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 Post subject: Happiness & Misery and Succes, Discourse 4
PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 4:57 am 

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Teacher: You listen to your original voice. You allow it to be expansive, mysterious, paradoxical, boundless, and joyful. When you give this part of you an opportunity to express itself, it will articulate the innermost yearning of your heart and soul, and it is to these yearnings that the Universe is most attuned to hear and respond to.

Student: But doesn’t the Universe also respond to our thoughts and prayers?

Teacher: There are those who will tell you that you can ask the Universe for abundance, health, good relations, new job and anything else your mind desires, and it will respond to your wishes. The Universe is neutral to your material status within the worlds of form. How successful you are as a human being – measured by the system of men – is not the concern of the Universe, it is the concern of the socially trained mind and ego.

Student: But there are practical implications of this partnership with the Universe isn’t there?

Teacher: If your highest aspirations from the deepest part of you are being supported by the Universe, you are more likely to succeed in your material quest for prosperity and right relations – for the two are related, are they not?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: However, those of power devise the system within the worlds of form, and it is this power that dictates the definition of prosperity. The Universe is not involved in these matters, it is humans in power who define such things, and the Universe is not aligned to these definitions.

Student: So the two paths are not compatible?

Teacher: What two paths are you referring to?

Student: The petitions of human prosperity and practical survival, and the aspirations of my highest self.

Teacher: There is no inherent incompatibility. It is simply a matter of where you place your focus and how you define prosperity, right relations, success, and so forth. If you try to direct the Universe towards the field of human prosperity and material concerns, do so with the understanding that the Universe is indifferent about these concerns, and you are really petitioning the Genetic Mind, not the Universe. You may receive some support from the Genetic Mind and psychic influences therein, but generally it does not supplant the time-honored system of practice, persistence, creation, evolution, and patience.

I think this is hard to genuinely and properly understand. I don`t think I do so thought I could discuss it here.

I`m especially interested in the relation between material quest and what is The Universe concerned about.

"How successful you are as a human being – measured by the system of men – is not the concern of the Universe, it is the concern of the socially trained mind and ego. "

So you can be a great writer, a great sportsmen, a great president or an unemployed drunkard - and The Universe doesn`t care about that because it is a succes measured by the system of men. Correct ?

Do you understand ? Happiness, misery, triumph, agony - Universe doesn`t care about that. It is not It`s concern. And if Universe doesn`t , then do you ?

So in other words - hundreds hours of effort, struggle, resistance - compared to hundreds hours of sleeping and not doing anything - and The Universe doesn`t care about that.

Then Question is , what does It care about and what do we care about and what is the proper relation between these two motives ?

What is succes measured by men ? It is material status and so on. All of this - Universe doesn`t care about. However, Universe does care about something and this something is connected to the material status so - what might it be ?

Blueprint of exploration ? If its exploration - well, Immortal Conciousness has no reason to care about anything material, does It ? What It cares about is unique perspective. (Ch. Philosophy 3)

How do you understand it ?

Unique perspective about what ?

If happiness/misery , triumph/agony doesn`t matter - then what does ? Why would I do anything ? Why would I study anything, why would I practice, why would I care ? Whatever I do, it adds to unique perspective anyways - so ?

I hope for an inspiring discussion.


 Post subject: Re: Happiness & Misery and Succes, Discourse 4
PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2010 6:26 pm 
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I believe what the Universe(al Entity) is concerned about is balance ... which has a great deal to do with our own perspective of Life in MEST ... just as it goes about balancing dark with light (day and night) and activity with rest (sleep and wake) the seasons and the weather we too are responsible for our perceptions of "good and bad" ... and balancing them in our own realities .

To focus on only the material possessions one can accumulate, with little or no regard to how it effects the communities we live in, requires some regulations, if one is only interested in themselves ... If one person were to divert all the water in a river to irrigate their own land, for instance, because they bought land at the head waters of this river, the rest of the land owners down stream would not be able to sustain their selves ... this is an extreme example, however, I think you get the point.

The Universe has provided, in abundance, an equal balance of all things ... it is only man who does not share this abundance and claims ownership of natural resources that should be shared for the well being of all of us living on this earth ... why would the Univers(al Entity) be interested in promoting or encouraging this sort of imbalance or inequity?

" know this information and then remain passive—a pure observer—is a programmed response, and that is not an answer to how do I best serve truth? It is a denial of truth.” 5th Interview


 Post subject: Re: Happiness & Misery and Succes, Discourse 4
PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 4:40 am 
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The Discourses readings when done every month for a year, anchors the energy of the Wholeness Navigator into ones awareness. For me it was an awaking of my understanding of my emotional behaviors, and brought about a deeper feeling for the meaning of being on the planet at this time.

The true meaning of life does come up in them, but differently for everyone. The ego/personality as, James calls it does not want anyone to awaken to their true identity. That is when the you hit the "wall" of all your questions. It is as if the ego/personal entrenched in the programs of the HMS puts in blocks to keep you from climbing over the wall to your Wholeness Navigator, soul or Quantum Presence.

What does the Quantum Presence learn in your biological body? What are your awaking experiences that are being beam back to First Source? How are your living your life thought the six Heart Virtues and your Spiritual Center?

Are you doing the Quantum Pause and Quantum Moment as your move through your day?
Yes, happiness does come, for me it is when I know I have practiced my heart virtues, done my Quantum Pause and stay in coherence as James writes in "The Energetic Heart" e-paper. Coherence is so important today as we see more and more event coming together to bring the shift of the higher energies to the planet. It is not an easy time to be on this planet, but the most important time in all of history,to be on the planet now. What a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Unity of moving earth, into the new dimensional life of the planet Earth.

"The Heart is the Temple of Wisdom." John Berges, The Weather Composer, ©2013, WingMakers, LLC


 Post subject: Re: Happiness & Misery and Succes, Discourse 4
PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 7:07 am 

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hiyas all...(((all)))...

the answer to your question is simple...

while your body is made up of diverse systems which sustain it...not all are focused in upon the same aspect...each perform their individual tasks as needed...

but they do work together so that they make up the system which accomplishes what is needed...

it is the same with reality...

Live in the Light...


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