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 Post subject: A Place to express your Appreciation for the WMF
PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:09 pm 
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over the years, I have read, probably a thousand reasons why people don't appreciate this forum - the way it is ... and I wanted to create a place, where those who do appreciate its unique purpose - can express their appreciation - even though these components seem to be what others often judge as its "faults"

the fact that it has no moderator - is the most common excuse - I hear, and that is what I have learned to appreciate the most ... if it was moderated we couldn't really discuss our perspectives of the materials freely ... and moderation would undermine its intent to be a place where we can, with the assistance of others studying the materials, FOCUS, and share our personal findings of one topic at a time - it isn't a chat-room, and was never intended to be one - unless you use the PMs as one - it is not a place where you come looking for friends (or followers) ... It is not a role playing forum, or a game or even entertainment ... it has nothing in common with "New Age" philosophies ... it promotes "Old Age" concepts that were embedded in our "mythologies" ... while it encourages "neo-science" and its potential to inspire a "new-psychology" in a New Age - that is where the similarities cease - it is not a "spiritual" website for "Love and Lighters" to fill with schmooze either - it is a place where New Intelligence is offered to those with Open Minds - who sincerely want to apply what is revealed to their own lives - and who contribute their findings to the world ... and it won't be appreciated by someone with any other agenda

There is NO place on Earth, (or in the cyber worlds) where a person can go, to discuss the WMMs - exclusively, except for here - but as soon as you do- someone declares you a "control-freak" and says you are trying to "dominate" the discussions ... with (of all things) the unique perspectives of the LTO ... they demand their "right" to discuss anything and everything BUT the materials, and get all bent out of shape, when you point out how out of alignment you BS is ... and then blame others for their inability to stay focused - or lack of interest in discussing the materials or staying on topic - when this is what they agreed to do when they joined.

if we were to stick to the guidelines James established, for a forum, when the original one was created, and make ourselves aware of the "sub" forum's stated intent (right under their title on the Board Index page) - then anyone could come in here and research a topic that they are interested in and contribute their findings to the discussion ... as well as enhance their own, by reading the perspectives of others, even from years gone by.... even from members who have been banned :shock: The exclusivity and single focus of the forum is something that I appreciate - greatly

The fact that it is free, and that the webmaster is footing all the expense of keeping it up and running, is something else I greatly appreciate too

when it finally dawns on us all, that EVERYTHING - even our fault finding in others SERVES a Purpose - even if it only reveals how out of alignment we ARE - we can use it to see ourselves as others see us - and learn how to smile more (snicker)

I love this forum, I appreciate every thing about it ... I don't believe that there is a better setting to discuss the materials ... and I wouldn't change a thing other than to make every member's identity private ... to eliminate the habit we have of responding to the messenger instead of the message - the fact that you joined the forum, tells me all I need to know about you - I don't care where you live - I live where you live - you are "another me"

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


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