annual breast X Rays for women under age 50. They just simply refused to give up their lucrative racket. (One official candidly admitted the publicity brought in more research money for both institutions.) They refused to do what was not in their personal, empire building interest no matter the cost in human lives.

".doctors and their patients assumed that there was good evidence supporting those recommendations. But at the time, only one study showed positive benefit and the results were not significant." (P3)

In 1985, the respected British medical journal The Lancet, one of the five leading medical journals in the world, published an article which ripped the NCI-ACS propaganda to shreds. It not only (again!) exposed the original onslaught by the high level ACS NCI conspirators in the early middle 1970s against a quarter million unsuspecting American women, but reviled the continuing 1980s ACS NCI propaganda.

"Over 280,000 women were recruited without being told that no benefit of mammography had been shown in a controlled trial for women below 50, and without being warned about the potential risk of induction of breast cancer by the test which was supposed to detect it ... ... in women below 50... mammography gives no benefit..." (P4)

But nothing happened. Mammography was known to cause cancer but the media and the "health officials" in the government stayed silent! The mammography policy pushed by the American Cancer Society to fill its bank account remained the U. S. government policy for ten more years until a massive Canadian study showed conclusively what was known 20 YEARS before but what was not in the interests of ACS and NCI to admit: X raying the breasts of women younger than age 50 provided no benefit and probably endangered their lives.

In February 1992 Samuel Epstein, professor at the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago, a tireless opponent of the "cancer establishment," along with 64 other distinguished cancer authorities opposing the status quo thinking, warned the public about the ACS NCI shenanigans. The ACS and NCI (like long married felons caught in a crime together) were outraged, terming Dr. Epstein's reference to the breast studies as "unethical and invalid."

The next month, the Washington Post broke the story into the mainstream media (finally!). It published an article by Dr. Epstein which exposed what the ACS and their insider "friends" at NCI had done to countless women twenty years earlier and continued for twenty years until 1992. Dr. Epstein wrote:

".The high sensitivity of the breast, especially in young women, to radiation induced cancer was known by 1970. Nevertheless, the establishment then screened some 300,000 women with Xray dosages so high as to increase breast cancer risk by up to 20 percent in women aged 40 to 50 who were mammogrammed annually.

Women were given no warning whatever; how many subsequently developed breast cancer remains uninvestigated.

".Additionally, the establishment ignores safe and effective alternatives to mammography, particularly trans illumination with infrared scanning.

".For most cancers, survival has not changed for decades. Contrary claims are based on rubber numbers." (P5)

The crimes described were crimes. They were not errors of judgment. They were not differences of scientific opinion. They were conscious, chosen, politically expedient acts by a small group of people for the sake of their own power, prestige and financial gain, resulting in suffering and death for millions of women. They fit the classification of "crimes against humanity."

In December of 1992, the New York Times published facts about the Mammography scam. The story included the following:

"Dr. I. Craig Henderson, director of the clinical cancer center at the University of California in San Francisco, said, 'We have to tell women the truth' ...

"Dr. Robert McLelland, a radiologist at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, said... 'In our zeal to promote mammography, we as radiologists and I'm one of them haven't looked at the evidence.' " (P6)

In July 1995, the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet blasted (again) the whole ACS NCI mammography scam into global awareness:

"The benefit is marginal, the harm caused is substantial, and the costs incurred are enormous..." (P7)

But the spreading knowledge of what was going on made no difference to the bureaucrats "protecting the public" at the NCI and the FDA who had their empires to protect. And of course the American Cancer Society (ACS) furiously fought every attempt by those with any honor in the federal agencies who sought to restrict the number of mammography examinations for individual women or to extend the age at which a woman had her first one. Mammography was the American Cancer Society's ".sacred cow" (cash cow) and they wanted legions of women to begin having annual exams as early as the ACS could brainwash them into doing ("a check and a checkup").

By 1999, even celebrity poet Maya Angelou was shamefully and ignorantly promoting Mammography in public service ads on television, parroting the American Cancer Society's propaganda spiel. Nothing had changed. Those "protecting the public" at NCI and FDA were doing the exact opposite. They were hiding, protecting their little empires, while American women were being needlessly exposed to dangerous, cancer causing X rays.

In September 1999, the full depth of the decades long deceit was explicitly described in an article in the journal Alternative Medicine. It would reach relatively few mainstream American women who were being brainwashed by the "interests" through the mainstream media and pliable state and federal legislators representatives of the people") but it did provide a torch glow in a dark night.

Here's the awful truth it stated baldly like a screaming American eagle to any American woman fortunate enough to read the hard facts:

".Mammograms increase the risk for developing breast cancer and raise the risk of spreading or metastasizing an existing growth,' says Dr. Charles B. Simone, a former clinical associate in immunology and pharmacology at the National Cancer Institute...

".the annual mammographic screening of 10,000 women aged 50-70 will extend the lives of, at best, 26 of them; and annual screening of 10,000 women in their 40s will extend the lives of only 12 women per year." (P8)

So there's the lie and the depth of the Mammography Deceit spelled out: mammography will extend at best 2 women's lives for 10,000 women put at risk in order to benefit radiologists, the American Cancer Society, assorted bureaucrats, and other "interested" parties who profit off the vast, well organized mammography deceit when safe alternatives exist but are ignored!

And that brings us back to the essential issues and fundamental principles which once guided the American nation into greatness. Which of course forces us to look again at the cancer empire's tyranny and threat to everything once held sacred in America.

The fine political thinker Hannah Arendt who studied the Nazi and Soviet tyrannies, and wrote brilliant works on the evil at the core of fascism and communism, scolds those of us who today surrender to the bureaucrats, conscious, unaccountable deceits and tyrannies. Hannah Arendt's words:

". Bureaucracy... the rule by Nobody. Indeed, if we identify tyranny as the government that is not held to give account of itself, rule by Nobody is clearly the most tyrannical of all, since there is no one left who could even be asked to answer for what is being done.

". Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act. It enables him to get together with his peers, to act in concert, and to reach for goals and enterprises which would never enter his mind, let alone the desires of his heart, had he not been given this gift to embark upon something new."

It is time for women to try something new, such as the Thermal Image Processor (TIP) and to toss dangerous mammography, toss the American Cancer Society, and toss the ACS's lackeys at NCI into the dustbin of history. (P10) BBC News HEALTH New concerns over breast screeningSubject: BBC News HEALTH New concerns over breast screening. htm

New Concerns Over Breast Screening
Spotting cancers: But do mammograms save lives? A fresh row has broken out over controversial claims that screening for breast cancer may not actually be saving lives. The research was first published last year, but has been re-examined following a series of protests from cancer organisations over the findings. Now one of the world's leading medical journals, The Lancet, agrees that there is not enough evidence from large-scale trials to support breast screening. However, cancer charities and the UK cancer screening programme disagree strongly with their verdict. At present, there is no reliable evidence from large randomised trials to support screening mammography programmes

By Richard Horton,
The Lancet

All UK women aged between 50 and 64 are currently offered screening once every three years. It is hoped that tumours may be spotted earlier, making treatment more likely to provide a cure. Currently, it is reckoned that as many as 300 lives are saved a year by breast screening - and more recent estimates suggest this annual figure is climbing rapidly. However, two Danish researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen have re-examined the seven large-scale studies looking into the effectiveness of breast screening. They say that the studies which support breast screening are either flawed or weak, with the only two high quality studies showing no benefit at all. In addition, they suggest that screening may result in women receiving more aggressive treatments for cancer, increasing the number of mastectomies by approximately 20%. They write, in The Lancet: "We hope that women, clinicians and policy-makers will consider these findings carefully when they decide whether or not to attend, or support screening programmes." Flood of criticism The Danish pair, Peter Gøtzsche and Ole Olsen, first voiced these criticisms last year, and provoked a flood of protest as a result. In the light of this, they say, they have thoroughly reviewed their work - and reached the same conclusion. "We found the results confirmed and strengthened our original conclusion," they wrote. However, cancer organisations in the UK have repeated their attacks on the conclusions. We found the results confirmed and strengthened our original conclusion

By Peter Gøtzsche and Ole Olsen

Many are worried that any adverse publicity about breast screening will dissuade women from coming forward.

Stephen Duffy, an expert in breast screening from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, said that the five studies which supported the use of mammograms should not have been excluded.

He said: "Studies in the UK and Sweden by ICRF and others have shown breast cancer screening substantially reduces women's risk of dying of breast cancer.

"Research published only in May demonstrated that women who attend regular breast screenings may reduce their risk of dying by more than 50%." Disagreements

A spokesman for the UK Breast Screening Programme agreed: "The way Gøtzsche and Olsen classified studies was based on criteria that would not be agreed by many experts in the field. Studies in the UK and Sweden by ICRF and others have shown breast cancer screening substantially reduces women's risk of dying of breast cancer

Stephen Duffy, Imperial Cancer Research Fund "Indeed many researchers would classify all seven studies as of similar quality, and when the results from all seven studies are combined, there is clear evidence of the benefit from mammography."

If existing studies are too weak to support the use of breast screening, then the chances of organising large-scale replacements are slim, as these would have to involve a sizeable "control" sample who would not be screened for the purposes of comparison.

As most clinicians already feel that breast screening offers a significant benefit, it would probably be felt ethically unsound to leave so many women without it.

However, the fact that The Lancet now backs the Danish team is a significant move in supporting those who question the benefits of breast screening. Editor Richard Horton wrote: "Women should expect doctors to secure the best evidence about the value of screening mammography.

"At present, there is no reliable evidence from large randomised trials to support screening mammography programmes."

Professor Michael Baum, from the Portland Hospital in London, says that it is now right that women should be presented with all the evidence about screening before they give their consent.

He said: "Even with the most optimistic estimates on saving lives, you would still have to screen 1,000 women for 10 years to save one life.

"If you have one significant adverse event which costs a life in this group over this period, all that benefit is cancelled out.

"The Lancet is a highly influential journal and if they are backing this review, it's highly significant." WATCH/LISTEN


The BBC's Karen Allen "The scientists are being backed by one of the most respected medical journals" Cancer surgeon Professor Michael Baum "The statistics have to be taken very seriously" On the BBC's Today programme: Ole Olsa, one of the authors of the report, and Julietta Patnick of the NHS screening programme


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Ocean tells the story: Earth is heating up
Human activity, not variables in nature, cited as culprit
- Carl T. Hall, Chronicle Science Writer
Friday, April 29, 2005

New temperature readings from the deep ocean trace a clear warming trend that seems impossible to turn around any time soon, scientists reported Thursday, promising a steadily warming world and raising the odds of a catastrophic sudden change marked by rising seas and melting icecaps.

Researchers led by James Hansen, one of NASA's top climatologists, looked at the planet's "energy imbalance" -- the difference between the amount of heat absorbed by Earth and the amount radiated out into space -- and compared those results with predictions of leading climate models.

They concluded that the unusual magnitude of the warming trend could not be explained by natural variability, but instead fit precisely in line with theories suggesting that human activity -- the dominant "forcing agent" driving the computerized climate models -- is responsible.

"This energy imbalance is the 'smoking gun' that we have been looking for, " Hansen said in a prepared summary of the study, which was published in the journal Science. "The magnitude of the imbalance agrees with what we calculated using known climate forcing agents, which are dominated by increasing human-made greenhouse gases. There can no longer be substantial doubt that human-made gases are the cause of most observed warming."

The Earth has warmed about 1 degree Fahrenheit on average over the past century, and the researchers argue that another rise of about 1 degree is "in the pipeline" for the next 100 years -- without any further increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Hansen, who is director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Goddard Institute for Space Studies at the Columbia University Earth Institute, said if the trend is allowed to get out of control, there could be a 10-degree jump.

The delayed consequences of past or current greenhouse gas emissions is due to the "thermal inertia" of the planet, according to the scientists -- an effect most noticeable at the ocean's edge when the morning sun begins to warm sand while the water remains seemingly unaffected. It takes more of the sunlight's energy to penetrate into the water, particularly at its lowest depths, than it takes to warm a shallow bit of land.

Much of the energy Earth has absorbed from global warming has been trapped in the ocean -- and will only reveal itself over a long period of time.

But just how serious this problem might be, and what should be done about it, is still a matter of debate. The Bush administration has resisted international calls for tough limits on greenhouse gas emissions and has said more research is needed.

Kelly Redmond, a top regional climatologist for California and other Western states at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, said the latest findings do not erase room for debate on the magnitude of the changes -- and exactly what has caused those changes -- in the politically contentious climate field.

"How do you tell if it's global warming when you're standing in your backyard?" he said. "Is it global, or your backyard? That's our dilemma, because although the Earth may be warming as a whole, it's not warming uniformly."

In the West, for instance, complicating factors include the ocean currents prevailing in the Pacific, patterns that change seasonally as well as over longer time periods -- and have potent effects on weather and climate that can't be easily separated from those caused by global trends.

Redmond, who was not involved in the study, serves as deputy director of the federally financed Western Regional Climate Center, which has been installing new arrays of data collectors to track the regional climate trends. Despite any short-term or local trends to the contrary, Redmond said the latest evidence does suggest, on the whole, an explanation for such warming signs as earlier springs and less winter snow for the region. A warmer West is already exhibiting those signs.

Hansen is "more outspoken on the issue than a lot of people," Redmond noted. "And he might turn out to be right. I'm a little bit longer to make up my mind, but I don't see anything inconsistent with what he's seeing and what we're seeing in the western United States."

One key bit of new information incorporated into the new study, whose 15 authors included scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, came from a network of ocean-diving instruments known as the Argo system. The network is made up of hundreds of "profiling floats" that gradually sink and rise through the water, collecting data automatically from all levels to about a mile down -- providing many more measurements, from much greater depths, than ever before. About 1,800 of a planned 3,000 of these devices have been deployed.

About 10 years of ocean data helped make a compelling case, Hansen said in an e-mail exchange Thursday, that global warming is real, and allowed the scientists, for the first time, to calculate within an acceptable range of uncertainty how much the planet's retained energy balance is increasing. By their reckoning, the "net forcing" works out to mean that about 0.85 watts per square meter is being retained by the Earth -- a seemingly tiny amount compared to the nearly 250 watts per square meter coming in from the Sun.

But the small number, Hansen figures, is big trouble. He calculated the energy retention could be eliminated only by halting all human-caused emissions of methane or by somehow removing half of all the carbon dioxide now in the atmosphere.

"A lot of implications flow from this," Hansen said, arguing that the long lag times involved in climate change now virtually lock in warmer temperatures.

"That is an unfortunate and challenging combination for policy makers who wish to stabilize climate," Hansen said.


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I didn't write don't get mad at me...but this info is being placed on forums through out the net... I do not expect to get any warning in the USA...sad...but I thought some might take advantage of this breaking news...and move inland...or go on vacation...wouldn't hurt to be prepared...even if it is untrue...

complete thread with responses found here ... te=5/14/05

[b]I can confirm Dr. Gartrell´s June 6 impact warning [/b]
(Dr gartrell is aka Aussie Bloke...and has been warning us for over a year...he is also posting again, but his posts are not as well linked)

I´m not an astronomer. In fact, I´m only a junior civil servant working in London. However, my department is involved in coordinating the emrgency response. We are currently preparing to evacuate key personnel from London in the first week of June.

Malvern is my destination. Other high-ground areas in Wales, the Peak District and the Lake District have been designated as government continuity sites. The Scottish Executive is currently responsible for its own operations north of the border

Our official policy at the moment is "No questions, no answers", but this will change within the next ten days. The press already knows, so I´m not breaching the Official Secrets Act - we´re very much in the grey area operating at a discretionary level.

Officially, all citizens will be informed at some time before the beginning of June - but it will be coded (i.e. serious downpours, sever climatic disturbances, etc.). There will be no mention of an impact until around the 3rd of the month.

Our main concern this week is the securing of the water supply and protecting it from contamination.

A comet is scheduled to hit the planet on June 6.

I don´t have any coordinates other than the advisory we have all been given, and which states that a major impact in the NW Atlantic region is anticipated for June 6.

Actually, it´s not an official secret, poster. Nor is it (at the moment) freely disseminable information. As I said, we are all working in the grey area right now.

If you, as an individual, phone the Home Office next week and as for *specific* information relating to this event, they will not deny you. They won´t however shout it from the rooftops - not yet, anyway

There won´t be a mass panic, 147, at least not in the UK. We will have an orderly programme in place this week.

Dr. Gartrell, in common with other astronomers (retired and otherwise) who owe fealty to Her Majesty by virtue of their British and Commonwealth citizenship, has been filing warnings for over two years. He recently chose to make this public in various fora; hence my confirmation and assurances

The name given to the comet is ´Wermut´.(wormwood)

the drills are/were held against the backdrop of multiple event response scenarios. We´ve been training for this since last summer.

My departmental head gave me the scientific specifics thus: "It´ll be pretty big and cause a damned fine mess!" More I cannot say.

There will be an announcement with more qualitative information in two weeks time. However, should that stretch your patience somewhat, I suggest you contact the Meteorological Office and ask them to bring you up to scratch on matters.

We anticipate tidal waves to hit the west coast. As for many inner city areas in South England (and elsewhere), we do have very effective evacuation procedures in place should there be any threat of extensive flooding.

Nobody will find themselves abandoned, and every assistance will be given to families in relocating expeditiously and without any unnecessary panic.

The name we´re all constricted to use is ´Wermut´. It may well be that agencies outside of the United Kingdom have chosen different designations.

What I am doing falls within the writ of my job description. I am employed to mitigate both disinformation and misinformation, and, additionally, put the record straight on important facts that affect the welfare of the general public.

The telling of lies is actually inimical to what my department does

Since my department deals with logistics and evacuation procedures pertinent to the United Kingdom, it´s my job primarily to advise British citizens.

In the United States, citizens are best informed by contacting F.E.M.A under such circumstances. I am sure they would advise that resort to higher ground would be your best option if you live in a low-lying state such as Florida.

The United States government has already informed us that it has emergency plans to relocate to higher ground in Colorado. The Israeli government has already established an emergency continuity government in Argentina, as have many other international entities, incidentally. I´m not suggesting that you immediately rush to the highlands in Argentina, but simply seek out the best information with which your government can provide you.

Importantly, whatever you do, do it calmly and thoughtfully. There really is no need to panic; the worst case scenarios are all eminently survivable.

Since Dr. Gartrell and a host of others who call themselves atronomers have already chosen to release this story to the internet, it is my job to deal with some of the misconceptions arising from all the tittle-tattle ahead of an official government announcement.

Periodically, we are inundated by enquiries made by members of the public and, periodically, we are duty bound to respond. This time, however, we are dealing with an issue that will be unique in the experience of the modern world. The last time anything like this happened, mankind had little in the way of thoroughgoing communications systems capable of spreading doom and panic around the world within the blink of an eye.

It is therefore incumbent upon public officials to identify the right time for disclosure and the most appropriate medium by which sensibly informed disclosure can be made. We have decided to forego an initial grand announcement in favour of an incremental release on the internet at least two weeks prior to a ´public summit´, thus mitigating the risk of a misinformed public learning ´too much´ too early.

It has most certainly not escaped your attention that the ´survivalist community´ relies primarily on the internet for its information and general news coverage. Those individuals, most of whom are highly motivated and extremely well-organised, are my current concern. Where they lead, others *calmly* follow.

(here is a link that is shared for further validation..) ... e_2005.htm

Here is the latest satilite info, the coment passed between the sun and earth yesterday and due to the gravity interation with venus, will swing around and impact earth on or about June 6th.

here is another link, called "Wormwood"...i don't know when it was set up (by the .gov) but the pic shows a comet impact in the NW Atlantic...and remember the cover of the Hakomi Project cd, showing "impact"? or what that the GP ? ... desimp.htm

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" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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Environmentalists to challenge oil giant
2 resolutions address ChevronTexaco's role in Ecuador, Arctic
- David R. Baker, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Environmental activists will descend on ChevronTexaco's annual shareholders' meeting in San Ramon today, pushing two resolutions they hope will force the global oil giant to re-examine its ways.

One asks the company to consider spending more time and money cleaning up a corner of the Ecuadoran Amazon where Texaco once pumped oil.

The other seeks a written report on the environmental damage that could be caused by drilling in sensitive areas, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The company opposes both and has asked its shareholders to reject them at today's meeting, calling them unnecessary.

"Your board believes ChevronTexaco has expressly committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that protects people and the environment," the company says in its proxy report.

Both resolutions come from activist shareholders intent on changing the behavior of a company that works in virtually every kind of ecosystem -- from shallow coastal seas to dense jungles to deserts. The activists count as allies the immense state pension funds of California and New York, both of which support the resolutions.

"No matter how much of the earth's natural resources we decide to sacrifice, we cannot drill our way to energy independence," said Larry Fahn, president of the Sierra Club. The environmental group filed the resolution concerning the Arctic refuge.

The activists' chances of success, at least in the short run, may be slim.

A nearly identical resolution on Ecuador at last year's shareholder meeting won just 9 percent of the vote. Even if the resolutions passed, neither would be binding.

Still, supporters consider the resolutions a way to focus the company's attention on environmental concerns they say have been swept aside in the search for more oil.

"It just raises the urgency of the issue inside the corporation," said Shelley Alpern, vice president of Trillium Asset Management. The firm, one of many specializing in socially oriented investing, submitted the resolution on Ecuador.

Activists are trying to pressure the company in other ways, as well. A photo exhibit at a San Ramon restaurant this week depicts environmental destruction in the Amazon that its sponsor, the San Francisco nonprofit group Amazon Watch, blames on ChevronTexaco.

Two Bay Area photographers, Lou Dematteis and Kayana Szymczak, took the photos displayed at Mudd's restaurant. Environmental groups also are expected to demonstrate outside the shareholders' meeting this morning.

ChevronTexaco considers both proposals misguided.

It insists that the Arctic refuge can be drilled for oil without harming the caribou herds and other wildlife there. Chevron, together with British rival BP, drilled an exploratory well there 20 years ago and maintains its lease on the land.

"Opening up ANWR is an important step forward in meeting our nation's energy needs," said company spokesman Donald Campbell. "The petroleum industry's north slope (of Alaska) record provides overwhelming evidence that ANWR coastal plain development would not be harmful to the Arctic ecology and wildlife."

In Ecuador, the company is embroiled in a lawsuit over contamination that plaintiffs say has inflicted cancer and birth defects on residents of the rain forest.

Texaco, before its 2001 merger with Chevron, drilled in Ecuador from 1964 to 1992, working as a partner of the state oil firm, Petroecuador. The operation dumped an estimated 18.5 billion gallons of wastewater into unlined pits near the oil wells, according to environmental groups.

When Texaco pulled out, it spent $40 million cleaning up a portion of the area. The government then released Texaco from any further obligations, while Petroecuador continued pumping in the area.

ChevronTexaco has fought the suit on several fronts. It argues that it has fulfilled the terms of its agreement with the Ecuadoran government and has no more responsibility for cleaning the area. The company and the environmentalists also have taken turns attacking each other's analysis of soil and water tests that are part of the court case.

The latest example came Tuesday when Amazon Watch, a nonprofit organization helping the plaintiffs, sent ChevronTexaco Chief Executive Officer David O'Reilly a letter accusing the company of issuing misleading statements about contamination in the area. The company immediately rejected it.

"We stand by our data, which is based on sound science and developed in connection with the Ecuadoran courts," said company spokesman Russell Yarrow. "We take exception to almost everything in this letter."

E-mail David R. Baker at

Page C - 1

©2005 San Francisco Chronicle


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Ozone layer most fragile on record
Fears over increase in skin cancer as scientists report that climate change continues to destroy the earth's protection

Paul Brown, environment correspondent
Wednesday April 27, 2005


The protective ozone layer over the Arctic has thinned this winter to the lowest levels since records began, alarming scientists who believed it had begun to heal.
The increased loss of ozone allows more harmful ultraviolet light to reach the earth's surface, making children and outdoor enthusiasts such as skiers more vulnerable to skin cancer - a disease which is already dramatically increasing.

Scientists yesterday reinforced the warning that people going out in the sun this summer should protect themselves with creams and hats.

Research by Cambridge University shows that it is not increased pollution but a side effect of climate change that is making ozone depletion worse. At high altitudes, 50% of the protective layer had been destroyed.

The research has dashed hopes that the ozone layer was on the mend. Since the winter of 1999-2000, when depletion was almost as bad, scientists had believed an improvement was under way as pollution was reduced. But they now believe it could be another 50 years before the problem is solved.

What appears to have caused the further loss of ozone is the increasing number of stratospheric clouds in the winter, 15 miles above the earth. These clouds, in the middle of the ozone layer, provide a platform which makes it easier for rapid chemical reactions which destroy ozone to take place. This year, for three months from the end of November, there were more clouds for longer periods than ever previously recorded.

Cambridge University scientists said yesterday that, in late March, when ozone depletion was at its worst, Arctic air masses drifted over the UK and the rest of Europe as far south as northern Italy, giving significantly higher doses of ultraviolet radiation and sunburn risk.

The results, which were announced at a Geophysical Union meeting in Vienna yesterday, are part of a European venture coordinated by Cambridge University's chemistry department, which has been studying the relationship between the ozone layer and climate change since May 2004.

Yesterday, Professor John Pyle, from the university, said: "These were were the lowest levels of ozone recorded since measurements began 40 years ago. We thought things would start to get better because of the phasing out of CFCs and other chemicals because of the Montreal protocol, but this has not happened.

"The pollution levels have levelled off but changes in the atmosphere have made it easier for the chemical reactions to take place that allow pollutants to destroy ozone. With these changes likely to continue and get worse as global warming increases, then ozone will be further depleted even if the level of pollution is going down."

The relationship between the depletion of the ozone layer and climate change is so complex that the EU is investing £11m in a five-year project to try to understand and predict what is happening. Reporting the results of the first year, the scientists told the meeting in Vienna yesterday that "the atmospheric lifetime of these [ozone depleting] compounds is extremely long and the concentrations will remain at dangerously high levels for another half century."

Increased greenhouse gases in the air trap more heat in the lower atmosphere, but the stratosphere far above the earth is getting colder. As a result, ice clouds form between 14 and 26 kilometres above the earth, exactly in the region where the protective ozone is found.

The European scientists reported the first signs of ozone loss in January. As sunlight returned to northern latitudes, the rate of ozone depletion increased and rapid destruction of ozone occurred throughout February and March. In the altitude range where the ozone layer usually reaches its maximum concentration, more than half of the ozone was lost. In the lower atmosphere losses were not so great.

"Overall, about 30% of the ozone layer was destroyed," said Dr Markus Rex, from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, Germany, another member of the team. He said the cold conditions which created polar stratospheric clouds were four times more extensive in 2005 than in the 1960s and 70s.

Professor Pyle said overall the mixing of the air in the northern hemisphere was far more rapid than in the Antarctic so a "hole" in the ozone layer did not occur. Instead, as the air mixed in spring, there was a general thinning of the protective ozone over the whole of the northern hemisphere.

"It just means we have less natural protection than we should have and we are used to. It means that we should be careful about exposing ourselves to the sun, but that is already the case, this just makes things slightly worse," he said.

The UV danger Ecology altered as Earth burns

· The thinning of the ozone layer allows more ultraviolet light - or UV radiation - to reach the Earth's surface

· UV light stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin, which strengthens bones, but it also burns and causes skin cancer, particularly in fair-skinned people. The UN environment programme estimates that for every 1% thinning of the ozone layer there is a 2% to 3% rise in skin cancer

· It also causes eye problems even if dark glasses are worn - mainly cataracts and snow blindness -and can suppress the immune response to the herpes virus and damage the spleen

· Excess UV radiation cuts photosynthesis in plants, reducing the size and yield of winter wheat

· Plankton which are constantly exposed suffer damaged DNA. As some species are more vulnerable than others, an increase in UV exposure has the potential to cause a shift in species composition and reduce diversity in ecosystems

· Reducing the world's populations of phytoplankton would significantly impact the world's carbon cycle, because phytoplankton store huge amounts of carbon in the ocean

Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2005


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Not only did researchers at UCSD and UCI visualize a mechanically induced signal traverse human cells, but they also showed that actin filaments and microtubules are involved in the process.
San Diego, CA, April 20, 2005 --Researchers at UCSD and UC Irvine have captured on video for the first time chemical signals that traverse human cells in response to tiny mechanical jabs, like waves spreading from pebbles tossed into a pond. The scientists released the videos and technical details that explain how the visualization effect was created as part of a paper published in the April 21 issue of Nature.

The researchers working at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering’s Department of Bioengineering developed a novel molecular “reporter” system, which allowed the dynamic visualization of the activation of an important protein called Src. Peter Yingxiao Wang, lead author of the paper and a post-doctoral researcher in UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering spent two years designing the reporter molecules to light up selectively only when Src was activated, and not other proteins.

Wang and his co-workers first demonstrated that the novel system was effective in
A narrated video explains how human cells reacted to prodding by a laser "tweezer." Length: 3:14

visualizing Src activation in response to a known chemical stimulant, epidermal growth factor. Next, they studied the effect of mechanical stimuli on Src activation. Using technology developed at the Beckman Laser Institute at UC Irvine by its founding director Michael Berns, Wang and Elliott Botvinick, a postdoctoral researcher at UCSD Department of Bioengineering and the Beckman Laser Institute at UC Irvine, attached small, sticky beads to cells and gently tugged the beads to and fro with laser power acting as invisible “tweezers.” As the laser tweezers moved the beads in one direction, a video camera attached to a specially equipped microscope recorded the dynamic movement of biochemical signals in the opposite direction in the form of a signature pattern of fluorescent light. The fine spatial and temporal resolution was made possible by a technology called fluorescence resonance energy transfer.

The team of researchers included Michael W. Berns (left), Shu Chien, Elliot L. Botvinick, and Peter Yingxiao Wang.
“We had no idea what to expect,” said Wang. ”The first time we saw these incredible waves spreading across the cells I just said ‘Whoa, this is amazing.’ We expected to see a signal where the tweezers were pulling the beads, but we did not envision such a directional wave propagating away from the beads.” Wang worked on this project under the joint advisorship of Shu Chien, a professor of bioengineering and medicine and director of the Whitaker Institute of Biomedical Engineering at UCSD, and Roger Y. Tsien, professor of pharmacology, chemistry, and biochemistry and investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at UCSD.

Src is one of a large group of enzymes called kinases that attach a phosphate molecule to one or more target proteins in the cell. This phosphorylation reaction typically switches the target protein from inactive to active status. Many diseases can result either when a kinase gene is mutated and can’t properly phosphorylate its targets, or when a normal kinase becomes overactive or not sufficiently active. Indeed, Src has been shown to play a key role in cell growth and development, and in the genesis of cancer, atherosclerosis, and many other disease conditions.

“This study amounts to a proof of principle that if we can visualize the activation of one kinase, we can do the same for many others using the same approach,” said Chien, the senior author of the paper. Not only are those additional studies expected to reveal temporal and spatial patterns of kinase activation, but Chien also predicted that there will be practical spin offs.

For example, cells usually tightly control the activity of Src, but in certain cancers its activity is abnormality high. “We think that our ability to measure Src activity with this new visualization technique would be useful as a diagnostic test for many cancers,” said Chien. The William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement at UCSD’s Jacobs School has provided Chien and Wang with funding to commercialize the new visualization technology as a cancer-detection tool.

The researchers showed that actin filaments and microtubules, structural elements that traverse cells like the ribs of an umbrella, could function as conduits for the spread of biochemical signals. Indeed, when Wang disrupted either actin filaments or microtubules in his test cells, the activation signal no longer spread across the cell. These results suggest that the activation of Src traverses these filamentous structures.

In addition to Chien, Wang, Tsien, Berns, and Botvinick, the other authors of the paper are Yihua Zhao and Shunichi Usami of the UCSD Department of Bioengineering. The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the Alliance for Cellular Signaling, and the Whitaker Foundation.


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that asteroid impact read was interesting.
I put June 6 impact into the search engine and came up with..
just a coincidence, surely.


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ha ha...coincidence? I am not saying another word for ten days about it...;)

but thanks for that and any other input, including "feelings"

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Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops: What ´Support Our Troops´ Really Means
By Amy Worthington - The Idaho Observer

"On March 30, an AP photo featured an American pro-war activist holding a sign: "Nuke the evil scum, it worked in 1945!" That´s exactly what George Bush has done. America´s mega-billion dollar war in Iraq has been indeed a NUCLEAR WAR.

Bush-Cheney have delivered upon 17 million Iraqis tons of depleted uranium (DU) weapons, a "liberation" gift that will keep on giving. Depleted uranium is a component of toxic nuclear waste, usually stored at secure sites. Handlers need radiation protection gear.

Over a decade ago, war-makers decided to incorporate this lethal waste into much of the Pentagon´s weaponry. Navy ships carrying Phalanx rapid fire guns are capable of firing thousands of DU rounds per minute.(1) Tomahawk missiles launched from U.S. ships and subs are DU-tipped.(2) The M1 Abrams tanks are armored with DU.(3) These and British Challenger II tanks are tightly packed with DU shells, which continually irradiate troops in or near them.(4) The A-10 "tank buster" aircraft fires DU shells at machines and people on the battlefield.(5)

DU munitions are classified by a United Nations resolution as illegal weapons of mass destruction. Their use breaches all international laws, treaties and conventions forbidding poisoned weapons calculated to cause unnecessary suffering.

Ironically, support for our troops will extend well beyond the war in Iraq. Americans will be supporting Gulf War II veterans for years as they slowly and painfully succumb to radiation poisoning. U.S and British troops deployed to the area are the walking dead. Humans and animals, friends and foes in the fallout zone are destined to a long downhill spiral of chronic illness and disability. Kidney dysfunction, lung damage, bloody stools, extreme fatigue, joint pain, unsteady gait, memory loss and rashes and, ultimately, cancer and premature death await those exposed to DU.

Award-winning journalist Will Thomas wrote: "As the last Gulf conflict so savagely demonstrated, GI immune systems reeling from multiple doses of experimental vaccines offer little defense against further exposure to chemical weapons, industrial toxins, stress, caffeine, insect repellent and radiation leftover from the last war. This is a war even the victors will lose."(6)

When a DU shell is fired, it ignites upon impact. Uranium, plus traces of plutonium and americium, vaporize into tiny, ceramic particles of radioactive dust. Once inhaled, uranium oxides lodge in the body and emit radiation indefinitely. A single particle of DU lodged in a lymph node can devastate the entire immune system according to British radiation expert Roger Coghill.(7)

The Royal Society of England published data showing that battlefield soldiers who inhale or swallow high levels of DU can suffer kidney failure within days.(8) Any soldier now in Iraq who has not inhaled lethal radioactive dust is not breathing. In the first two weeks of combat, 700 Tomahawks, at a cost of $1.3 million each, blasted Iraqi real estate into radioactive mushroom clouds.(9) Millions of DU tank rounds liter the terrain. Cleanup is impossible because there is no place on the planet to put so much contaminated debris.

Bush Sr.´s Gulf War I was also a nuclear war. 320 tons of depleted uranium were used against Iraq in 1991.(10) A 1998 report by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances confirms that inhaling DU causes symptoms identical to those claimed by many sick vets with Gulf War Syndrome.(11) The Gulf War Veterans Association reports that at least 300,000 Gulf War I vets have now developed incapacitating illnesses.(12) To date, 209,000 vets have filed claims for disability benefits based on service-connected injuries and illnesses from combat in that war.(13)

Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a professor of nuclear medicine at Georgetown University, is a former army medical expert. He told nuclear scientists in Paris last year that tens of thousands of sick British and American soldiers are now dying from radiation they encountered during Gulf War I. He found that 62 percent of sick vets tested have uranium isotopes in their organs, bones, brains and urine.(14) Laboratories in Switzerland and Finland corroborated his findings.

In other studies, some sick vets were found to be expressing uranium in even their semen. Their sexual partners often complained of a burning sensation during intercourse, followed by their own debilitating illnesses.(15)

Nothing compares to the astronomical cancer rates and birth defects suffered by the Iraqi people who have endured vicious nuclear chastisement for years.(16) U.S. air attacks against Iraq since 1993 have undoubtedly employed nuclear munitions. Pictures of grotesquely deformed Iraqi infants born since 1991 are overwhelming.(17) Like those born to Gulf War I vets, many babies born to troops now in Iraq will also be afflicted with hideous deformities, neurological damage and/or blood and respiratory disorders.(18)

As an Army health physicist, Dr. Doug Rokke was dispatched to the Middle East to salvage DU-contaminated tanks after Gulf War I. His Geiger counters revealed that the war zones of Iraq and Kuwait were contaminated with up to 300 millirems an hour in beta and gamma radiation plus thousands to millions of counts per minute in alpha radiation. Rokke recently told the media: "The whole area is still trashed. It is hotter than heck over there still. This stuff doesn´t go away."(19)

DU remains "hot" for 4.5 billion years. Radiation expert Dr. Helen Caldicott confirms that the dust-laden winds of DU-contaminated war zones "will remain effectively radioactive for the rest of time."(20) The murderous dust storms which ensnared coalition troops during the first few days of the current invasion are sure to have significant health consequences.

Rokke and his cleanup team were issued only flimsy dust masks for their dangerous work. Of the 100 people on Rokke´s decontamination team, 30 have already "dropped dead." Rokke himself is ill with radiation damage to lungs and kidneys. He has brain lesions, skin pustules, chronic fatigue, continual wheezing and painful fibromyalgia. Rokke warns that anyone exposed to DU should have adequate respiratory protection and special coveralls to protect their clothing because, he says, you can´t get uranium particles off your clothing.

The U.S. military insists that DU on the battlefield is not a problem. Colonel James Naughton of the U.S. Army Material Command recently told the BBC that complaints about DU "had no medical basis."(21) The military´s own documents belie this. A 1993 Pentagon document warned that "when soldiers inhale or ingest DU dust they incur a potential increase in cancer risk."(22) A U.S. Army training manual requires anyone who comes within 25 meters of DU-contaminated equipment to wear respiratory and skin protection.(23) The U.S. Army Environmental Policy Institute admitted: "If DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences."(24) The Institute also stated that, if the troops were to realize what they had been exposed to, "the financial implications of long-term disability payments and healthcare costs would be excessive."(25) For pragmatic reasons, DOD chooses to lie and deny.

Dr. Rokke confirms that the Pentagon lies about DU dangers and is criminally negligent for neglecting medical attention needed by DU-contaminated vets. He predicts that the numbers of American troops to be sickened by DU from Gulf War II will be staggering.(26) As they gradually sicken and suffer a slow burn to their graves, the Pentagon will, as it did after Gulf War I, deny that their misery and death is a result of their tour in Iraq.

Dr. Rokke´s candor has cost him his career. Likewise, Dr. Durakovic´s radiation studies on Gulf War I vets were not popular with U.S. officials. Dr. Durakovic was reportedly told his life was in danger if he continued his research. He left the U.S. to continue his research abroad.(27)

Naive young coalition soldiers now in Iraq are likely unaware of how deadly their battlefield environment is. Gulf War I troops were kept in ignorance. Soldiers handled DU fragments and some wore these lethal nuggets around their necks. A DU projectile emits more radiation in five hours than allowed in an entire year under civilian radiation exposure standards. "We didn´t know any better," Kris Kornkven told Nation magazine. "We didn´t find out until long after we were home that there even was such a thing as DU."(28)

George Bush´s ongoing war in Afghanistan is also a nuclear war. Shortly after 9-11, the U.S. announced it would stockpile tactical nuclear weapons including small neutron bombs, nuclear mines and shells suited to commando warfare in Afghanistan.(29) In late September, 2001, Bush and Russian president Vladimir Putin agreed that the U.S. would use tactical nuclear weapons in Afghanistan while Putin would employ nuclear weapons against the Chechnyans.(30)

Describing the Pentagon´s B-61-11 burrowing nuke bomb, George Smith writes in the Village Voice: "Built ram tough with a heavy metal casing for smashing through the earth and concrete, the B-61 explodes with the force of an estimated 340,000 tons of TNT. It is lots of bang for the buck, literally two apocalypse bombs in one, a boosted plutonium firecracker called the primary and a heavy hydrogen secondary for that good old-fashioned H-bomb fireball."(31)

Drought-stricken Afghanistan´s underground water supply is now contaminated by these nuclear weapons.(32) Experts with the Uranium Medical Research Center report that urine samples of Afghanis show the highest level of uranium ever recorded in a civilian population. Afghani soldiers and civilians are reported to have died after suffering intractable vomiting, severe respiratory problems, internal bleeding and other symptoms consistent with radiation poisoning. Dead birds still perched in trees are found partially melted with blood oozing from their mouths.(33)

Afghanistan´s new president, Hamid Karzai, is a puppet installed by Washington. Under the protection of American soldiers, Karzai´s regime is setting a new record for opium production.•

• note. "Many journalists have reported that the bombing of Afghanistan, allegedly intended to punish the Taliban for affiliations with bin Laden, is simply a cover for the Taliban’s destruction of Afghanistan’s opium crop thus the curtailing of the Black Pope’s International Drug Trade. The Taliban also withdrew its former support for an oil pipeline to be built by CFR Henry Kissinger and CFR George Shultz’s Unocal Corporation through Afghanistan from the vast Caspian Sea oil fields. September 11 provided a great excuse to pursue the Jesuit Order/CFR’s illegal drug traffic along with its petrochemical, economic, and “national security” martial law objective.."

´The Black Pope and His Global Domination Plans Exposed´

(cont..) Both UN and U.S. reports confirm that the huge Afghani opium harvest of 2002 makes Afghanistan the world´s leading opium producer.(34) Thanks to nuclear weapons, Afghanistan is now safe for the Bush-Cheney narcotics industry.(35) ABC News asserts that keeping the "peace" in Afghanistan will require decades of allied occupation.(36) For years to come, "peacekeepers" will be eating, drinking and breathing the "hot" carcinogenic pollution they have helped the Pentagon inflict upon that nation for organized crime.

As governor of Arkansas during the Iran-Contra era, Bill Clinton laundered $multi-millions in cocaine profits for then vice-president George Bush Sr.(37) As a partner in the Bush family´s notorious crime machine, President Clinton committed U.S. troops to NATO´s campaign in the Balkans, a prime heroin production and trans-shipment area. DOD´s campaign to control and reorganize the drug trade there for the Bush mafia was yet another nuclear project.

For years, the U.S. and NATO fired DU missiles, bullets and shells across the Balkans, nuking the peoples of Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo. As DU munitions were slammed into chemical plants, the environment became hideously toxic, also endangering the peoples of Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Austria and Hungary. By 1999, UN investigators reported that an estimated 12 tons of DU had caused irreparable damage to the Yugoslavian environment, with agriculture, livestock and air water, and public health all profoundly damaged.(38)

Scientists confirm that citizens of the Balkans are excreting uranium in their urine.(39) In 2001, a Yugoslavian pathologist reported that hundreds of Bosnians have died of cancer from NATO´s DU bombardment.(40) Many NATO peacekeepers in the Balkans now suffer ill health. Their leukemias, cancers and other maladies are dubbed the "Balkans Syndrome." Richard Coghill predicts that DU weapons used in Balkans campaign will result in at least 10,000 cases of fatal cancer.(41)

U.S. citizens at home are also paying a heavy price for criminal militarism gone mad. DOD is a pollution monster. The General Accounting Office (GAO) found 9,181 dangerous military sites in USA that will require $billions to rehabilitate. The GAO reports that DOD has been both slothful and deceitful in its clean-up obligations.(42) The Pentagon is now pressing Congress to exempt it from all environmental laws so that it may pollute and poison free from liability.(43)

The Navy uses prime fishing grounds off the coast of Washington state to test fire DU ammunition. In January, Washington State Rep. Jim McDermott chastised the Navy: "On one hand you have required soldiers to have DU safety training and to wear protective gear when handling DU...and submarines must stay clear of DU-contaminated waters. These policies indicate there is cause for concern....On the other hand the Department of Defense has repeatedly denied that DU poses any danger whatsoever. There has been no remorse about leaving tons of DU equipment in the soil in foreign countries, and there appears to be no remorse about leaving it in the waters of your own country."(44)

DU has been used in military practice maneuvers in Indiana, Florida, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Maryland and Puerto Rico. After the Navy tested DU weaponry on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, one third of the island´s population developed serious illness. Many people show high levels of uranium in their bodies. Hundreds have filed a class action suit against the Navy for $100 million, claiming DU contamination has caused widespread cancers.(45)

The Navy´s Fallon Naval Air Station near Fallon, Nevada, is a quagmire of 26 toxic waste sites. It is also a target practice zone for DU bombs and missiles. Area residents report bizarre illnesses, including 17 children who have contracted leukemia within five years. A survey of groundwater in the Fallon area showed nearly half of area wells are contaminated with radioactive materials.(46)

The materials for DU weaponry have been processed mainly at three nuclear plants in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, where workers handling uranium contaminated with plutonium have suffered for decades with cancers and debilitating maladies similar to Gulf War Syndrome.(47)

Emboldened by power-grabbing successes made possible by his administration´s devious 9-11 project, President Bush asserts that the U.S. has the right to attack any nation it deems a potential threat. He told West Point in 2002, "If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long."(48) Thus, it is certain that Bush-Cheney future pre-emptive nuclear wars are lined up like idling jets on a runway. Both Cheney´s Halliburton Corp. and the Bush family´s Carlyle Group are profiteers in U.S. defense contracts, so endless war is just good business.(49)

The Washington Post reported that the Pentagon will create special nuclear weapons for use on North Korea´s underground nuclear facilities.(50) Next August, U.S. war makers will meet to consolidate plans for a new generation of "mini," "micro" and "tiny" nuclear bombs and bunker busters. These will be added to the U.S. arsenal perhaps for use against non-nuclear third-world nations such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon.(51)

The solution? Americans must stop electing ruthless criminals to rule this nation. We must convince fellow citizens that villains like Saddam Hussein are made in the U.S. as rationale for endless corporate war profits. Saddam was placed in power by the CIA.(52) For years U.S. government agencies, under auspices of George Bush Sr., supplied him with chemical and biological weapons.(53) Our national nuclear laboratories, along with Unisys, Dupont and Hewlett-Packard, sold Saddam materials for his nuclear program.(54) **** Cheney was CEO of Halliburton in the late 90s when its subsidiaries signed $73 million in new contracts to further supply Saddam.(55) The wicked villain of Iraq was nurtured for decades as a cash-cow by U.S. military-industrial piranhas.

If America truly supports its troops, it must stop sending them into nuclear holocaust for the enrichment of thugs. Time is running out. If the DU-maniacs at the Pentagon and their coven of nuclear arms peddlers are not harnessed, America will have no able-bodied fighting forces left. All people of the earth will become grossly ill, hideously deformed and short- lived. We must succeed in the critical imperative to face reality and act decisively. Should we fail, there will be no place to hide from Bush-Cheney´s merciless nuclear orgies yet to come or from the inevitable nuclear retaliation these orgies will surely breed."


(for the endnotes, please see the links)

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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I took it upon myself to read this long thread of depressing reality.

It certainly offers a rather grim look on what is being created currently. And even if that is merely a partial interpretation of reality it is still quite effective in creating a sense of helplessness and doom.

So, Starduster, what do you do with all this? How much of your time do you spend with WMM and how much you focus on the dark side of the world?

Throughout the articles a message is clear. There are evil forces namely Bush-Cheney and they are determined to destroy the world as we know it. Strangely that may have a truth in it and yet how do I relate to that?

How do I relate to this changing reality with its increasing complexity? The natural and human forces that are just about to annihilate the human population from the face of the earth.

If these are indeed the birthing pains of the new human then perhaps we are asked to endure and look into the Reality that is making itself present here on earth through pushing some of the dregs out of the way.

We scream for painkillers and something that would ease the pain. We scream for assurance that everything will be fine in the end. WM seems to suggest that the GP will be become available in the next eighty years and even then it is up to us what we do with it. The generations before that will do the best that they can and perhaps go through some unpleasantries of the the tightness of the birthing channel.

It is increasingly more important what we focus on. Our thoughts are gaining power to manifest and create as consciousness is rising. What we focus on grows. I experience this very tangibly in my own life these days. The lag time is almost nonexistent. My thoughts are creating reality in front of me constantly.


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