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 Post subject: Dreaming Chamber 2
PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:27 pm 
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Prior to viewing I went out back and talked to God after doing chamber 1. I said thanks for keeping your distance at my request. I was amazed at his caring, and told him so about respecting my limits. Then I said, but with all due respect, please just invade. This is what I want. Lets just get it over with.

I had this idea that if we were dreaming all of reality then we must be powerful dreamers. I suppressed reality. I accepted the painting. And I dove in.

In viewing the picture I saw the vaginal imagery immediately. I did not meditate or think. Instead I agreed with the picture. In my heart I "put on" the male perspective and launched myself inward, penetrating by way of the soul. I drew the music over me as a cloak. And the picture started moving. The letters around the outside circled. Living knowlege. The outer layer of blue with red fleshy fibrous material pulsed. Truth and flesh. Truth and hungry angry insistence, saying "look at me". Inviting me in. The next two layers in, deep blue and light blue. Truth, truth. Then red. And when I hit red the corridor enveloped me. It moved in rythm to the music, flowing with alternating layers of red, tan, brown, purple, then red blue orange. They flowed outward, toward me. And over and over again. The red came with the percussion. With it came pain. Discomfort. Fear. Anger. Hunger for solace. Then the tan. Something was found, discovered. It worked. It was dependable. Brown. The knowlege of the dependability deepened. There was security. Resolution. Purple. Comfort. I had made it. Then red again. Pain. Discomfort. Blue - I had found some truth. Orange - it made me happy. Again, I made it. And again, red. Pain. discomfort. As this was happening I was staggering forward, into the corridor.

Trying. Working. Always near my limit. Always suffering. I looked at the blue in the middle - the blue sky. God. Freedom. Rest. I gritted my teeth, lunged forward. As this cycle continued I began increasing my gate. Made it happen faster. And it hurt more. I began taking a piece of clothing off. Or putting a piece on. Some things helped. Some hurt. I always found a way, though. I began learning. Changing. Growing. I stopped staggering. I began walking. Then running. My feet left the ground. I began to have some grace in my motions. The pain came like waves in the sea. Instead of lunging directly into it, in effect "broad siding it", and thereby increasing it's force, I began to dive into it, dive under it - allowing the force to roll over me - past me. I began to Side step it. Launch myself over it. My movement took on a grace and strength - even a kind of beauty. I stopped hurting. I began to relish it. And really give myself to it. It became somehting like a ballet. Not a rictus of pain. Not a dance of the damned. Fear was gone. Pain was gone. They were replaced with a kind of joy. A peace. A confidence. I spun madly - with zeal. And I relaxed. Becoming one with the rythm, I thought, "I have become His poetry".

As the vision faded, I realized I had lived this. And that is how I had lived it. Coming here, I had to relearn it all, from scratch. It was harder in this world of tears. My heart would not believe. I was blinded by the pain - the genetic mind - and kept enslaved and dependent by the "hierarchy". A thing I view as at this moment as a woman would view a rapist upon escape, Or a slave would view their master upon being freed.

But back to the vision. When I "surfaced" my heart felt the eternities of this. Endlessly reaching for the blue sky - my love. My better half. My husband. My fulfillment. My God. I felt like a beast on a treadmill, with a carrot tied forever an inch from being eaten. Enslaved. Knowing the truth of the endless lives, I despaired. I wept bitterly. My yearning for God overcame me. The MP3 sound track for room 2 ended. A christian song came on, "I'm desperate for you (God)". I wept hot tears until I shook and hurt. My head hurt. I felt exhausted. And strange. I wrote my plea to James, which you can find in the link above. I layed my head down to sleep, wispering to God to talk to me, to be near me. To comfort me.

I woke knowing something had changed. I remembered things. I remember flying. WIthout machines and without wings. I remember fighting things with teeth. Big things. I did this clothed with love, not rage. I called things into being from nothing. I remember speaking in front of crowds about God and his love. I remembered the feeling of being energized. Filled with the spirit of God, I shouted his love. During one of these episodes I remember one of my brothers came to visit me - inhabitted my body with me for a few moments. He called what filled me "kundalini". I was busy speaking. I couldn't speak to him. He left. I remember the feeling of warmpth. Of kinship. It reminded me - I remembered being even more one - but with everyone. And I remembered many other things. And with my memory came other things. My view of time changed. And my view of others changed. I know I didn't just happen by here. I was sent here. Led here. I remembered all the times in my life that God had tried to break through. And how I had sometimes gotten it. But how nobody had understood me. It irritated them. I remembered how I had remembered who we were. We were like a symphony that steadily rose in intensity until we were an anthem that filled all that was. We were one. You knew me then. And I knew you. What we were was a grand thing - a regal thing. His being covered us as a cloak. We shone with his light and his love. With his mercy and his grace. And the strange thing was this - it isn't another time. We are already there now. I can't explain it. I just know it. What my heart always remembered, my mind now knows. Other knowlege came. Such as that I had chosen all of it. It wasn't slavery. Because I had freely chosen. I felt like taffy - stretched until chewy.

Take what helps and leave the rest.

I have been and will always be your brother,

Holy Forest


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 7:09 pm 
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Welcome "HolyForest" avatar.

4 US

From your bro'.


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 Post subject: Re: Dreaming Chamber 2
PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:39 pm 
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Here it is, just uploaded, fasten your seat belts:


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