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 Post subject: Re: Project Shines
PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:47 pm 

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Thank you Shaylane and everybody else for your contributions. I'm in need of some gentle clarity and wisdom from this post.

Shayalana wrote:

I find this rather intriguing because for what this guy does, that he is a friend of Mark Hempel and Vima Lamura and is the Hierophant/Master/Teacher/Healer/Artist of The The International Lyricus/Wingmakers Mystery School of Central Sun. More about him below.

The International Lyricus/Wingmakers Mystery School of Central Sun is a special field of knowledge within the Central Sun International Mystery School of the Central Sun Global Center, guided by R.S. - known also as Atón (Aton o Athen) - who is a Lyricus Master/Teacher, Healer and Artist, who has trascended the state known as Sovereing Integral to an outside the M-Matrix state known as "Multiuniversal Sovereign" that will be presented soon through our private interactions and later through our website.

Atón´s access to First Source (outside from the M-Matrix) gives him the possibility to access the highest dimensional networks, and more important is his access for encoding and co-creating to bring Holographic Multidimensional Knowledge and Learning Systems to help individuals to catalyse their Self-Transformation processes towards their Divine Essences, in the context of a special atmosphere co-created and accelerated by First Source for this purpose.

Atón has been in the field of Service to First Source through Unconditional Love for many years, and for many existences, as a shaman, healer, master, teacher, founder and co-founder of many of the main ancient Mystery Schools and ancient traditions of human development, in different cultures and periods around the globe. In many instances have touched the peak of heart/consciousness development possible in those particular times, and co-created learning systems to help human comprehension of our divine nature and true potential.

In one of those existences that can be shared trough this media, he have co-created the system that today is called the Mayan Calendar in the Atlantis period, as a path to experience growth through acquiring the consciousness of Multidimensional Time experienced with the help of encoded images and sound. The actual Mayan Calendar is only a part of the original system that led Atón to create a Mystery School then, being in full expression of his Individualized Divine Self with a 7th dimensional consciousness and 5 phase of the Heart (Divine Heart). In those times he was known by the name of Pacal, and some time after that as Pacal of Atlantis and some other names.

Many hundred years before Christ, has also re-introduced the Flower of Life and the Merkabah Codified knowledge in Egypt by re-encoding it to the 10th dimension then as part of his mission, incarnating in an extra-planetary body in nearly full expression of his Core Identity and 6th phase of the Heart (Essential Heart), and spread the seed trough his progeny to help elevate some DNA bloodlines. This was necessary to prepare Jeshua´s mission (10th dimension, 6th phase of the Heart), who was the first member of the specie - and the last until recently - to express through Core Identity state, and to enter in meditation state the first tones of the 11th dimension, the Sovereign Integral state.

Central Sun Mystery Schools are cutting-edge - transparent-autonomous - international friendship networks with a common affinity for what Central Sun as a hole is sharing, where individuals have a strong compromise with themselves to Transcend in Consciousness/Heart Development towards Unconditional Divine Love, through experience. The mental or intellectual work is reduced to the minimum.

Central Sun Mystery Schools are unique and have features not present in the old and actual Schools. For instance individuals are totally free to enter and exit at any time, interacting with Atón and others in an equal to equal basis, settled on mutual high-respect for each other and for the purpose that reunite all.

Everything that is shared from Central Sun is from Unconditional Unselfish Love and Service. So we don't take possession of our own creations in the hope of retribution or control. Everything we need is taken care by Source. And this is why every single piece of the materials and knowledge co-created by Atón and the Central Sun group is given unconditionally, free of any obligation for retribution of any kind. This way you don't need to restrict yourself to access what you need for your growth if you have economic limitations. Of course you may contribute materially or through other means if you feel so, unconditionally. This creates a spiral of crescent synergy that nourishes everybody with abundance.

Central Sun and this Mystery School has no point of connection with the anonymous group based in U.S.A. known trough their spokesman - the anonymous individual called James. They have a different resonance point in consciousness networks, a different approach, and a different mission in regards to the Time Capsule materials that at some point in the past were complementary with ours, and in some other points may appear to you as overlapping or their task may not be at all in resonance with Central Sun´s mission purposes assigned by First Source to us. Many of the tasks Central Sun have done already in silence have not been done before in any way.

When the preparations or visions are different, the mission is naturally different.When you attune to your Essence mission by simply being yourself, you will find that you are "made for it", and nobody else can express your unique vision in action as you do. As everybody is unique, this uniqueness can be freely expressed.

This diversity is necessary as seen from a higher perspective, from where everyone is doing what is supposed to be doing, in expression of free will - consciously or not. First Source is not particularly for monopoly of any kind or pope systems at all time, and specially at this times. The collective of Divine Essences that we call First Source is always abundant, and so everyone always receives a basket full of fruits, of different kind and qualities. You may choose one today and a different one tomorrow. You may choose with your heart discernment or not. No need to cling to a particular one if you don´t feel so, and there is no need to dualistically choose "one or the other". The compromise is always with yourself.

At the same time everyone is taken to the resonant field for human development and growth that better serves it actual consciousness, which mirrors best his inner needs, egos and capacities, for learning purposes and purification purposes. This is done by a resonance recognized by your higher senses and heart, again consciously or not.

if you want to drink your soup, you can choose a spoon, or a fork. For the ones with fire in their hearts seeking Self-Mastery and opening genuine doors of fusion with their Divinity, First Source have decided to bring a unique Mystery School, as the spoon you can use to drink your soup.

You can insist in drinking your soup with a fork or a knife... it doesn't do any serious damage to anybody, but it makes a difference to yourself and to the collective. And you know what this difference is.

This Mystery School is the best instrument for the ones that seeks transcendence genuinely - within what was known as Lyricus/Wingmakers field of knowledge - as this particular group of Essences has always created or seeded Mystery Schools through the history of our specie as the preferred instrument for helping human kind.

To decode the meaning of Senzar symbols and the Time Capsule encoded art is part of the mission of a selected group of individuals at Central Sun´s mission on Earth and of Atón´s - which was not done at present - whom were prepared for many incarnations for this purpose, and beyond for the co-creation of Multidimensional Knowledge and Learning Systems under the direct support and guidance of the non physical creators of the materials commonly known as WingMakers and other names. Here we refer to them as "Central Sun Lyricus/Wingmakers" to differentiate from any other earthly hierarchy or group working with this materials under the name of Wingmakers, as is the U.S.A. based group.

This systems were done based on a newly formulated Multidimensional Pedagogics, and also the previous task of decoding the Time Capsule Materials in their most profound meaning, and with the help, prime orientation and supervision of Central Sun´s Lyricus/Wingmakers (not the earthly hierarchy) at the 14th dimension upwards.

Only intended for those with a high level of compromise in their self-transformation processes towards the fusion with their Divine Essences, this systems are shared as Multidimensional/Holographic Sequential Units co-created by Atón and known as "Multidimensional Holographic Games", or simply "HoloGames", imparted to individuals with the support of entrained human orientation, at our official website ( and worldwide physical centers or nodes.

The HoloGames are a preferred method of immersion into the Time Capsule given by the Central Sun Lyricus/Wingmakers of the 15th dimension, out of witch you can extract the juice and the maximum benefits brought trough the Time Capsule materials, and of a carefully selected subset of other materials that where made public in 1998 and 2000 on

As part of Atón´s mission of helping the transformation of planetary consciousness trough silence, during this past years he has co-created the following:

Regarding the Planetary Service:

As the first time in the history of our species an individual - in this case Atón - has accessed the 11th Dimensional fields and networks - being the 11th dimension the beginning of the Sovereign Integral identity or state of consciousness - and have made during this past times a silent contribution through this access.

For the first time in our specie, now are also imparted several encoded practices that are a Direct Introduction to the Sovereign Integral State, as part of the Central Sun materials and HoloGames.

Has re-encoded many common practices up to the 11th dimension upwards, so millions of people around the globe were consciously or unconsciously benefited from this new energy coming from First Source, embedded in this practices when they are used out of Unconditional Love. For instance:

* Dhyana (Yoga), Rigpa (Dzogchen), Zazen (of Zen), Vipassana (Buddhism) were First Source-Re-encoded, and now they are activated in our specie as part of one unified state named Holographic Awareness/Attention, when it develops multi-dimensionally towards the Essence.

* The Merkabah-Light Body Activation and Multidimensional Karma Healing, were First Source-Re-encoded for simplicity and new power.

* Healing energy transfers systems like Reiki and Magnified Healing, are also now encoded from the 11th dimension for empowering the task of the millions of healers and individuals around the globe that use these healing systems.

* and other various systems and techniques

Have revealed for the first time the meaning of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness in the light of the Multidimensional development, Self-Transformation, Illumination, Self-Mastery, and Metaphysics, and also in relation to other previous Identities (Individualized Divine Self and Core Identity) that has to be integrated and transcended before the S.I. state can be expressed spontaneously by any member of our specie, while incarnated in a human body. So Atón has presented the Core Identity state of consciousness - that it was previously confused by the Sovereign Integral state for many individuals that have experienced or were misinformed of -, as this Core Identity state is a powerfull post-ilumination state. Contrary as it was wrongly stated by James (of the U.S.A. group) in a public written interview, the real Sovereign Integral state is not still achieved permanently be any member of our specie yet, because the present planetary conditions do not allow it. Its is going to be available to us very soon, as we approach the cosmic events of public knowledge, between around 2012 and 2014.

Have shared also for the first time the path and the distinctive phases of development of the Heart and how it relates to multidimensional consciousness growth, where the Energetic Heart is less than half-way to the Divine Essential Heart - which is the peak of its expression in Unconditional Love -, in a model that is the same model for which the Time Capsule has been created, and therefore can be applied for a more intelligent immersion process, and so a more profound healing and activation process can be awakened.

Has co-created the HoloGames referred before, using the Time Capsule materials, multidimensional encoded texts co-created for the HoloGames, and other materials and activations from various sources. This HoloGames matches with the model of development and cosmology encoded in the Time Capsule materials.

Central Sun, has shared openly the Key to the Individualized Divine Self: An activation offered every 3 months with the presence of Atón, using the online Audiovisual Channel. This Key is an empowerment that protects and activates your development to a 7th dimensional consciousness and Self-Mastery of the Individualized Divine Self which is your Genuine Being and First True Identity, given by First Source and not created by your society or personal history. This identity is the first identity that is to be integrated and transcended, before you enter in your Core Identity and then the Sovereign Integral states. The protection that brings this First Source Key consists to deactivate permanently the genetic implants and the various control devices installed in the genetics in the past ages, the ones that may bloc, confuse or hinder your Self-Transformation to this divine identity and state. This way the only one who can delay or bloc your growth is yourself. This Divine Key is only provided by less than five masters in the world, and most of them doesn't share it publicly or without any discrimination.

In regards to the practices used in previous Lyricus/Wingmakers publications:

Central Sun´s group and Atón, has decoded and shared the model of development and self-transformation towards Self-Mastery, which was the base model from which the Time Capsule materials were created, as indicated by its non-physical creators of the Time Capsule materials at the 15th dimension, and have decoded the meanings, primary functions, and the best ways to use the materials as powerful tools for transcendence.

Atón has re-encoded to the 11th D. the Quantum Pause (Yoga´s Square Breathing) , non Time Capsule art as the Poetry, Music, and other selected meditations, materials and symbolism, so the worldwide community of Wingmakers meditators had received a strong push towards First Source and the Sovereign Integral State using this simple practices.

Doing so, and transcending the very "sticky" conspiratorial aspect of the information published at previous times, now you can also benefit of the powerful "Holo-Games" as a primary decoding practice that were given to liberate/transform you, by shifting the focus from the conspiratorial aspects, mind interpretation of the encoded art, and superficial aesthetics appreciations/meditations, and connecting you with other more valuable and profound aspects of the Central Sun Lyricus Teachings/Materials and Time Capsule Materials.

Thus you can get personal orientation by Central Sun Lyricus decoded teachers in their physical presence in a mutual compromise towards self-mastery.

So this new possibility will guide you straight forward to the most beneficial practice/s for you.

This Facebook network pages has two other groups within Facebook in order to facilitate communication in Spanish and English languages:

English Group and mailing list: "Central Sun - Lyricus/Wingmakers Group and email list (English)" in :

The same option created for Spanish speaking individuals check:

Released 01-01-11 the website is and advanced web platform that has a basic intelligence that delivers knowledge attuned to your needs, groups subscriptions (that should reflect the internal process that you are up to), activations taken, etc. that conform Organic Groups and Quantum Groups around activations and knowledge. It has also a mailing list, a wiki knowledge base , access to forums, a file gallery with pictures, photos and file downloads. And also other e-learning functionalities to support Central Sun mission on earth.

** Note: has not yet been translated to English language. You may want to keep up to date about any advance in this matter by subscribing to this Facebook page or else the mailing group at **

Choose any one or both networks to participate and keep up to date.

-------------------- L I N K S ---------------------

- NEW Complimentary Lyricus Teachings and Mystery School from First Source (Main Central Sun) at (Spanish/English)

- Access to part of the encoded Time Capsule materials: (English)

and (Spanish version)


I started snooping around the website, and used a google application to translate webpages. Although the english isn't perfect, it is still understandable. Here's a few things that are opening my mind... ... 1&ie=UTF-8

That link is Aton's posting that was updated on Feb clarify some of the incongruities that we may overlook. Not to bad mouth james or anything, but I feel that someone should ask him about this website and his opinions of it, if it helps at all.

Here's a few quotes from the link that I find interesting.

Lyricus also materialized - by Aten and his team - the constitution of the 1st physical planetary center for decoding (Transformation of Self) Accelerated individuals in the glossary and writings is known as "physical Tributary Zone," which is currently not exists openly in the world. The physical location is in an accelerated vibration planetary vortex located in Cordoba, Argentina, intimately connected to the main portal for connection to the Main Source in Cusco, Peru, and is a center of exhalation of knowledge related to art materials encoded Time Capsule Lyricus.

I remember diving into Manifest Production Observership and realized that I was going into another trap :]. I just want some clarity, and I'm hoping you guys can shed your compassion and understanding into this.

P.S- I have the emwave2, and I recommend anyone to get it. It helps :D


 Post subject: Re: Project Shines
PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:44 pm 
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I don't resonate with Rodrigo and from what Darlene has just told me recently from Mark Hempel, Rodrigo has been asked to stop using the WMM like he is since he is infringing on the WingMakers copyright. As James has said there are no short cuts, there are more than enough materials to resonate with in the music, artwork, interviews, etc on the WingMaker website, Lyricus and Event Temples, not to speak of the Dorhman Prophecy, to keep one occupied directly without the need for an intermeditary to interpret for them. Perhaps, that is one of their prime purposes. I know it works for me and has only made me stronger in being able to trust my Energetic Heart in the evaluation of anything. :wink:

I have a emwave 1 and yes it works very well. :D

The SI IS.

"Oneness, Truthfulness and Equality"

Cathedral - CS&N


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