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Author:  Kimberlee [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Project Camelot

I haven't listed to the interview yet, but I have found the research done here has been really solid stuff.



Dear All,

1) Futuretalk 2 - a new conversation with Michael St Clair:

After the initial success of our Futuretalk with David Wilcock, we decided to continue our Futuretalks as a series of conversations - not interviews - with people who have something important to say.

A Futuretalk with Michael St Clair seemed to be an excellent next step. Michael, as those of you will know who are already familiar with our first interview with him at Chillion Castle in Switzerland, is a fascinating futurist and metaphysician as well as a famed astrologer.

Michael has been thinking about the future in a multitude of ways for many years, has written several important and well-received books, and recently has re-entered the world of banking to advise private clients with an eye to the coming changes in world economies and ways of doing business.

We cover the whole range from safe spaces (which Michael prefers to call radiant zones), to what might be happening and what one should consider preparing for in the future, coming bank failures, possible geopolitical events that could change our lives, and other concerns.

Michael has spent several years viewing the scenarios - both positive and negative - that one might need to consider in the years ahead. He shares his thoughts and his own personal vision, as well as some key points that everyone should keep in mind in the coming days.

Click here to stream:

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

2) Click here for ongoing updates on everything we are doing:

* * * * *

Best wishes to all,

Bill and Kerry
Project Camelot

Project Camelot is a website formed in support of researchers and 'whistleblowers' who challenge current paradigms. Our aim is to provide safety in numbers and thereby establish a climate of trust and support across many disciplines on behalf of disclosure of truth with an emphasis on the freedom to explore.

Please note: this message has gone to a large number of people; you are not the only recipient. All e-mail addresses are hidden to protect the privacy of the recipients. If you no longer wish to receive Project Camelot updates, please let us know. Many thanks.

Author:  starduster [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

thanks for the heads up Kimberlee... While the project Camelot interviews, often (admittedly) go out on a limb, trying to gather "fruit" from even the most unlikely sources... they are connecting the dots... and their library is certainly growing and includes all the things the WMMs discuss EH?

I know that they asked James for an interview, years ago...but we may one day see him there ... wonder why they don't go after Rysa, now that his vids have over two million views :wink:

added yesterday,

Author:  LearningToFly [ Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

I very much enjoyed this interview and what St. Clair has to say about "radiant zones."


Author:  starduster [ Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

yes, his work is fascinating, I read about it years ago, and it caused a great deal of jealousy...heh heh, until I realized that I was always in the "right place at the right time" and never really worried as much about "being safe" as I did about "being there, doing that" :D

after listening to the James talk about the "islands" that will become continents supporting communities of like minded individuals...I believe his work may be part of that "vision"... you know, everything is interconnected via the Interface Zone.

Author:  starduster [ Fri Jul 04, 2008 4:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

OK LTF...I took the two hours it requires to listen to this interview...and wow!

That IMO is the BEST Project Camelot Interview yet... not because he supports James and references him, and recommends the WM website, but because he makes us aware, in a very calm...non alarming fashion, what is coming in our NOW...even what is happening HERE.

thank you so much for sharing this, and I hope everyone takes the time to listen because this is so important, and the fact that Project Camelot is putting this all together is pronominal it encourages me so much to continue following my heart because what is being revealed is what I have been discussing and feeling for decades and is why I feel so strongly about focusing on the WMMs because what they reveal is vital for us to KNOW.

the only thing I have any objection to is their perspective of pos and neg...I believe it would be better to state these conflicting issues as dark vs light... in keeping with what we know about energy all originating from the same source... and how we have the ability to transmute it in any direction.

Author:  starduster [ Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

after this interview, my curiosity about the John Lear interview was peaked and I spent the four hours it takes to go through all four parts of this interview and was completely mesmerized after the first ten minutes. The things he casually mentions, boggles the mind...his cavalier attitude reveals to me how familiar he is with the subjects he discusses and his repeated mention of the amounts of research he has done in collaboration with others makes what he is saying creditable to a lay person like me...especially since there were so many documents an photos shown in the interviews...that supported his hypothesis.

you will find part one here: ... re=related
links to the other three interviews are on the subsequent pages

I also listened to the Iron Mt Report, which now seems so acceptable as part of the PTBs plans that it did not hold my interest, but would have blown my mind in the nineties. As much as the individual may not want to believe that people with such an agenda exist, and how many people keep this "secret" only demonstrates the ability of our minds to dwell in denial and how controlled we allow ourselves to become when self centered.

here is the google vid about Iron Mt put out by a Christian awareness group in 93: ... in+report#

Author:  SynthAeon [ Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Michael St. Clair, WingMakers, Project Camelot


Author:  starduster [ Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

hummm....we each have our own perspective of the materials...but from my point of view, and considering I got on the wagon three years after the original launch hasn't changed directions one just grows and now there are a couple of wagons hitched to that same star. :D

PS.I was studying crystals long before Shirley or the New Agers discovered their natural when they were mentioned as part of the artifacts it was a given for me...St Clair mentions (a few times) that he considers what he is creating as Art.

I've gone on my own "rock-hound" expeditions starting as a youngster, and crystals can be found anywhere. I guess it is a natural instinct to look under the rock when you pick one up... like looking in the toilet when you flush it...but that has less of a redeeming least when you are crystal hunting you get to take something beautiful home and share the awe :lol:

Author:  starduster [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

I really didn't get much out of this report, but you may...the possibility of a magnetic pole shift, which would not only scramble our electronics but also our minds seem to be taking on more form...a "pulse" may render all those who don't have shields, left in the dark...seems that our cds will be ok, we just need something to read them with...anyway...see what you can glean from this: ... ist_5.html

you may want to read this e-book to get a feel for what efffect a EMP may have on your life ... urrent.pdf

Author:  starduster [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

1 August

• In response to a list of questions we posed about the escalating situation in Georgia, our 7 July source immediately replied with these important insights:

The Rothschilds want America brought to its knees so that the North American Union, a pre-step to world governance, can proceed. This means anything that will contribute to that cause. The Rothschilds want to rule the world through their multiple corporate giants they own and manage worldwide, PERIOD. They care not about money when one owns everything.

People who talk about the money-grabbing powers do not understand what is going on. Control and Power is the game.

Now, this means America must be split apart in every possible way, through war, economy, stock markets, civil unrest, and the ideas of freedom given a new meaning: "Managed Freedom" - the beehive effect, and disguised socialism managed by dictatorial methods.

Now, this does not mean America will cease to exist, but it will exist in a form never seen before, and most folks are now dumbed down enough to accept something new, even though it is a bit unpleasant. Americans love their beer and peanuts, and as long as the basics are in place, there will be no major riots: just smaller ones in lower income areas which are to be squeezed out of existence along with dissidents on whatever scale. Hello, trains and prison camps, and whatever else... bad stuff.

I just talked to a close friend who is, shall we say, a high level techno-mercenary handling engineering projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and yes, in Iran. The process as he understands it is to proceed with Georgia and others, kicking Russia around a bit to destabilize/roughen them as well, as they want Russia and Putin insulted a bit due to recent displays of retaliation pressure.

Then probably some Pakistan event as they are surrounded now with heavy military we are not hearing much about (with some side activity with India later), and come through the back door to Iran through a subterfuge effect, as the US Government knows full well a direct confrontation on Iran is most dangerous, as Iran is radical and is capable at the moment of deadly retaliation.

No, Iran is not out of the game plan, as they are a thorn in the side of the Asian Union plan, so must be eventually taken apart. One could speculate that things in Iran internally most likely are about to change in unexpected ways. This is all I can say on that. There are all kinds of very smart and unusual people in Iran.

Please understand, as much as I would like to study all this more and feel out my contacts, I presently do not know the exact plans/ timelines, sorry to say.

Not been a priority for me to discover. More worried right now about the next 90 days here, making preparation, etc... as things are about to get steadily worse, with a probable October crash economically and otherwise... perhaps some eventual civil conflicts when the system begins to come apart even more than today. Gold and silver are important.

We will begin to see more chaos after October, some going to the streets in heavy minority areas around the country... LA, Chicago, NY, etc.

As I understand it, early October is dedicated to be the major shock month. Things are about to change even more drastically.

Personally, I will be surprised from what I have heard that there will even be an election. Let's hope this is not the case, but right now I am not counting on there being one. The Crash (with major worldwide ramifications) will create such chaos that a "National Emergency" may be declared, suspending elections, and while they may not call it martial law, it will be a more aggressive form of a police state enforcement with foreign military brought in to do whatever it takes to establish control of the major populated areas of the country.

Ultimately, however, it will not make much difference, as the end result is in the making as we speak. The Rothschilds' Zionists are hammering the government like never before, and they want things to begin to fall in place fast to fit their insane occult plan. BushCo, and Cheney etc, have no plans to change the plans now set into place... and what looks like division in the ranks is nothing more than the orchestrated effort of divide and conquer. The Rothschilds own most of the government decision makers, and those they do not are about to succumb to the Velvet Hammer in various ways.

For those who have the stomach to learn more still, there are two excellent Global Research articles here and here, by Dr Michel Chossudovsky and William Engdahl respectively.

I (Bill) am writing this while watching an in-depth news feature on BBC World. For the first time since the conflict started, the BBC anchor is seriously challenging David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Georgian Parliament, about the Georgian PR version of events. To understand more about what really happened - not so far at all represented on CNN as far as we are aware - we strongly recommend the Global Research articles referenced above.

10 August

• We have heard again from the source we reported on 7 July, below. He strongly recommended that we read this new Edgar Steele article on Jeff Rense's website, about the conflict in Georgia and its much wider implications. [Note: the article was removed from Rense 24 hours later. Click here for the original written article, and here for Steele's 10 min audio.] Steele's rhetoric is dramatic, but everything we know suggests that this is important, not just a local skirmish, and is part of an unfolding, orchestrated, bigger picture. An equally strong article, by Webster Tarpley, is here.

Author:  starduster [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

13 August

• Who's in Charge? U.S. Puts Brakes on Israel Plan to Attack Iran

What's interesting about the article is this:

"..U.S. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen both visited here in June and, according to the Washington Post, told senior Israeli defense officials that Iran is still far from obtaining nuclear weapons, and that an attack on Iran would undermine American interests. Therefore, they said, the U.S. would not allow Israeli planes to overfly Iraq en route to Iran.

The Americans sent a similar message to Iraq, which had objected vociferously to the idea of its air space being used for an Israeli attack on Iran.

These private messages were accompanied by a series of leaks from the Pentagon that Israel interpreted as attempts to thwart any possibility of an attack on Iran. For instance, the Americans revealed details of a major Israel Air Force exercise in the Mediterranean; they also said they doubted Israel had adequate intelligence about Iran's nuclear facilities. In addition, Mullen spoke out publicly against an attack on Iran.

Two weeks ago, Barak visited Washington for talks with his American counterpart, Robert Gates, and Vice President Richard Cheney. Both conversations focused on Iran, but the two Americans presented conflicting views: Gates vehemently opposes an attack on Iran, while Cheney is the administration's leading hawk..."

The question here is, if McConnell is in place to counter anything Bush/Neocons do at this point, then McConnell's faction is poised to oppose the illuminati (Rothschilds) agenda to take down America (see Hawkeye's testimony below)... and will be well aware of the October plans in the works... And to therefore, possibly prevent them.

Is that the way it is playing out? Is McConnell stepping up to the plate (along with Gates who is also MJ if you recall...)

In a sense a coup has already happened (another one! the death of JFK being the first one we are aware of though there may have been more before aka death of Lincoln for one...). This would be a good thing for America and a sign of hope on the horizon

Author:  starduster [ Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

Thank the gods for the Internet where we can discern the real stories other than the Murdock version of their plan... I see David Wilcock has a clear perspective of what is happening.

19 August

• A possibly important note about the Georgia-Russia scenario. Following the widespread (and grossly distorted) reports in the western media - accompanied by indignant statements by politicians in many NATO countries - that Russia was the aggressor in the South Ossetia conflict, Donald Tusk, the Polish Prime Minister, was on 14 August eventually persuaded to sign the US 'defensive' missile shield agreement - which the Poles had previously delayed signing for 18 months.

We have not seen this explicitly suggested anywhere else, but it seems an obvious possibility that the Polish signature on the missile deal was the exact objective of the entire operation. The Poles hate and fear the Russians, and the US-engineered Georgia situation, accompanied by massive PR that here was proof that the Russians were dangerous and cannot be trusted, convinced the Poles to sign at last.

If this was the US objective from the start, the Russians walked straight into the trap - which, to be fair, they could scarcely have avoided unless they had been willing to let thousands of South Ossetians be slaughtered.

The Russian Bear, totally aware of everything that has happened, will now be greatly angered and has already threatened to use nuclear weapons against the Polish missile sites. Furthermore, in the event of a surprise attack against Iran, the Russians will now hardly stand back and watch. The world is now a more dangerous place than at any time since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

• The Eagles Disobey forum has now been locked and most threads are inaccessible. Marci McDowell has made this statement. We await further news.http://www.neweaglesforum.proboards107. ... ge=9#11857

Author:  starduster [ Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

this isn't really a PC is an interview of Kerry Casidy (or sniped from one) where she reveals that she owns the option to the rights of a Wingmaker Movie...interviewer is from "x squared radio" ... t=lf&hl=en

another link here???

Author:  starduster [ Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

well that got my curiosity up and I had to hear the rest of the interview... which is audio...actual interview Jan 08

complete interview here: ... 153534.mp3

I was much relieved to hear this because Kerry explains her interest in the WM and making the film in much more depth and admits to a innate attachment to the materials... intersting show...Bill talks about his ties with Serpo.

Author:  Kimberlee [ Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

starduster wrote:
well that got my curiosity up and I had to hear the rest of the interview... which is audio...actual interview Jan 08

complete interview here: ... 153534.mp3

I was much relieved to hear this because Kerry explains her interest in the WM and making the film in much more depth and admits to a innate attachment to the materials... intersting show...Bill talks about his ties with Serpo.

I think it would be awesome to see this film made and distributed into the mass media. I think it would be a fascinating movie and timely. The message of love and unity is so needed in the hungry and confused hearts of this time.


Author:  starduster [ Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

Kimberlee wrote:
starduster wrote:
well that got my curiosity up and I had to hear the rest of the interview... which is audio...actual interview Jan 08

complete interview here: ... 153534.mp3

I was much relieved to hear this because Kerry explains her interest in the WM and making the film in much more depth and admits to a innate attachment to the materials... intersting show...Bill talks about his ties with Serpo.

I think it would be awesome to see this film made and distributed into the mass media. I think it would be a fascinating movie and timely. The message of love and unity is so needed in the hungry and confused hearts of this time.


me too and a video game where we go through the chambers... what a great movie it would make!

Author:  starduster [ Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

see links to the rest of David Wilcocks 2012 conference in the new topic, by his name here:


Author:  ziearmo [ Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

Hey starduster, I admire your energy for researching so many different topics, in books and videos etc. I'm curious as to your opinion of George Green and his book 'Handbook for the new paradigm', which I have downloaded but not read yet.
He seems sincere and makes a lot of sense in his interview on Camelot but I have a problem with his connection to and belief in Billy Meier as I've never been able to resonate with him or his ufo films.

Author:  starduster [ Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

thanks, ziearmo, for recognizing with me, how almost every thing (but astrology) links to the WMMs... I loved the New Paradigm books...I believe there are three out now...the Forum was introduced to the the first one, you mentioned, by Lefty Dave, in the first forum, and we gobbled it up and discussed it some...I remember being somewhat suspicious of the origin of these George says, he just wrote them down....and published the time he wrote it (1999) Billy Mier was the only person publicly admitting to communication with aliens...and the WMMs had just been launched.

Like James said, this skyscraper of consciousness we are building has many doors...and I believe this is one of them...and well worth the read. :D

if you "search" George Green, you will find lots of youtube vids too...last I heard he was heading for the hills no doubt he is building one of his cement domes that can withstand the 300mph winds he is expecting with a pole shift :wink:


Author:  starduster [ Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

• The PROJECT AVALON FORUM has exploded with activity. We HIGHLY recommend that you take a look if you have not already done so. We have 1,100 members in just a few days, which has astonished and delighted us. The quality of discussion, information, and the people themseves is extremely high. Several of our witnesses (and other well-known figures) are posting under their real names. Many of us are convinced there's something extremely important and timely happening here.

6 September - MAJOR UPDATE


This new project has been created by PROJECT CAMELOT in direct response to the needs of current times and current events.

It will provide:

• Information on current global events
• How to find communities
• Building communities
• Networking between individuals and groups all over the world.



Author:  starduster [ Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

some "must listen" too conversations... I listened to Rense's interview of Fulford last week, and even though I have some reservations about him and Rense (LOL) even though his website is being hacked unmercifully, I appreciate what I am able to glean from these monthly interviews ... as "heads up".

Project Camelot also interviewed Fulford, and then George Green to varify what he was saying ... interesting

these phone interviews cover a wide variety of subjects, inc economic colapse after the fiscal report (sept 30th) Iran, Israhell, Georgia, Gold and Silver, etc etc etc ... t_2008.mp3 ... t_2008.mp3

from their informant now MIA,

THE AGENDA schedule is as planned on target, and all events are transpiring as planned. There are no mistakes or accidents, or miscalculations. Hard to believe, but you must understand the network involved that knows not only what the right and left hands are doing, but in fact instructs them to perform in their functions... all performed to "persuade and manage" the majority into believing that what is happening is right and the best for all involved. Watch... you will see more each day, in some cases, changes by the hour prevail as October approaches.

The October event(s) will be the coup d’état of human life as we have known it in this century

Author:  starduster [ Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

17 September

• A source has just informed us that their alphabet agency contact has been deployed to the Middle East. In the words of the contact, war with Iran is now a "done deal". This contact had also said in a previous message that he was "too old for this [Censored]".

Back in July, the contact stated that Israel will start it, and the US will back them, mainly with refueling. We have no further information to indicate whether this strategy is still current.

Our source has asked for us all to pray for peace.

It is Camelot's view that an attack may be used to take the eyes of the world off the ongoing economic crash and on to the war scenario in a major effort to distract while things go downhill.

Our source Henry Deacon, who has worked with many different agencies on many different projects, has told us (in response to our sharing with him the above information) that he was contacted last week with a view to an immediate and urgent assignment in the Middle East at an extremely high rate of pay. Henry turned down the offer.

Author:  starduster [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

another (poor quality) interview which puts a lot of what bill and kerry have been doing, overview of what they have gleaned from all the interviews...worth listening to... ... t_2008.mp3

Author:  starduster [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

This is a rather alarming bit of data snipped from a phone conversation Kerry and Bill have with Bill Deagle ... if you are not securely grounded, you might not want to know .... :shock: ... t_2008.mp3

Author:  starduster [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Project Camelot

ok, if you were able to digest the information above...then this interview with George Green is just icing on the cake...which may feel like "survival" when that is all you are left to eat... but you may come to recognize it as highly useful if you act upon what is being said NOW ... hopefully you have already. ... t_2008.mp3

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