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Author:  Multiversal [ Thu May 26, 2011 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ON TOPIC

I view the Lyricus Materials as more of a guide post in our journey / evoloution as a species and also as individuals . Individually we are at different points in a timeline of our journies , the points representing experiences lived and through our assimilations wisdom gained . With each succesive layer gaining velocity .

As a species we all share the earth grid energy system of planet Earth , which is in of itself a sentient being . I believe that is why we are seeing more of an awareness when it pertains to earth , it's resources and how we as a species are effecting it's eco-system . Through transparency & expansion comes synthesis , we are synthesizing with Earth and Earth is synthesizing with us , it is a mutual expansion & one that relies on the other . In this matrix are different types of layered energy(belief systems) and we must be able to navigate through these layers and in doing blaze a trail for others to follow . That is what we are here for , not for our personal awareness / ascension / enlightenment , but for the help to others . We are "a thousand magicians that will rise the land . " Picture many layers of dark clouds and under the clouds there is a tarp that encompasses the entire planet . Picture us as like rivets in this tarp , we each have a point that something could anchor to . This tarp is humanity , and being rivets in this tarp we are also like anchors once something from above is attached to us . These rivets spaced evenly over the planet makes a grid and over us are dark layered clouds that in themselves have grids . It is up to us to be a conduit anchor for this new energy/paradigm in order for us as a whole be lifted together above the dark layered clouds of the older/negative/out dated energy systems . In these layered clouds are knots of sorts that need special attention , in which comes in the "Quantum Communty" Brigade to help alleviate these knots and allow our tarp to ascend evenly . I am here for the long haul (as you all are), and once humanity begins to discover , recognize and accept the discoveries of the grand portal , then we will bear the fruits of our labor . Until then we must remain open and diligent in our duties as SECU's helping to uplift humanity as a whole into the Sovereign Integral State and into the multidimensional realities of what surrounds and envelopes us .

Author:  starduster [ Thu May 26, 2011 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ON TOPIC

I appreciate that you share your perspectives, Multiversal , and your understanding ... I was quite "wow-ed" by what James told un in the PCI about our collective creative abilities as "first beings' ...

Over billions upon billions of years, the Sovereigns of the Mind, created the universe as we know it. They created the dimensions of the higher mind, and this mind creation gradually manifested creations of a lower mind. It was within the vibratory field of the lower mind that the Sovereigns began to lose their memory of their existence as First Beings.

... And yet it never occurred to the Sovereigns that it was they who created the universe, and whose very reflection is Nature itself. And so the Sovereigns began to create a God – or the concept of a Supreme Being – as the one behind creation. God was the creator of all in Nature throughout the multiverse, and Sovereigns became diminished of power, and their sense of responsibility to Nature was also reduced.

This concept of God, separate from us, was thus born. As Sovereigns divided into races of interdimensional beings, they developed a near-infinite diversity of creations, only the tiniest fraction of which is known to humanity through symbols and fragments of stories, and most of these, if they are even remembered, are not believed anymore, as the rational mind has emptied these stories into the wastebasket of mythology. Then, Anu’s forefathers appeared, and with them, the creation of the human instrument began. Though it was crude, when compared to modern-day humans, the human instrument of this era was nonetheless brilliantly conceived
Answer 25 from James:

the Earth is a member of the Human Species ... we created it, just as surely as a mother produces a child ... we created every manifestation of life on this planet ... and the solar system in which it resides... we are all one species ... when Science examines the DNA from sub terranian bedrock, to the stars, they find our DNA ... individuated.

It is interesting to note, what we chose to believe about ourselves and how our BSs materialize our collective beliefs. But the only way I can understand how a species so unimaginably powerful, would forget its origins and destiny would be if their consciousness was fragmented ... it has only been in the last 11,000 years, that the WMs evolved (without Anu's programs) to the point where they became conscious enough to restore their consciousness ... to a point before the First Beings even incarnated on earth....

when I try to imagine this state of consciousness ... it is almost impossible, yet this is what the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness is . And isn't that what we are trying to create in our "local universe" ... to the best of our self-limited abilities ?

Author:  Multiversal [ Fri May 27, 2011 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ON TOPIC

Without to much or any schmooze SD (although we know you like it :) )I would like to thank you for your unfailing devotion and dedication to the study and application of the WMM in your life , in which you steadfastidly have practiced and honed through the forum . You are a reliable and firm partner in accepting , integrating and anchoring these life principles we are remembering as the principles of the Sovereign Integral . Thank you for expanding the thoughts and feelings I was trying to share & express with my recent post . It is amazing how you can remember things like the answer from James that you quoted in relation to conversations on the forum . You help to correlate and reaffirm mine and others thoughts and feelings and with that over time we as a team become more coherent with each other and in return can become stronger anchors that help to lift humanity through the mazes of the HMS , just by being on this plane and in this dimension and sharing expressing ourselves we are maiking the lite stronger and as James references to coherence , our individual beacons become aligned into a lazer that can cut through the dark clouded distorted clumps of energies on our planet .

Tolsap ,I would like to commend you on your very skilful and artistic ability in being able to cut through the muk and outreach your hand to someone that is often misunderstood like SD is . It took me a few years to mature and get through my emotional response that I had with SD after I first joined the Forum . She has a way of yanking one's chains and now I see how that has been beneficial to me . She has been a driving force in the sense that one has to step back and say wait a minute , am I right or is she ? Or are we both wrong or are we both right ? Then comes the application of many heart virtues , such as understanding , compassion , humilty , valor , forgiveness , & appreciation . All of them with different combinations at times , depending on my state of mind and individual circumstance at that time in a certain momemt . In other words the When , Which and How ? When do I aplly , Which One-s and , How do I apply them either indivually , together or all at once(unconditional love) . I feel that all at once is or can be described in expression , our expressions to each other , free expression uninhibited and void of fear . Fearless of humiliating ourselves because in our world today exhibiting such behaviours or expressions could be considered weak or naive .

Author:  starduster [ Fri May 27, 2011 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ON TOPIC

I didn't recognize what you said as schmooze, multiversal ... it felt genuine and sincere and inspired my own Appreciation, deeply ... when others (like yourself) actually "master their emotions" - redefine their ego to serve its intended purpose, and open up to this new intelligence, and experience, they can - as you have, develop a new perspective of the "exernal" world ... I know how hard it is to trust that others have your best interest in mind, but if you must, (in the beginning) be aware, that I am still being somewhat selfish (snicker) because I know that I can't "do it" alone and I need your assistance - and that is why I am here day after day , welcoming willing "workers" and skilled "builders" and working with others, to hone their skills ... so we can do what we came here to do :D

to tell you the truth, I don't know how I can remember all this stuff either :lol: but when the "kindling effect" is in play, the key words, just pop into my mind and a simple search pulls up the related text ... my IQ is only slightly higher than "average" but I suspect the WMs are "whispering in my ear" most of the time ... because they NEED us too

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