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Author:  Shayalana [ Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cliff High

I do like Cliff Highs "tongue in cheek" humor.

Schlomo's Cocaine addiction.....

Sometimes it is difficult to accept what humans will the last century a cocaine (and other substances) addict wrote over 400 thousand words about what his many addictions had done to his mind.

Then, for its own purposes, the Tavistock Institute took these writings, asserted that they were theories, and created a religion around them that they then insisted is science, and called it "psychiatry".

The addict, a fellow named Schlomo, died of his addictions, but Tavistock was not even slowed in their use of this new 'science' as a tool for mind and social behavior control. They used the Tavistock Institute's associates network to promote this 'science' into the popular culture by way of the Judaic (and Masonic) Temples and Rabbi's. Within a shockingly brief period of time, the associates (read blackmail) network had heads of state and legislatures globally passing laws forcing the intrusion of this 'new science of mind control' onto the social order. The 'science' was particularly useful to the great empires of the time, the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, and the USA.

Humanity has suffered ever since.

Tavistock continues to promote their agenda(s) and the planet's Powers-That-Be continue to be blackmailed into supporting the convoluted cocaine fantasies that ARE Schlomo's Cocaine 'science' for purposes that they (TPTB) cannot even imagine....

Oh, you probably know Schlomo under his 'acceptable' name of Sigmund (real name is Sigismund) Freud. Tavistock recognized that humanity would NOT accept a 'new science' from a cocaine addict named Schlomo. Eh?


Tighten your sphincters people, it gets deep out there...

with respect...

there seems to be some confusion out and about as to what is 'psychiatry', and its close cousin, 'psychology'.

At its core all psychiatry is a collection of theories promulgated by humans who can not define the 'psyche', 'mind', or what it is to be 'human', and yet represent their theories to be an in-depth and comprehensive (albeit 'growing') understanding of the 'human psyche and mind'. They acknowledge that they, personally, are indeed conscious, yet at are a loss to explain consciousness.

Further these humans who cannot define 'human', nor 'consciousness', nor 'mind', are claiming to be able to at least use their 'human consciousness and mind' to explain itself. And worse, YOU!

Yes, even the cult founder of psychiatry, Schlomo Freud himself, acknowledged that mind could not be directly 'appreciated (examined)', and therefore he suggested the remedy of instead examining and collecting and codifying human behavior as a means of mind-mapping. So the remedy proposed for the mind examining itself was to instead collect notes about the behavior of humans responding to the demands of a changing environment, and to classify the behaviors into categories that are 'meaningful' in the minds of the psychiatrists. These behaviors are then used to characterize some minds as 'ill', and others as 'sane'.

Notwithstanding that no two humans will ever respond the same way to any environment as all humans perceive inputs from their senses entirely uniquely to themselves, letting 'psychiatrists' decide what is 'mental illness' is like letting quantum scientists hunt for 'sub atomic particles'. The more they look, the more they 'find', as universe and their imaginations will continue to provide what they seek just ahead of it being found.

Just as with mind, in quanta (sub atomic particles) there is an endless amount. And as the quanta chasers will never discover, nor shall the psychiatrists acknowledge, mind chasing mind will always discover... more mind. Something every zen novice learns through much pain.

Author:  Shayalana [ Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cliff High

The latest from Cliff High...

Author:  Shayalana [ Sun May 08, 2016 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cliff High

Latest 2016 Alta Report Predicts Massive Global Cataclysms - Bank Holiday - Megaquakes - Tsunamis

Published on Apr 28, 2016

Topics of Discussion & 2016 Webbot Alta Report Predictions
The Electronic Universe & Archetype of our Solar System
Nibiru aka Planet X being used as a "Wag the Dog" Diversion tactic by the media
Weather - Most Extreme Heat Spells in Human History
Ocean Changes and Giant Tidal Waves
Entering Ice Age
Change in Wind Directions
Mass Casualties and Damage to Boats
Could effect people up to 1000 miles inland
Pop Corn Storms SE North America
Flooding as far as the Mississippi River Valley
Enormous Lightning Storms
Global Forset Fires
New types of UV Light
Many people could be dealing with the daily drama and death of the global economies
Others will have to deal with problems directly attributed with planetary expansions
Extreme Heat / Hospitalizations
Yemen Arabia War “emergence upheaval”

Check out Clif & The Alta Report at

Author:  Shayalana [ Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cliff High

I like this. Cliff tells us how he makes his predictions.

Welcome to halfpasthuman - a website helping you get the most from the future in your day today...using the art and science of predictive linguistics.

timetalks from days past....

July 29, 2016
dab'dat, bitches!

Language changes constantly...and we can tell that you are participating! Oh, we know it is not your fault, it's just how emotions work...they drive language. Hard. And slang is the output.

Slang is where language bleeds and words die. Slang has a pull-date...a don't use after this date that is firmly attached. Slang by its nature either makes it into mainstream, or dies trying. Most slang words don't last more than mere weeks. Just following the appearance and lifespan of slang at the aggregate level evokes memories of biological ecology studies. like observing some strange lifeform in a petri dish...language is alive and slang is its birthing point. After all, slang in humans is an expression of life, a very deep one, so powerful that none of the words they know will adequately express this feeling, thus of course, a new word is needed!

Slang occupies a vastly disproportionate amount of our personal mental 'word space' in our minds. Which brings up the 'why' question...that nasty annoying little word constantly poking at contentment, providing life with both motivation and irritation....why? Why do we constantly invent language and why the slang process to do it? Why is it generational? And why is it locked in to cohort temporal marker frameworks? Why does slang, both 'successful' and not, have a definitive use (or life) path without regard to culture or the underlying language or alphabet? Oh, so many whys that the mind rebels, and thus seeks solace in the cloaking activities of work.

As far as the work goes though, slang is tres makes our form of future forensic linguistic detective work a whole lot easier as where slang is we know that language bleeds, and the mind leads..

July 28, 2016
quants and quals...

In the predictive linguistic business, everything runs on emotion. Yes, we halfpasthumans do, as obviously we are emotionally captivated by our curiosity about time, but what i really wanted to discuss was how our future hunting predictive engine works on emotion.

No, not its own, but rather yours, and all of the billions of other humans busily filling the net with their texts and holding emotion like a sieve holds water.

Specifically my emotive reduction engine sucks in those emotional leaks from your words and then does what software does best, it slices and dices data. From the resulting shredding and aggregation, we guess at the future...which is kind of cool when we are correct.

But another cool part, mostly overlooked is our quals and quants. The quals are the 'qualifiers' that reduce the emotion type down to a numeric value, while the quants are the quantifiers that produce the relative range value for that emotion. Make sense?

It is both the type of the emotion, and intensity (simply one of the many quantifiers) that we often overlook when hunting future occurrences. These quals and quants are useful on their own as metrics to plot various objects of human fascination...sort of a trend analysis for 'things' on which humans place attachment.

So how is BTC trending this morning? It is currently at 78.77 on the qualifiers which places it between Silver and Gold, and it continues to rise slowly toward the emotional qual for gold (currently at 265.4), as it had just left its encounter with silver (currently at 76.44). On its summed daily emotional tone (its intensity quantifier) BTC is just at 3.3 and rising slowly. The 'motivating threshold' value is 3.6, after that BTC will begin moving up again. Probably late today, or early tomorrow given its current rate of rise.


All of life is powered by emotion. Marketeers know this, Emotion motivates even when there are no physical signs of life from the couch vegetable under observation. Even with such a dusty lump a good marketeer can tweak an emotion, and a sale will result. Or so goes the theory...

If marketeers know emotion produces sales, what causes them to get derailed into SEO? Why get bogged down seeking to be the #1 on Google which only produces 1.8% CTR at best? And that is dropping faster than the declining overall economic activity nationally! Yet vast sums are spent seeking it?

It would seem that while the marketeers, at least some of them, recognize that emotion motivates and no sale occurs without it, they can't read the emotions of their potential sales clients across the screen or keyboard. It is truthfully said that more communication between humans happens without words than with least face to face. Lacking the face-time element of the sales feedback loop, the modern marketeer is left with SEO, and analytics as their best hope for ANY sense of the emotional life of their prospective clients.

But don't blame your IT guys. Programming to extract emotion via software is both complicated and complex, I know... I had to invent a whole new paradigm to succeed. It was difficult and demanding work that could only have been produced because I got sucked-in by an emotion so powerful that it motivated me to explore further than I could ever have imagined.

Watch out it does not get you too....we who suffer call it 'curiosity'!

July 27, 2016
In fuzzy set theory there is a difference, well, maybe...

We all live and die in sets, well, not really, we are but individual motes who's minds desperately collect information in vast quantities, seemingly for the express purpose of then dividing it up into ever smaller segments. Much of the marketing world and all economists are consumed with this globe altering labor.

We are all in sets, though your inclusion in a set may be called participation in a cohort, team, group, stakeholders, party, agency, department, nation, planet, species, genus....and you get the idea. It goes on and on and on. Just look at your own life and the people around you as they and all of universe are constantly pushing you into one set or the other.

There is power in sets. That is why they do it, even if they are unable or unwilling to express their motivation to you, they're doing it for the power. Put a man in a set, and you, in your own mind, control him for life. Or at least so think the governments, and marketeers of the planet. Are they wrong?

There is power in sets, especially for future seeking, radical linguists and others chewing on the matterium for intellectual nourishment. Within the power of set theory, there is the specialized thinking found in fuzzy sets. Master this, and you will never wonder what is that shadow-casting oddness lurking under the internet's couch? You'll know without looking, it is a collection/bag/bin of universe randomized digital-dust and thought-hairs gathered by your mind into a marketing opportunity. The problem is, it is all so fuzzy and un-crisp! This does not set well with the digitally tainted mind...

July 26, 2016 10:46am pacific coast time
Where were you on 9/11?...temporal markers

Temporal markers, that is to say, key events burned into our consciousness so well as to have easy and instant recall seem to be a part of the human condition. Everyone has them, both the personal, and the collective variety. We frequently tag our memories with them. Usually for easy sorting and retrieval. Many theories of both human biology and psychology have temporal markers so powerfully a part of our lives that they will induce body or mind changes. A very small sub class of temporal markers would include the incidents that leave the residue we call PSTD (post stress traumatic disorder). Fortunately for humans, not all temporal markers are negative, though we have to acknowledge that it is the burst of emotional energy that is associated with both a time and an event series that creates the temporal marker epigenetically and thus humans are more prone to experience negatively associated markers than positive ones. Need that be the case? One wonders...can we induce personal temporal markers by deliberate expenditure of emotional energy? Perhaps, but, as with all things in matterium, timing will be the key.

Author:  Shayalana [ Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cliff High

More from Cliff.

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